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  1. Just remember that level 3 powers can always have level 2 powers as one of their techniques... (somewhat toned down in most cases though)
  2. Interesting side-effect ability that I would assume would be the ability to forget something. Fun when you have a lot of mind readers walking around...
  3. Originally Posted By: Joseph OOCWHat would be the best way to do this? A whole new power? Definitely. I'd make it level 1 and allow the power to make any kind of vegetable or fruit that is safely edible by humans. Dots or successes would equal how much food is created. 1 succ = enough to satisfy 1 person, 2 succ = enough for 2 persons or for one to stuff himself to the gills...
  4. Originally Posted By: Autumn SolsticeBut in that same background that you're referring to it specifically shows that Rating = Capacity. If your Capacity is 50. Your effective rating is 50. I see nothing in the merit or the background to dispute either of our arguments. Like I said, once again two things clash with no definitive way to resolve it. Rating gives you your maximum capacity. But your maximum capacity is not equal to your rating.
  5. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCIn most White Wolf games that is the case when using Celerity (Vampire, or Risen), Rage (Werewolf), or Accelerate Time (Mage, Time Sphere 3). Aberrant as far as I know doesn’t specify whether you can or cannot do this split the pools gained from extra actions. Personally I do not allow players to do this. I treat Quickness and Temporal Manipulation like any other WW game. So I do not permit players to split the actions gained from the use of these abilities. Allowing it doesn't seem to be against the rules (I forget if there's a relevant passage in the Player's Guide) but it certainly makes play a lot less complicated. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCQuote:So you can jump and punch, but not a superjump followed by a quake attack in one turn? (Can't use any quantum after 1st as apposed to not being able to use non-physical quantum powers?) Actually that's not entirely true. Augmenting an attack with quantum is permitted, but not using a Quantum Power. So you could use Quantum Leap, Rapid Strike, or any other enhancement that could be done in a single action. You could not however launch out four Quantum Bolts. Powers are generally 'quantum actions' while using enhancements are just that, enhanced physical actions. Quickness does actually specify this by the way, in the very last part of the ‘System’ section. That’s just my two cents. It seems that Quickness doesn't want the player to use it to fire energy bolts or activate manipulation powers but page 180 clearly allows the player to split his dice pool to fire multiple Quantum Bolts... Difficult to interpret Quickness for other powers other than QB, which is explicitly denied. Maybe you're on to something - Quickness shouldn't allow one to use the same quantum-using power (i.e. if the power requires quantum for activation, can't do it twice using Quickness). So I'd allow a player to split his first action to fire 2 QBs and use his Quickness to Hypersprint out of harms way afterwards.
  6. Originally Posted By: Erin 'Stellar' DonovanI didn't mention anything about the difficulty to hit because that does not change regardless of how you read the soak bonus. Heh. I don't think anyone questioned that.
  7. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCOriginally Posted By: Ravenshire You don't suppose the part where I said "This is how I choose to interpret it." Wasn't clear enough? I kinda had it in there twice, it was pretty clear. "An interpretation" and "an incorrect interpretation" are not equal. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCDropping possible attack successes however, that has merit. When the difficulty of an attack is two higher, say, and the attacker has three successes - how many get added to the damage roll?
  8. Originally Posted By: Erin 'Stellar' DonovanSo replacing the +3 with +4 is better if you have Armour 5, but worse if you have Armour 1-3. So to me it is a matter of flavor for your game. Yup. I would find it surprising to find any player take this version of the extra, before they had Armour 4 or 5.
  9. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCThe text reads: "For each dot of Armor, the character may add three to soak bashing and lethal damage." Super Heavy reads: "the nova's Armor provides four extra soak against bashing/lethal attacks" Right, and you don't see (under Super Heavy) "for each dot of Armor" in the description... Originally Posted By: Dave OOC So really, does it matter? Not to you anyway. I was just making sure the original poster understood why your interpretation was wrong.
  10. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCNormally, 'Armor' provides an additional +3L/+3B to your soak total per dot in the power, so 'Armor 5' would grant you an additional +15L/+15B to your soak score while the power is active (I know it's permanent, but it may still be shut off if the player wishes). You obviously have the first part correct. But then you imagine the "per dot" words are included within the description for Superheavy Armor - they aren't.
  11. I would go with what the text says: It provides 4 extra soak.
  12. Originally Posted By: Dave OOCWhether you aim or just shoot normally chances are you'll still be carrying over the same number of successes to your damage pool any way. 22 dice <> 10+ successes. But it (almost) guarantees 5+ - that's the beauty of big dice pools. Also, with negatives for distractions or movement or anything else, you'll still have a decent dice pool.
  13. Originally Posted By: astronomerIf you want to use your Mega-Per dice to aim, you could be aiming for a while. Yeah, but what a shot it will be, when it goes off! Deadshot 30-NP character would get (after 6 rounds of aiming and activating his accuracy enhancement) a total of 17 dice + 3 mega-dice. Someone's day is definitely going to be ruined. Edit: Ooh, I forgot - add another two regular dice for the rifle bonus. 19 + 3 dice pool.
  14. Originally Posted By: HeruAstronomer, about you mentioing you like 'sort of me with superpowers, but better.' I actually agree. I have no problem with purely 'human' flaws. What I dislike is institutionalized flaws - Taint in Aberrant, The Great Curse in Exalted, etc. Its those sorts of thinks that bother me about the games. I've never read Exalted but Aberrant doesn't have a problem with taint. At the base level, it's very difficult to have a taint problem - unless you choose to have one. Just think of it as a game-supplied maggufin that's open to be used by either GM or player.
  15. Originally Posted By: Josh BrickmanHowever if one really felt the need to create Hiro with Q5 and not Q8, he could probably be done with Temporal Manip, Teleport, and Precognition. The way Precognition would be used is to 'send' him into the future or past where he learns things and then comes back. His "visions" thus span multiple shows... and yes, I know that's a cop out. Not really, especially since it seems that Hiro can't change the past. So even though he's "in the past", there's no functional difference from "he's observing the past".
  16. Mal saw the bloody night coming, Mal didn't raise a word of protest - and most Terats would assume Mal knew it was coming too - that's the same thing as requesting the massacre.
  17. Originally Posted By: Revenant Scene- Unless otherwise stated a scene lasts for 20 minutes. Even if the players remain in the same location, the timer for a scene resets ever 20 minutes. Power with maintenance costs must be paid every 20 minutes. Example: A nova with flight must pay the quantum cost for flight every 20 minutes of game time. Experience Costs- All experience costs are &#65533;Desired Rating x X&#65533; not &#65533;Current Rating x X&#65533;. This prevents characters from paying less for their second dot in a skill then they did for their first. Learning gets harder as you go, the better you the harder it is to top your own skills. So, if a character would like to fly to another state or a nearby country (say 3 hours away), they'd have to spend 18 quantum. Which would be just over half their quantum pool... Not a bad rule if you're looking for Godlike (the RPG) -level power where the heroes are more down to earth. Learning gets harder but that first step is a doozy. Learning to drive takes a lot of concentration but once you have the basics down, to get to the next level, just takes a bit of practice. Beyond that, you need to really work at it (maybe aggressive driving courses that policemen take, e.g.). Not arguing that your rule isn't any good just putting out my take on why the book's version is the way it is. The rest of your "Chapter 2" is a bit too GURPS for me. I'd rather wing it, than have something written down and rigid. Also, the "dying for power" houserule is not a houserule - it's in the Player's Guide. As for the rest - I love the stuff that gives players more choices/power/flexibility (re: the Crush, Accuracy, and Rapid Strike mods) and, generally, don't like the stuff that does the opposite (re: your Invulnerability prerequisites). Good job all around - I'm sure there are many folks that would enjoy all those options (I'm cribbing some myself).
  18. Originally Posted By: Mr FoxOh, but the fun you could have until you did get outted... You're so right that I'm expanding my campaign to include explicit adventures for the secret novas. I had implicit directions but that required my newbie players in thinking of cool stuff to do. Instead, I'm going to add a whole session (or two) of events that'll allow them to bask in the glory of their newfound godhood.
  19. You can play it either way. I still prepared an NPC PR-guy to help them deal with events. Without PR they'd eventually be demonized by the media, I figure. (In my campaign they start out being the only ones who know they have powers. So they get a moment of private revelations and I get to see if they risk being caught to help someone in need. But, of course, before long they get outed against their will.)
  20. Since nobody seems to have mentioned it... This regenerating "dying for power" Health Levels is specifically disallowed on page 62 of the Player's Guide.
  21. I've posted this, before, in other forums. Unfortunately, the WW forums are really weak (in features/archiving/traffic) and I figured they'd find more use here. I have been tweaking a campaign, designed for complete newbies, using "level F2". Quite interesting the kind of preperation you have to do when nobody on Earth can physically keep a group from doing what it likes. Well, enjoy my list of setting mods. I know that they'll, at least, impress those who felt short-changed and upstaged by Aberrant's metaplot and NPCs. Aberrant Setting Levels Level A: Includes everything in the default Aberrant setting. A world where, even though the PCs are on their way to godhood, there are still forces which are as tidal waves to mortals (Mal, Pax, et al.). Level B1: The biggies don't exist, yet. Mal and Pax are either non-existent or are severely underpowered (they can't go through a mountain and dust themselves off, e.g.). Level B2: Utopia doesn't exist. The PCs can create their own organization to help the world (or hurt it) without being hopelessly outmatched by any other group. Level C1 and C2: Include the stipulations of either level B1 or B2 and, in addition, the Directive doesn't exist. Level D: (Include all of the above stipulations.) No novas in the world are constructed with greater than 30 nova points (the PCs are now the cream of the crop). Remember, these aren't really limits to the GM - if his story needs a 50 point nova he shouldn't shy away from it - story is king. Level E1: Most novas can't progress past their starting power (or at a greatly increased cost*). PCs, of course, are excluded from this limitation. *E.g. Maybe the greater cost isn't just more XPs but for every power increase (past their eruption levels), they must take a dot of permanent taint. Level E2: PCs start at 30 nova points and every other nova starts at 15. Level F1: Both level E1 and E2. Level F2 (dozens of variations depending how much you want the PCs to be in control of their world): "PCs are the only eruptions known" to "the PCs are among only 50 eruptions known (including one level E)". To balance this, you can put a cap on the PC's Quantum traits (no greater than 6, say - especially if they're the only novas on the planet). Again, if the GM wants equally armed super-villains: The story is king. Note: Except for F2, all levels assume the same numbers of novas as in the default Aberrant setting. F2 is really just a change of quantity that makes the PCs more influential because they're not just a few in a several thousand but a few of a dozen (or whatever number you choose) in all the world.
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