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  1. I think it would be pretty interesting to do a fic or five about the Project Utopia investigation team that is surely going to be formed around this, trying to uncover the whole Directive hush-up. Of course, they'd probably have to pick through the wreckage of the thing once Rev finishes it off, but that would just make it that bit more difficult. I've been wanting to play a Utopian character for some time, and maybe this could show that the Project actually does something in 2017.
  2. Creating/secreting nectar/honey/other simple nutritious substance. Enough to feed someone in a pinch (if you're in the wilderness without supplies), but something very simple and always the same. I was seriously thinking of Quantum Conversion (Sugar), but QC states that it is only for "energy", so I couldn't make a physical substance for it. Matter Creation seems to be overkill for this, with it's high Quantum Minimum, even if the level is pulled down by weaknesses. WHat would be the best way to do this? A whole new power?
  3. Thank you, both for your forgiveness and your honesty. You've again proven to be a great community. When I first posted the apology I wasn't intending to return, but seeing the response... I'll try, and though I know I've made it difficult for myself, I hope to gain your trust.
  4. I know I said I wouldn't trouble you any more, and I'm pretty sure none of you care about what I say now, but I feel I need to seriously apologize for my behaviour back then, without any flippancy or airs of superiority. You are truly a warm, welcoming community. You were always honest and upfront and you truly didn't deserve to be misled just for laughs. I was a jerk, I realize that now, I thought not caring about people made me better than them, when, really, it only meant I failed at basic human decency. I'm a different kind of person now, or at least I'm trying to be, and I felt that, while none of you probably care, maybe someone who does care, someone I hurt in some way, will feel better knowing I feel bad about all that I did. I'm sorry, I really am.
  5. Oh, well, this worked out in the worst possible way. Nevertheless, it was interesting. It seems people commit themselves emotionally to people they only really know through words on a screen much more than I ever believed. I do apologize for the truly hurt feelings I seem to have generated. It was never my intention, and I did not predict this level of reaction. Certainly, other times I've played this game people have been much more indifferent. I still need to better understand people, but as they say, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This has certainly taught me not to manipulate people so lightly. With that, I take my leave from this community. I am certain you will all live on much more peacefully this way, and it is no great loss to me. Other projects require my attention.
  6. The cat is, so to speak, out of the bag. I was getting sloppy anyway, which tends to mean I was getting bored, and this way you're getting the words right from the source. "Millie" doesn't really exist in the conventional sense of the world. She (and her girlfriend, and other associated characters) are creations of mine, characters just as much as any of the characters on these boards. Long time ago, I thought it would make a nice story, about a girl who defeated all odds to be with the woman she loved, it was optimistic, it was bright, it sounded like fun. I ran with it. I set myself up as this "Millicent" here and those of you who have got to know her have heard about her drama-filled long-distance relationship with Sarah, the history of her drug problem and her move to Barcelona to be with her girlfriend. Cute. Not real, but I do hope it at least proved to be hopeful and entertaining, in a way. It certainly lasted much longer than I originally intended, and the revealing of this is almost accidental, but oh well. Life moves on due to this kind of randomness. I would say I'm sorry for lying to all of you for so long, but I'm not really. It was fun, I don't think the facade was harmful in any way and, well, I'm kind of an amoral bastard, anyway. So, the truth (which, considering this, you may or may not believe) is I do live in Barcelona, I am an 18 year-old university student, I am bisexual, but I'm a guy (although I know those who'd question that last one). My name is Joseph, Joseph Bach Hardie, (you can even google the name if you want, it's real) although I'll be using the screen name of Cain, starting tomorrow, maybe tonight. Well, well, I'm Cain, nice to meet you.
  7. Yes, retroviruses rather reliably cause mutations, as they aren't exactly precision devices. Now, note that Taint is not "mutation" in the normal, genetic sense of the word, and in fact normal mutation would almost only be displayed in the children of the mutated individual (or as cancer, but novas I think are immune to cancer). Taint is mostly psychological (which is why, I guess it can be controlled with Teras "meditation") and is based on the incomplete control of quantum forces by the nova mind. Which is probably why 2nd gen novas have less Taint: they understand quantum better, implicitly. *Millie is not exactly a scientist yet, but can be fairly trusted in biology and chemistry, it being her current field of study.
  8. Debating Aberrant canon is pretty absurd in and of itself, because WW left it purposefully vague and ambiguous by presenting all but the essential parts of it in the subjective viewpoint of letters, news reports and etc. Personally, I think this is a great design decision, because it lets each individual reader get his or her own idea about the whole, or even play with various ideas, and not really be wrong. WHich in turn gives STs a lot of leeway to move things about without puncturing the "canon bubble".
  9. Count me in. I don't have a lot of experience with the system, but I want to try it out.
  10. I hope it snows this winter here! It never snows much around Barcelona, but it'd be the first time I'd ever have lived somewhere and it snowed.. .and the second time I'd ever seen snow. Ooo... snow.
  11. Yeah, my plans at an Exalted game were delayed more than Duke Nukem: Forever. Sorry guys, but this time it's for real. Nothing too weird is going to predictably happen to my life in the near future, and I can hope to avoid unpredictabilities. So yes, Exalted Second Edition. Solars game (unless I get a full party of people preferring to play Dragon-Blooded, in which case that can also be provided). A slightly atypical plot with a decidedly apocalyptic bent, with demons galore. Kick Hell-spawned Ass and Save The World (while fighting small inconveniences like the fact that most of the world thinks you are some kind of demon yourselves) while Civilization Crumbles Around You. Think LoTR: The Over-the-top Anime Version. Anyway, I need players, a minimum of three and a maximum of six (although I could actually split the people into smaller groups and do two campaigns at the same time if there were more people wanting to play). Character creation will be slightly special, and I'll post details of it later. Basically everyone will start out living in the same town (eh, small city), and I'm going to be frowning on Artifact and Manse, unless they're a necessary part of the character concept. I'll give more details than this stream-of-consciousness thing tomorrow, when I'm more awake. Oh, oh, and Chosen, that offer of a forum for the game still standing? Well, seeing as, first of all, almost nobody on the site owns an Exalted 2e manual, and of those who do, only Long is interested in playing, this project is canceled. Or archived, rather. Now, people in chat yesterday convinced me to run an Aberrant game (oh my, an Aberrant game in an Aberrant forum, amazing). Check the post above for details.
  12. (Millie hates multiple accounts sometimes)
  14. Nova Name: ソニック (Sonikku) Real Name: 福田ひとみ (Fukuda Hitomi) Age: 19 Height: 1.48m Weight: ~10kg (Especially light body structure) Fukuda Hitomi was the respectable daughter of a respectable middle-class family in Kyoto, Japan. She got good enough grades, although nothing special, never got into much trouble, was a responsible, quiet child that just generally kept her parents proud and everyone else happy, but without standing out. She went on to study Business at university, and her grades were doing well, she was still working hard, but not getting too stressed out about things, or at least that's what everyone around her thought. In all, it is still rather a mistery why Hitomi erupted one night and sped through the city on a combination of bycicle and skateboard, leaving rude messages signed "Sonikku" on walls all over the city, and repainting her family's house with a huge stylized graffiti proclaiming フリーダム (freedom). Even when the post-eruption headaches caught up with her and both Utopia and Nippontai tried to catch her, she managed to disappear, only to reappear a few months later in a magazine dedicated to the skater subculture in the US as "the skating equivalent of novox" with "Sonikku" as a registered name, proclaiming in an interview that she wasn't going to go back to her country and her old life "because it was too boring". Since then she has become somewhat of a minor celebrity for certain sectors of the American population, and is wanted in several states for acts of minor vandalism, mostly graffiti. However, her ability to disappear, supposedly dorming down, coupled with her insane speed and her contacts in the street culture (contacts which she's made incredibly quickly), it is almost imposible to pin her down, and she hasn't done anything serious enough to attract the attention of superpowered law enforcement entities. Her known powers include an incredibly high speed, but also an ability to control speed at will, coupled with an uncanny dexterity and balance, and the power to draw spectacular graffiti at breakneck speeds. Her almost dangerously light body weight seems to contribute to her ease of movement, but it probably has some unwanted side-effects. As for physical appearance, she is tiny (not even a metre and a half), although she has a body developed to what would be expected of a 19-year-old. Her hair is a deep blue and it is constantly flying back as if she was rushing through the air, even the few moments she isn't, and her eyes are about the same colour. She speaks English with a noticeable Japanese accent, which sometimes even makes comprehension difficult, not aided by the fact her voice is slightly too high pitched and slightly too fast, as if it was being fast-forwarded. It is rumoured that these characteristics change when she is not using her powers, but no public information is available on that. Note: If you do not see the Japanese characters in this post, either forget it or install the Japanese language pack for Windows.
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