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  1. This is me again, damn thing wouldn't accept my password or the temp one so what can you do? Anyway, I have a lot of reading to catch up on but will be chiming in asap (which may not be as soon as I'd like considering the duration of absence!) Regards mates.
  2. And here I am again. Still running WildTalents/Godlike but looking forward to Humanydyne (in English). How are the old gang? Man, I think White-Wolf could have licensed the game out to another company, drawn their cash and sat back.
  3. Ehm, Hello. Not been around in a long long time but thought I would pop in a say hello. Mainly running WildTalents these days, though cut my superteeth on a long Aberrant campaign. Coriolis. Big shouts to all the oldsters.
  4. Nice to be back Chosen. I'll try not to leave it too long in future. One of the other reasons I've been away is that I'm an ANST in the Cam, and what with the whole End of the World thing....busy ...very busy.
  5. I aint posted in a long time, got phoneline reconnected now, so...yeah, I assume everyone has seen the Ministry book?
  6. This one dates from Donal's now legendary Gurps Tessar game. Cesair (thick barbarain priest of Crom): I been thinking (heavy brow creasage) When I'm on watch the night seems to last for hours, but when I go to sleep, it just gone. Whats with that?
  7. So does that make Mercer analogous to Risisg Stars failsafe guy? ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  8. Charles II ruled before James II and was the one who did ok, it was his brother, James II who screwed up and so on leading to the Glorious Revolution and the Jacobite wars and so on ad nauseum. ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  9. Been off line. Condolences to our american crew. Here in Cork we got the story of the woman and kid who were on one of the planes to hit the WTC while her brother(who survived) was actually in the building at the time. Those people being Corkonians and all. Lets just pray for the dead, or honour them in whatever way seems appropriate to you and see what the outcomes are. I personally had to stop watching CNN as after a while it didn't seem real, too filmic for real life. As one of the Irish Crew, and I'm sure the English and Scots guys may agree, we grew up hearing seemingly endless reports on bombings and terrorism and so on, and after a while, it can be numbing, you ignore it, it becomes a constant background noise, only noticable when it ceases. I'm not sure what point I was trying to make there now that I re read that, anyway. Stay safe people. i'd like to think that we have a little community here and I don't want any of ye shuffling off your mortal coils yet. ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  10. I'll just wait until I know what exactly you're asking. ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  11. Damn my typing!! There is a "t" in "Monty". ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  12. Hey ho Avenger, bit sketchy on ma Trinity stuff, thats Ranger and Shoestring's department where i hail from, but far as I know he is only mentioned as a holovid character, and only in that one place. So perhaps he aint around in Trinity but WAS around circa 2061? Cue Ranger's response: ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  13. Ranger, you built the dart gun, but my Directive guys used the equivalent of paintball guns. Doesn't NEED to penetrate the skin. ------------------ Bast protect us all.
  14. This is very sweet. Thank you for brightening up my day. ------------------ Bast protect us all.
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