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  1. As the others are let lose from Firedrake Halo stays airborne while moving in seemingly random patterns to avoid being hit. "Heads up, people", Halo shouts as he extends an arm towards the tripod and begins to emit burst of brilliant white light. *** Soak 6/4 w/ Eufiber. Initiative 10, 8 health levels, Quantum Bolt Dice Pool = 8 / Inflicts = 14 Bashing ***
  2. As Alecia briefs the team on situation Halo begin to rise in to the air. "I think we need to reexamine the initial plan. Android,I think You, Dark Mind, and Multi-Gate should see to the civilians. Richter and Glowbe try and help the locals with fire. X, Firdrake and myself should deal with the terrorist. Any thoughts?"
  3. Halo exits the van and immediately begins assessing the situation. He listened to Android's while formulating his own plan. "Good plan, Android. You, Dark Mind, and Glowbe should start by organizing the local firefighters to assist in an evacuation." Halo's pauses a second before continuing, "Android, can you pick up any radio signals that may give a more presicse location of the hostiles?"
  4. Hi eveyrone. I'm back and made my statement. Hopefully, I didn't hold things up to much. If anyone is curious the influence for much of Halo's speech is Gabriel Conrad's speech from "The Dead" by Jame Joyce. I read it on the plane so it's fresh on my mind.
  5. Joshua steps up to microphone wondering if anyone will recognize the influence of much of his speech. He hasn't spoken publicly in many years and even then it was to a room full of students, not the entire world. Joshua takes a deep breath before he begins. "Prior to this press conference I was asked to put my meager abilities to use and prepare a longer statement. That being said, I trust that I'll be forgiven if I appear long winded. At times such as these there can be a tendency to allow sadder thoughts to intrude upon our minds. To recall memories of friends and colleagues who are missing, and give in to the fears that dwell within each of us. Life is filled with such memories and fears, and to brood too long upon them would distract us from those living duties which demand, rightfully demand, are attentions and exertions. The responsibility of these duties rest upon all of humanity. It is not the place of Team Tomorrow to act as saviors, we are but guides and symbols. It is our duty to demonstrate what is possible when humanity unites for the common cause of liberty and equality. My teammates and I have humbly accepted this mission and hope that the trust that the world has given us has been wisely given. Thank You."
  6. As the presence of the crowd overtakes Joshua's senses he straightens himself to his full height and extends a sincere, yet tempered smile. He tilts his chin up slightly and makes a point to make eye contact with as many people as possible. His left hand is planted on his waist, while he offers a small wave to the crowd with his right.
  7. Thank you. Hopefully, I'll be able to post one more time tomorrow before my computer goes on a truck and I get on a plane.
  8. "Well, he certainly makes an impression, doesn't he?", Joshua says with a forced lightness. "I wonder how many times he's done that before."
  9. I want to let everyone know that I'm about move a very long distance and might not be able to post for a few days.
  10. Joshua shakes Pax's hand while trying not seem taken back. Joshua normally has a commanding presence in any room, but next to Pax he feels as if he is a minor figure in a crowd. "Yes, Joshua North, or Halo if you prefer. It's honor to be counted among so many brilliant and talented people." After releasing Pax's hand Joshua concentrates for a moment and then his stylish suit flows into blue and gold bodysuit.
  11. "Elena's right", Joshua continued, "You should at least appear like you're happy to be here. Utopia, therefore, all Nova's will be judged by the image that we put forth. I don't like the shallowness of it either, but I accept it and live up to the responsibility." He added, "When you have the power we do teenage rebellion attitudes and moodieness can't be tolerated."
  12. "Well, of course I was prepped", Joshua replied exasperatedly.
  13. Quote:Originally posted by Dr. Zero: There is no proof Mal uses universe creation True, but I think it makes sense considering Mal's philosophy. He's not interested in Nova's ruling humans but completely segregating the two groups. What better way than making his own universe? But yeah, you're right. There's no proof.
  14. "I doubt that they'll have you make speeches. Utopia's PR department would have prepped you all if that were going to happen" Smiling at Elena he continued, "And don't worry about trying to look impressive. Folks will see you and think 'why, that could be my daughter' or 'She's want I'd like to be if I were a Nova'. An everyday person who just happens to have superpowers. Like I said earlier, 'Normality can be reassuring'.
  15. "I hope that's the case", Joshua replied, "I suppose I have less faith in mass-media than you do." "How do you think this will play out?", he asked after a brief pause, "Do you think we'll need to answer questions or just stand around looking heroic."
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