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  1. I just want to say that the fact that new fan projects for Aberrant is being conceived and designed and written is brilliant and amazing. I don't know how much help I could be, but I do want to say that its awesome that you are attempting this. I will definitely keep this forum in my mind to see how things progress and develop, because its just really cool that Aberrant is still being worked on.
  2. I didn't realize that people still discussed this let alone fan projects still being made. It is totally awesome and I love what I have been reading through so far. Really cool information, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions and I am quite pleased that I discovered it. Really cool that you created this Sprocket, really cool. The Atlantean (sorry, I mean Lemurian) alternate setting interests me, as does the whole Stalwart to Nova idea, plus a lot of other commentary and interesting ideas you present. Actually, the nature of that setting makes me think of a campaign where the players are all novas who are part of a colonial process (which probably have some baselines) to settle upon another world, place, or time that is probably home to dangerous monsters. Part of the campaign would be to make the land safe to inhabit, to build the structures and government, and to figure out the situation that is going aroudn them with monsters and stuff. I don't know where they would go, so many options, but it could be a landmass on another planet, or in a prehistoric time, or a parallel dimension, or maybe something like in a pocket area outside of the general material world (something like Outland from WOW). I think it could be extremely fun especially if the players are among the movers and shakers of the movement. Also, loved the fact that Mega-Willpower existed in this faction. Its funny cause as I was reading the begining I thought to myself "I am going to have to search for Mega-Willpower" and then behold its already there.
  3. One of the nice benefits of me using the Aberrant system is that I have actually ran two games so far using it. And while not all of the players in the current game were in my other game, enough were that the mechanics of the game is not something that will be new to them. This is a positive which means they will be able to move from that and directly into the fun of gaming. You ideas have been immensely helpful. And your right, though there is a time limit (three sessions) and a goa that needs to be achieved (which they are aware of, so its not like its negaitve railroading, they are expecting that these games will have goals and thye understand that its not free for all that most games we play are) they are still the main focus and if they want to randomly help somebody - if that is making them have fun - then I will definitely play that up. I will also provide some vocal information on the setting and the universe and how the novas are actually 'heroes' in that they aid their towns and communities to fight against crime. And most do it in groups rather than solo, which provides all sorts of protection. This is so very much a four color sort of game, and the players can be Iron Man (no matter what the Aberrant Player's Guide said to the contrary).
  4. Considering that this is a three-shot game I haven't really considered some of the world-wide dynamics of the super hero phenomena. One of the things I did assume is that unlike in standard Aberrant there are more novas in this world who play up the superhero stereotype, rather than the the standard business clothes. So yeah superhero teams are quite common with many cities and places around the world having at least one local team that works for that city. It is true what you say, I mean I have the Police go to them when they can't figure something out. Which proves that they are more than just people in a funny capes - they are depended on by the people and government of the city to help protect it against evil and dangerous things. Which is very cool. I could always run the three-shot miniarc and then if I am really interested I could always go back to it. I love Aberrant and I think its rules and the sens eof the game allows it to do more for me than many other games. Does the general timeline of events to you seem fun. Do you have any suggesstions that could make it even better for my players as they run through the days? I want to make sure that when I play this they will get the utmost fun out of it. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.
  5. Its either that or its they have been erupted for a little bit before hand, and then the story begins. Thanks for the comments. By any chance do you have any thoughts on the organization and story potential of what I wrote?
  6. Hello all, I know its been a while, but while my presence on this board has faded my love for Aberrant and all its brother games has not. This coming semester I have a plan, instead of running a single semester long roleplaying game I am running three four week games. Each of these games will have a character creation session, and then three regular game sessions, with a game that is divided into three parts. The three games that I am running is a Star Wars Saga Edition game, a fantasy game using a rule base that I have not decided yet, and a superhero game that will be using the Aberrant rules. And it is the Aberrant game that I am here to ask you all for help on. I have a preliminary campaign setting mapped out and designed. With a story that will span three sessions and go from the past, to the present to an alternate world. I would like those on this forum to read through the brief notes I have and aid me in making sure that it is the best damm game I can run. Any thoughts, comments, ideas are all welcome. Thank you very much, Heru ++++ A SUPERHERO ADVENTURE Phase 1 A rich and powerful and respected tycoon dies under mysterious circumstances. He just so happens to be the last member of the Dynamic Novas superhero team. The PCs are all contacted by the lawyers during the reading of the will. All of them worked with the tycoon at least once before, so when the will reads that he wishes for the group of PCs to take over as the Dynamic Novas. But he requires them to follow a trail of clues to gather x-amount (with x equaling the number of PCs) of crystal fragments. It is through being bonded to these crystals that one can actually become a member and gain access to the Dynamic Novas. This part of the campaign has the PCs search certain parts of the tycoon's central mansion, as well as the museum that he held dear, and finally ends with an adventure on an island located in the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. After gathering the clues, finding the separated crystals, fighting the guardian of the crystal throne, the PCs become members of the Dynamic Novas. And this phase ends. +Phase 2+ Years pass, almost a decade since the origional fight that saw the PCs becoming the new generation of the Dynamic Novas. In the time since then the team has continued to fight the fight, protecting Freedom City and the world from the ravages of the evil and the corrupt. This phase starts on a nice March day with an explosion : Freedom City Central High School erupts in a firey blast that takes out a good chunk of the building. Thankfully, as it is the Sunday there were only two deaths - the janiter who was working to maintain the building, and a teacher who had come in on the weekend to work on a project. The fire and police departments examining the site notice a glowing ball of energy floating where the library used to be. Because of the nature of the anomoly they contact the local super hero team, the Dyamic Novas, and request assistance. After arriving at the scene of the crime, and doing some investigation, the PCs see a group of people all in black trying to escape, they give chase. This sees a car chase through the streets of the city. At one point have the Enemies duck into a building, and then have the PCs and Enemies fight it out. Some of the Enemies escape (some even seem to vanish from inescapable situations), but not before declaring that things are not as they seem. That night reports come in of a number of breaking and enterings occuring throughout the city. These occur at libraries, museums, and schools throughout the city. If the PCs investigate have them discover that the break-ins appear in the shape of a pentagram with their tower at the center of the events. As the evening goes on the event seem to come closer to their home - which if they are at it, they realize things ar eshaking - but if they are outside fighting crime, then they notice smoke coming from the building. At various points in the night have them fight men in all black as they try and do whatever it is they are doing. Have the PCs stop some of them, but make it so that reports come in that when they leave the area to fight another crime something occurs nearby to the point they stopped. In other words, with only incomplete clues of what is going on it is hard for them to figure out the actual way to stop it. At this start getting bad, even more, have their comms go over with a notification that their base is being attacked. Have them quickly head back where they see the front gate blasted open, and the stone path to the door destroyed. The door itself is also broken and hanging off its hinges. When they walk insdie have them notice that a door exists near to the stairs that did not exist in years past. Going down the door they fight multiple sorts of conjured creatures. And then when they get to the very bottom they find themselves in what looks like a stone crypt with a sinister man dressed all in black near what looks like an alter. He gives his evil monalog speech about the forces of darkness being triuphant and that history will know him but forget the PCs. Then as the PCs attack he summons various creatures out of nowhere to attack the PCs. The PCs fight through them all but when they get to the center the man's sinister voice screetches a last word, they touch the golden idol, all goes white. Their lost sense before loosing consciousness is a voice saying that while most hope is lost, even a single candle can hold back the dark. +Phase 3+ The PCs wake up on a beach somewhere, with a number towering structures behind them. It is clearly the city that they had known, but it is definitly different. First of all, it seems that while only a day has past, the documents and histories, and memories of people, indicate that the last ten years are different than what they should be. Nobody recognizes the PCs, no books written describe them, or their actions. In fact it seems that they don't exist, and never have. If they trace back events, the last thing that is clearly equal to their memories is the death of the tycoon. At some point they are visited by a number of police, men dressed all in black with a tattoo on their face - very reminescent of the foes they fought before. Some of the people who come to arrest the PCs are the same people who were close to them in the other place, but in this place have no memory of them. Also have a person who was an enemy in the other place become an ally. A number of encounters occur of this type. If the PCs head towards what should have been their former base of operations they discover that it no longer looks as it was. It is not a towering edifice of gothic stone, with gargoyles and darkness all around it. At no point can they get inside, it seems the security of the place makes it impenetrable. Have some sort of newspaper or remanant book floating past them, maybe with mention of the law office where they heard the will. Have them gather some clues, around their fighting of enemies, that indicate they must redo the events that made them Heroes in the first place. But this time maybe in the opposite. So, the final part of the campaign as the PCs needing to find a way to the island in the Atlantic Ocean. Make this island look exactly the same as when they fought it the last time. Same monsters, same traps. At the very center of it - where they finished their ritual and become Heroes in the other world - they discover the grizzly and frozen remains of their own bodies, surrounded by a crystal. They have to go past their bodies, which is not as easy as it sounds, its a will check, before they can get the crystal. Thus the first part is complete. Then they have to adventure in the museum that held interest to the tycoon, as before. Finally, they use the clues they discover and find a way to get back into the mansion. Once inside the main foyer they discover the door to the tomb was sealed up, though if they ask somebody they see an elevator around the same location where the door was. They have to go to the top, before they can go all the way to the bottom. There they fight a monster who guards the tomb. And finally, in the end, they have to fight the architect of everything - the brother of the tycoon who wanted everlasting power and who murdered his brother and set up the events. After the brother is defeated the building starts to shake, the PCs need to find the pattern which unlocks the shifting stones, which allows them to transport themselves back to their own place. They arrive in the tomb again, and when they walk up stairs and ask one of the servants it is mentioned that its the day before the origional explosion. Game ends.
  7. I like this, I like this a lot. What is really interesting is that you could have other variances on transcendence than just Taint and Chrysalis if you really want to. I also like it because it less causes all novas to go insane evil creatures and opens possibilities of good eventualities. In addition, the multiple paths of Quantum, are like the multiple paths of Inspiration in Adventure! So yeah, I very much like this and would like to hear more.
  8. As a note, I do not claim ownership of the below power, that is why its in quotes. I found this power on this site. But would this be a possible method of operation that you think might be balanced?
  9. Alex Green, I very much like the idea of creating an Elemental Mastery: Plants power or an Elemental Mastery: Animal power, or heck, even an Elemental Mastery: Life power (though that would have some restrictions on what it can do, though Life is pretty much like Earth or Air in that it is omnipresent so its not that big of a deal). Now I would just need to go through the various techniques that exist and see which ones could be adopted to a biological sort of power. For example, I cannot see Propel or Movement, unless you allow things like "I grow Wings to fly" sort of power while using the regular technique for a rules basis. So out of all your options I like this one the most, I always did like the idea of making it a form of Elemental Mastery or Molecular Mastery or Entropy Mastery or whatever other Mastery power you wish to use to use to create it. Though I might call it something like Elemental Anima: Life and make it so that it can just manipulate existing life, rather than create new life out of nothing but pure quantum energy.
  10. Alex Green The problem Alex is that I am the ST, hence my question to you guys - I need others opinion before i can make a decision for or against reducing the minimum Quantum level from 6 to 5. These things do cause me some concern, which is why I need to other's opinions (besides my own) in order to decide if I should allow it to be a Quantum 5 power. These things don't bother me, especially if, asf or the permanent buff and alter, the baselines cannot be given mega-attributes or powers. If they can be made into the best that humans can be (five in attributes and five in abilities) then I am fine with it, Novas can get that in a moment's time. Look, all in all, I want one thing - I want there to exist a Level 3 Quantum 4 or 5 power that allows a nova to have some control over biological life in the vein of Elemental Mastery and Anima. Now, this can be the Biomanipulation power, or it can be something else, and if it is something else I would gladly work with others to try and come up with the power and its various techniques. Nyxx That is very cool. I like it because while it still requies the Nova to get Telepathy (which would totally always be in theme) to get regular mind-to-mind contact, this provides a more broad spectrum power for those that want to mentally touch and alter other's minds. And I like how its called Mindscaping, that is a cool bit of fluff. Thanks for posting it, I appreciate it. When I get some more free time, tonight probably, I will comment on some of the things within the power framework that I see and might want to talk about, or maybe even change.
  11. Because shapeshift is more 'real' than using a technique. If you activate the Propel technioque of Biomanipulation, yeah, your shapeshifting but your not really shifting form - you are using a technique that has the physical imagery of shapeshifting. It would never have the total capability or potential that regular shapeshift has. Shapeshift is for a dude who wants to actually have direct control over his entire body. Using the Propel Biomanipulation technique is for those novas that want to occasionally have a particular effect, make it look like shapeshifting, but just on an occasional benefit. Using the technique will never be as equal or as powerful or as potent or as capable as a nova using the Shapeshift power. I will be honest, a player that says "I want to be able to fly by making wings, out of game, this will be the Propel technique" I would be okay with it. But if a player goes "I want this and then this and then this as techniques," and all of them are pretty much shapeshift, then I would go - "sorry, you could have one of them as a technique, maybe, but yo be able to all of them, take the addtional power, it is still in theme."
  12. Alex Green and Metaphysician I understand what your saying, but I disagree in the sense that certain things should be allowed to be done using this one power even though other powers might work. For example, its like how Elemental Mastery has a movement and propel power, so, why couldn't this one - the rules would use the Propel power of Elemental Mastery and the image would be of growing wings on one's back for the duration of the power. Other examples of such things can also be described. And I am not saying permanent modification,s that requires greater Quantum, but transitory changes to one's and other's forms should be possible at this level. Nyxx That sounds awesome and I wish I had been on the site before I guess it disappeared (I don't know, the site doesn't sound familiar). Anyway, if you find it possible I would love to see the power as it sounds pretty nifty and cool.
  13. Exactly, the existence of novas at basic levels (i.e., Quantum 1 to 5) being able to have biomanipulation makes a lot of sense. And to be honest the modification of a particular fluff point doesn't truly bother me when I look at the question of game balance. Yeah, I completely agree. I see nothing that should allow the nova to make permanent changes to his body, except cosmetic changes. That can be somewhat permanent. My thought is that unlike the more broad nature of the techniques, this minor shapeshifting techniques would have a single focus. To shfit and create wings is a Propel technique, for example, with some image of wings appearing. Things like that. Right, being able to heal thousands and stuff is not exactly a Quantum 1 to 5 power, more related to Quantum 6 and the Mastery extra. I agree with you. And really, a Level 3 power (the base Healing power) should be a little more potent than an equivalent technique within another power.
  14. Yeah, which I think makes a lot of sense and I don't personally have a problem with. Maybe that's because the game I will be go-running will take place in the Aberrant era but on a totally unconnected to Earth planet where the novas colonize and then have things happen and they loose contact with Earth. Anyway, because of that, the ability of novas to get beyond the sterilization of Project Proteus bothers me not one iota. Still, yeah, it is in their and it does have a potential game changing effect. So duly noted, thanks. +++ I do have to complain how using biomanipulation a nova cannot effect his own form. I would think a technique that is like Movement or Propel that lets a nova fly by creating wings or whatever, would totally fit within theme for the power. I mean if a dude with Elemental Mastery Fire can fly, why not a dude with the ability to shape and manipulate life, birds fly and thus he should be able to figure out a way to do it in his power.
  15. -Maybe its just me, but I don't see that great of an issue with the permanent enhancement of baselines. It doesn't allow novas to give baselines mega-attributes or enhancements or powers, it just lets them reach their potential development easier. I see nothing wrong, though I might be missing a glaring thing that is obvious in how it would break the game. -The main issue on the technique vs the power is that it only comes into play if one player takes the power while another takes the technique - then one gets better power than the other, and that doesn't make sense if one is a technoque and one is on its own. So, modifying the Healing power to be like the technique, makes a lot of sense and evens the playing field. -It says it functions exactly like the Poison power, which means if Poison gets autosux than so do it, but removing that makes a lot of sense. Its like how having a teleport/warp power in spatial manipulation sees the removal of the auto successes that that power gets as well. Despite some issues on the adaption, I am glad that it doesn't seem to break the game as I think the manipulation of biological processes should be available to novas from the beginning, i.e., character creation.
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