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  1. Kat EK has been removed from the sheet after ST's approval, the dot from Photokinesis has been moved to Telepathy - Rapport The rest of the changes will be justified through side-fictions, be it alone or through interaction with the other PCs. Total XP bank after Ep V awards (+ Projects) : 40 XP Purchased one attribute dot for Stamina : - 10 XP Purchased one edge dot for Precise Martial Arts (Brawling) : - 2 XP Purchased two mode dots for Quantakinesis (Energetics + Fundamentals, all three modes are now at two dots) : - 16 XP Remaining XP after purchases : 12 XP The Yearbook sheet and XP log are updated. Signature updated.
  2. Josh's heart grew heavier and heavier as his steps led him towards the room the Major indicated him, a while ago. "Captain, your daughter is waiting for you in the conference room. I did not tell her you were here. Yet. I understood from the chatter the teenagers had, that she manifested powers. How, why, I cannot tell you, they themselves have no idea what hers are." Major Taggart's face softened a little. "She probably needs her father. She and her friends encountered... creatures in the hospital corridors." He paused for a moment, then added : "You can sign your gear off to Lt. Keighley. Go home, Captain. That'll be everything." Josh rubbed the back of his head, confused, as he stopped in front of the conference room, and stared at the closed door. What next ? What would Branch Nine do about her ? A frustrated yet silent sigh escaped his lungs, and he slowly pushed the door open. "Papa !" The shout came from the opposite side of the table, and already the small teen was hugging her father. "What are you doing here ?" She asked, looking up to meet her father's eyes. "Well, I got word that my baby girl was teaching a lesson to Satan's spawn. I had to see that for myself !" He gave her a wry grin as she genuinely giggled. The grin widened as he added : "How was your first day at school ?" He then looked around, recognizing the teens he had been shortly briefed about the previous weekend. "Are those kids your classmates ?" Kat turned towards the other teens, her gaze first falling on Jason's... grey sweatpants. It took her a couple seconds to realize what she was staring at, and her jaw slightly dropped. Oh God, he's looking at me. Fucking grey sweatpants ! Her cheeks colored themselves with a soft tinge of rose as Jason raised an eyebrow, cold amusement in his eyes as if to silently say "Well? What?" The rose on her cheeks turned to red, and she closed her mouth, replying : "Uh... Nothing..." She could feel the questionning look of her father weighing on her. "Yep, classmates. This is Jason Bannon." She turned to her father and whispered to him : "He's a... high-functionning psychopath, or whatever. He's one of the cool ones." Josh raised an eyebrow, but did not make any comment, as his daughter rapidly presented him the rest of the teens gathered in the conference room. "Dad, here is Sean Cassidy. He's been really nice to me. Ms. Kyleson asked him to be my guide in the school, and I'm actually glad she did ! Sean, this is my dad." The teen said as they approached the rather feminine redhead, sat on a chair by his blue computer. He ? Josh thought as he tried to remember what little of the teen he knew. Ah, right. The Cassidy kid. Josh had overhead a few comments about the boy who looked like a girl on base. Even considering that, the Cassidy boy wasn't what he expected. Sean's hoodie couldn't hide a pronounced, top-heavy hourglass figure that very few teenaged girls could boast. His face was free of any cosmetics, but was fine featured, delicate and striking, with large and uncanny eyes - an inner, spiky ring of jade green encircled by turquoise blue. His hair was a shade close to his daughter's, and a little shorter, but a more feminine style, with a shaved undercut. It was strange to see a boy that looked distinctly more... womanly than his daughter. "Hello, Mr. Barras," Sean said politely, his voice sweet velvet and melodious to match his appearance. "I'm glad to show her around, though I wasn't expecting this." Sean shrugged and gestured about them as he closed his laptop. "Still, at least she didn't have to deal with this alone." "That was very nice of you to look after my daughter." Josh replied, unexpected amusement in his eyes as he threw a grin at Kat and thought about his next words. "Williams. Josh Williams. You can call me Josh if you want." He added with genuine amenity, to which Sean arched a brow and nodded in agreement. "Feel free to stop by our place someday. I'm glad to know Catherine's making new friends, but the house might feel empty during my work hours, for a lone teenager." "I'll see what I can do," Sean said with a ghost of smile, reflecting on Kat giving him her number and calling him beautiful. He stood up, tucking his laptop under his arm, and Josh saw Sean was only modest of height, though still a few inches taller than Kat. "With everything that's going on, nobody should be alone or feeling lonely." Both Kat and Josh gave him an appreciative nod, and the former dropped a quick "See you, Sean !" before dragging her father towards the other redhead who had entered the room earlier. "I didn't talk much to her," Kat whispered to her father as they approached the freckeled teen, "But she seems really nice. Hey, Autumn ! This is my father." Josh glanced at Autumn for a brief instant before recognizing her. Right. Earlier in the corridor, with the blonde girl... Allen ? He quickly looked around and caught a sight of Cassandra, sat by the table. All these kids have guts. His attention shifted back to the tousle-haired teen. "Hey, there." That other redhead turned at the sudden, unexpected sound of her name, her sea-colored eyes wide (and not a little startled) as she glanced at the man standing next to the petite newcomer. Surprise quickly gave way to a smile of pleased recognition as she caught sight of the nametag on his uniform and replied, “Nice to see you again, Mr. Williams. I’m glad you made it back okay. I wasn’t sure-” Whatever she was about to say next was cut off as Devin swooped in, interrupting her mid-sentence. "Hey, Granola!" he called out, and when Autumn glared at him, the puckish playboy teleporter just blinked at both Kat and her father. "Oh, hey," he amended with an indifferent shrug, his brown eyes briefly flicking over their faces before returning his attention to his sister's best-friend-apparent, a mischievous grin spreading slyly over his handsome features. A corner of his lips curved in a smile for a moment as Josh shook his head softly. "Hey, baby girl. It's about time we went home, what do you think ?" Kat made a face, but at the same time, she was excited at the idea of finally getting out of the hospital. "Yeah, let's go..." She replied. "See you tomorrow, Autumn. Goodbye, everyone !"" Father and daughter took their leave. Once outside, Kat took a deep breath of fresh air with satisfaction. She had had enough of that room. " So... How do we get home ?" She asked. Josh raised an eyebrow, then realized his car was 8.5 miles away, parked in the AFB's parking lot. "Well, I guess I'll have to call Tess."
  3. Kat sighed as she stood by the table, watching Sean's screen with interest. She never had been much of a genius in this field, but she kept on thinking it might be fun to try some simple hacks for the thrill. But for that she would need some equipment. She took a mental note of buying a real computer ASAP, having only been able to bring her crappy old laptop to the States. She scooted towards Cassandra, curiosity shining in her eyes. "Brainwashing ? Can I have a look over your shoulder ?" The blonde teen quickly glanced at her, then came back to decrypting the small characters on her screen, too focused on not losing the thread. "Sure." She softly replied after a moment. She took a few steps to stand behind Cassandra, making sure she was not breathing on her hair. God knew Kat hated when people did that. Then she began reading. At first, she struggled to keep up with Cassandra's speed, a lot of the concepts evocated in the file requiring her to concentrate, but thanks to Courtney's mental hug earlier, she slowly began to understand what she was reading and her features went from her happy food face to her horrified oh-my-fucking-god face. She stood there appaled for a couple minutes, unable to do anything but read and hardly breathe. "Oh my fucking God !" "What is it?" Annette Giles asked, tearing her attention from the action in the labs to look with a mix of alarm and puzzlement at the petite teen. "C'est incroyable." She shook her head, then got back to the wall of text on Cassandra's screen. "No fucking way. Just how many laws are they breaking ? This is insane !" Her breath suddenly accelerated, and she ran to the table, grabbing another Pepsi. She popped the can open and downed it in an instant, before scooting back to Cassandra's side, her eyes swallowing loads of information and her brains analysing at lightning speed. "Quite a lot already." Giles said as she came to stand beside Cassandra and Kat. "What have you found?" "Some Herbert West x Dr. Hal Raglan mad genius stuff !" She looked at the taller woman with worry in her eyes, then shook her head again and began explaining herself. "So, here is what I roughly understood. Whoever they are, they are brainwashing people. These guys are real geniuses. The procedure has three stages. First, the subjects undergo brain surgery which implants highly advanced micro-probes and a small monitor/regulator device in the subject's brain. The probes go to several areas, notably the pre-frontal cortex, amygdala, and hypothalamus." She closed her eyes for a moment, muttering to herself. "Then a drug named "Compound MK857" is given to the patient intravenously. This makes the patient's mind pliable and plastic, open to suggestion. Aaaaand..." She sighed with frustration, her lips running up against syllables. "Finally, while the drug is in effect, they use a series of hypnotic and sub-hypnotic processes, together with impulses from the probes, to 'overwrite' a person's loyalties -litterally crazy- and social conditioning like, like... like overwriting data on a hard-drive, making them... utterly loyal to their new master -or masters- and removing inhibitions to the point that the subject is willing to steal, lie, kill and die for them. Their memories are mostly intact, making this a great way of turning hostile actors into allies and much easier and more reliable than interrogation." She blinked for a moment, taking her breath, little red stars dancing in her eyes. "The risk factors are primarily that the patient, if introduced back into old lives with strong emotional bonds, may find those over time breaking down the conditioning, the brain restoring itself to it's prior state. There have been attempts to stop that by having the subjects undergo the conditioning repeatedly, but that simply extends the effect for a few months whilst causing severe damage to the subject's psyche, which will end in massive psychosis." She suddenly sat on the ground, her face in her hands. "This is mental !"
  4. Layed on a couch, by the far end of the room, a fragile shape was staring at the ceiling, a less fragile and more glamorous shape sat by her head. Kat closed her eyes. "Sure, go for it..." Echoed in her head, bouncing on the walls of her inner prison, an army of thoughts opening the way to the ball, the gaps closing one by one as the lone thought lost itself in the maze. Solidity is a lie, an illusion, everything is fragile. By accelerating the vibrations of any given element, you can play with this illusion. Combustion is but a state of extreme excitement, caused by a sudden increase in the speed of said vibrations- Slowing down. A gentle caress. "Smooth." Calm. Comforting. Friendly. Sigh. Kat opened her eyes to meet the girl's. "Real smooth." Courtney's hand gently stroked over Kat's brow. "There. Feeling clearer?" The smaller redhead crossed her legs rested on the armrest. "Hmm hmm. Clearer than the last ten years probably." She breathed deeply. "Thank you!" She added on a joyful tone. She felt relieved. Slightly tired. And goddamn hungry. As if it only had been waiting for her to notice it, her stomach released a doledul growl, and she could not help but softly giggle. "Sounds like the beast woke up." "There's plenty of stale donuts and sandwiches." The crimson-haired beauty next to her gave her a wry smile, glancing over at the conference table where everyone else was clustered, watching the holodisplays and feeds. "Then I guess I'll watch the show with the others." Kat swiftly stood up, hands on her waist, and spun her upper body to each side till her spine emitted a succession of crackling noises, while she rolled smug eyes to the ceiling with a satisfied moan. "Come on." She added for Courtney. She quickly crossed the distance separating her from the food, her stomach warning the others, sat by the table, of her arrival, Courtney following her with an amused grin. Then food began disappearing from the table, Kat's aroused appetite always asking for more while she silently listened to the comments made around her. When the count of sandwiches present on the table reached four, she turned to the donuts with a faint but joyful : "Dessert!" She grabbed three of them and began giving them what they deserved. As her hand reached for a Pepsi, she turned to Sean and asked him "Kitties?"
  5. Kat froze, unable to answer immediately. In her haste, she did not consider the hurting fact that she only had half-listened to the rescue plan, busy - that she was - chasing butterflies, listening to the whispers in her head, her own thoughts polluting what should have been a weighed decision. She, who enjoyed rethorics, could not chain two linked concepts one after another without strolling away, her own thinking tools as versatile as a weather cock. She winced and replied, after a moment : "You... You shouldn't." The fragile teen's enthusiasm had been showered cold, but thinking back on it, she probably would've been a dead weight. I didn't wanna miss the fun! Fun will be for the next time. If next time there is. As far as you know, you might be dead before the next time ever happens. What's keeping the Dark from eating you alive in your sleep? Kat shivered, making her way to a couch where she lied down, lost to the others, diving deep into her own world of blinking thoughts. Where the sky is dark and the land is sore. The elm had been struck by lightning and went to cinders, ash and cinders. The willow remained alone, spine bent, its hair softly caressing the lake's surface. WAVES. Concentric circles spread from several spots, reaching for the lone clod bearing the willow. Breathe in - breathing? I am the willow, I am the lake - The mental image shattered as she lost focus, lost herself, her chest heaving slowly as she leapt from thought to thought, her eyes, haggard, fluttering around.
  6. Taggart nodded, getting to his feet. "Follow me. We've got-" I'll fly. I'll try. Through the sky, and above this alcove, where are lying, underlying, my hopes, the ropes, of a day without rain. A day with a plain feeling of exalting silence, innocence of my mind, and behind, in the past, the live blast of my thinking noise, failing poise, thrusting wind, the sting twinned to a blank spot, swank rot, wild spark, stack piled up my cortex, down the vortex spiraling through my dislocated shelves, dancing, drowning shallow shunts, derivated thoughts thwarting the natural flow, nowhere near the fundamental forces forraging among the abated alloys busting, boasting, blustering from the books, their pages stringy, washed, torned, thorns rising from the wound, whispering willows dropping glittering tears - WAVE. Concentric circles spreading afar the lone willow. Is it Night ? Drifting nigh, the shallow shadow of my own consciousness. Roaming the lake, the bass. I am the willow, I am the lake, I am the bass. What was that ? Breathe in, breathe out. I am the willow, I am the lake, I am the bass. Breathe in, breathe out. I am the willow, I am the lake, I am the bass. Should I stay ? Should I go ? Am I not going to... feel alone ? Breathe in, breathe out. I am the willow, I am the lake, I am the bass. Who's going ? "Who's going ?" Kat jumped, taken back from surreal thoughts to real present, her eyes suddenly humid laid on Devin's near-perfect drawing, a faint sob taking a grasp of the air hiding in her lungs. She exhaled violently and raised her hand. "I changed my mind. I wanna !"
  7. "Uh uh, no way I'm staying with these three." Kat's voice chimed as she waved a delicate hand towards Ms Giles, Dr Cook and the Major. She somehow jumped down from her chair and approached Taggart who didn't look especially happy about the situation. As he was about to protest, Devin fwooped away and the words remained stuck in his throat. He instantly rose to his feet, anger in his eyes, but two things washed his intents away. First, Ms Giles shook her head, a reproving hint in her eyes, and he stopped mid-motion, sitting back on his chair. "This should be interesting." She spoke softly. She then motioned with her chin towards the elfin figure gently pulling on his sleeve. "Would you happen to know Captain Barras' schedule? I'd really like to have my father drive me home..." Kat asked, the expression of weariness painted on her childish features. The daze in his eyes only lasted for a second as he composed himself, thinking. "I'm afraid your father is busy at the moment." After a short while, he added : "If that is what you want, I can have someone take you home as soon as possible." Kat frowned and gave the offer a nod, then walked back to her bag, grabbing a pen and a small piece of paper. A couple seconds later, she approached Sean, pulling on his sleeve, and he turned a probing eye towards the spindly teen. "Here's my number, beautiful." She said in a caustic tone. Sean looked at her with mild surprise, his eyebrows reaching to the ceiling, then a pleased grin drew on his features. This was unexpected, but with the afternoon she had been through, he couldn't fault her from trying to escape the insanity of the situation. She discreetly winked, then added : "Y'all look like a fun lot, but I had enough action for one month. Besides if I'm caught raiding a fucking prison, I'm gonna hear from my Dad, and he's gonna hear from his superiors. I don't want him to get in trouble because his offspring is a psionic vigilante." A yawn escaped her lips as she stretched cat-like. "If you guys feel like having fun, dinner, whatever, when you're done beating up the bad guys, gimme a call. I'd appreciate one normal evening as a teen in this town."
  8. "Why would you be scared of him?" Kat's voice rose from the other side of the room. She had been thinking a lot on what she heard, first from what Sean had told her, then from the conversation. A whole universe had been unraveled to her and she was just about done processing it. " You do believe he acts a hundred percent in control of himself, and think about it : from what I understand, he is one of us. Why would he choose to hurt you unless you give him a reason to? His attitude doesn't look like one with uncontrolled dementia crisis. I don't think you should consider him as dangerous... towards any of us. It would not fit any logical pattern outside of direct aggression. " The petite redhead looked at Marissa, then at Jason, bearing his icy gaze with a chill on her back. It was the first time she actually addressed them a fully elaborated thought, and she suddenly felt uncomfortable being the target of so many eyes, her pale cheeks coloring themselves with a delicate shade of red. "I think he is... Interesting." She added, her head burying itself between her shoulders, and her features turning crimson.
  9. Kat didn't reply, sat on her chair, her chin resting on her knees. She wasn't hungry, rather busy visualizing the whole fight against the monsters over and over. What on Earth had happened ? Psionics ? The Dark ? Coochiesaurus ?!? Laser Ladyboy ? She briefly gazed upon Sean next to her. When she first saw him, she thought he was full of surprises. If only she had known. And what about Jason Frozone ? Paler, colder, and a gaze so intense it would split open an iceberg. She then looked at Charlie, sat accros the room. Morph. Her brains said. Please, not Minecraft, not now. This definitely lacked of style. She could do better than a cubic Shrimp-Mantis-Charlie. Mantis ? Kung-Fu Panda ? She held back a giggle. Could he change size ? Psycho Mantis ? Much better. Then Jason was... Princess Snaaaaaaaaaake ?!? A nervous giggle came out muffled but audible to everyone. She was hungry, and rose on her feet, grabbing a soda and a sandwich that looked like it had seen better days. She gave it a bite and everyone a shrug, and went back to her chair, sitting with a sigh, her feet barely touching the floor, then turned to Sean. "At one point I'll really need an explanation, 'cause the situation you're - we're in almost sounds like Chinese to me." With another jaded shrug she added : "Still funnier than reading the same Chem book twice."
  10. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked Kat followed in Marissa's tracks, speechless. She could not make sense of anything that happened since the moment she entered Jason's room. No matter how hard her brains looked at the situation, she could not find any explanation satisfying her current need for reality. And she hated that. She hated being kept in the dark, she hated her mind unable to sort an unfamiliar problem out. The flickering red lights were not helping at all., and she closed her eyes for a moment, brushing her hair with an uneasy hand. When she opened them, the red lights were gone. Or were not. They simply could not withstand the shining halo emanating from the group, and Kat stopped under the effect of surprise, Gareth Bannon behind her resting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "What is it now ?" "I..." She gazed, amazed, at the teens around her, then noticed how peculiar was Marissa at that very moment. Aside from her prettiness, she felt different from the others, as if- The sense of Darkness around them became more oppressive to her, and she swore in French as she heard the ghastly shriekings ahead of the group. "There are five more coming that way !"
  11. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked She was breathing fast, holding her head, trying to get through the intense pain moving its magma-hot hooks into her brains. Kat was on her knees, almost cowering next to Sean, in the dazing reddish light painting the Medical Center's hallways with doom. What had happened ? When Kat first had seen the moving horrors closing in on them, her heart had missed a heartbeat. Then something had happened. In her urge to protect herself, she had become... lucid ? Would that be the word. She could feel the very atoms in the air between the monsters and her - she had felt the very bonds between the air molecules, and with a little manipulation, somehow she knew that she could probably have stopped the monsters, or slowed them down to the least. She couldn't do it. Everything went so fast, the lights were shut down, and suddenly, her fear took over and broke her focus, an arrow of pain crossing her mind and leaving her panting, unable to move. But her attempt didn't go unnoticed to the members of the Fellowship, and Sean turned a worried eye to the kneeled shape behind him. "Kat! Get up!" Sean exhorted the smaller redhead, getting an arm under her shoulder while trying to keep his attention on the monsters and shoving her towards Marissa. "This isn't over and you're not alone." "Girl," Marissa gripped Kat tight, holding her close and offering her a cheeky smirk. "I need you to get your shit together, because it's only Tuesday. Trust me, you last until Friday, and our parties are just as wild as our weekdays. Stay with me, now." Kat took a deep breath in, sweeping her humid cheeks. "My head fucking hurts." Her chest was still heaving at a fast pace, but she was standing on her feet, the ghost of the painful experience she just lived turning into an annoying headache.
  12. At first, Kat felt terrified. Never in her life had she felt her blood freeze that way. For a brief instant, she could... feel that there were so much more things to the world that what her eyes told her. And something was twisting it. Defiling it. Then her eyes stopped on the dark spots moving like sentient abyssal pools, growing like an infestation spreading its horror wherever it could. Then the others began to move, towards her - towards the door. And her gaze met with Jason's intense eyes, the pale green of his iris acting like an electroshock on her. And from her puny shape rose a crystalline voice, vibrant with fear and surprise. "Hold the fuck up ! Am I the only one to see this ? Anyone cares to explain to me what's going on ?"
  13. Kat was gently following Sean's pace staring amazed at her surroundings. It felt like switching from her grandparents's in Port Navalo, to Paris. She was now wondering if the entire population of Shelly was made of the people who run the hospital. But well, everything felt big to her. That's what fucking Erwann would've said, at least. Fucking Erwann. "I don't mean to sound rude at all, but how comes there's such a big thing in Shelly ?" Sean looked at her, an eyebrow sky high, and as he was about to answer, caught sight of Sophia sat in the corridor, his mouth puckering as though he'd just bitten into a lemon "We're there." They entered in the room, which room looked crowded now that they were in, in comparison to what she would've expected. The slender figure in the bed, she barely recognized him from her Chem class, this had to be Jason. He looked like he had been through hell. Now that she thought about it, the dark-haired girl was in Chem class too. Pretty, she thought, before noticing the resemblance between the girl and another guy in the room. Buy one, one offered. As for the last guy, he was completely unknown to her. Not bad looking, though. I could hit that. Then Jason's last words, she overheard as they entered the room, came back to her. Mr. Black ? She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.
  14. Kat gave in a sly grin at Sean's offer. Study Hall, first day of school ? Hell, she'd either be done with the whole month's program in the blink of an eye, or spend the whole time lost in whatever thought would come by. Yes, she was somewhat aware of her lack of focus, and knew that she'd need something else than a quiet ambiance, like music, to read. Besides, strolling around town was something she could appreciate. "Frankly, I don't need no Study Hall today, I'll be fine. I'll tag along." She said with a wide smile.
  15. Tuesday Lunchtime - The Cafeteria Kat clenched her teeth as they were slowly making their way to the cafeteria, through the crowd of students likely addict to the rumor mill. It was the first time she actually went to a different school, having attended the same for almost all her childhood. Back in France, other students had known her since the youngest age, and despite her sometimes jumpy temper, she was one of theirs. Suddenly having to face school in a different frame, with different people, and not knowing anyone, made her somewhat uneasy, and each stingy comment on her appearance was blowing on a newborn fire, catalyzing a growing wrath asking but to be unleashed. She kept a plain face until they reached the cafeteria, where people were obviously to busy eating/looking at their phones to pay attention to them, and then released a deep sigh. "I'm marvelling at your patience." She replied to Sean, and he could clearly hear in her voice she had almost reached her limit. "Hmm?" Sean replied, glancing over at Kat and over her head at the pair of ambulances and several Sheriff's Department vehicles passing beyond the cafeteria window, still distracted by all the new transmissions. He blinked. "Oh, that." Sean's grin was bland, but Kat could see that shadow of resignation and endured pain cross his delicate features one more. "I've had practice more than patience, I've been dealing with this shit since I was ten. Not gonna say it's easy or that words can't hurt, but words hurt a lot less than what else people can do. Besides, when there's so much else going on," he added obliquely, waving a dismissive hand towards the hall and the comments and rumours that had followed them, "It makes that stuff seem no so big and heavy to deal with, trust me." Shit! Sean thought as he peeked at one of the signals zinging back. It's Jase. Of course it's Jase. Kat's curvaceous guide pulled his phone from his satchel, frowning at it as he pretended to get a text of his own. He gave Kat a not entirely feigned look of worry. "Would you mind if we hurry and head back the way we came? I think that ambulance - or maybe the Sheriff - is here for a friend of mine." Kat silently nodded, grabbing a couple sandwiches, a bottle of water and an apple. "Sure," she added, "let's check on your friend." They both left the cafeteria towards the lockers, the petite redhead almost jogging to keep up with her guide's pace. It was quite a restless day for the French student. Starting with meeting her how surprising guide, to noticing the police cars and ambulances while they walked through the main entrance, accompanied by an obnoxious rumor mill that forgot to conceal itself into texts, and was getting to her nerves. Sean was looking around, seeming somehat worried now, for his friend, and they both ended up following the flow of students revolving around the incident that brought the ambulances she noticed earlier.
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