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  1. Finally... Someone other than myself has watched this! My wife hated that I liked this movie and won't let me watch it anymore... The 80's cheese was SOOOO awesome that I forced my daughter to watch it with me. Leave it to SalmonMax to pick up on this
  2. Saw this game months ago... Wasnt sure about itvwhen i saw it. I hate to say it but, when it comes to Bible-Sci-Fi, if you wish to stay Very true to judeo-Christian canon, inventing fiction for such stories best revolves around either the past (and the unknown pre flood events surrounding the rise of the First human civilization-and the Angellic Sons of Man+ their kids the Nephilm)... Or you go with the events after Christs returning and WAY far out in space... That way you can make up whatever you like. You have to do this because Magic is not excepted to exist in Christian fundimentalism, thus by default the universe runs off of the pure super science of God (akin to the tech style stuff of Tenchi Muyo or Neo Evan).... In THAT case, Satan is now out of the events of the future and in prisoned for the next thousand years for his crimes... And his demons are either Dead and or in Hell with the rest of us. Meaning the human race actually has a fighting chance to live in Science loving peace amoung the stars, without the annoying maccinations of pissy invisible and intangible extra dimension, human hating, racist Fallen angles to contend with!!! Yeah humanity, those left finally have a fighting chance, yippy skippy. All you gotta worry about now is possible advanced aliens and their tech, the occasional human sociopath meglo with techno delusions of grandure, Or an occasional Rouge spirit. Unfortunately those Same humans, if this is a more Catholic take on the Bible, ( more filled with superstitious and magical forces at work), are Toast, since magic makes little if no sense and No one can fight That crazy wicked voodoo... Then they're likely in for a supernatural thriller akin to Event Horrizon meets Omen or Exorcist! Not as overt as CJ Carellas RPG Armagedon, but still allot more flesh. Better get a priest and some rosery beads. I'd played it the former way in the past for all of my Palladium (Rifts, Macross, TMNT, and or Nightspawn) games, but never from the Catholic angle... If it is the more the later, such a game may prove fun since IT can be run More like Call of Chutulu... Very H.P. Love creepy and more of a feel of the "darkness is looking back at you", kind of game. And I do like them 'Old Ones' in ma games. Hummm first time back to the boards in over 8 months I think. Tis good to have a computer again.
  3. Originally Posted By: VileBillWhy are hunters and gun enthusiasts always portrayed as red-neck semi-humanoids? Why are Christians always portrayed as judgemental dipshits? Why are Republicans portrayed as heartless money-hungry monsters? Because stereotypes are easy to write. Don't take it so personally. Hahha... So true, so gosh darn true. Vile Bill has this discussion (like so many others he's in) pegged dead right. Growing up in school I was THEE most bullied kid around. I was hunted from school to school by what started out as a few bullies and by highschool ended with 30+. You know why they hated me? They found out I was a Christian and their parents had told them "About us and our kind" and that we're all bad people ("Death to the gay Christian"). So for over 10 years I had to deal with that untill I couldn't take it any further and I dropped out of school in ninth grade because the abuse was just that bad. There went my dreams of becoming part of high academia and rubbing elbows with great scientific minds and peeps like Steven Hawking. Later on I left home, Became my (second) dream of being a MetalHead vagabond and never let anyone pick on me again (I had made a promise with my mom when I was little that I wouldn't fight, thus I couldn't fight Back either, but that Promise ran out when I no longer lived at home). Also during that time I hung out with gamers and became one. Good times. Point is that, gamers have Never gone through the real prejudice that other groups have gone through. And frankly what I went through didn't come close to what Others like Jews, Blacks, and Gypsies have gone through... And NO ONES GROUP has ever suffered more than women (the worst short end of the historical stick). So as much as I may find the some what Humorous and often accurate depictions of gamers in shows like BONES to be a little "Not cool" from time to time, I can Honestly say that it is Nothing at all like what other groups who have truly suffered have gone through. The Idea of putting us gamers in the same light as them other groups who've REALLY suffered frankly makes me feel Very uncomfortable. We at least Have a choice about how we live our lives and how we appear (and Gross Majority of gamers I meet fit the stereotype geek), Others like the aforementioned simply do Not. Blacks are Born black (brown), Asians born asian, Jews are born semetic, Women are Born female (I'm glad too cuz, ewww if they started out as U.L.G.Y. lookin guys)... None of them get to choose what they're born as or how others view them, yet we gamers CAN choose. Compaired to everyone else out there in the world, I may as well say that I have never suffered a day in my life and that I have lived the easy life compaired to the above. So if BONES (Written Largely by groups of geeks in the first place) decides to laugh at me for being a geek, I say GREAT. That stereotype doesn't come close to fitting me so it is fun when I pull it out at a party and suprise people that I am a gamer (I like to Freak Yo Mind like that ). Better yet is while all those peeps are Stunned at this revelation, I get Others to start admitting that they as well are gamers ("No not Bobby & Sharon Zenawik! But he's head of MS-Word developement and she's a consultant for CK! their Also a gamers?")- PURE AWESOME!!! Freak the Non-geeks Yeah baby.
  4. HEH Well you guys all have to remember that all of those sequels took place (read: Were made) years after the first one so there was more than enough time for people like Lucas (Starwars) and Senor Spielbergo (Indiana J) to mess them up due to memory loss, with Hollywood having enough time to do Their particular form of damage (Alien3) rounding out the hazard pay. The creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko managed to make a series perfect (not one bad episode) for years, that's unheard of in TV & Movie history and they had some great voice talents working for them (Mako you are missed... I cryed when I heard he died... And I NEVER cry)! Now they're going steampunk and it looks great from the photos. So no, the formula to make 'Great' into 'Crap' is simply not there for once. •Not enough time has past (not even a full year before they started working on this new show) •No change in Artist, producer, Writers... •Best of all, No bloody screen writers walkouts are schedualed so as to muck things up again... (Now lets see, how many Movies & TV shows got dumped due to that walk out?). Matrix-1 I saw it coming. Face it, the W-Bros made an Okay movie but it was so ripped from OTHER shows, media, anime, cartoons, Novels, and comic books that you felt like those guys were just making movies on barrowed time. they just wanted to make a story that was good enough so as to excuse excesive fight sceens and soon they'd have to make techno bable to give the story an intellectual feel so as to make up for lack of depth... then two and Three came out and, whatcha know. Superman II was good ONLY cuz Hollywood did something rare by todays standards, they stepped in and cut Loose Donner and Still managed to get a director good enough to make the movie still sing. Frankly who knows what a mess (or better film) it could have been, but for ONCE hollywood didn't utterly ruin a movie. S3 Sucked a little but Richard Pryor and Reeves helped to keep it from dying too very baddly. S4 was super PC crap!!! Horrid speacial effects, cheezy story, Catering to the PC crowed... Poor acting. -T2 was an AWESOME peice of crap... I loved it even though it smelled BIGTIME of the PC lib movement of the 90's. It went against the Entire grain of the first movie, but did-so So very well that I was blown away by its "yes, Yes, YES"-factor that I could let its innate ret-conning of the first movies feel get ingnored. -T3 was great as far as coolness but the choice in actors was just bad. I don't care How baddly Furlog was doing in Hollywoods eyes when they let Lohan keep acting then they have no excuse to not have him repirse the role. Just plain bad acting but great everything else. -T4 was good but ended illogically by trying too hard to make it tie in with the prior three when it was all about how the future was going in another direction. it started one way and ended the opposet, which didn't Seem forced, it just plain Was forced. Audiances hate that kinda thing as it tends to derail you viewing fun. Indi I rocked Indi 2 Sucked Indi 3 rocked Indi 4 Sucked... Formula: If Harrison and Speilberg are still alive in the future, and the NWO hasn't come to power (or they have but have yet to destroy the world at that time)... then Indi 5 should then rock! Alien was scary as sht... I spent 15 years having nightterrors over that movie that were soooo bad that NO MOVIE is scary to me anymore, as my nightmares out shine them all by factors of X100. Aliens on the other hand ROX'T so hard that I couldn't stand it I loved it that much (at the time anywho). Aliens III Is classed as both the Worst movie ever made and ALSO the saddest movie of all times since it's back history as Why it sux so very bad had EVERYTHING to do with Hollywood fn it up and swing through director after director after director, and writer/producer went the same way. EACH story was good, great, or passable, but after hollywood gutted it, it was horrid and is the FIRST Alien movie I ever went to the theater and watched. It is Also the first one I ever laughed at And the reason that i'm no longer suffering from night terrors cuz... It was so "Just that Bad"! Aliens IV was a little better in some ways but was rancid in other was... Anexample that Just because a director is French, does Not mean he is good. Jean-Pierre Jeunetwas just plain bad. I found it odd that someone [Critic-Tom Meek] bashed the movie NOT for the director (Who DID in fact do some crazy interesting stuff, but still sucked the remaining 90% of the movie) but rather he went after Joss Whedons' script writting as the case... even though it wasn't his script that was the problem but rather his solution to the problems of hollywood constantly telling him "We liked what you did allot but, we've desided to ruin this film so, work with us now!"... They wanted Ripley/Weaver back and even though she thought they're ideas Sucked, Joss made it actually work and is where much of that movie gets it's 'Good' from. So as you can all see... Hollywood thinks "A sequal= Mo-Money for our uncreative tooshies" and that "If the film is foreign then Siskle & Ebert will like it. And if foreign is what they call good, it Must be. So what we need is foreign french movie Directors and that will make our movies better". And lastly, "if the screen play writer is a Nerd off of the internet then he/she Must be good cuz those C.O.M.P.U.T.O.R. thinggys are made by nerds and they're now popular". Hollywood is drunk with power, the power they earned through smarts! After a while they get lazy untill ticket goers say enough and HWood has to sober up and do good again... then the cycle is complete... And starts all over. Point is... ATLAB is not being run by hollywood, it's being run by Nick, who seems to not drink as much since kids are present... And that makes them smart.
  5. 100% Agreed 'Terra SX'. Well, All except Robust that is, which I still like and all, but it's still in need of 'Some' kinda fix. LOL I like all of those options being open, even though my present PC will not likely ever get to use them since he's (It's) only got one power (MC) and one Mega (Wits) and nothing that I do not forsee allowing him an excuse to have M•Sta or extra HL from them. Still, I like the clearer option and more logically layed out Pain rules.
  6. Heh heh heh, I know, it was more of a technical thinggy (Plus I thought it just sounded neat). Side Question: Don't know if it had been asked yet but, what are the maximum numbers of characters per player? I can't see myself doing much more than three since that would be alot of writting when I now have very limited time in my life to do so but, I just thought I'd ask.
  7. Thank you SG for spotting that as it seem a large part of the statement was accidentally deleted. I have altered the above so as to read: •Whenever a 10 is rolled in game the player may re-roll the dice if they wish (Damage rolls of course are still excluded as always) as per the original WW rule system.
  8. This consept is also in my game now since I always thought that the HL & Pain/Injury rules always seem a little ad-hoc from game to game and the "Body Modification-Extra Health Levels" set up differs from WW game to game w/o consistancy so, I figured "Why not give it a try myself. (This is intended to fix all three issues at once) Pain BodyMod Bruised -0 2NP/6EP=1HL Hurt -1 1NP/3EP=1HL Injured -2 1NP/3EP=2HL Wound -3 1NP/3EP=3HL Maimed -4 1NP/3EP=4HL Crippled -5 1NP/3EP=5HL Incap -6 1NP/3EP=6HL ND -7 2NP/6EP=1HL Dead -x NA •ND=Near Death, for those who use the Aberrant Compendium •Pain Penalties hold true for both Bashing damage and Lethal •True Injury comes only from Lethal and hampers die pools regardless of of ones ability to overcome pain, This represents damage to the body that is too violant and can Not be mentally willed aways. It causes physical impairment like broken bones that would make running or even walking difficult. The first chart bumps up the redundant -1 from both Hurt and Injured The second chart opens up players to the idea of not being limited to buying Bruised or Maimed HL's, with buying HLs that have higher Pain and Injury penalties buy offering them More of those levels than before. I put this chart out because this board will be using such highly damaging insta kill rules and I noticed a player here on the board who created a thread about how you can never have enough Soak to over-come damage at such high levels. This will not fix that fact but, it should allow plaerys that ever fun option of creating that "Die Hard'esque'" character who may not be able to completely shrugg off attacks from machine guns,but he/she CAN live through it (Even IF they look like dog meat). This also allows for that "Psudo-Immortal", the kind of being who appears death but is only "Mostly-Dead", only to rise again... As soon as ALL of that damage heals. lastly this MAY allow players in such high powered games, such as this, to survive at least one or two normally insta-kill attacks... Thus allowing you to play again another day (No guarantee).
  9. I did have a suggestion that is now working out quite well in my Sunday Abby Game. Don't know how much impact this would have in a PBP but, here it is for consideration. I have made the following rule: •Whenever a 10 is rolled in game the player may re-roll the dice if they wish (Damage rolls of course are still excluded as always) as per the original WW rule system. •Actually having a Quality mean that if a Player rolls a nat Ten and is fulfilling a Quality at that time, then that Ten counts as two successes unless said player wishes to chance a re-roll. I made that small rule because everyone I ran said that they hated to see the old Nat-'10' rule go, but I didn't want players to loose total use of they're Qualities Nor alter the games dynamic (I don't like altering rules too far from what Writers intended unless it is Very needed.
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