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  1. Pff, you wish I'd write 91 paragraphs about Red Jenny's boobs or the way her hips sashay when she walks. She ain't no ho. Though you might think differently if you encounter her at certain times of the year. Usually every 3-9 weeks, for 5-6 days at a time. Especially if you smell 'right'. It's the way she doesn't call you afterwards that really hurts... Don't take it personally - she's probably just having trouble with her commlink again. Or you sucked in bed. Or she'll call next time she has the itch to scratch. At least you'll have time to recover, right? Think positive thoughts!
  2. Backup concept is a Shapeshifter - Tiger variant, Adept. He's mainly a hunter / muscle, being dual-natured and with his gifts means he makes a living in his human persona as a critter-hunter / exterminator in places like the Barrens. Likes this human concept of money and luxury, looking to expand his hunting repertoire. Naturally, he's off-the-grid as fook. I actually like this concept, despite Dave trying to ruin it for me so right now I'm leaning 70% this way. I'm making both characters to see how it looks once done.
  3. If you're an assassin and something jumps out at you, you're doing it wrong.
  4. Reviewing material - looking at playing a Mage, Black Magician style. Might tweak it, but probably going standard Human or Elf (will see what other metavariants are out there). Also, first. Losers.
  5. GDP

    WS OOC

    More or less, yeah. I didn't know all the stuff about the condition that I do now, and as I started reading up on genetics and psychiatric journals to help with the verisimilitude I kind of fell down the rabbit hole. Apologies, Nina. Tis interesting, at least, right?! Now I'm going to address something else I've been mulling over: Real life vs Stories Specifically - the sense of characters with grandeur, greatness, call it what you will. Mala made a point several times last night about 'enacting emotional labor' when dealing with abusive people And in the Really Real World, she is dead right. Bang on target. Do not have those people in your life - they are not your baggage to carry. If they happen to be a friend or relative, and you believe that you might be able to help them, then I applaud your courage and hope you're right. But usually, I walk the other direction from obnoxiously abusive, bitchy people, even when those I consider friends who are also friends with the obnoxious type say things like "Oh, that's just her way." My basic reaction is 'Nope, not my baggage to carry'. I also walk the other direction from tightly wound, emotionally uptight, repressed people. Or at least keep them at arms length. They might be decent folks, but they are not my preferred company despite me having that very British ability to be sociable to anyone (whilst plotting to steal their country. The Empire will rise again! *shakes fist*) I would also likely be very wary around anyone I knew was capable of extreme remorseless violence. And I say that as someone familiar with violence. The point to this is that NONE of that makes a good story. No-one wants to read about the genius psychopath whose friends found out what he was and abandoned him, letting him sink deeper into alienation. That shit is just depressing, happens all the time, and has no grandeur to it. Nobody wants to read about the bitchy mean girl who nobody tried to sympathise with, who eventually goes on to have a miserable shitty life making life shitty and miserable for everyone she's around. That happens every fucking day. Yawn. Mundane. Nobody wants to read about the uptight chick who ended up ODing on pills because no-one tried to get her to loosen up and see that the world's chaos is a good and beautiful thing. I mean... Shit. That is a terrible story. That's like getting to the point where Westley dies in Princess Bride and realising that yes, Humperdink IS gonna win, because this is the really real world and dicks win all the time. Only unlike in the movie, there is no continuation past that depressing point. We are writing a story here. What kind of story do you want to read? Sure, in real life 'enacting emotional labor' to tolerate the damaged bully is not something anyone has to do, because not everyone has that spark of sacrifice or grandeur - and also because in real life, lets face it, the damaged bully probably won't improve. In a story, that can be whatever we want it to be. Let the greatness flow. Just my two cents on the matter.
  6. GDP

    WS OOC

    That's part of why I brought it up here: to show the collaborative process and how it can (dare I say should) work. Fuck knows I can talk for bloody ages about my characters and how they could / would / might interact with other people's. (No, not saying everyone is clueless. Just saying that there is a process and it can work. That is all.)
  7. GDP

    WS OOC

    Point of fact, I was attempting to deconstruct the 'Hannibal' trope using more realistic depictions of psychopathy as it is currently being understood. I know I make a shit-ton of jokes and references in Discord, but Jason is not a 'Hannibal'. He suffers no compulsion to kill (or eat) people, nor is he self-destructive, wanting to be caught. What he is is a teen with certain genetic predispositions combined with a deformity of the brain that makes empathy an intellectual exercise rather than instinctive, and fear and genuine remorse impossible. He can 'regret' things on an intellectual level - "That was stupid of me" "that was hasty" "That was not my intention." - such as with Lona's hurt feelings over what he did. Genetically he has a preponderance of 'warrior' genes that govern aggressive responses to attacks, semi-activated by neglect and abandonment and now, with danger looming, activating and expressing more forcefully with no pre-limbic system to cut in and soften the aggressive reactions with fear or remorse responses. It is why he stood and fought the smilodon, and the Coochisaurus, rather than leave friends to the beasts. It's also why he viciously battered a man for attacking his friend. He is capable of caring for people, even loving them - he would never do to a friend what he did to Liam. Hell, he wouldn't even do that to an 'undeserving' stranger (someone who didn't attack him or a friend first). He has a code of conduct which he adheres to. What I'm attempting to do is show his journey from someone who is at a crossroads that could lead to his being a real monster, seeking guidance from his older, wiser NPC friend in learning control (and hopefully the PCs will be part of that journey too, but I'm not leaving it all up to them ) so that whilst he will never be normal, he will at least be able to function as a part of the whole. As Hank implied, Jase has control right up to the point he takes his foot off the brake pedal, and then there's just too much gas. He is currently learning to control the gas pedal. Now this wordy explanation is not me saying "you're wrong and you have to change your mind". And lord knows the Jauntsens are completely justified in their fears, because they don't know any of this shit. Not about the code, not about psychopathy, not about the help he's seeking. My purpose here is to present, OOCly for everyone, what I am trying to achieve, and let them decide OOCly whether they want their characters to be part of that. And also solicit suggestions! If anyone has a suggestion for how I could better express this story arc, or for fics involving it, I'm all ears in PMs.
  8. GDP

    WS OOC

    I'm personally glad that you will be remaining in the game, Dave, and hope that you'll at least consider side threads with my character. On Nina's concerns regarding bullying: I know I'm guilty of taking the piss at times - if anyone takes personal issue with how I poke fun or tease, please understand that the intent is not bullying. If anyone does feel I'm picking on them too much, please address me in PM, let me know it's causing you upset, and I will tone it down. It's usually meant in good fun.
  9. https://strangerthingsintrocreator.kassellabs.io/#!/ALpnUpQ-57ZQvD6_eHDT I did a bad thing. And I am not sorry!
  10. NIIIINNNAAAAA! Tell Jaunt to share the kwontum powers!
  11. Pew! Pew! I shoot Jaunt with my mega-lazors which are the only thing that can beat him.
  12. I loved that character too. Was really looking forward to taking it further. Especially liked the big lug's reaction to seeing Sif as a mortal FBI agent with no memories!
  13. Criveny, where to begin? Contessa, Warren, and THE Lucien Hunt are all faves of mine amongst Dave's characters. But not Jaunt, because he's a pain in the ass! Bombshell, Nadya and the original Sean Cassidy have to be my faves from Sean. Good fun to play off, especially the dynamic between Ravi and Sean in Dalton. Bombshell was a great surrogate older sister for Sunshine in 200X, even if she couldn't fly . And I'm certain Nadya and Grim are going to get on like a house on fire in MM: screaming, sirens and people running for cover. Shout out to Curtis Shane for enduring death threats from the Morrigan and of course kung-fu kicking a fellow nerd in the bollocks over a chess game, providing much top kek for the other players. Also liked Evo from 200X and Fisher, both nice guys who didn't deserve half the shit that came their way. Fianna and Violet from Mutant High, courtesy of Vivi. Total opposites - one a green-eyed rage monster with claws, the other a too-smooth fixer type. Both awesome fun. The Morrigan from 200X. Einherjar's ward, the daughter he never had, a feral nova who wasn't so much tamed as befriended and adopted by Ein. They forged an unshakeable bond after a somewhat stabbity start - that is, she stabbed him a couple of times. Her revamp in Mutant high was by turns touching, poignant and hilarious, especially when she tried to appease Alex's wrath by leaving Sonja's panties on his pillow. Also: "PIE!" Kia from Mutant High. Cute and cheerful, she was a splash of lighter tones in the angst of a school full of teenage mutants. If she had any issues, she kept them well hidden and never splurged them everywhere even if she did once accuse Alex of murdering a cute bunny rabbit. (Thanks Morri!) God... so many fun pretendy fun time games.
  14. Wow. So many to choose from. I tend to base a lot of my enjoyment from a character on how much other players enjoy sharing the game with them, I'll confess. I think Procyon in his various incarnations is one I always enjoy and come back to. My favorite one was Sunshine from 200X, closely followed by Alex from Mutant High. Einherjar was a character I wrote a LOT for in 200X and revisited as his future self in Children of Quantum Fire He was challenging to write for at times: here's a big tough guy who's also an Elite capable of wiping out whole armies, yet ALSO highly intelligent and perceptive. It was fun to balance his hard edges with his code of honor and his brainpower. Then there's Declan aka Owns-The-Night from WoD:A. Who doesn't like writing gruff, hard as nails werewolves? He was a bit tropey, but fun, especially when out of his element (i.e Having to be sociable and nice). Ravi from Dalton Academy was a LOT of fun to write. Vain, selfish, mostly amoral and a complete pain in the ass, yet curiously charming so long as you didn't rub him the wrong way and stoic when the chips were down, the spoiled-rich-boy-turned-werepanther never failed to get a reaction. Tomas / Skein from 200X. Evil, evil, creepy evil Terat monster archetype capable of sowing chaos and nightmares in his wake. Never really cut loose with him due to the cooperative nature of 200X, but I'm thankful that some players were happy to be victims and make the experience fun. There's others, but I think those are my top 5.
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