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  1. Just because your target knows the scheme, doesn't mean it won't work. The familiarity of the taunting and back-and-forth seemed to clear up Fetch's senses a bit. She shook her head and assessed the current setup. Agitate the guard and wait for him to stun them through the force field with the blaster. Then, get his blaster or open the other cells with the console. From the voices, every cell seemed to have people capable of pulling this off individually, if randomly chosen. Gavin may have some issues to deal with, but his words felt comfortable, like he spoke of things she herself had felt from time to time. Just...through a more negative lens. If their cell was chosen for the guard's stun blaster (to make a point) she'd be the least likely to resist it. And yet, if the guard was taunted from the other cells, she had to take into account that he would choose one of the other cells to make a point with. She had to be ready.
  2. Fetch gathered her thoughts as people she supposedly would know began to initiate their actions. There was familiarity, and yet there was pain and hazy thoughts. She tried to block them out and figure out what she could do to assist in the inevitable escape plan. Unlike what her cellmate asserted, she did not believe anyone would be unwilling to escape, and the moment the higher-ups left would be the right time to start anything. Two obstacles, force field and guard. Weakness of the field was that it was people-operated. So was the guard's. A card game, huh? That was something she could work with... She heard the taunts spoken by the man with the soft, dangerous voice, and decided to wait for after that moment to add her own brand of agitation. "Don' bother with that one, really. He's playin' cards all by his lonesome, he is. An' even then he has to cheat to win. I saw that, I did. Put a card back in'is deck and then drew another one. Nice upstandin' imperial justice yer representin' - can't even be straight at a game with yerself!"
  3. "Oooh, you're a fun one, you are!" she coo'd with delight under her breath. "Maybe I do have five credits and you just don't know'it. Chin up, people who most thump their own chests 'ave a habit of losin' their prize, they do. Jus' watch!" So either it was a good act, or this one had some...issues. Nal Hutta? He hadn't come from too far away of her own home. She resumed her quiet a bit, trying to get a read on their captors while the people in the other cells engaged with them.
  4. Beside Gavin, Fetch had been staring at the wall listening to the others speak for a bit. A lot of different opinions here, she noted, mostly unfavorable to the Empire. Her head throbbed, and she felt new hurts with every slight nudge of her body. She had difficulty sensing anything, and she felt naked without her gear. They took everything, of course, even the hidden stuff. It was unfortunately one of their greater competencies. She stirred on the cot, turning over to face Gavin. He seemed to be the more diplomatic sort, head a bit down, bit of a stutter. She wondered to herself how much of it was an act. Fetch's eyes darted to the room beyond the force field. Blurred and distorted, she noted that the only way to disable the force fields would be through the lone guard's console. And if they did get out, it'd be blaster fire they'd be greeting. Not a good plan, that was. Smiling and wide-eyed, she whispered at Gavin: "Bettin' ya five credits that the well-dressed toff's gonna give us a big name now, three first names at least, he will."
  5. “Fetch” Type: Lucky Urchin Species: Human Gender: Female Age: 12 Height: 141 cm Weight: 35 kgs Physical description: The young urchin known as “Fetch” looks like a street kid of the kind you might find all over the (even) less reputable districts of Nar Shaddaa. Short, black hair peeks out from under a crudely repaired cloak, while a pair of pale blue eyes dart to and fro from its shadow. But her eyes are sharp, her mouth a slight grin and her cloak hides a selection of small but razor-sharp knives – this is no ordinary ill-fed street rat. She speaks Galactic Basic in a sharp staccato, feeding anachronistic and rhyming slang words into it in a manner similar to ancient thieving cant. When working the crowds she uses the charm of her clear eyes, freckles and slight buck teeth to the maximum. Personality: Surprisingly well-mannered for an urchin, Fetch is bubbly, charming and optimistic. Everything’s an opportunity, a sport, or a dare. Fetch has made her living doing all manner of minor cons, thefts and magic shows on the streets, so she knows how to work a crowd, taking full advantage of her young age and disarming appearance. She’s all about the rush and thrill, the bright lights, the expanse of the stars. She is a big fan of poetic justice, and having been released from being pressured into thieving, she prefers to take from tyrants to gift to the oppressed. She's headstrong and competitive too, everything's a gamble or a show of confidence. In the streets, your legend is your life, your blanket and your meal ticket. She fosters her own like a sculptor treats their clay - something to be used and molded, but not to be identified with. Capsule: Fetch was one of the lost children of Nar Shaddaa, serving one beggar lord or the other to steal goods, pick pockets and beg for coin. But she had a trick up her sleeve, making her more valuable than gold to her master, Khalvan Hag. She had an innate sense for the significance of objects, and could sense where they had come from by the smallest detail of it combined with her knowledge of the area. From that moment, life changed for Fetch. Rather than begging or stealing, she set up a street magician act, using her abilities to sense the past of the common items she sometimes handled for people as part of the act. She’d tell Khalvan all about it and he would, of course, use it to target them for theft and robbery. She was unaware of the fact at the time, believing that the old man simply was interested in the goings-on in his territory, something she believed he was at his right to do. Connections with other characters: My fellow Alderaanian, Hive of scum and villainy contact, Operative on Nar Shaddaa, I got what you need Group benefits: Linguist, Distraction, Finder of goods and people Quote: “Would you like to see a magic trick?” Dexterity 3D Dodge 3D, Pick Pocket 4D, Thrown Weapons 3D (Dagger +1D), Melee Combat 3D (Dagger +2D), Melee Parry 3D, Missile Weapons 3D, Running 3D Knowledge 2D Alien Species 3D, Culture 3D, Languages 3D (Native: Galactic Basic, Droidspeak +2D, Shyriiwook +2D, Huttese +2D), Streetwise 4D, Survival 3D, Willpower 4D Mechanical 2D Astrogation 2D, Beast Riding 2D Perception 4D Bargain 4D, Hide 5D, Con 6D (Knack), Search 5D, (Track +2D), Sneak 5D, Investigation 4D, Command 4D, Persuasion 4D, Gambling 4D, Forgery 4D, Investigation 4D Strength 2D Brawling 2D, Climb/Jump 3D, Stamina 2D, Swimming 2D Technical 2D Droid Repair 2D, First Aid 2D, Droid Reprogramming 2D, Computer Programming/Repair 2D, Security 2D, Demolitions 2D Advantages/Disadvantages: Extraordinary Memory (-1D), Extremely Competitive (+1D), Addiction: Gambling (+3D) Force Sensitive: Yes (No Force Tradition/yet) Force Points: 2 Dark Side Points: 0 Sense 1D, Control 1D, Alter 1D Force Powers: Magnify Senses, Concentration, Telekinesis Equipment: Secondhand Comlink, energy cell, Vibrodagger (Str +2D damage, max 6d) w/ concealed quickdraw holster, 2 throwing knives (Str +1D damage, Range: 2-3/5/10), glow rod, all-temperature cloak (patched with mesh tape), roll of mesh tape (half used), 50 credits Move: 8/12 Character Points: 10
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