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  1. Jauntsen's - Marissa, Sara, Lilly, Clara, Etienne, and Lona Lona shook her head. "Don't deflect. We want to know what you've done as far as spying on us. Fine, Cook's been doing it for years. What about you?" "Cook hired me to go to school with the Wrights' eldest child, a daughter," Etienne said. "I was to get close to her and use her to gain access to their labs. I presumed she was in college because of my age. So I have been spying on the Wrights' since I arrived in Shelly. The rest of you and your families were not part of my assignment." Sara gave a slight nod.
  2. “Such a good friend,” Lona said, mostly to dispel that slight twinge of jealousy that Devin was sharing time with Tawny. He’d made it clear that he didn’t want her as a romantic partner, he wanted Lona, so her jealousy could fuck off. It was a little unfair that she didn’t have a close male friend who could make Devin feel that way, however. “Tawny’s lucky to have you.” She kissed him, which meant that she had to work to remind herself that she had a prior obligation. “I’ll call you when we’re done, whether I need a ride or not. Have fun on the ranch!” She stroked his cheek and left, just managing to pull her eyes off him before she ran into the door jamb. Flushing, she headed for the stairs, where she could already hear other people’s voices…
  3. Jauntsen's - Marissa, Sara, Lilly, Clara, Etienne, and now featuring Lona Lona chose that moment to walk in, freshly showered but not looking like she spent the afternoon in Devin’s bed. She opened her mouth in greeting only to have Marissa said, “I see you found your way from my brother’s bed, do join the party.” The words hit her as she was halfway to sitting in the chair and Lona’s face immediately turned red. Caught off guard for a moment, she finished a graceless collapse into her seat and said, “Hi.” Own it, own him and what you did together or she’s never going to stop this. The words popped into her head in Devin’s voice and Lona added, “Yes, I did find my way, thanks. What’d I miss?” “Just the confirmation that Etienne couldn’t make it with older women so he’s preying on children,” Marissa said acerbically. “We’re on to how long he and Cook have been spying on us.” “Oh, yes, good question.” Lona turned her cold gaze to Etienne; while her force of personality wasn’t as great as Marissa’s, it was still there. “Please do continue.”
  4. Lona paused at the door of the bathroom to rub her hip against the doorframe with a snarky glance over her shoulder at him. “Marking your territory?” Devin asked with a laugh. “Nope, just a little something to help you remember the hot, afternoon-long sex later,” Lona remarked. “For marking my boyfriend as mine, I’ll need something a little more visual.” “A canvas sack?” Devin guess, bamping a shirt into his hand. “No, I still want to see dat ass when I want,” she purred, “but the other ladies at school will need reminders to keep their paws off you.” “I have created a monster,” Devin noted, his grin taking the bite from his words. “Yep,” Lona agreed and shut the bathroom door before she got distracted again. Wow. She leaned against the door for a long moment, trying to regain her emotional equilibrium. I have a boyfriend. Devin Jauntsen is my boyfriend. Mom is going to hit the roof. Shaking her head, Lona stepped into the perfectly white and massive shower, and quickly washed. Devin had masculine-scented body wash; while she was a huge fan of how it smelled on him, she was less enamoured of how it combined with her personal scent. She dried and dressed quickly, her hair almost dry by the time she exited the bathroom. Devin had dressed himself, which Lona was both sad to see and grateful. Honestly, he was damned distracting just sitting at his desk. Her intimate knowledge of him made him even hotter: she knew the taste of his skin, and her body still tingled with the memory of his fingers on her body. “So, I’m going downstairs for this meeting with Etienne, and I guess Clara and I will leave after for home, so um, call me later?”
  5. Devin was offering every girl’s dream: a hot, rich boyfriend, complete with the reformed bad boy persona, motorcycle, and psychic powers. He didn’t have a faithful canine companion or adorable puppy to provide humanization, but Lona was sure it was coming. His insistance that he would fuck up their relationship wasn’t flattering, but the challenge socially encoded into Lona still affected her: You can be the one to change him, and win at being the Best and Sexist Girl Evar. Going all-in made her feel a little trapped, like she was treading her parent’s path and then, which one was she, her shitty mother or betrayed father? Lona’s assumption had offered her the chance to escape easily, but there was more than one way to flee a relationship if necessary. She thought about pushing him to take the friends with benefits option, but he was trying. Fear that he would hurt her or trap her was weighed against the realization that she really liked Devin. And they were talking about dating, not marriage. She wasn’t quite parroting her parents, not yet. Not getting pregnant would go a long way toward ensuring she didn’t become her mother. Lona leaned in and kissed him. “Yeah, I have a boyfriend,” she told him with a smile, wondering why she felt suddenly shy. She sat naked in his bed, they’d had sex all afternoon, and had already agreed to do Homecoming together. “You’re my boyfriend,” she added, and felt tenderness for Devin flow through her. A little frightened by the surge of emotion, she pulled away, scooping up her clothing. “Still need that shower, though, or I’m gonna reek.” She paused at the doorway and added, “So is your sister gonna be okay with us dating? I know it’s weird to ask that and I’m not asking for her permission or blessing, but if she’s going to war against me to protect your reputation, I should be ready. I mean, I’ll lose, but I feel I should still be prepared.”
  6. Of course Devin couldn’t do it. He couldn’t give a straight answer to her about anything, much less something as easy as dating. Still, she mused as he promised he liked her enough to almost be faithful to her, he wasn’t telling her no. While that would be the most honorable thing he could do -- free her if he couldn’t be what she deserved -- he was Devin, and that came with some selfishness. He was showing himself to be more self-aware than she’d expected, so that was a bonus. “So you want dating without exclusivity?” Lona said, relief creeping into her voice. This actually sounded good to her -- access to Devin without tying herself down too. She felt a little pang at the thought that he wouldn’t be all hers, but that wasn’t what she wanted anyway. She knew that she wasn’t interested in the high school sweetheart thing; she didn’t want to be with one person for her entire life. So this was good. “I like you too, Devin, so we can try that. I’m game.” “You are?” Devin blinked. “You’d be fine with me being with other girls?” “I don’t want you to flaunt it in front of me, but sure,” Lona said, her gaze darting to his face to watch his expression closely, “so long as you’re okay with me seeing other guys. Cause if you’re not 100% faithful to me, I’m not okay with being 100% faithful to you.”
  7. “You may have a weird boner, but my lady-boner is officially gone,” Lona said, flopping back on the bed. “Your sister is hot, don’t get me wrong, but when she opens her mouth all I hear are the screams of the damned.” The wry twist of her lips told Devin she was joking. “Aww, don’t leave me like this,” Devin said, leaning over her and kissing her. Despite all the sex they’d already had, the pleasure of his experienced lips was enough to partially restore the lady-boner. Almost without deciding she was going to, Lona tugged him closer, making a small noise of pleasure when he settled between her legs. Devin kissed a path to her ear and whispered, “Did you just meep?” Lona blinked, reviewing the last few seconds. Her brain failed to summon anything other than the bliss he’d sparked in her. “I did?” “Yep,” he told her with a grin, laughing at her sexy, dazed expression. “I’m tired,” she said, smiling despite herself. “Over- oh! Overworked.” “I’d say I’d take it easier on you but I don’t think that either of us want that,” he murmured before kissing her. “Overworked and oversexed,” she said, then his next kiss made both of them forget what they’d been talking about. Afterwards, Lona lay next to him, her brain slowly coming back online. As higher processes resumed and her brain mulled over things said in the course of the afternoon, Lona realized she needed to talk to Devin. Damnit, no, don’t, just leave his bed and claim ignorance when the dumpster fire starts later. When she looked at his relaxed face as he watched her, she knew begging forgiveness wasn’t enough. “I need to use your shower before the others get here. But first,” she said, sitting up and drawing the blanket around herself, “I wanna ask you -- do you think we’re dating or not? You’ve said it both ways, so I need to know what you think we’re doing here.” Her words poured out in a rush as her eyes darted away from him, not quite able to look at him as she asked him to clarify what he wanted. Swallowing, she finally met his eyes and added, “I’m not demanding anything. I thought we were… but you asked me to Homecoming… then you said all kinds of things… Jesus, I can’t even finish sentences.” She paused to glare at him. “And I’m not a skinhead!”
  8. As the blanket settled back onto her body in Devin’s absence, Lona had a moment in the aftermath of hormones to take tally of what had happened. She’d skipped school for the third afternoon in a row. She’d healed a magical cat. She’d joined the band. She’d punched her v-card with Shelly’s Premiere Playa. She’d had sex with a guy who she wasn’t dating and didn’t love. By the rules, she’d just fucked up royally. She didn’t care. It was a relief to not care about what the adults in her life thought. Devin had said he wouldn’t brag, and Lona trusted him to keep his word. Honestly, anyone who looked down on her for her choices wasn’t a friend anyway. She was sure that Lilly and Cade and Cass, and maybe Charlie would question the who of what she’d done, but they’d deal with it quietly or she’d deal with them. She wondered if they’d figure out that she’d wanted the no-ties sex with Devin as much as he had, or if she’d have to spell it out for them. If she didn’t just tell them to fucking deal and leave her alone about it. I’ll just turn Clara lose on them, she thought as she snuggled under the blanket, rolling around a bit to keep the warmth against her body. It was cold in Devin’s bedroom; she wasn’t sure if that was because it was in a basement or if the house was kept a little cold. She hadn’t noticed with her clothes on, but without them-- Devin popped back into the room with two water bottles in his hand and a string of condoms in the other. Lona smiled as she stated, “That seems ambitious.” “I want to be prepared,” he retorted, tossing her water. Lona caught it as she sat up, the blanket pooling around her waist. Chill air reminded her of nakedness just before Devin’s eyes latched onto her breasts. “Were you a Boy Scout?” Lona asked as he crawled over the bed, his water and condoms dropped by the bed. “Nah, wouldn’t get me on TV,” Devin murmured absently, dropping his head kiss Lona’s chest. “You realize if we use all of those, you’re going to need to eat some protein?” Lona took a drink of water and added, “And I’ll probably need a wheelchair.” “Mmm, you complaining that I’m gonna wreck you?” he laughed. “If that had been a problem,” Lona said, pulling his head up so she could kiss him deeply, “I wouldn’t be naked in your bed. Now let’s see how many of those condoms we can use before one of us cries ‘uncle’.” “Oh, that is a challenge I can’t lose,” Devin said with a devilish grin as he got under the covers and pulled her close. “We’ll see,” she whispered, reaching down to gently stroke him. As Devin found himself struggling to speak, Lona grinned wickedly and kissed him again. That’s one way to shut him up, she mused as they resumed their joint debauchery. Some time later... Lona leaned back a little further, wiggling her hips so that things aligned just so, shivering a little as the cool air played over her skin. Devin’s hands were spots of warmth as they moved over her exposed body. Some part of her was sure that this was crazy; they’d had sex all afternoon, and cuddled and talked between. “Deeeeeeeevin!” Marissa’s voice floated through the house and Lona froze in shock. A second later she was diving under the covers, half-sure that the beautiful twin was just going to saunter into his room for the sheer pleasure of torturing Lona.
  9. Lona smirked and replied, “You sound like my therapist.” “You’ll be getting my bill in your slot anytime you want it,” he shot back, grinning at her. Lona grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, unaware of the fascinating gyrations she was creating. Devin noticed, which allowed Lona to hit him a couple of more times before he reacted, blocking the pillow and pushing her back down to the bed. They wrestled for dominance, but Devin was far more physical than Lona, and soon she had been pinned, gasping for air under him. “That wasn’t nice,” he told her, laughing. “I was just making my billing practices clear.” “Haha, yeah, right,” Lona said, running her hands over his toned arms. He lay in the cradle of her legs, and she could feel his desire. It blew her mind a little bit to know that he desired her. “So I need to go after what I want, huh?” “Yep,” Devin agreed in between kisses to her lips, jaw, and throat. “You wanna know what I want?” she asked him quietly. “If you want to tell me,” he answered. “You. I want you.” She smiled as he looked at her. “You sure?” “Positive,” Lona said, and started to wiggle out of her pants.
  10. “Tickles, tickles!” Lona gasped, dropping her phone and grabbing for Devin’s face. He resisted, adding kisses to the laughter that had Lona squirming. For several minutes, they tussled before Devin relented and allowed her time to breathe again. “So, what did Clara want?” he asked, propping himself up on one elbow while his other hand toyed with the hint of white lace peeking over the top of her jeans. “She wanted to be sure we weren’t having unprotected sex,” Lona said with a sigh. “So, she really is like your mom,” Devin noted. “I’d get tired of her mothering me all the time.” “It’s not like that, not since we had our fight. She’s just worried about me, she cares. And, no, my mom is lame and Clara at least cares more about me than getting laid,” Lona groaned. “Your mom’s got a boyfriend already?” Devin asked, idly dipping his fingers into her jeans far enough to realize that it was all lace. Lona froze, debating what to say. She was quiet so long that Devin stopped what he was doing and looked at her expression. Before he could ask, she said, “So, I’m invoking the ‘don’t talk about this with others’ rule you mentioned earlier, but…” She swallowed and said, “She’s banging Clara’s parents. Both of them. Has been since Dad died. For all I know, they were doing it before Dad died.”
  11. “Well, your case is difficult,” Lona said, wrapping her arms around his neck and playing with his scalp. “You seem to have accelerating symptoms. Hmm, I have a procedure in mind.” Tilting her head to the side, Lona kissed his neck, sending a shiver through him. Startled but delighted at the response, continued doing it, trailing her lips up and down his neck. “I’m not sure you’re responding to care,” Lona whispered when she came up for air, wiggling in his lap a little. “I might need to get a little more aggressive in your treatment.” “Whatever you think,” Devin murmured, catching her lips in a kiss. She felt him striving to be gentle and not push her, but she pressed herself against him more firmly. With lips and tongue, she deepened the kiss so that it resembled their first kiss. This time, there was no audience, no parents yelling at them to stop, only their own restraint. Lona, for one, had no intention of stopping, at least not yet. Each touch, each kiss inflamed her desire for more. She might chicken out later, but for this moment, she wanted to do this. She also really wanted to do this with Devin; a month ago she would have been appalled at the idea and assumed that she was drunk or stupid enough to fall into his “trap”. So much had changed, mostly Devin, and she was amazed to find herself here with him. She wasn’t sure how long they kissed, but at some point she felt ready for more, and she guided Devin’s hands to cup her breasts. “You feel so good,” she murmured, “you make me feel so good. Thank you.”
  12. “Okay, so I know this is sad and lame, but it was the choice I made at the time,” Lona said softly as her gaze fell to his neck. Imma gonna have to nibble that, but not during this pathetic confession. “I was focused on Dad and spending time with him, so I didn’t date or spend a lot of time away from the house. I just figured that after he was gone, I could start living my life then, that while he was with us, I’d get as much time as I could because there was a limit on it. “I’m not completely ignorant about the mechanics,” Lona continued. “I’ve read stuff.” “Please tell me not on the internet,” Devin snorted. “Yes, on the internet, but on sex-positive sites and things like that,” Lona said, aware she was blushing but trying not to care. “You know, they talk about how to have sex, not try to tittilate.” “I’m sorry,” Devin said with a grin, “did you say ‘tits’?” Lona sat up and smacked his chest. “Ow! I’m hurt, remember?” “Please,” Lona laughed, “I’m your healthcare specialist, and I know what you can and can’t take.” She paused and her smile turned coy. “Like I’m pretty sure you can handle this.” Just hope I can handle it, Lona thought to herself as she pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside. The urge to cross her arms followed immediately, but she put her hands firmly on her hips. She nibbled on her lip ring, feeling her skin goosepimple. “Do you agree with my medical assessment?”
  13. “Yes, you were a complete ass and I appreciate the acknowledgement,” Lona said, then fell silent as the new song played. Her eyes drifted shut as she got caught up in something new. Her fingers, resting on his chest, twitched as they tried to pick out the chords she was hearing. When the song ended, Lona smiled down at Devin. “That’s a great song. I love it. The lyrics are so heart-felt.” Lona leaned over Devin and smiled at him, feeling tingles spreading from whatever he was doing under her shirt. His hands continued their sweet torture, and Lona dared to run her fingers through his hair. “This is a way better way to spend my afternoon than in classes.” “Yeah, and I have you all afternoon,” Devin said with a grin as his hand slid higher up her waist to play with the soft skin on her back. “Did Marissa text you?” Lona asked guiselessly. “Yes, when she texted everyone,” he answered. Lona froze, her eyes widening. She pulled out her phone and reread the message, or more specifically, reread who the recipients were. “Ohhhhh myyyy gaaaawd, Devin, she sent this to everyone!” “Just the Fellowship,” Devin told her, his lips twitching as he repressed laughter. “Whhhhhhhhhhy would she do that?” Lona whined, dropping the phone on the bed to bury her face in her hands. Devin’s hands paused on her back. “What’s the big deal?” “It’s not their business… It’s personal! It’s,” Lona paused and uncovered her face. “I mostly think it’s because I’m a girl and we’re not supposed to do this or we're bad, and meanwhile you’ll just get kudos and boy high-fives for anything we do, and… I'm already really nervous.” Her nails scraped lightly at his scalp for a moment. “You’re used to this stuff, I’m about as newbie as it gets.”
  14. Part of Lona wanted to stop and look for the Hallmark cameras. There had to be some around here somewhere; boys like Devin didn’t notice girls like her. The other part of her wanted to scream into a pillow in glee, but that didn’t seem to be very helpful. She took a breath and casually said, “Well, if I’m doing you a favor, then sure, I’ll go with you to Homecoming.” He grinned at her and tugged her to him; Lona allowed him to pull her close. Once she was settled against him comfortably, she said, “I do need to tell you something, though. And apologize, too.” “And after all those compliments,” Devin remarked with a smirk. “Am I going to have to take any of them back?” “You better not,” Lona told him as she shifted again, sitting up and throwing a leg over him. She squirmed herself into place astride him, feeling a hundred percent awkward but not sure how to stop once she started. Her boldness startled him a bit -- her, too, to be honest -- but he recovered quickly, resting his hands on her hips. His fingers were so close to the condoms in her back pocket, and electric tingles raced through her body as she tried to gather her thoughts. “I didn’t mean to ghost you this weekend. Things just got really crazy for a moment and instead of reaching out, I just retreated from the world a bit. I wasn’t ignoring you, I’m sorry if I made you feel like I was. “I do really like you, and enjoy spending time with you,” she added in a soft voice. “I don’t hold your past treatment against you, because you’ve said you want to change. And in addition to saying it, you’ve also changed. I can see that; anyone who is paying attention can see that you’re trying to be a better person. That is way hotter than rich, sexy, rich, great in bed, rich, or even humble.”
  15. Lona stared at Devin, unsure what to say, torn between blurting ‘yes!’ like a desperate dork and the real fear that she was getting in over her head. Thankfully, her phone buzzed with the text from Marissa, and she quickly glanced at it. “Hold that thought,” she said, scrambling out of the bed. “Your sister wants me to do something really quickly.” She ducked out of the room, leaving Devin on the bed with no answer. After looking in the wrong room (a bedroom without any personal touches and an empty dresser) she found a room that had to be Marissa’s. It didn’t look like a married couple’s room; it actually looked exactly like it belonged to a Disney princess. It was pink and frilly and full of stuffed animals, even some stuffies from TV shows wedged in there. Pictures and shelves of books lined every wall, but it was clean and tidy. It was exactly the opposite of what Lona had expected of the meanest girl in school. Bottom drawer, on the right, all the way in the back. As Lona dug through personal items that she was trying to ignore, she worried at the question Devon had just asked her. It should be a no-brainer. Lona should totally say yes and go to Homecoming and take the fifty-fifty chance that she’d end the night covered in pig’s blood. That’s what girls like her could expect. Was he trying to make her popular? Was it Marissa’s idea? It would explain why she was pushing Lona at her brother, she mused as she felt something weird and pulled it out. Lona held up the line of foil squares, frowning at them until she recognized them. Condoms. Marissa gave me condoms. Marissa Jauntsen gave me condoms to fuck her brother. I… I don’t know what to do with this. Either Marissa was honey-potting her own brother, which made no sense because she didn’t need to do that to get what she wanted from Lona, unless… What she wanted was a brother who was having sex… Or Marissa was a girl doing a solid for another girl, and Lona should remember that she’d just been considering that she’d like to have sex someday soon. After Liam, it seemed a good idea to make her own choices about when she’d have sex. She just hadn’t figured out the who, though in retrospect her list of options was pretty short. She also hadn’t expected to have the option on a Monday afternoon. She tore off two squares, then a third and shoved them in her back pocket. The rest she put back in the drawer, making sure they were exactly where Marissa had left them. Lona hustled back to Devin’s room and paused in the doorway, watching him. He was on his phone, slumped casually with one hand behind his head. When he saw her, he lowered the phone. “Find what you needed?” he asked. “I made it back here, so yeah, I found what I need.” The words popped out of her mouth in a coy purr, and Lona felt her cheeks burn. Trying to cover her embarrassment, she slid back into bed and snuggled up to Devin. My life is weird. Sexy, and great, but weird. “So question in regard to your question,” she said as she traced the seams on his tank top. “Why me? Or rather, since that sounded pathetic, wouldn’t you want to take someone more… well, popular?”
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