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  1. Personal Information:
    Identity: Olivia Sashi Jenings-Izumi
    Hero Identity: Datastream
    Nicknames: Livy
    Occupation: Student/Host to Alien Database
    Marital Status: Single
    Known Relatives: Haruo (Harry) Izumi (father); Delayha Jenings-Izumi (mother), Wakaki Izumi (half-brother)
    Allegiance(s): family

    Physical Traits:
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Height: 5’6”
    Apparent age: mid teens
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Handedness: Right

    Appearance: Livy is cute, with dark skin and a hint of almond-shaped eyes. She has a narrow face with large eyes, wide nose and full lips. Her long black hair has her father’s straightness which her mother envies. Dancing lessons have left her in decent physical shape. She’s reached her full height of 5’6”.

    Skills and Personality
    Abilities/Special Skills: Livy has some skill at dancing and singing, enough that she aspires to do something with her life involving both. She’s not quite good enough to ever make it big but she can still have a mediocre music/dance career, based on her current skills. Without Ganiax, she has some knowledge of history, thanks to her father’s lectures on his favorite topic, as well as art and science. She has always been a smart kid but she’s not super-smart, even now. She just remembers everything she perceives.
    The Receiver – With Ganiax, Livy has senses that see further and better. No one is quite sure how they work, beyond the fact that Livy/Ganiax somehow interact with quantum strings.
    The Database – She also has a database in her head of everything she’s seen and sensed while with Ganiax, in addition to the information she had in her head when Ganiax joined with her. There is a delay for her to ‘connect’ to the Database and it’s so vast she can’t focus on more than a small portion of it at a time.
    Boson-Fermion Shield – Livy can manipulate quantum strings on an instinctive level to create a defensive shield. As humans can’t see the particles she’s changing, her shields are difficult to perceive. They can cause a visual warping effect that is noticeable to the perceptive.
    Boson-Fermion Blast – A blast of quantum particles strikes at a range; can affect partially phased creatures (insubstantial). The blast is difficult to see with the human eye.
    Boson-Fermion Bomb – An area blast of quantum particles Livy can project from her own body; can affect partially phased creatures (insubstantial). The bomb is difficult to see with the human eye.
    Boson-Fermion Manipulation – Quantum particles can disrupt and affect targets; can affect partially phased creatures (insubstantial). The manipulation is difficult to see with the human eye.
    Boson-Fermion Warp – Quantum particles can disorient and knock out opponents; can affect partially phased creatures (insubstantial). The attack is difficult to see with the human eye.

    Personality: Livy has a bright and cheerful personality. She’s prone to moodiness since her kidnapping and grafting with Ganiax. She is an optimist by nature, and willing to please figures of authority so long as they behave in a moral manner. When they do show themselves to be in the wrong, she will disobey them. She doesn’t like conflict and is unlikely to cause conflict without a very good reason. She’s loyal and faithful to those who have her allegiances. She’s flexible and open-minded toward types of people not like herself but she expects the same in return – and can actually become angry if she doesn’t get it. She’s something of an idealist and easily disappointed in the world and others who don’t match her ideals.

    Olivia was born to an odd couple, Haruo and Delayha. Delayha was studying abroad in Japan; he was her history professor and a married man living in Tokyo with a year-old son. They kept their relationship professional almost to the end, but a night climbing Fuji together caused them to click. Their affair destroyed Haruo’s marriage, not the least because Haruo was hopelessly in love. He felt guilt toward his wife and son but Delayha was the woman for him.

    Delayha returned to the States while Haruo finished his divorce. He joined her, got a job in Berkeley, took the American name Harry, and married her. Two years later, Olivia was born. This was the little girl that Delayha had always wanted, and Harry’s son was still being kept away by his bitter wife, so they both spoiled her. Wakiki was finally able to visit when Olivia was six; the two slowly bonded and became friends.

    Livy grew up happy in the middle class in an educated, liberal house in Berkeley. Family vacations were spent on charity trips around the world, helping the less privileged. Family discussions at the dinner table focused on the impact history had on the modern world. If Livy showed interest in a hobby or art, she was indulged and encouraged. When she wanted dance lessons and voice lessons, she got them.

    At age fifteen, Olivia and her mother went into Oakland to work on a Habitat for Humanity building. It was in a bad part of town, but they’d done this before and neither had any worries. While at the site, an ex-boyfriend of one of the volunteers showed up and tried to shoot her. In the confusion, Olivia was separated from her mother and grabbed by someone.

    That someone turned out to be cyborg henchmen working for Free Radicals, a group of mad scientists. The FR typically took jobs for other villains, allowing them to outsource their expensive testing and R&D. This particular job had been set forth by Viper: to test a piece of unknown technology recovered from the edge of the Mariana Trench. As per their normal protocol, the Free Radicals sent out cyborgs to collect a poor minority child from the ghetto. The cyborgs are great grunts but lack higher thought processes and failed to realize that the girl they targeted and grabbed was dressed too nicely and was too well-spoken to be an appropriate target. Though angered and worried that people were actually looking for her, they proceeded with the testing.

    Livy was exposed to the artifact, which entered her body through her mouth, made a small incision in the back of her throat, crawled through and wrapped itself around her brain stem and spinal cord. Then nothing appeared to happen and the Free Radicals shrugged and reported to Viper. The Congolese warlord ordered them to retrieve the device from the test subject.

    Fortunately, the Ganiax came fully on-line before they started brain surgery. A powerful recording device, the Ganiax also has offensive and defensive powers. It uses quantum strings to store the data and gives Livy the ability to manipulate quantum strings in her area. She escaped from Free Radicals’s undersea laboratory just south of the Channel Islands only hours after Ganiax powered up to full capacity. She was picked up by the Coast Guard; by the time authorities had gotten back to the Free Radical’s base, it had been torched and abandoned. All Livy could tell them was the fake names they’d used with her: Fox, Wave, and Lanthanide.

    Olivia returned home but remained under government supervision. She was compiling dangerous amounts of information and didn’t know how to stop it. She could become a threat to national security – quickly.

    Dramatis Personae
    The Free Radicals – They’re thought to be a massive group of scientists teamed together but the Free Radicals are actually three brothers. Forest, William, and Leonard Wan are the sons of a Chinese-American/Korean-American family. The three are all card-carrying members of MENSA, and each have a doctorate in a different field of science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry). By day, they run an international testing facility – where big companies, mostly pharmaceuticals – pay them to do the testing that is required by the FDA through an outside source. By night, they do the same thing for criminal groups, only as Fox, Wave, and Lanthanide.

    The Ganiax – This alien artifact came to earth in the time of the dinosaurs. A quantum piece of nanotech, it defies most attempts to analyze it with the modern machinery available. Over the years, it has taken many hosts but they weren’t smart enough to sustain its primary function. The device is designed to gather as much information about a world as possible; once the inhabitants reach a certain technology level, Ganiax will report to its creators. That is a hidden triggered program that hosts are not allowed to know about. [OOC: The appropriate level of technology is up to the ST.]

    Kambale Buseyne was your average Congolese warlord until he wandered into a radiation zone. The man that came out was different – better. He forged a new identity and went to England, where he enrolled in Cambridge in a business degree. Four years later he returned to Congo, took over his warband and turned them into an army. Taking the name Viper, he’s since become a force to fear on the African Continent. He found the Ganiax through an expedition to the Marianas Trench, searching for a lost slaving ship. He contracted with the Free Radicals to get it tested and has been most displeased by their service. He knows of Olivia, and he’s looking for more information on her.

    Cold, Hard Numbers
    Datastream - PL 8

    Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 2, Dexterity 1, Fighting 0, Intellect 3, Awareness 4, Presence 2

    Eidetic Memory, Well-informed


    Acrobatics 3 (+5), Athletics 1 (+1), Expertise: Art 1 (+4), Expertise: History 2 (+5), Expertise: Music 2 (+5), Expertise: Popular Culture 1 (+4), Expertise: Science 1 (+4), Insight 1 (+5)

    Boson-Fermion Manipulation: Damage 8 (DC 23; Accurate 4: +8, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Subtle: subtle)
    . . Boson-Fermion Blast: Blast 5 (Alternate; DC 20; Accurate 2: +4, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Subtle: subtle)
    . . Boson-Fermion Bomb: Burst Area Damage 6 (Alternate; DC 21; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Subtle: subtle)
    . . Boson-Fermion Warp: Cumulative Affliction 6 (Alternate; 1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 16; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Cumulative, Subtle: subtle)
    Boson-Fermion Shield: Protection 8 (alien, +8 Toughness; Subtle: subtle, Sustained)
    The Database (array)
    . . Business and Law: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Investigation +8 (+11), Expertise +8 (+11), Expertise +8 (+11))
    . . Culture: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Expertise +8 (+12), Expertise +8 (+13), Expertise +8 (+12))
    . . Hard Sciences: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Treatment +8 (+11), Expertise +8 (+11), Expertise +8 (+12))
    . . History: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Expertise +8 (+13), Expertise +8 (+11), Expertise +8 (+11))
    . . Machinery: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Vehicles +8 (+9), Technology +8 (+11), Expertise +8 (+11))
    The Receiver
    . . Hearing: Senses 9 (Acute (Type): Hearing, Analytical (Type): Hearing, Extended: Hearing 3: x1k, Radio, Ultra-hearing)
    . . Sight: Senses 10 (Acute (Type): Sight, Analytical (Type): Sight, Extended: Sight 2: x100, Infravision, Low-light Vision, Microscopic Vision 1: dust-size, Ultravision)
    . . Wi-Fi: Senses 7 (Awareness: Wi-Fi, Detect: Wi-Fi 1, Extended: Wi-Fi 4: x10k, Time Sense)

    Power Points
    Abilities 26 + Powers 65 + Advantages 2 + Skills 4 (12 ranks) + Defenses 23 = 120

    Initiative +2
    Boson-Fermion Blast: Blast 5, +5 (DC 20)
    Boson-Fermion Bomb: Burst Area Damage 6 (DC 21)
    Boson-Fermion Manipulation: Damage 8, +8 (DC 23)
    Boson-Fermion Warp: Cumulative Affliction 6, +0 (DC Fort 16)
    Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
    Throw, +1 (DC 15)
    Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

    Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fortitude 8, Toughness 9, Will 8

    Interesting Things
    Enemy - Free Radicals: They're thought to be a massive group of scientists teamed together but the Free Radicals are actually three brothers known only as Fox, Wave, and Lanthanide. They are responsible for kidnapping Olivia and hold a grudge since her escape from them resulted in the lost of their biggest base.
    Enemy - Viper: Kambale Buseyneis a super villain from Congo who took over a warband and turned them into an army. He is the one who views himself as the owner of the Ganiax, and he'll go to great lengths to get it back.
    Motivation: Doing Good: Olivia is a moral person and believes strongly in doing the right thing. Her motivation as a super hero is to help other people.
    Power Loss - The Ganiax: If the device in her brain were disabled, Datastream would lose access to all the powers she's gained from him.
  2. "There!" Dark Mind shouts, pointing a finger toward a low window. "That room has someone in it. And... around the corner, on the third floor." Her mind reaches out to her teammates and shows them where. *I'll keep looking, guys, but there are two to start on.*


    2 success on Telepathy; 20 km range

    Init +9

    Soak is 2/1 w/out FF (I'll let you know what her new soak is when she activates it)

    normal health levels

  3. Dark Mind, thankfully out of her Team Tomorrow uniform, follows her teammates' orders as she tries to clear her mind and focus on the task at hand. It's not easy - her heart is racing and her hands shake with anticipation and fear. She wants to help, but she's afraid she'll mess it up or fail someone.

    "I'm going to find the civilians," she says over the team's channel, "and when I do, I'm going to let you guys know where they are via telepathy. So don't flip out if I touch your minds, 'k?" As she tells them this, her mind stretches out, the tendrils of her telepathy seeking the trapped souls in the building.

  4. Dark Mind lets the amusement from Chronogeist and Multigate's speech pull her mouth into a deeper smile. Seeing no time like the present, she steps forward and leans toward the microphone. "We just want to use our powers to better the world," she says in a soft, even voice. "Thank you."

  5. Despite their earlier discussion on smiling, Dark Mind does have a small but genuine smile on her face as she steps forward, waving. She can't see a thing; the lights blind her, and she struggles to not squint at them.

    I wonder if Mom and Dad are taping this? she muses quietly. She's pretty sure that all her friends are watching... and she wonders what she's going to say to them.

  6. Alice is still pulling a Team Tomorrow uniform over her own clothes when Pax enters. She gives him a smile, trying not to seem star-stuck and failing. She manages not to stutter or look like a complete fool when he speaks to her, but she can't keep the goofy smile off her face.

    "Wow," she says, nodding with her teammates after he's left the room. "He's really impressive. Our thing must be really, really big..."

  7. "It's not a matter of whether I'm happy or not," Dark Mind says, letting the curtain inch shut. Glancing at Joshua, she calmly adds, "And it's not a matter of 'teenage rebellion or moodiness.' I am what I am, and one of those things is direct. Smiling for money is fine, but saying I'm petulant because I am expressing dismay at the concept means that you don't understand me."

    She graces Joshua and Elena both with a smile, friendly and open. "I like to smile," she says, "but I also like to have something real to smile about. Like the chance of having new friends and teammates."

  8. Alice smoothes down the front of her dark outfit, looking calm and collected. Those who are particularly observant can see that her fingers shake, and can hear a slight nervous quiver in her voice as she says, "They pay people a lot of money to make sure that things go smoothly, Elena. I'm sure it will be fine."

    She gives the pretty woman a quick smile before checking in the mirror to make sure that she still looks good. Her pale foundation is still covering things; her colored hair is hanging properly. She's as ready as she'll ever be... until she hears that Pax will introduce them.

    Pax! Wow! Dark Mind is temporarily floored by that revelation, but she quickly hides it back under her carefully-crafted jaded demeanor. Still, deep inside, her little fan-girl is squealing with joy...

  9. dmbanner.gif

    Appearance: Dark Mind is a goth, and she dresses according to the aesthetics of that sub-culture. She varies in her style, ranging from "Victorn" goth to "Modern" goth styles. Her hair is sometimes black, and sometimes dyed other colors. Her skin appears to be very pale, though that could be makeup. She is five and a half feet, of a fit weight for that height, and is in her early twenties. Her facial features tend to be delicate or etheral. She tends toward silver jewelry with darker themes.

    Powers: Dark Mind is a mentalist, though her file notes that she's diversified for one so young and is therefore considered somewhat weak. She can shroud an area in darkness, read minds, defend her own mind, create a protective force-field, and force cooperation from her opponants. She's also displayed amazing dexterity with her feet and her hands - sometimes at the same time. Last, she's incredibly proficent with languages, even those she doesn't know.

    Quick History: Alice was a member of the local goth group, and she was a faithful adherant to that sub-culture and its philosophies. She was in attendance at her favorite night club when everyone within was taken hostage. One of her friends had spurned a young man with anger issues, and he came back to the club in a jealous rage. He took the entire bar hostage, and in the stress and panic, Alice erupted.

    She used her mental powers and the ability to call forth darkness to rescue the room. The police who arrived on-site called Utopia to deal with the young nova, and she was convinced to go to the Rashoud facility.

    While there, Alice decided to live up to her true potential in Project Utopia. Despite her subculture of choice, she feels that she should use her abilities to further mankind. She despises the idea of selling her talents as a mercenary, so she joined PU.
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