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  1. Time passed. Too much time. A couple of weeks later, Amelia could remember that time she and Mari met up to go shopping and there was that weird, hot British guy that they bumped into and Mari got a crush on...but only if prompted. Life was too busy. She had work...databases to administer, networks to keep running...and she had work. Her other work. In her own mind, her real work. A few things broke her way, and it was a good three weeks or so before she realized how long she'd been cooped up in her flat, in her PJs, getting door delivery food and huddling around the screen light of her laptop to the wee hours every day. She hadn't done the hack, in the end. Some offshoot anonnabees had gone after major media companies with political intentions, hoping to unleash a flood of dirt. It hadn't gone perfectly from their point of view, but when the hashes hit the dark web Amelia followed rumors that gradually became more solid. If all that work tracking things down panned out, she was one brute force decrypt away from one or more passwords belonging to a man who had buried some pretty major skeletons for bio/pharm industries. With any luck, she could find the weird, mutated footprint the skeleton she was after would leave behind in his datatrails. Cracking it would take a long time though, even on her biggest rig. So Amelia dragged herself to the shower for the first time in...too long...and worked herself into something 'partyriffic' and headed out of her building...even if it took a minute to acclimate to the touch of sunlight. Fortunately, the blazing dayball was already low enough that the trip to her favorite club was mostly in shadow. Even though it would probably be about as fast to walk the few blocks as it would be to drive in evening traffic, Amelia took the Crapmobile. Wandering down city streets in clubwear was a great way to feel cheap and objectified far too early for a night out. The idea was to feel cheap and objectified AFTER you'd had a few drinks and a dance or two. She toyed with the idea of calling Mari and maybe some of the rest of the gang...but elected not to. This wasn't really a 'party' party. She wasn't celebrating, and in fact was kind of not really looking for a good time? She just needed to unwind, and watching people wreck themselves and each other sort of did that for her. All the while getting wrecked, of course...but she didn't necessarily want her pals around for that. In Amelia's mind she went to the Two Ton Tones club a lot, but as she pulled into miracle-of-God parking space just a block away, it occurred to her that it had been over a month since she'd last been. What even was her life right now? Little did she know, the one block walk to the club was more than enough to give any interested observer notice that Amelia had finally shown her face again to the world.
  2. The shopping trip was all right, Amelia thought. There was a certain lingering awkwardness that came from Mari being distracted by Ravi, but to his credit the Englishman didn't hoard her attention. They hit up a couple of clothes stores...per custom going to a trendy place suited to Marilyn's tastes, and then a more alternative store that Amelia found more interesting. Ravi tagged along, nosing through the racks and absorbing what information could be gleaned about the girls from seeing what they tried on and what they wound up buying. Then Mari conferred with Amie in the bathroom and they decided to haul him into a lingerie store as a joke. Though in Mari's case the 'joke' was definitely in scare quotes because she took a definitely premeditated pleasure in asking Ravi's opinion on a few items in there, though she didn't show off what she wound up buying. Amelia didn't participate in the shopping there, though she weighed in with her opinion. Ravi of course kept his wits and flirted, but was otherwise a gentleman. Then the food court and lunch. Afterwards Ravi was up. Both of the girls urged...virtually demanded...that Ravi do some shopping too, so he took them to a high quality menswear place, and then...as another joke...to one of those novelty shops full of adult party games and ribald humor cards and merch, which Amelia had a field day with, mocking most of the products. Then Amelia suggested hitting up one of the very few physical bookstores still open in the neighborhood, and while Mari rolled her eyes theatrically, she went along with it when Ravi voiced his support. Once there, Amelia browsed the computer and electronics section and breezed past fiction with an eye towards new releases. Mari hung out in the front of the store, browsing the fashion mags for a little bit, then gravitated to the travel books. It didn't take long for Amelia to be done, and the three headed out to the parking lot again. Ravi and Mari had parked near each other, and Amie had ridden with her friend, so they parted ways there. "Hey," Mari said, "This was really fun. We should do it again sometime." She grinned when Ravi agreed and added, "Let me give you my number" as she dug her cellphone out of her handbag.
  3. Amelia hesitated at that, as she hadn't really considered the possibility of that option. It wouldn't really change the fact that she was just kind of hanging around while Marilyn and Ravi fawned over each other. But it wasn't like she really had anything better to do right here and now, was it? She looked at her friend, and Mari nodded at her encouragingly. A nagging thought tugged at the back of Amelia's head then. Why is he trying to rope me back in? In her experience, guys often didn't want 'the friend' hanging around. One on one time with the girl they had their eye on was the order of the day. Amie had expected Ravi to be rather eager to see her off. Instead he was re-organizing his day to try to get her to stay with them. Jesus, what if he was after her, and was just stringing Marilyn along? Fuck...guys could be so annoying sometimes! Or maybe he wanted some European orgy thing? Blegh, that'd be awkward and weird. And...maybe kind of entertaining. Fuck it. She could always bail later if Ravi started trying to put moves on her. "I guess it's better than taking the bus," she said, giving Mari a nod. Marilyn quickly finished her coffee as well. "Great! Do you need a ride, Ravi?"
  4. Amelia finished her coffee as Marilyn and Ravi chatted, feeling the pleasant warmth of mocha spreading through her...but also starting to feel a little like a third wheel. She could always take off...but would leaving Marilyn alone with some stranger be okay? They had no idea who Ravi was other than 'from England' and 'super hot.' But, it wasn't like Mari didn't have a phone, and couldn't take care of herself. Amie had seen her fend off drunken kids at parties before. But it was kind of a drag. At party or something, the flirty game might go farther, be more fun...but right now? She'd figured to meet Marilyn, have a coffee, maybe hit up a few stores and just reconnect. But now she'd be all wrapped up in this guy, which removed most of the fun. And sure, Ravi was an eyeful, and Amie liked the accent...but she couldn't really make a move because Marilyn was into him, so...really what was the point? "Hey," she said, leaning over to bump shoulders with Marilyn. "You guys seem like you're getting along really well...I'm thinking I might scoot and get a few things done I've been putting off." Marilyn looked a little taken aback, a little concerned, but not...Amie noted...entirely displeased. "You don't have to do that," she said. "You can stick around, we're just chatting." Amie grinned and looked from Mari to Ravi, then back, "I know, but you know what they say about companies and crowds. It's cool. We can go shopping tomorrow, and I'll tell you about the Swineherd some more." That got a laugh out of Marilyn. "Alright, if you promise." As Amelia stood up off of the stool, she leaned closer in to her friend to whisper in her ear, "You be safe. Call if you need me." Then she offered her hand to Ravi. "Nice meeting you, man. Hope we can do it without the spillage next time."
  5. "Or," Amelia said wryly, "dumping superheated flavored drinks on them." Marilyn's cheeks burned red and she quickly stepped in. "I'm starting college, planning on music major." "She plays like seventeen instruments," Amie filled in dutifully, talking her friend up. "I mean, not all at once. I think the most you did at once was like...four?" Still blushing, Mari leaned over to nudge Amelia. "Oh my god, stop," she whispered, "It was not." Amelia grinned and pressed, "No, you had those jingly armbands, a harmonica, tambourine and...something on your head?" She winked at Ravi. "She was a little drunk." Mari covered her eyes, but she was laughing helplessly. Ravi's grin never wavered as he met Amelia's eyes across her friend. "And what about you? Also a student?" "Mm, no," answered Amie as she finished a big gulp of her coffee. "Unlike some of us, I live in the real world. Bills and payments and jobs and rules and...you know, bullshit like that." She nodded, then when Ravi just kept eye contact realized that more was expected. "Uh, I'm over at TekPek Partners. Basically it's grunt coding work and data wrangling." Amelia pantomimed tapping a keyboard on the tabletop. Then Marilyn had had enough, because she turned sideways away from Amie and put a hand on Ravi's arm to get his attention. "I actually visited England once on a class trip," she said eagerly. "We were mostly in London, but we went over to Glastonbury too. And a lot of the towns along the way. It's really gorgeous. Where are you from?"
  6. "Ravi?" asked Amelia more or less on autopilot as she took his hand and gave it a delicate shake. Abs were nice, after all. "Last name..." Don't say 'oli' don't say 'oli' JESUS CHRIST GIRL DO NOT SAY "Oh..." she caught herself and tried to shift gears, "...I...couldn't even guess. I'm Amelia. Hi." Her train of thought, already struggling, was interrupted as the barista signaled that the replacement coffee was ready. When Ravi went up to pay, he ordered some Earl Grey tea as well, which immediately brought an entire orbital array of Jane Austen jokes into a 'safeties off' readiness status. She frantically clamped down. Maybe when he revealed that he was a jerk, but right now he was a hot jerk, and that meant she was weapons-free for the moment. Amie accepted the coffee with a smile when he brought it back, and kept the smile as he excused himself to the bathroom to finish cleaning up. Then she looked back at where Marilyn was sitting... And Mari was staring raptly back at her. No no, at the bathroom. Where Ravi had gone in. Aww shit. Marilyn came rushing over excitedly and took hold of Amelia's arm. "Oh my god," she breathed, "Is he English? Was that an English accent?" Amelia nodded. "Yep. And his name is Ravi." Her friend covered her mouth. "No." "Yep." Mari chewed her lip, then gave Amie a sort of pleading, puppy dog look...and faded back to her stool. Amelia took a deep breath, and let it out, then gave her friend a fond smile. She could hardly blame the girl...and she knew Marilyn well enough to know that she wouldn't hold it against her if she went for Ravi herself. But she also knew that poor Mari would be pining and depressed about it. When the girl fell, she fell hard. You owe me, girl. When Ravi came back out, straightening his shirt and looking almost as unbe-coffeed as he had been on coming into the shop, Amie took hold of his arm with a warm smile and said, "If you're not in a hurry, why don't you come sit with me." She led him up towards the front of the store and said, "This is Marilyn, my best friend." Ravi found himself confronted by a very pretty young woman, probably even a little younger than Amelia, with short strawberry blonde hair and wide, infatuated eyes that he knew all too well. "Hi," said Marilyn as Amelia took a seat on the far side of her friend and turned around to watch with sisterly pride. "I just...I'm really impressed with how you handled that whole situation." She laughed. "Believe me, most people in New York would have lost their shit over that, especially as well dressed as you. So...are you a student, or a visitor, or...?"
  7. "Shit!" escaped Amie's mouth when her path to the counter was eclipsed and a little hot coffee splashed on her hand. Immediately her cheeks went red though as she realized that most of the drink had gone over some dude's shirt. "Ah shit," she repeated as she ducked sideways to grab some napkins off of the little countertop. Only then did she glance up away from the stain spreading on his shirt to his face. And what she saw brought her to a slow stop. Jesus, he was gorgeous. And British. For a second she actually wobbled as she momentarily forgot to stop herself after getting the napkins...but with a hand on her elbow he caught her. What color were his eyes? They looked brown, but really light brown? Was that a British thing? "What?" Amelia stammered, trying to plug back into what he was saying. "I...no, I'm fine. You're the one that coffee all over you. Shit, I'm sorry...I didn't even see you there. Here." She held out the napkins between them as if they were a bunch of flowers. "And, uh, there's a bathroom a little further back, if you want. Don't worry about the coffee. Clearly I can't be trusted with such power."
  8. The sign printed on the wall just inside the wide-open glass front door, in old-timey letters, read, "Coffee Made Me Do It." The menus were written on chalkboards that extended well past the counter that separated customers from the rows of espresso machines and coffee presses and other, less identifiable bean paraphernalia that lined the back wall. Like most shops in the neighborhood of Manhattan it was in, the Coffee Project NY was narrow but deep, like a corridor that had been repurposed. Warm, bare orange bulbs hung from the ceiling on long cables, giving the shop an almost firelit glow through the big single-pane glass window that made up the entire storefront. It was the kind of place that got affectionate articles written about it in local newspapers, calling it a 'wonderful hole in the wall,' and that was small time enough for the staff to get a little nutty with their signage, with eccentric offerings like 'How to Tell If you Need Coffee' featuring a huge flowchart that filled an entire chalkboard with conditional branches. The sort of coffee shop that Starbucks had tried to standardize and commoditize back in Seattle, then across the country, to dismal effect. And yet, here in the heart of the big city, a little place like this somehow kept on ticking, sustained by the steady trickle of people who had been. If you didn't know about it, likely you never would. If you knew...you went back. And sometimes you brought friends. And thus it kept on going. The place stank of charm. It reeked of easygoing, friendly ambiance. Even Amelie loved it...but she hated that she loved it. To her it felt kind of like a hipster joint...even if you very rarely saw actual hipsters there. The very fact that it was a smug secret shared by a select clientele felt vaguely dissonant to her, for reasons she couldn't easily explain. But goddamn did they do a sweet mocha-cinnamon swirl. Call her a sellout hypocrite twenty times a day for a cup of that. Amie gave her friend Marilyn a pat on the shoulder as she went by, to let her know she was there, on her way up to the counter to place her order. Venti, please. Venti Vidi Veni. 'I ordered a large, I saw it, I came.' Julius fucking Caesar, if he'd been born in modern day New York and went to Coffee Project. After listening to the slurpy coffee machines for a few minutes, and foam was teased into the shape of a pegasus atop the delightful, rich brown of mocha sprinkled with cinnamon, Amelia turned around to grab a stirrer and a tiny thimble of extra cream from the counter on the opposite wall...
  9. Name: Amelia Parsons Nature: Judge Demeanor: Bon Vivant Concept: Blogger Conspiracy Theorist Age: 19 Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●● Social: Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●● Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●●, Wits ●●●● Talents: Alertness ●●, Athletics ●, Awareness, Brawl ●, Empathy, Expression ●, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise ●●, Subterfuge ●● Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms ●, Larceny ●●●, Melee, Performance, Stealth ●, Survival Knowledges: Academics ●, Computer ●●●, Finance, Enigmas ●●●, Investigation ●●, Law, Medicine, Occult ●, Politics, Science ●, Technology ●●● Backgrounds: Allies ● (1 major or 2 minor), Contacts ●● (2 contacts), Influence ●, Resources ● Virtues: Conscience ●●●●, Self-Control ●●●, Courage ●●●● Humanity: 7 Willpower: 6 Merits: Computer Aptitude (2) -2 difficulty to rolls involving computers Iron Will (3) +3 to resist mental control Flaws: Addiction (-1) Internet access Vengeful (-2) Whoever/whatever is responsible for the fire Curious (-2) Bonus Point Expenditure: +1 Self Control, 2 +1 Will Power, 1 +1 Occult, 2 +1 Dex, 5 +1 Per, 5 Background:
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