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  1. Blake gathered his wits about him quickly and began assessing the situation. Clearly he’d been kidnapped, or abducted, and now he had powers. How did I get them? No, wait, that isn’t important. Okay so I can talk in people’s head; that’s telepathy right? And I can teleport. What else can I do? He glanced around and instinctively waved his hand towards some pod debris which shuddered then floated off the floor. Telekinesis. How do I know this? Not important Blake, get your shit together get out of here and worry about the whys later. Blake watched the Russian snap the woman on the floor out of her panic with approval as he crossed to the growing group of confused and frightened people that the two enthusiastic young women were releasing from pods. This was bad, very bad. “Purple! Goggles! Stop! Stop opening pods!” He shouted to them. “We need a plan, a way to figure out where we are and how to get out. Just Stop!”
  2. Oh so this is what TeleForce looks like right now.
  3. Blake came-to with a start. He'd been dreaming again, only this time he knew it wasn't a dream, but some for of out of body experience. The term psychic projection popped into his head. Somehow he'd gotten powers but he couldn't remember how or where. he just knew it all started with the invasion. ,, outside the pod he was trapped in, Blake could see the chaos in the outer room through the tinted glass. the woman drowning in her own hair the the Latino teenager trying to help her. the man in chain mail and the man in the white costume heading for the door, and the rest of them. ,, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! He thought, unaware that he was telepathically projecting those thoughts, and quite loudly, to everyone within a hundred feet of him. I'VE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS. OKAY YOU CAN DO THIS JUST MOVE IT RIP THE DOOR OFF. OR WAIT... ,, Blake disappeared from the pod with quiet thumping noise and appeared just outside the glass ...I CAN JUST TELEPORT OUT... ,, He fell to one knee, and then roseto his feet, his legs shakey. OH MY GOD, MY LEGS!
  4. PM for you Moira! ,, And I eagerly await the next installment of "Holy crap, Brainiac is a douche!"
  5. Blake floated above the chaos. Below him people were running and screaming through the streets of Metropolis as the robots tromped after them at their own pace. Anyone the robot caught was encased in a bubble of energy and left for another different kind of robot to collect a scurry off with. Blake didn't know where the robot were taking the captured people, nor did he know where they had come from. One moment he'd been panhandling in front of the Daily Planet,the next minute it was covered in a giant energy bottle and people were freaking out. Blake drifted down and into the crowd, he shouted at people to run, to get the children away from the attacking robots but no one was listening to him. It was if they couldn't hear him. A panicked businessman who was using his briefcase as a shield and running haphazardly through the crowd ran straight into Blake, and passed through him! What was going on? For a panicked moment Blake wondered if he was dead, and then he saw it. His body was lying not 15 feet from him, sprawled on the ground with his overturned wheel chair beside him. There was a play of violet energy dancing along his body and as he watched a costume of some sort materialized on him. What the hell!? What is going on? ,, At that moment Blake felt a tugging and snapped back to his body. Above him materialized a giant humanoid robot. Oh fuck. Blake prayed that that superman and the Justice League would show up. Wasn't it their job to deal with crap like this? I don't want to die!
  6. So , while I can't speak for what Moira is going to do with the game, I thought I would share one of the motion comics from the MMO this is inspired by. This is what you see just after character creation and before you begin in the starting area
  7. Jordan here. The character I am going with was in the US military and was injured in the war in the Middle East (maybe Kandaq or another of the DC fake middle east countries?). He was Honorably discharged and had been recovering/coping with his injuries until the Exobyte hit him. ,, Should we be discussing what the Exobytes gave us in terms of powers and whatnot or should we save that as a surprise for the first thread?
  8. IT sounds right up my alley! Unfortunately I don't have the technology (or internet connection) to do it But I really like the idea and I'm totally addicted to the quickstart random character thingy! I've made 2 villain teams and a hero team with it and I'm still not bored!
  9. Hey girl, Good on you! You need money for this project just let me know.
  10. Originally Posted By: Josh BrickmanIs it just me or are novas more likely than baselines to die in these really stupid accidents? Common Sense isn't a Nova power, which is a shame. I've seen some might stupid Novas out there in the past couple a months.
  11. Originally Posted By: Endeavor2: Why would have the Directive even used the "god rod" gun? Could they have just called Jager in on this? He alone would have done this no muss, no fuss. I can see two reasons for this, personally. 1. Dramatics. Getting shot to death by a giant phallic "death ray" from space is just dramatically cool. 2. Do you really want to give another player character the honor of bumping you off? If the idea is to focus on the death of a PC then having another PC do the deed has the potential of shifting the spotlight off the vitim and onto the killer. That's my take on it at any rate.
  12. Dude, that sucks! Glad you're starting to feel a bit better. The car hurts though...
  13. Heh, TeleForce has a soak of 11/8 before he kicks his Force Field on...when in doubt, you squshy folks can use the cowboy as a meatshield
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