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  1. He's actually been on this earth for quite a while. He's blended in to the general population and is working as a model...
  2. Okay I think I will try resurrecting Rush for this game. In this game he will be the son of Flash and Wonder Woman from an alternate universe, who got trapped in this one, but he will be sponsored into the JL by Batman.
  3. "Weather manipulation? Perfect! Okay here's what I need you...." Rush's voice trailed off as the young (and ruggedly sexy he noticed) Norseman flew off. "...to do. Fabulous. Okay moving on." He turned back to Suprema and gave her a curt nod. "X-Ray vision? Fantastic! Go for it. I want to know if people are in any immediate danger or if we have a little breathing room to plan. I'm not sure if splitting into 2 teams is needed just yet, those two on the roof should be enough and you are right. Hostages are priority number 1. I'd rather let the bad guys get away if it means no innocents are hurt or killed," He was speaking rapidly and with some authority again. "Thistle, I'd still like you to take a look around as well. We don't know what the Guild actually wants. It may just be money but they could have a different agenda altogether and I want to know what it is." "I'm going to quickly scout around the building to check the other entrances or see if they have an escape vehicle. Everyone, be ready to act." With that Rush sped off around the the corner of the building only to return a minute or so later form the other side.
  4. "Thank you sir," Rush said to Maddicks. "I appreciate the thought, and don't worry about me." He turned and regarded the others, some he recognized, some he didn't, and nodded his head to Suprema. "I'm Rush," He said returning the introductions, feeling a bit foolish introducing himself as his name was boldly displayed in gold lettering down the right leg of his blue-and-black costume. He turned and regarded Thistle for a moment. "If you can get in and out without been seen or caught then I'm all for you playing scout," He ignored her comment about making the bad guys money for the moment. "Just remember, hostage situations can be tricky and emotions will be running high. Don't try anything rash, it could get someone hurt or killed. Just locate where the bad guys and hostages are then come back out. Also, if we have any fliers here, I'd like to have someone scout the roof of the hotel. It's likely that the Guild has contained themselves to the casino but these are super villains, you never know what they'll do or what their exit strategy will be. That should also bee a good entry point for someone who can fly fast when we do actually go after these guys." He stopped for a moment and realized he was ordering complete strangers around. "Sorry, I don't mean to be bossy but we are going to need a plan of action," he sheepishly. "We should also be aware of what each other can do. I move fast and hit things hard."
  5. Ryan sat in his chair at his make up station. His mood was melancholic, being back in the park where only last week the memorial for his father took place. The statue was nice, but somehow, Ryan thought that was a poor trade for his ultimate sacrifice. He was watching TV on his tablet while the photographer and the designer argued about location and lighting and anything else that seemed convenient. Apparently they didn't get along and while they wasted the day, the models were left to lounge around trying to relieve boredom. Ryan was still watching his tablet when the news about the casino robbery came on. He sighed, hoping that someone else would show up and deal with this but luck was not smiling on him this day. With a sidelong glance at the other models, Ryan slipped in to one of the changing tents with his bag. Despite his reluctance to rejoin the super heroic world again, he always kept his morphic molecule costume on him and in the privacy of the change tent it only took him seconds to change. Rush sped out of the tent, careful not to go so fast that he caused damage or negative effects with his passing. 500 mph was only half his maximum speed but it was more than enough to get him to the scene of the crime within minutes. His father, Slipspeed, had figured out a way of channeling his speed energy in such a way that he could move at unbelievable speeds without any negative effects on the environment but that was a trick that Rush had yet to learn. He sped up to the authorities on the scene, stopping on a dime in front them. "My name is Rush and I'm here to help. How can I be of service?"
  6. RUSH Real Name: Ryan Carter. Occupation: Model. Legal Status: Legal citizen of the United States. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Melanippe “Battle Maiden” Clyemne-Carter (Mother), Richard “Slipspeed” Carter (Father-Deceased). Allegiance(s): Nominally the Amazons of Thymescyria. Physical Traits Weight: 200 lb. Height: 6’ Apparent age: early 20’s Actual age: 23 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian/Amazonian Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Brown Powers, Skills, and Personality Known Powers: Rush has inherited the ability to move at super human speeds from his father and super human strength and toughness from his mother. His whole biology is developed to handle his enhanced speed and strength. He can move at speeds of up to 2,000 mph, can complete tasks in a fraction of the time it normally takes and can dodge bullets. His body also heals wounds incredibly fast. It has been suggested that Rush‘s upper limit strength-wise is around 25 tons although he seems far more comfortable with smaller weights. He has been seen throwing things incredible distances, and has the ability to make fantastic leaps as well. Rush’s body is incredibly resistant to harm and his immune system is strong enough to filter out any poison or toxin he is exposed to. Ryan has developed a few tricks involving his speed and strength including the rapid disarming of groups and the ability to strike opponents incredibly hard and send them flying. Abilities/Special Skills: Ryan is a model and is good at dealing with people. His parents, being super heroes have made sure that he is trained in combat and he is also a decent athlete. Personality: Ryan is a friendly but quiet individual. He is loyal and generous to friends and family, but treats his super heroic career from a pragmatic “day job” or unwanted chore kind of perspective rather than some sort of higher calling. He enjoys his modeling career and seems to have no body shame what so ever. Background: Ryan Carter is the only some of the Amazonian heroine Battle Maiden and lightning fast hero Slipspeed. He grew up surrounded by the Super Hero culture and for years he ardently wished he had powers of his own. Somewhere between his 11th and 12th birthday, he got his wish. Ryan was elated to find out he’d inherited elements of both his parents powers and several months later, debuted on the heroic scene as Rush; joining his parents in their super heroic adventures. Ryan acted as Rush for roughly 6 years and had all sorts of adventures. He’s been to other planets, the Isles of the Amazons and Atlantis. He’s been to other dimensions and traveled in time. He’s also fought all sorts of criminal, madmen and villains. Over this time, Ryan slowly became jaded to the super hero world and eventually hung up his costume when he was 18, electing instead to go to University. Shortly into his 2nd year, Ryan was discovered by an agency talent scout and was introduced to the modeling world. Ryan found he truly enjoyed modeling and over the next 5 years built up a career. He still occasionally put on the costume, but his focus had changed from being a hero to being a model. 2 months ago, Tragedy struck Ryan’s family when his father Slipspeed heroically gave his life to stop Crime League member’s Medea and Orion. In the aftermath, Ryan came home to Freedom City for the funeral and was convinced to stay and take up the mantle of Rush again by his mother and members of the Freedom League. Recently, Ryan’s mother Battle Maiden has returned o the Isle of the Amazons to go through a period of mourning and has left Rush to help fight the good fight in Freedom City.
  7. T.V. show and Video Game. This could either really good or really bad. Interestingly enough, the show is filmed in Southern Ontario. http://defiance.com/en/
  8. And Rush's character sheet is now off for approval. His background is just about done too.
  9. Hey guys, I briefly chatted with Moira last night and I will be joining the game with the character Rush. Moira, I'll be sending the character to you for approval some time today.
  10. It has always been considered to be bad form and poor manners to post in someone else's character profile in any section of these boards. Asking him to remove a post from my character profile is entirely warrented. I don't have an issue answering questions by just about anyone (particularly moderators) however, this was handled particularly poorly and I was offended. If you absolutely need information from me then by all means shoot me a private message and I'll do my best to provide an answer. If, however, you do the internet equivelant of rapping my knuckles with a yard stick then I'm gonna get bitchy with you. That's just how I roll. On to the whole point expenditures deal. It has never been required before and I fail to see how it all of a sudden has become a serious issue. I'm sorry if this sounds bitchy or snotty but until it's an offical rule in 200X then I am not going to waste my time re-building my characters. For the amount of time I actively spend here it's just not worth it.
  11. Originally Posted By: EverymanWhy do I picture Vile Bill beating up the clowns at his birthday party when he was a kid? You mean why does that bring a smile to your face, right?
  12. dunno, and I don't have the contacts to find out. Hope he's okay.
  13. No offence dude, but when I realized Zer0 is basically making a Fembot I stopped reading... Machine gun giblies don't really do it for me, if you know what I mean.
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