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  1. Deep crimson lips parted in a long, shuddering exhalation as Eva felt the warmth of a hand on her shoulder and cold steel in her hand. It was like a sepia-toned photo suddenly bloomed into blazing colour. Contrasts were sharper, colours more varied and saturated to her eyes. The rumble of thunder, the crack of lightning, the panicked screams all held a richer depth of sound to her ears. The acrid bite of propellant hung about Rick like cologne while powdered plaster, burnt wiring, and the tang of ozone hung heavy in the air to her nose. Even the people seemed more... more alive to Eva. Their emotions, the nuances were more clear to her. She hadn't been the best judge of character in her youth, but she had learned better with age and experience. But now, their fault-lines leapt out at her, the pressures points she could press, this way and that, to make them react that way and this, seemed so obvious. Her eyes went from Rick to the man with flame for hair she could feel from here and the bulbous, glowing veins pulsing on his face. She could even see his fault-lines, the rage and contempt and bitterness that had overwhelmed him, but they had so infused him that she didn't think he would react as most others would, even to one such as her. She felt far more alive than she ever had as well. More limber and vigorous than she ever was as head of class of the School of American Ballet. The fear was there as she looked up at the wild berserker hanging in the air, but it was tied to a thrilling sensation stronger even than the first time she had cheated on her ex-husband... or the first time she had shot a man. And she felt the fury as the fucker in the air snuffed the life out of the woman, stole what was inalienably hers as though it was nothing. "You're presuming a bit much," Eva replied to the man who name really wasn't Rick with a coy arch of her brow. Her slight, teasing grin deepened as she stood up and found herself nearly eye-to-eye with him with her wedge heels on and saw his desire spike at the sound of her sultry, compelling voice. Despite her mild protestation, her hands handled the rifle with a sensual deftness that conveyed a sense of familiarity. She preferred pistols - and regretted she hadn't been able to bring one with her, having crossed borders, and it was deeply unfair 'Rick' and his fellows had - but she'd fired rifles as the range before. With a new surety of grace and self-control, Eva knew she was a better shot than she had been. "We'll have to discuss what you think you know, and what you do know, shortly, hun," she teased, a finger caressing the line of his jaw, coaxing a groan of sheer want through his gritted teeth and iron discipline. Eva smirked at the tenting in his pants despite the chaos about them, then hefted the rifle and kicked off her shoes with a practised motion. She nodded up at the man above them, a lock of glistening ebony hair falling free to frame her face. "But first, let's see if I can help you with your boor of a friend up there. Definitely one you shouldn't have invited to the party. Maybe I'll be lucky. Don't try not to be shot, I'll be terribly disappointed." She glanced about the lobby, noticed a door to emergency stairs in an alcove by the elevators that were mostly out of sight of the asshole with super powers and headed off. Despite the situation he was in, 'Rick' couldn't help watch Eva go, long legs displayed in a dress that revealed than it had, as she moved with intoxicatingly smooth dancer's grace and a damning sensuality. Eva slipped out the door onto the open hallway of the fourth floor that looked out onto the atrium, the reports of gunshots ringing louder. Despite racing up the stairs, she wasn't even winded. Staying as far from the balustrade as possible, she strode around the curving hallway to circle behind the man who still hung a little above her. Fucker's veins pulsed orange-white, the air before him seemed to turn almost visible, thick, like heat haze that the bullets sunk into, stopped, then fell to the ground fifty feet below like metallic raindrops. The heat haze hardened somehow and flashed below Eva's line of sight. She could hear more screams. Eva got behind him, stayed well back from the balustrade to give herself what cover she could from flickering shadows and support columns, then lined up her shot, caressing the heavy rifle like another sort of lover. Her breath, steady and slow, she waited with a cold, vengeful patience. It had to be a shot that incapacitated or killed him instantly, if he had time to turn on her, she probably wouldn't survive the retaliation. The danger was arousing and terrifying. When the next barrage of gunfire assaulted the man in the air ineffectually, Eva squeezed the trigger.
  2. Eva 'Lilith' Zelenka Legal Name: Eva Zelenka Alias: Lilith Eruption: The Storm Allegiance/Affiliations: Self Relatives: Eric Powers (50; Ex-Husband; Wall Street Executive and Venture Capitalist), Stacy Powers (20; Daughter), Wyatt Powers (18; Son), Alexandre Zelenka (46; Brother, co-manages Zelenka's Euro Mart), Gabriel Zelenka (44; Brother, co-manages Zelenka's Euro Mart), Jolana Hennings (42; Sister; Dentist), Yvonne Zelenka (37; Sister; Criminal Defence Lawyer) Appearance: [5'6'', 138 lbs, Ebony Hair, Grey Eyes] Eva is a reasonably attractive woman, in a MILFy sort of way, starting to show her age and fighting against it. She dyes her dark brown/black hair to hide the grey, uses light skin creams to hide the growing wrinkles, and got a pair of breast implants to fight against gravity and age, and to give her some extra perky curves she hadn't been blessed with. She is lean with well toned legs from time in the gym and dancing. Tends to dress in casual comfort or in athleisure when off the clock, but glams up for the stage or with clients. Jewelry is usually modest, unless she is showing off a nice piece gifted to her and to please the gifter. Her voice is spiced with an European accent, a mix of French and Eastern European, and has a soft rasp that many find alluring. Post-Storm [5'10'', 121 lbs, Ebony Hair, Magenta Eyes, Svelte and Statuesque Figure] Lilith is a ravishing, impossibly attractive woman with glistening ebony hair that always falls just so, a fair, utterly flawless complexion, wanton, enticing, and mirthful magenta eyes that almost seem to glow, and a figure that so perfectly blends svelte leanness with statuesque curves it almost hurts to gaze upon. Her voice is so richly alluring and sultry it makes a simple hello sound like a suggestive invitation and renders viagra obsolete. She moves with graceful sensuality and an almost regal hauteur, combining aspects of a dancer, a stripper, a supermodel, and a queen. Though nearly 40, she appears to be no more than in her early twenties, yet retains a glamour of experience, of life and living. Regardless if she is just wearing jeans and shirt or the most spectacular of little black dresses, Lilith always wears clothing of the highest quality that straddles the line between elegant and provocative, her jewelry expensive but not ostentatious. Though it can hardly embellish such ineffable beauty, her make-up is always expertly applied, usually light and tasteful such that it is barely noticeable, though she glams it up as the occasion calls for it. Her lips are naturally a deep crimson, but she frequently changes the colour of her tapering nails. Temperament: Playfully sensuous, unabashedly sexual and hedonistic, somewhat vain and can be petty when denied or irritated, but generally believes the world would be a better place if people got laid more. A bit of a tease, she enjoys tweaking those who take themselves too seriously. Though she makes acquaintances, companions, fans, and conquests with effortless ease, Lilith only considers very few actual friends, and holds them very dear. Despises those who condemn women for taking control of their bodies and sexuality, or who try to control it for themselves. Her anger burns hot and quickly, but acting on said anger, she can be patient, cold and cruel. Known Powers: Lilith's stupendous beauty and enthralling charm are immediately evident to anyone who has seen her or heard her, even just been in proximity to her. She has shown a limited ability to make cosmetic alterations to her appearance. History: Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1980 to a Czech/Slovak Father and French Mother, Eva Zelenka and her parents and siblings (2 sisters, 2 brothers) immigrated to New York City a few years before the Velvet Revolution, expecting an outbreak of violence, which didn't occur, or at least to the level they feared. Eva showed an early talent and drive to be a professional ballerina, while her brothers worked with their parents running the Eastern European Grocery they own, and her sisters pursued academic careers as a dentist and lawyer, respectively. Eva's career ended before it even started when she fell head over heels for a man a decade her senior, Eric Powers, when she was eighteen and ended up pregnant. Eric was an up and coming Wall Street Executive, and promised to make an honest and pampered woman of her. At first, Eva was delighted, she had a handsome and wealthy husband, and a daughter, and then a son two years later. But soon, it was clear, all Eric wanted was a trophy to show off to his friends, a trophy he cajoled into not pursuing a career of her own under the guise of caring for their children. A trophy that seemed to grow more tarnished with every year. Though she tried to be a good mother, parenting didn't come easily to her, not helped in the least when she tried to enforce limits while Eric spoiled them rotten. Eric began working later and travelling more, and Eva suspected, then knew, he was cheating on her. To relieve the boredom and anxiety, as well as get her own bit of revenge, starting with some light drug use, then moving on to carnal pleasures. First with the pool boy, then the nanny, then others. After five years of this, finally confronting her after she had slept with one of his business partners, Eric and she had a colossal fight. He demanded a divorce. While she might have suspected, even known about Eric's infidelity, he had proof of hers along with her drug use, and with the pre-nup, she got nothing, nor custody of her children, who had sided with their father. Almost before he was out the door, Eric's mistress, an intern almost ten years younger than Eva, moved into the house. Embarrassed and practically a pariah in the social circle she had once been part of, Eva had to flee, and she fled to the other side of country, to California, to start her life anew at 29. Having little in the way of real world skills, Eva fell back on what she new. She hadn't kept up as a ballerina, but if she'd put on some years and some pounds, she was still prettier than average and could dance. She tried being an actress, but other than one commercial, never got a real part. Being prettier than average didn't mean a thing in LA. She couldn't tolerate the people as a barista. Soon, she fell back on her skills as a dancer and became a stripper. She might have been a bit older than most of them, less curvaceous than many, but she had actual skill and training as a dancer, and she ended up making a living at it. And where she couldn't stand the caffeine-addicted patrons as a barista, she rather enjoyed her clients as a stripper - some of them at least. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, but it sufficed. She even got in somewhat better shape, working out some to keep up with her younger co-workers, and the requisite breast implants, though relatively modest ones. While she had no objection taking gifts and money from her clients, Eva had no intention of ever belonging to a single man again, even if the man was an Emirati prince. But with the years passing, age starting to weigh her down, and getting fewer clients, and fewer regulars staying, Eva is beginning to wonder what she can would do next. Special Knowledge: Early in her time in California, Eva Zelenka - as Eva Languorous - did several pornographic movies. They were billed as being erotica to her, but they ended up being anything but, and didn't even pay all that well. After a few years of stripping, Eva worked as a discreet escort, first for some of her stripping clients, then branching out from there, as her own boss. She was raped by a client who wouldn't take no for an answer. Afterwards, spent much time at the firing range, and never goes unarmed if she can manage it. Has been involved in two shootings, where men have died, but hasn't been charged or convicted - they were deemed self-defence. CHARACTER SHEET XP LOG
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