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  1. ,, Oops! I totally forgot about it over the weekend. I'll tend to that today or tomorrow.
  2. I slightly prefer M&M overall, but I'm a bit worried about losing the flavor of PCs (Aberrant certainly has a flavor to it...). If people want to make the change, I'll go along with it.
  3. Warren and Oneca flew, while Morri and Kazuo followed on foot. The two could have carried them, but Morri had shaken her head and Kazuo had shrugged and pointed out that she shouldn’t be alone. Morri didn’t care; she wasn’t focused on them anymore. Her senses were reaching ahead of them, straining toward the scent of blood and pain that hung in the air. She was afraid, she realized but overriding the fear was eagerness. For too long, she’d been told ‘no’. “No, Morri, you can’t hurt others.” “No, Morri, use your words.” “No, Morri, don’t attack people when they make you afraid or angry!” ,, No one was saying ‘no’ now. The feral understood that she was free to give rein to her instincts and drives. She could attack. She could cut. She didn’t have to use any social lies. She was free to be Morri. ,, Her new armor felt strange; not bad, just strange. It was heavier than her winter clothing but it didn’t impede her movement. The run over gave her a chance to feel its limitations and by the time they were in the general area, Morri was sure she’d be fine. The red and gold outfit made her look more imposing, but Morri didn’t care about that; she’d be happy wearing rags most of the time. What pleased her about it was its defensive abilities. ,, They saw the conflict long before they could affect it. The streets in this area were perfectly straight, creating valleys between mountains of twenty and thirty story buildings. Smoke billowed out onto Eighth Avenue from Thirty-Eighth Street, providing minimal cover to Morri and Kazuo before they arrived. But on the other side of the smoke the war raged. ,, Morri’s first target was a skinny, long-limbed boy who was hoisting a car into the air by its bumper. The bumper should have snapped off the car but physics were being grossly violated. The young-looking mutant spun the car and its screaming passengers once before casually tossing the vehicle into the pizzeria on the corner. ,, Morri bounced forward as her blood congealed into a long, slim blade. She shoved it through the mutant in one brutal thrust, catching him from behind and off-guard. The kid—he looked like he should have been at the school—screamed and dropped to one knee, dragging her blood-blade down. Morri bared her teeth and pulled her weapon loose. That turned out to be an error; the kid twisted to face her and thrust his hand at her. An invisible wall of force caught her and bodily hurled her away. Her trajectory was also stopped by a wall, but this one was made of concrete and glass. The window frame caught her in her lower back while the glass skittered off of armor and sliced skin. From there, she rolled onto a couch and rebounded off a coffee table before finally coming to rest. ,, “Ow.” It only took her a second to recover her senses; the reek of cigarettes and a full catbox in the apartment didn’t help her reeling head. Staggering back to the window, she spotted the kid being barbequed by Oneca. Since the flame-wreathed bad girl had things in hand, Morri did the natural thing: she slipped out the window and climbed down the building with the intention of shanking his ass from behind. He collapsed before Morri could get there, and the feral turned her attention to the next opponent, a gray-haired man casually flicking bolts of bright yellow energy at buildings and humans as it pleased him. She took a moment to check on Kazuo, Warren and Oneca; seeing they were in one piece and still active, she started to stalk toward him. ,, She crept around the far side of vehicles and debris until she was close enough to pounce. His walk had carried him half-a-block up Thirty-Eighth, so he was to the liquor store before Morri was able to attack. Silently, she leapt at him from behind an overturned police car, but he must have sensed her coming; he turned and blasted her with his bolt. It hurt like hell but the pain was quickly fading as she landed in front of him. Her blade stabbed at him but his quick dodge made it a glancing blow. ,, Morri had assumed that he’d be weaker at close combat but his eager grab at her changed her mind. Ducking under his arms, she made a shallow slice into his stomach. Sadly, he pulled enough so that instead of spilling his guts, she cut only skin. His hands were glowing as he tried to close, and Morri noted his knees were glowing as well as she discarded her blade for a shorter one to compensate for his closeness. ,, He grabbed the front of her armor and pulled her close. She got a blade into his side, but his elbows, which were glowing like his hands, and knees began to pummel her. His elbows were striking her head and shoulders, while his knees slammed into her sides and thighs. She’d seen his fighting style before in a movie, not that she really cared which one right now. With a growl, she fought back, working to get around his defenses and get a knife into him. ,, When she felt the blade sink into his side, Morri twisted hard and jerked it to the side. She wasn’t quite able to open up his stomach but he staggered back from her, his face twisted with pain. “Go. Go!” Morri shouted. “Go, no fight. Live. No go, die.” ,, His eyes narrowed and he turned away—only to twist back and thrust a golden burst of power at her. Morri rolled under it and uncoiled into an attack that cut up into his groin. “Warn you.” She stabbed him low in the stomach with her off-hand and he collapsed to the ground, his hands holding his various cuts. He had no fight left in him, and Morri abandoned him there. ,, She surveyed the fight, noted her schoolmates were still up, still fighting, and went back to war.
  4. “Morri go war before.” Her blood dripped down her arms but didn’t coalesce into weapons. Her red eyes swept over the room and her peers before she swiveled and followed Sonja and Alex. Before she made it far, a shout stopped her. ,, “Morri, wait!” Eileen’s voice rose above the other sounds of the room with fearful urgency. When the feral turned, Eileen rushed to her and threw her arms around her. With her lips near Morri’s ear, she whispered, “Be careful. Please Morri, please be careful. Come home safe.” ,, “Morri heal. Morri come home.” The feral gave Eileen a smile of youthful immortality. The thought that this might be Morri’s last day on earth clearly wasn’t occurring to her. ,, “Promise me! Promise you’ll be careful.” Eileen was almost begging. She’d do more to see this wild foster daughter of hers come back. ,, The red-eyed feral sighed in a manner that broadcast she was placating Eileen. “Morri be full of care.” ,, “Okay. Don’t forget your suit.” Eileen let her go and watched as Morri ran for the locker room. Her eyes shone with tears and she had to press a hand to her mouth to stop from calling the wild child back, but Eileen somehow let her go.
  5. A hand on Sakurako’s arm drew her attention to Morri. The red-eyed mutant was staring at her with those creepy, glowing eyes. “War-ran, Kate-lan need fight.” ,, “No they don’t!” Sakurako was almost shaking in her desire to stop the needless pain and suffering. ,, “Yes. Need fight now, in good place, not in real fight.” Morri gazed around at the room, having only barely understood what it really was and what it could do. “Safe-place fight. Not safe-place out there.” ,, “They don’t have to fight at all!” ,, “Need fight. Need know who higher than other.” To Morri, this was a dominance fight, nothing more and nothing less. In a way, that’s exactly what it was, only it wasn’t about dominance but respect: Warren didn’t have respect for Caitlin as a person, and she was determined to have it, even if she literally had to hammer it out of him.
  6. Morri scowled. “No worried. No care.” She was pouting, staring sullenly at the ground. She looked like any other teenaged girl who wasn’t getting her way at that moment. ,, “That is not true.” Marco turned her chin up so he could look her in the eyes. “You know it is not true.” ,, Morri’s tough demeanor faded, burned away by Marco’s words. “Hurts.” That one word held a story in it, the story of girl loves boy who loves other girl, a story that had been told over and over, yet never ended. ,, “I know,” the gay mutant sighed as he wrapped her arms around Morri, helpless to do more than give her a second hug. He had known this heartbreak too; it was a universal rite of growing up, it seemed. A second later, he had a thought. “Morri, what Eileen told you about being a thur—third wheel… that was not exactly right.” ,, Red eyes, so full of pain, now filled with confusion. “No… unna… unda-stand.” ,, “Understand.” He saw her nod and mouth the word, trying so hard to learn. He took her hand again and started walking toward the hidden elevator, working out the best way to describe a complex new concept to the young mutant. “There are people who date more than one person at a time. They love everyone they date and are happy that way.” As amazement blossomed on Morri’s face, Marco had to stifle a laugh. From her wide-eyed gaze, she looked like he’d just blown her mind. “It is called polygamy. But!” He held up a finger. “Not everyone is happy like that. Even if you were to approach those in your heart, they may not feel the same.” ,, “Those in Morri heart?” The feral looked confused and Marco quickly joined her. ,, “Your feelings for Sonja and Alex—that is a crush, Morri. You have a crush on your friends. Well, a crush on each, since it is not their relationship you love but them.” Marco tilted his head. “You did not know?” ,, “Morri have crush? What feeling crush?” She looked surprised and, oddly, reverent. “Crush hurts.” ,, “That is why it is called a ‘crush’ instead of something more pleasant.” Marco watched her process this as they walked toward the building. Suddenly he leaned down and murmured, “Morri, look.” ,, Her red eyes rose to see Kia and Sonja walking toward them. The feral’s face lit up with joy as she laid eyes on her Amazonian friend; to the approaching girls, it looked as if Marco had vastly improved Morri’s mood. “Kia!” she hollered across the intervening space. “Sonja! Marco want see elevator!”
  7. “And we wouldn’t let him hurt you if he was,” Ford said quickly. He’d almost claimed that he’d keep Morri safe, but decided that including cute Kia in on that would keep the girl on his side. “We’ll keep you safe.” ,, “Yes, you did that so well last time.” Eileen strode through the door with Director Drumm and a handful of the faculty behind her. “I warned you, Ford, to stay the hell away from her.” ,, Morri stood, her stance uncertain, as Kai tried to adjust to the sudden change in the room. Ford looked around the room, as if seeking escape. “I-lean?” the red-eyed feral asked hesitantly. ,, “Yeah, what’s going on?” Kia echoed, with more words. ,, “Ford was the one drugging Morri at Vyse’s commands.” Eileen stopped in front of the man, crossing her arms and glaring. Kia couldn’t remember seeing the normally gentle teacher quite this angry before today. “I left him in Africa for a reason. He’s trespassing on campus and will be removed.” ,, Morri watched with her typical implacable stare, impossible to read. Ms. Childs moved to flank Ford, her face hard and icy. Reluntantly, the man moved toward the door, only to stop and say, “Morri, I didn’t want to hurt you. I had to, and the first chance I got, I helped you escape.” ,, “You’re a liar and a coward.” Eileen stepped aside as the faculty escorted him away. ,, “Here, this is hers.” Ford pulled out the picture and tried to give it to Kia. “Will you keep it for her?”
  8. Morri's uniform will be Vibranium, inspired by Anite Fite/YJL Empress's costume. It'll not be exactly like hers, but something like it.
  9. Dave, oh ST-person! I tried to catch you in chat last night and missed you, but I need to have some help dealing with the suit issue. Can we talk in chat tonight or should I just PM you?
  10. He didn’t understand. Some of the jealousy faded, replaced by more sadness as Morri considered that no one understood. It wasn’t about them being together; Morri liked them together. She liked the way that Alex smiled at Sonja or the bright blush that Sonja got on her cheeks. Morri wanted to see them like that all the time. It was good and beau-tie-full and right! She wanted to be part of that. ,, She wasn’t though. Everyone had made that clear, and the heartrending sorrow that Morri felt every time someone told her that only got worse. She wanted to grab them both and run away with them. She wanted to go somewhere safe from ah-dults, to a place where she could speak clearly. She knew that if she wasn’t retarded, she’d be able to explain it. She’d have the words to make it all-write. But right now she didn’t have the words for the grief inside—how could she possibly tell someone else it when she couldn’t tell herself? ,, There was one word for it. Inn-posse-bile. ,, “See-crit muh-tant lair.” Morri answered Marco absently, drawing her knees up to her chest. “Hunt tell muh-tants fight pro-tect ah-dults and muh-tants.” It still grated at her, that she was expected to pro-tech bad ah-dults.
  11. “Marco.” The voice, vaguely familiar, caused Marco to peer up sharply. Morri stared at him, the glow of her red eyes muted in the sunlight. ,, “Morri.” Marco looked around. “Where’s your friends? The blonde ones?” ,, Morri couldn’t stop the downcast look that crossed her face. “Sonex… all down stair. Down elly… elly-vader.” ,, “Ooo-kay. That made no sense.” Marco peered at her a moment. “Are you okay?” ,, “Morri not.” The girl sat down. “No be thurd weal hard. Morri no like. Morri want back way was. Morri want friends back.” She rubbed at her aching eyes, swallowing past a lump in her throat. She blinked at Marco, miserable.
  12. “Marco no like girl.” Somehow, Morri had followed the conversation. “Marco like cock in ass.” ,, “Morri!” Sonja said, her blue eyes widening with shock. Where was she learning these words?! “You shouldn't call a boy gay.” ,, “Unless he is,” Aradia pointed out casually. “Besides, rumor is that he thinks we all need ‘curing’, the asshole. So I’ll pass on being set up.” ,, “You didn’t say that, Morri.” Sonja looked at her with worry. “Did he tell you that?” ,, Morri hesitated before answering, unsure what Sonja was wanting. “Marco show Morri… he fear muh-tant.” She struggled to explain what she’d felt. “No mean bad. Just wrong.” ,, “Maybe Morri should date him.” Aradia smirked. “Sounds like she’s got a crush.” ,, Predictably, the feral looked alarmed until Sonja assured her, “A crush is the first step to love. You like them before you love them.” ,, “Morri want know when find love,” the feral interjected, relentlessly bringing the conversation back to her primary concern. “How know love?” Sonja had said that love could trick you! What was up with this love thing, that it was so desired and yet so mean? “How crush work?
  13. She was being ignored. Not even Sonja or Alex noticed her. Even Ilean was talking quietly to Hunt, smiling proudly around the room. Kazuo was studying the coats like the one War-ran wore, trying to look casual about his regard. Morri was a thurd weal to everyone in the room. Her fingers slipped from Sonja, but Sonja and Alex were laughing about something. Slightly frantically, Morri looked around the room—no one was looking at her or talking to her. ,, Anger rose in her, twinned with pain. She’d gotten used to having Alex and Sonja be attentive to her, to pay her special attention because she was different. And now… was she not different enough? Were they cutting her out completely? What was happening? ,, Morri backed away from everyone, and still no one saw her go. She wasn’t trying to be silent, but all of her friends, everyone she liked and loved, were overlooking her. She reached the exit, and still nothing, and so she left. ,, The ride up in the massive elevator made her feel even sadder. Morri hadn’t really been lonely since coming to the school. Kazuo wasn’t a particularly quiet roommate, and Sonja had taken her under wing almost immediately. Morri hadn’t been alone, except for when she’d chosen to be. Now, she felt like she had to be alone, because no one would be with her. ,, It was a terrible, shitty feeling. ,, Outside the building, Morri blinked in the sunlight, not sure what to do now. Everything she liked to do involved memories of someone else: music and dancing and movies and PIE and everything were all tied up in someone else. Doing those things would remind her that she was doing them alone. Forlorn, she stared into the distance and wondered, What now?
  14. “I don’t know. I hope Morri knows.” Ford wasn’t looking at the picture; he was watching Morri as she stared at the image. He saw it when her lips curled in a silent snarl and was ready when she blew up. ,, “Bad man!” The shout made Kia jump, though only because the other girl hadn’t been expecting Morri to scream for no reason. ,, “What did he do?” Ford turned the picture, even as Morri backed away, leaving it in clear view of the mutant. “Do you remember who he is?” ,, “Bad man!” Morri insisted, blood rolling down her arms. Unnerved by the sign of impending violence, Ford tucked the image away. “Morri no know! Man bad!” Morri dropped into a squat and rubbed at her eyes. It wasn’t anger or fear in her gaze, or not just anger and fear. There was also pain in her eyes, and the back of her hands were smeared with tears.
  15. Morri’s expression went from attentive to uncertain halfway through Rollo’s speech; by the time he’d wrapped it up, she was feeding the kitten again. When he told her that the milk was bad for the kittens, she shifted the kitten to her lap—despite its protests—and reached behind her back. She pulled out a can and extended it to Rollo, who blinked when he realized he was staring at a can of cat replacement formula. Her expression politely told Rollo he was an idiot as she said, “Ghoo-gal said use this. Ghoo-gal said mouth-her cat clean poop when keh-tin lit-till. Morri teach good-poop when big.” ,, Alex parsed her words, frowning. “You can use Google?” ,, “Rile-ee use Ghoo-gal Morri. Morri read lit-till words, Rile-ee read big words. Rile-ee take Morri to town for cat form-you-la.” Morri recounted her adventure matter of factly, without discussing how she got a boy who was terrified of her to help her so extensively. Alex could guess how that happened, but didn’t want to dwell on what was probably a highly traumatic experience for another student. He’d deal with it later—one Morri-caused crisis at a time. ,, “So do you know what kind of cats they’ll grow up to be?” Alex asked, reaching out to pet the still-hungry one. It turned toward him and tried to find a teat on his finger, only to lose interest when Morri used the stirrer to dribble formula into its mouth again. ,, “Yes. This kind.” Morri held up a piece of paper with a picture printed on it. ,,
  16. So much of what had happened went right over Morri's head. The feral looked utter lost from the moment that they'd descended in the elevator. There was one thing she was clear on, however: she only knew of one way out of this area. That didn't sit well with the red-eyed mutant, who liked to know multiple routes of ingress and egress from any location. One underground was even more unnerving to her. There were no windows and she couldn't see the sun. The lack of connection with the outside left her anxious and fidgeting. ,, Silently, she slipped up to Sonja's side and slipped her hand into the Amazonian's. Sonja started in surprise but smiled and gave her fingers a soft squeeze of reassurance. A ripple of pleasure flowed through Morri, just like always when Sonja or Alex touched her. The touch of one of her best friends was enough for Morri until Dr. Hunt mentioned that there were other ways in and out. Sadly, he didn't tell her where they were. It was very frustrating. ,, The tension within built until even Sonja couldn't make it better. "Morri go out." It was half-plea, half-demand. ,, Everyone looked at her, and Warren said, "Bathroom's right there. Don't go on the floor." ,, As several people glared at him for mocking the sweet, innocent and beloved feral, Morri insisted, "Out-side now."
  17. “I’m not sure,” Ford admitted. He smiled fondly at Morri, reaching out to touch her shoulder. For a moment, it looked as though he might touch her hair, but his hand settled firmly on her shoulder instead. “I did want to be sure that Morri was settled well, that she was making friends and was happy. Are you happy?” ,, The last was directed at Morri who quickly nodded. “Morri happy.” She sounded as though she was, too, her voice filled with simple happiness. ,, “Good.” Now Ford did touch her hair, his fingers brushing over her hair. He hesitated as he realized that her friend wasn't going to leave, then drew out the picture from his breast pocket. “I found something of yours, something you left behind in Africa.” As Morri frowned, he turned the picture so that she could see it. It was of a middle-aged Asian man, staring unsmiling and in a suit. It looked like a picture taken for a id badge. ,, “Bad man!” Morri’s exclamation was immediate. ,, Ford felt his eyebrows rise. “Do you know who he is?” ,, “No, know he bad!” Morri looked more distraught than afraid or angry, though.
  18. Strange Charm’s eyes roamed around the open space as he asked his question. His question was unwittingly partially answered when he caught sight of the open closet door. It wasn’t the door that caught his attention; it was the girl sitting cross-legged on the floor. She was gorgeous; it was easy to forget that when Morri was being, well, Morri. Her dark skin was flawless and her black hair was now in long braids, courtesy of another student. Her red eyes added a hint of danger to her that added to her appeal, if a boy was into that kind of wild side. She was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, and an open cardboard box sat next to her. In the cradle of her legs was a kitten. It was at the awkward blind and crawling stage, but was content to curl against her thigh and sleep. She held a kitten in the one hand while the other held a coffee stirrer. The glass of milk and the white marks on the straw betrayed Morri’s actions. The feral looked at Alex, her expression somewhere between defiant, beseeching and hopeful. “Morri found keh-tins! Morri care. Alex no tell? Boy no tell? Pleas?” It was a measure of her desire that she attempted to use the word ‘please’.
  19. Someone had recognized Oneca shortly after that, and so the three girls had been escorted out of the building. Oneca was pouting over being kicked out, sulking in the back seat of the car. Morri was riding next to Sabrina. Oneca’s refusal to talk about anything other than how unfair their expulsion was clearly boring Sabrina, and she turned her attention to Morri. “So, did you have fun?” Morri nodded. “Anais fun.” Sabrina laughed, a throaty, husky sound that made Morri look at her. For the first time, she noticed that Sabrina had full lips. Morri wondered how it would feel to kiss them but she also found that she was far more curious about someone else’s lips--lips that right now were claimed by another. Why were Sonja’s lips the ones she wanted to try next? She’d enjoyed what she had done with the blue woman. But even more than Anais, Morri wanted to try everything she’d done tonight with Sonja. “So, you like the ladies, yes?” Morri sensed that the question meant more than she thought it did; it was often the case that a question from her peers asked more than it seemed to ask. Still, she nodded; she liked many ladies, some of them more than others. “That’s cool,” Sabrina said, her voice coy. “If you ever want to practice... you know... stuff, I’d be willing to help.” Morri paused, her mind working to discern exactly what Sabrina was offering. “Dating?” “She means fucking.” Oneca’s voice from the back seat surprised them both. “You remember, Morri?” “Morri re-mem-bur.” Morri glanced at Sabrina, studying her features. “Morri no want fuk-hing Sah-bri-nha.” “Burn!” Oneca giggled, temporarily pulled out of her moodiness. “I’m not offended.” Sabrina did sound huffy. “It was only an offer.” Morri thought she was lying and was angered by Morri’s refusal. Abruptly, the bald mutant pulled the car over to the side of the road. “You need to get out here, Morri. We had permission to leave campus, you didn’t. So you need to go back in the way you came.” Oneca hesitated. “You’ll be all right, right Morri?” “Woods good place.” Morri smiled as she got out of the car, pleased to be away from the smokey smell that always hovered around Oneca and Sabrina’s lingering ire. The car drove away in a plume of exhaust and resentment, leaving Morri alone. She’d reclaimed her clothing outside the club, and it was comfortable, despite the darkness. Morri took her time, strolling casually through the woods. She needed the time to think. The time at the club had cleared her head. Even more, the encounter with Anais had given her perspective. If Sonja and Alex could find pleasure like that with one another, Morri was more than happy for them. She cared about both of them enough to stay away, to not be a thurd weal. Besides, she had tonight. Oneca and Sabrina had seen her there, but Sonja and Alex hadn’t. And Oneca and Sabrina hadn’t danced with the blue woman. That was Morri’s experience, something she had shared with Anais alone. In that, Sonja and Alex were the thurd weal. When she started to feel like they were shutting her out, it would be her secret to hold in her heart. When they shut her out of their couple, it would have to be enough to remember when they would have been the thurd weal.
  20. “I have some of Valentina’s clothing in the car.” Sabrina killed the engine as she spoke, glancing at Oneca. “Good point. Morri, you cannot go into Dante’s wearing that.” Oneca moved around to the trunk as Sabrina popped it open. “Who Val... Val-in-tee-nah?” “My roommate,” Sabrina said cheerfully. “She a shapeshifter but she leaks fluids from her skin when she changes, so I carry extra clothing in the car for her. You’re about her size, thankfully.” Morri gazed at her tennis shoes, jeans, long-sleeved shirt and hoodie. “What wrong Morri wear?” “What’s wrong is it looks like a grandmother dressed you.” Oneca gathered some clothing and ordered, “Strip.” Morri hesitated a moment; not out of modesty but from a gut feeling that she shouldn’t listen to Oneca. Sonja had told her that much. But an image of Alex and Sonja together blazed across her mind and some ornery urge prompted her to disrobe. Someone wolf-whistled as Morri stripped down to her bra and underwear. Sabrina flipped the whistler off, while Oneca helped the feral mutant shimmy into the leather pants and slip on the red silk camisole, which was short enough that a narrow sliver of Morri’s belly showed. A pair of strappy sandals completed the look. “Take off your bra, it’s showing.” Morri did so, her skin goose-pimpling in the cold. “A little plain,” Oneca assessed, grinning, “but still hot.” “Definitely hot.” Sabrina agreed as she dropped Morri’s clothing into the trunk. The three women headed for the door. As they drew close, Oneca drew up the hood of her cloak, making an attempt to hide from those who might remember her from her last visit. The bouncer took a look as they approached, then second and a third. “Ladies,” he purred, taking the fake ids handed to him. He gave them a casual look and passed them back. “Welcome to Dante’s.” Beyond the door, Morri froze for a second, prepared to flee. The sounds of music assaulted her senses, while the mass of a Saturday-night crowd seemed a threat to her safety. But there were people dancing, and Oneca and Sabrina were not afraid. It was the dance floor that drew Morri in, that and Oneca coming back and grabbing her hand. “Don’t rabbit on me!” Oneca shouted over the music. Sabrina laughed and took Morri’s other hand and together the two pale beauties pull their darker companion onto the dance floor. In the midst of the gyrating bodies, the pounding music and flashing lights spurred a flight instinct; then Oneca slipped close to her. Morri’s eyes widened in surprise as the girl planted her hands on Morri’s hips and drew her close. “Relax,” Oneca advised as her body started to move, drawing Morri into the dance with her. “And have fun.” Sabrina was behind Morri and her hands snaked around Morri’s shoulders, drawing her upper body back. The dexterous feral complied, feeling the stiff edges of Sabrina’s corset push into her back while Oneca slipped a knee between her legs and started a sensual sway. Morri was startled by this dance, but it wasn’t that different than the way she and Kazuo had danced on the night of the party. But that memory was heavily tangled with thoughts of Sonja, and Morri pushed them away. The feral lost herself in the dance - being touched and welcomed by the two girls, even girls she didn’t know well, was a balm to her hurt ego. In her heart, she would have preferred to dance like this with Alex and Sonja. But she couldn’t enjoy that, because they were a couple. So she threw herself into enjoying the time with Sabrina and Oneca. Sabrina’s hands were more adventurous than Oneca’s, trailing over the silken red top that covered Morri’s chest. Oneca seemed content to watch for now, keeping her pelvis moving lightly against Morri’s and moving her hands over her ass and thighs. After a while, Sabrina slipped behind Oneca, and treated her to the same ministrations that she’d given Morri. When Sabrina’s fingers became brave enough to close over Morri’s breasts, the feral jerked in surprise at the sensations that coursed through her body. She turned to Sabrina, her red eyes wide, but the bald mutant just pressed herself to Morri. “Relax...” she whispered in Morri’s ear, her fingers teasingly slipping under the hem of the short chemise to caress skin. Morri felt electric from the touches and the dancing and the music. A shy smile crossed her face as she touched Sabrina in return, her fingers playing over the top edge of the corset, brushing silky skin and cloth both. “Like that!” Sabrina agreed, and the three girls lost themselves in a sensual dance, their light touches playful and exciting. “May I steal one of you for a dance?” The three girls paused to assess the woman who had interrupted them. She was tall, not nearly as tall as Sonja, but where the campus’s Barbie look-a-like was all curves and voluminous beauty, this woman was slim and delicate. She wore a simple flowing dress of a pale color that seemed to glow in the club. Her pale blue hair floated around her like it was in water and her eyes shone like the moon reflected on the ocean. Those eyes were on Morri. “Yes, you can,” Oneca pushed the teen mutant toward the older woman. Morri glanced nervously back at her schoolmates, but they weren’t concerned. Oneca wasn’t a close friend, but Morri knew that she wouldn’t let Morri get really hurt. She might say mean things about her, but Oneca wasn’t heartless. The blue woman offered her a hand; when Morri took it, the woman drew her into her arms. “What’s your name?” she asked, her voice shouting over the music. “Morri! You name?” The oddity of Morri’s speech patterns were lost in the music, and so her new partner failed to catch them. “Anais.” That was the end of the conversation as they gave themselves over to the dance and the music. Like Oneca and Sabrina, Anais was more than happy to touch her and Morri was happy to be the center of attention. This must be what it felt like when Sonja and Alex had Seen one another, like in the movies when Love started. But where the other two students had been more playful with their gestures, Anais’s hands and body was more serious and intent. Morri’s excitement deepened at the strokes over her flushed flesh, leaving her trembling with some deep need. The feral mirrored the blue woman’s touches on her, driven by urges she didn’t understand. She needed something and sensed that Anais could fulfill it. It took her by surprise when Anais kissed her. The touch of her lips was an electric shock that vibrated through her body. Based on the discussions she’d overheard from her classmates, Morri was expecting this first kiss to be brief, but Anais was no novice. Her lips seared Morri’s skin, igniting a fire that left the mutant reeling. Had the kiss been brief, she might have been able to recover quickly, but Anais was merciless and her tongue parted Morri’s lips to tangled delightfully with her tongue. The only source of stability for Morri was the woman making her dizzy, and so the mutant clung to the blue woman. Her distress was clear, though; Morri’s body no longer swayed quite so gracefully against Anais’s. The kiss ended, but only so that Anais could kiss her neck. Her hands lingered on Morri’s ass, squeezing and pulling her closer. One hand stayed on her ass and guided her to straddle Anais’s leg; the other passed over Morri’s breasts, exploring through the silken top. Anais pressed her thigh against Morri’s groin and, with long experience, ground against Morri. Shivering at the feelings surging in her untried body, Morri imitated what Sabrina was doing to her. Her dark fingers closed over Anais’s small breasts, drawing a delighted purr from the older woman. In return, Anais edged her hand up under Morri’s chemise, leaving trails of pleasure over skin. When her thumb and finger closed around a peaked nipple, Morri cried out at the sensation. Anais looked pleased as she expertly stimulated the smaller feral in her grasp; Morri was lost in the welter of sensations coursing through her. The pleasure rose and rose, leaving her gasping; Anais kissed her neck lightly as she pinched and teased her nipples and rubbed against Morri. The ecstasy rose higher and higher, until Anais bit the teen’s neck. It wasn’t a hard bite, but the feel of teeth scoring her skin released a spike of pure pleasure. The bliss started in between her legs but rapidly spread to every inch of her skin and Morri swore she left her body for a second. Blinking, she stared up at Anais, startled. “What... that?” Anais paused, some of the delight leaving her expression. Gently, she drew her off the dance floor and over to a quieter corner. “Morri... you’ve never had an orgasm before?” Morri shook her head, not even sure what that was. Anais cupped her chin to turn the feral’s face into the light, frowning at what she saw. “How old are you?” “No know.” Morri wasn’t sure what was amiss, but Anais was clearly upset about something. “What wrong?” “What’s wrong is that New York state has an age of consent of seventeen.” Anais gently brushed a few loose hairs back from Morri’s face. “Are you younger than that?” “Probably.” Oneca’s voice was not hostile, but it wasn’t exactly friendly, either. “No one knows - Morri has amnesia. But if you ask her guardian, I’m sure she’ll tell you she’s underage and to back off.” Oneca smirked. “She’s the uptight type.” “I see.” Anais sighed, her expression woeful. “That is... a shame.” Her fingers brushed over Morri’s cheek. “Do come and see me again, when you are not jailbait?” Morri turned her face into the hand. “What jailbait?” “I’ll explain.” Sabrina took her arm and pulled her away. Morri looked back at the blue woman who had given her such pleasure, giving her a little wave. Anais smiled sadly and waved in return, then turned and disappeared into the crowd. “What jailbait?” Morri persisted, wondering what she’d done wrong. “Jailbait is when someone is too young to legally have sex, instead of getting to choose when they’re old enough for themselves.” Oneca’s answer prompted more questions from Morri, but the feral didn’t ask them. She would ask Sonja or Alex, later. If they would let her be around them when she was thinking about it, anyway.
  21. Back at campus, Morri made a show of going to her room. Eileen walked with her, and gave her a hug when she got there. But once her mentor had left her alone, Morri went right out her window. She couldn’t stay in her room another moment. The forest called her, the solitude offering a place where she could hide and think. Morri hadn’t understood that being a couple was so demanding. For one moment, she tried to get angry at Sonja and Alex for getting In Love and leaving her without getting In Love. But she couldn’t - this was Sonja and Alex, and this would make them happy. So she did her best to swallow her own pain and slipped away to find a way to deal with it, in her own head. Morri ranged out far into the wilderness, seeking to get away from campus. The buildings and grounds, despite being home and somewhat spacious, tonight felt small and confining. Unlike the other times she’d considered running away, she had every intention of coming back. But the thought of seeing Sonja or Alex or Sonex was too much for her at the moment. The thought that they didn’t want to share something with her cut her to the core. Some part of her wanted to find them and have them tell her that her mentor was wrong. Yet Eileen had never steered her wrong before and Morri didn’t think she was doing so now. The forest was still and silent. Normally this would be a balm to her wild soul, but the sorrow inside was too much to be fixed by a mere walk. The young feral had rarely felt so conflicted; when she had in the past, the proper course had been clear, even if she’d not taken it. But now, she didn’t want to see Sonja or Alex; she wanted to see them with all her heart. So she kept walking, caught between her desires and what her guardian told her was right. The trees stopped providing their thick canopy when she came to the road. It had always been a barrier before, but now it seemed to be an inky path to freedom. Morri knew where the nearest town was, and she had a few dollars in her pocket. It would be enough to get a sandwich; she hadn’t finished her ice cream and was feeling a bit hungry. It was also something to do that took her from school. Morri turned and walked up the road, choosing to take the path away from the school. Moping as only a teenager could, the mutant set a slow pace, her red eyes on the road. When she heard a car, she pulled the hood of her jacket up and turned her head, hiding her eyes. She continued to do that, until she realized that the fourth car had stopped. Cautiously, she peered at the car, quickly recognizing it. “So,” Oneca said from the passenger side window as Morri caught up to the vehicle, “where are you going?” “Town. Food.” That was taciturn, even for Morri, and her misery was painted on her face. “Aww. You look like someone killed your puppy. What’s wrong, Morri?” The empathy came from the driver, a slim girl with no hair. Many girls would be wearing a wig, but Sabrina preferred to play up her alienness. Fake tattoos swirled around her skull and face, the black and red lines criss-crossing her features in morbid, beautiful patterns. She wore a simple black corset and black skirt so that her clothes wouldn’t upstage her makeup. “Sonex,” Morri said truthfully. “Yeah, they’re disgusting me, too.” Oneca rolled her eyes. “They’re so sappy around one another. It’s like they’re trying to meld into one mass. But then Sonja’s head will be high above Alex’s, putting his right here.” Oneca held her hands at chest level. “It’ll look like she has three boobs, and one with a big smile, since Alex won’t mind, I’m sure.” “C’mon, get in,” Sabrina said, the locks on the doors popping open. “We’ll give you a ride.” After a moment, Morri got into the back, slumping down in her seat. Moodily, she stared out the window, her eyes unfocused as the trees started to blur past. “Soooo,” Oneca said, “what did Ken and Barbie do to fall out of your good graces?” Morri sighed. “Morri thurd weal.” “Ah yes, they have gotten together, so now you’re on the outside, watching them be gross.” Oneca peered over her shoulder at her. “That’s nothing to be upset about, trust me.” The hypocrisy of her statement passed by her; she’d been just as gross with Warren. Seeing that her words had no effect on Morri, she said, “Sabrina and I are going to Dante’s, and now we’re taking you with us.” “We are? I mean, we’re taking her?” Sabrina asked, blinking at Oneca. “Yes. I will not anyone be a sad sack over my sister and her talking nightlight-vibrator.” The beautiful Goth nodded emphatically. “So consider yourself kidnapped.” Morri tensed a little. “Oneca drug Morri?” Oneca snickered, missing the point of the question. “Only if you ask nicely.”
  22. “Why take ice cream?” Eileen glanced up at Morri’s question, blinking at the shrewd look in the girl’s red eyes. “What?” Eileen asked, stirring her half-melted ice cream in the little wax paper bowl. “Ilean only take Morri ice cream when big talk.” The semi-feral mutant still had that shrewd gaze in her vermillion eyes, even when she took a large and undignified bite of her heaped ice cream, chocolate sauce and M&M bits. “In-poor-ant talk.” Eileen glanced around the small ice cream parlor with a little smile, proud that Morri had made that connection. The place was almost empty right now, which was why Eileen had chosen it. If Morri became upset, there were fewer people to hurt. Eileen was confident in her ability to control the unpredictable mutant but just in case, it never hurt to look ahead and minimize collateral damage and injuries. Plus the owner was pro-mutant and aware of the situation, and Morri had a massive amount of ice cream to focus on, so Eileen had done everything possible to keep the situation in hand, if it became a situation at all. Swallowing nervously, Eileen turned her attention back to Morri. “Yes, I had something to speak with you about, hon. It’s about Sonja and Alex.” Morri’s face lit up at the mention of her friends and Eileen blinked at the deep emotion that rose in the girl. The love that surged up in Morri had been there, but it had spiked at the mention of her friends. Eileen knew that feeling and knew it well - she’d seen plenty of students develop crushes. That’s... unfortunate that she has a crush on anyone, much less Alex. Morri’s not ready for a relationship. And he’s a nice boy, but she is definitely not his type. This talk couldn’t have come sooner. Feeling the need to establish as baseline, Eileen asked, “You’re happy they’re dating, right?” Morri all-but glowed as she bubbled, “Yes! Sonex cute! Kia agree! Morri happy for Sonex!” “Yes, it’s good for both of them.” Alex had recovered well from his first dating experience, Eileen thought, and she was glad that Sonja was finding someone, too. Sonja’s size issues were not like most girls’ size issues, but they were no less real. “I’m glad you’re happy for them. And I know that you want the best for them, right? You want to help them?” Morri shook her head hard enough to dislodge a few of the crushed toppings. As the feral picked them off the table and popped them into her mouth, Eileen opened the topic of conversation. “Then I wanted to talk about the best thing you can do to help them: not being a third wheel.” “Morri not do!” The feral blinked a moment and asked in a calmer voice, “What thurd weal?” “That’s when someone is always around a couple all time, and doesn’t give them time to be a couple.” Eileen watched intently, waiting for the moment that love stopped being the dominant emotion and was replaced by confusion. “New couples need time to get to know each other, as a couple, without other people around.” The tip of the cone thumped to the table as Morri’s arm dropped to the surface, dislodging a more candy crumbles and cracking the base of the cone. Her confusion was fading; fear was rising in its stead. “Morri...” Her lips actually trembled and Eileen thought she saw the first hints of tears. “No see Sonex?” Her voice cracked on the last name. Alarmed at the distress but relieved that Morri’s emotions were swinging this way instead of to violence, Eileen snatched up napkins and wiggled them under the compromised waffle cone. “You can still see them, Morri, and they’re going to want to see you and hang out together. But I know you spend a lot of time with them, and I want you to understand that you need to spend less time with them, not no time.” The feral still looked shattered. “Sonja... Alex... no want Morri around?” “Oh, no! No, no, honey... that’s not what this is about!” Eileen sighed as she wondered how Morri could have taken this so wrong. Reminding herself to be patient due to Morri’s background, she clarified, “Neither Alex nor Sonja has said anything about this. I’m telling you because I know you’re trying to learn appropriate social behavior. And in this case, the way you can be a good friend is to give them time alone. This isn’t something they’ve asked for. This is something you can do for them.” As Eileen sat back and felt Morri’s fear ebb, she reflected that it was best that Morri get some close ties to other people, particularly if she had a crush on Alex. It was odd that Morri didn’t seem to be jealous of Sonja, but Eileen was sure that would come eventually. Does Morri even realize what she’s feeling for the young man? Helping Morri understand that couples had to be couples would save everyone some heartbreak, Morri most of all. Eileen gave her another moment to think. “Do you understand what I’m saying?” “What good less time?” Morri’s expression was sorrowful, and Eileen flinched at the bleak sadness in Morri. “The best way to know is read their body language. You are comfortable with that, right?” Eileen gave her a smile which Morri didn’t return. “What you’ll be looking for is whether they’re happy to see you, or uncomfortable. Signs of discomfort might mean that they don’t want you around but don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying so. If they’re in a public place, that’s a good sign they’re just hanging out. And let them invite you places with them, don’t assume you can go.” “Inn-bite?” Morri asked sadly. Her ice cream was ignored, melting slowly. Eileen sighed and rose to her feet, moving to the counter. The girl behind the counter gave her a to-go cup, and Eileen went back to Morri and transferred the cone to the bowl. “In-vite, sweetie. You know what that is, when someone asks you to do something with them, instead of just going with them without being asked. Does that make sense?” “Morri get in-vites.” The feral’s expression hovered somewhere between sullen and forlorn. “I know you do! I hear others saying what a good friend you are all the time.” Eileen slid into the booth next to Morri and put her arm around her shoulders. “All I was doing was telling you everything, so you know what to look for and can keep being a good friend.” Worried, she studied her for a moment, brushing the girl’s hair back from her eyes. “Do you understand?” Slowly, Morri nodded, but her sad expression didn’t change. “This is a good thing. For them and for you.” Eileen kept up the smile, even when Morri gave her a doubtful look. That was troubling; she’d never had Morri even consider questioning her, but there was no doubt that Morri didn’t believe her. “They get to become a couple together, and you get to make new friends.” “No want new friends.” Resentment flooded Eileen’s senses as Morri expression became petulant. “Want Sonja and Alex!” “I know you feel that way now. It’ll be all right. Morri, look at me.” The Morrigan glared at her as Eileen tipped her face up with a gentle touch on her chin. “I know this seems so strange to you, and scary. But I can promise you two things. First, you’re not going to lose your friends. Second, things are changing, but in the end, it will be good changes I know it doesn’t seem that way, but this will make Sonja and Alex happy, and that’s what you want, right?” Sorrow crept in again as Morri slumped a little and nodded. She didn’t understand yet, not really. But Eileen knew that she would, in time.
  23. Morri was not in a good mood as she stormed across campus. She’d almost gotten into a fight today; only the knowledge that Eileen would be upset if she’d sliced open one of her classmates stopped her. There was also a sense that no one would be happy if she fought with a seven-year-old. But Byrant had made fun of her! He’d called her a bad name! All that Morri could do was fume and struggle not to slice him into tiny pieces. She was still angry, but there was as much rage at herself as there was at Byrant. She was a ree-tard. Once, the word had meant nothing, but Byrant had shown her a u-tube clip of a ree-tard trying to figure out how to open a door. Then he’d shown her another one fighting to read, and another and another after that. What Morri and most of the campus didn’t know was that Byrant was a social genius, capable of destroying his target emotionally, and with enough intelligence to be brutal about it. Worse, he rather enjoyed being a three-and-a-half foot tall bully capable of challenging older kids. Morri wasn’t the only one he bullied; she was just one of the easiest. So the young feral was raging to herself as she walked, angry at the bully, angry that she couldn’t find the right words to shut him up and angry that she cared. They were words, and words were stupid. But knowing what he thought of her was the source of the pain - knowing that when people had called her ree-tard, they were comparing her to those people she’d seen in the videos. That was what twisted her gut - that people thought she was like that or worse that one of her friends might see her that way. Then the entire day shifted. On the sidewalk ahead was Sonja and Alex. But they weren’t just walking, they were Holding Hands. Like the sun coming from behind the clouds, it dawned on Morri that they were In Love. The young mutant had only been introduced to this concept recently - she’d seen romance movies and she knew what it meant. For one moment, there was a spike of some strange, dark emotion; then it was washed away by happiness. Morri didn’t deal on it; this was Sonja and Alex, and they were not responsible for that dark feeling. Bounding forward, her anger forgotten, Morri grasped their intertwined fingers. Her expression was pure joy as she exclaimed, “Sonja! Alex! In love!”
  24. Morri gazed at the movies before choosing one at random. She handed the case to Sonja; by the time the tall blonde had inserted the disk into the machine, Morri was ensconced in one of the chairs, her arms drawn around her knees in a fit of anticipatory ecstasy. It was a little worrisome watching her wind herself up; Morri tended to get into movies. She knew that the movies weren’t really happening, but she viewed them more like a newscast than fiction. ,, “These are just stories, Morri, okay?” Sonja clarified as she took her seat and hit the start button. ,, “Okay!” Morri straightened eagerly as the title credits started. ,, As Sonja had anticipated, Morri hopped up periodically to join the dancing. It was a joy to watch her enjoy the movie, casting aside her worries and anger from before to just enjoy moving. Sometimes, she was learning the moves from the movie; other times, she was just dancing. Sonja rather enjoyed watching her figure out the robot dance in the final scene. ,, But the most interesting part came at the end, when Morri drew herself up en pointe. For a moment the mutant posed there, her weight on her toes and her arms circling over her head; then she dropped onto her heels and sprawled into the chair, twisting so that her head and feet hung off the arms. “Son-ja?” ,, “Yes, Morri?” ,, Red eyes gazed at her intently. “Boy, girl in moo-vey.” ,, “Yes?” ,, “They in love?” Morri stared at Sonja. ,, Sonja had seen that look before. Morri was processing something. After today, Sonja wasn’t sure what it could be. “Yes, that was the romantic plot of the movie, Morri. They are in love.” ,, “Morri get in love?”
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