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  1. “Well, your case is difficult,” Lona said, wrapping her arms around his neck and playing with his scalp. “You seem to have accelerating symptoms. Hmm, I have a procedure in mind.” Tilting her head to the side, Lona kissed his neck, sending a shiver through him. Startled but delighted at the response, continued doing it, trailing her lips up and down his neck. “I’m not sure you’re responding to care,” Lona whispered when she came up for air, wiggling in his lap a little. “I might need to get a little more aggressive in your treatment.” “Whatever you think,” Devin murmured, catching her lips in a kiss. She felt him striving to be gentle and not push her, but she pressed herself against him more firmly. With lips and tongue, she deepened the kiss so that it resembled their first kiss. This time, there was no audience, no parents yelling at them to stop, only their own restraint. Lona, for one, had no intention of stopping, at least not yet. Each touch, each kiss inflamed her desire for more. She might chicken out later, but for this moment, she wanted to do this. She also really wanted to do this with Devin; a month ago she would have been appalled at the idea and assumed that she was drunk or stupid enough to fall into his “trap”. So much had changed, mostly Devin, and she was amazed to find herself here with him. She wasn’t sure how long they kissed, but at some point she felt ready for more, and she guided Devin’s hands to cup her breasts. “You feel so good,” she murmured, “you make me feel so good. Thank you.”
  2. “Okay, so I know this is sad and lame, but it was the choice I made at the time,” Lona said softly as her gaze fell to his neck. Imma gonna have to nibble that, but not during this pathetic confession. “I was focused on Dad and spending time with him, so I didn’t date or spend a lot of time away from the house. I just figured that after he was gone, I could start living my life then, that while he was with us, I’d get as much time as I could because there was a limit on it. “I’m not completely ignorant about the mechanics,” Lona continued. “I’ve read stuff.” “Please tell me not on the internet,” Devin snorted. “Yes, on the internet, but on sex-positive sites and things like that,” Lona said, aware she was blushing but trying not to care. “You know, they talk about how to have sex, not try to tittilate.” “I’m sorry,” Devin said with a grin, “did you say ‘tits’?” Lona sat up and smacked his chest. “Ow! I’m hurt, remember?” “Please,” Lona laughed, “I’m your healthcare specialist, and I know what you can and can’t take.” She paused and her smile turned coy. “Like I’m pretty sure you can handle this.” Just hope I can handle it, Lona thought to herself as she pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside. The urge to cross her arms followed immediately, but she put her hands firmly on her hips. She nibbled on her lip ring, feeling her skin goosepimple. “Do you agree with my medical assessment?”
  3. “Yes, you were a complete ass and I appreciate the acknowledgement,” Lona said, then fell silent as the new song played. Her eyes drifted shut as she got caught up in something new. Her fingers, resting on his chest, twitched as they tried to pick out the chords she was hearing. When the song ended, Lona smiled down at Devin. “That’s a great song. I love it. The lyrics are so heart-felt.” Lona leaned over Devin and smiled at him, feeling tingles spreading from whatever he was doing under her shirt. His hands continued their sweet torture, and Lona dared to run her fingers through his hair. “This is a way better way to spend my afternoon than in classes.” “Yeah, and I have you all afternoon,” Devin said with a grin as his hand slid higher up her waist to play with the soft skin on her back. “Did Marissa text you?” Lona asked guiselessly. “Yes, when she texted everyone,” he answered. Lona froze, her eyes widening. She pulled out her phone and reread the message, or more specifically, reread who the recipients were. “Ohhhhh myyyy gaaaawd, Devin, she sent this to everyone!” “Just the Fellowship,” Devin told her, his lips twitching as he repressed laughter. “Whhhhhhhhhhy would she do that?” Lona whined, dropping the phone on the bed to bury her face in her hands. Devin’s hands paused on her back. “What’s the big deal?” “It’s not their business… It’s personal! It’s,” Lona paused and uncovered her face. “I mostly think it’s because I’m a girl and we’re not supposed to do this or we're bad, and meanwhile you’ll just get kudos and boy high-fives for anything we do, and… I'm already really nervous.” Her nails scraped lightly at his scalp for a moment. “You’re used to this stuff, I’m about as newbie as it gets.”
  4. Part of Lona wanted to stop and look for the Hallmark cameras. There had to be some around here somewhere; boys like Devin didn’t notice girls like her. The other part of her wanted to scream into a pillow in glee, but that didn’t seem to be very helpful. She took a breath and casually said, “Well, if I’m doing you a favor, then sure, I’ll go with you to Homecoming.” He grinned at her and tugged her to him; Lona allowed him to pull her close. Once she was settled against him comfortably, she said, “I do need to tell you something, though. And apologize, too.” “And after all those compliments,” Devin remarked with a smirk. “Am I going to have to take any of them back?” “You better not,” Lona told him as she shifted again, sitting up and throwing a leg over him. She squirmed herself into place astride him, feeling a hundred percent awkward but not sure how to stop once she started. Her boldness startled him a bit -- her, too, to be honest -- but he recovered quickly, resting his hands on her hips. His fingers were so close to the condoms in her back pocket, and electric tingles raced through her body as she tried to gather her thoughts. “I didn’t mean to ghost you this weekend. Things just got really crazy for a moment and instead of reaching out, I just retreated from the world a bit. I wasn’t ignoring you, I’m sorry if I made you feel like I was. “I do really like you, and enjoy spending time with you,” she added in a soft voice. “I don’t hold your past treatment against you, because you’ve said you want to change. And in addition to saying it, you’ve also changed. I can see that; anyone who is paying attention can see that you’re trying to be a better person. That is way hotter than rich, sexy, rich, great in bed, rich, or even humble.”
  5. Lona stared at Devin, unsure what to say, torn between blurting ‘yes!’ like a desperate dork and the real fear that she was getting in over her head. Thankfully, her phone buzzed with the text from Marissa, and she quickly glanced at it. “Hold that thought,” she said, scrambling out of the bed. “Your sister wants me to do something really quickly.” She ducked out of the room, leaving Devin on the bed with no answer. After looking in the wrong room (a bedroom without any personal touches and an empty dresser) she found a room that had to be Marissa’s. It didn’t look like a married couple’s room; it actually looked exactly like it belonged to a Disney princess. It was pink and frilly and full of stuffed animals, even some stuffies from TV shows wedged in there. Pictures and shelves of books lined every wall, but it was clean and tidy. It was exactly the opposite of what Lona had expected of the meanest girl in school. Bottom drawer, on the right, all the way in the back. As Lona dug through personal items that she was trying to ignore, she worried at the question Devon had just asked her. It should be a no-brainer. Lona should totally say yes and go to Homecoming and take the fifty-fifty chance that she’d end the night covered in pig’s blood. That’s what girls like her could expect. Was he trying to make her popular? Was it Marissa’s idea? It would explain why she was pushing Lona at her brother, she mused as she felt something weird and pulled it out. Lona held up the line of foil squares, frowning at them until she recognized them. Condoms. Marissa gave me condoms. Marissa Jauntsen gave me condoms to fuck her brother. I… I don’t know what to do with this. Either Marissa was honey-potting her own brother, which made no sense because she didn’t need to do that to get what she wanted from Lona, unless… What she wanted was a brother who was having sex… Or Marissa was a girl doing a solid for another girl, and Lona should remember that she’d just been considering that she’d like to have sex someday soon. After Liam, it seemed a good idea to make her own choices about when she’d have sex. She just hadn’t figured out the who, though in retrospect her list of options was pretty short. She also hadn’t expected to have the option on a Monday afternoon. She tore off two squares, then a third and shoved them in her back pocket. The rest she put back in the drawer, making sure they were exactly where Marissa had left them. Lona hustled back to Devin’s room and paused in the doorway, watching him. He was on his phone, slumped casually with one hand behind his head. When he saw her, he lowered the phone. “Find what you needed?” he asked. “I made it back here, so yeah, I found what I need.” The words popped out of her mouth in a coy purr, and Lona felt her cheeks burn. Trying to cover her embarrassment, she slid back into bed and snuggled up to Devin. My life is weird. Sexy, and great, but weird. “So question in regard to your question,” she said as she traced the seams on his tank top. “Why me? Or rather, since that sounded pathetic, wouldn’t you want to take someone more… well, popular?”
  6. “Don’t I--” Lona’s mouth shut with a click of teeth as she scowled at Devin. “Are you serious with that shit?” “Yeah. I mean, if I know who someone is, you’re really bad at listening to music.” Devin shrugged, his tone and expression somehow both patient and supportive. “You just need to work on yourself, Lona.” With a hiss of frustration through clenched teeth, Lona rubbed the bridge of her nose. “It’s so goddamn good that you’re pretty, Devy.” “Thanks,” he beamed, finishing his sandwich with a last bite. “You want to come over and snuggle my gorgeous body?” Lona debated for a long second. He’d just irritated her with the Hootie/Hooli nonsense, but damn that body. “Sure,” she said, whipping out her phone as she crawled onto his bed and accepted a position in the curl of a toned arm. “But you still need to be focused on resting. So no fun stuff.” Devin smirked. “So if I were up for it, you’d be down for fun stuff?” Lona had opened her text app but she stopped at his coy question and looked up at him. His face was inches away and she leaned up to give him a single, chaste kiss. “That’s a conversation for later,” she told him firmly, “and is contingent on you being well enough to do fun things. So we’ll discuss that after you’re not a walking bruise, k?” With that, she snuggled a little closer and shot out a group text: //Does anyone know who or what a Hooli is? They left a note for Devin and I on his doorstep.// She added a picture of the note and sent it along. Then she sent another text to Marissa. //Devin doesn’t want to be alone. I’ll stay with him if no one else can but if I do, I’m probably going to be grounded for the rest of time if I don't show up for class this afternoon. Know of someone who’d be interested in spending long amounts of time with him while he’s whiny?//
  7. “I thought I’d--” Lona had just cleared the food from her mouth and started to answer Devin’s first question when he sprung his last on her. Feeling her face flush, Lona shoved down twined shame and anger. The shame was residual, a leftover from all the other years that she’d answered that question with ‘nothing’ or ‘staying home’ or ‘going with friends’ and watching the smug pity or condescending smirk appear on the asker’s face. The anger came from the fact that she’d ever allowed someone to make her feel like that. Nudging him with her knee, she moved around until she could sit with her back to the headboard, toeing her shoes off so she didn't drag dirt into his bed. “Honestly, I don’t know about Homecoming yet,” she told him, shrugging and hoping he couldn’t read her thoughts. “I don’t have that boyfriend yet, and don’t really have my eye on someone. Clara is gonna go with Etienne probably--” Devin made a puking face, and Lona exclaimed, “I know, right?! Anyway, we sometimes went together, when I went to the dances at all.” “What about Cade?” Devin asked casually. Lona shook her head after a second of thought. “Nah, I thought about offering to go as friends, but I think I’d rather go alone than accept a pity date, or even a ‘let’s got together because no one else would take us!’ Or in this case, ‘hey, your girl is in New York, hang with me instead so I’m not alone!’ It’s like, I’m good enough company for myself, right?” She resisted the urge to ask him about his plans and instead said, “So, I know I have to get back, but I’m going to stay until someone else can come and be here.” She gave him a teasing smile and pushed the bottle of painkillers at him. “Someone has to make sure you don’t kill yourself doing something stupid. You won't be alone if you don't want to be.” And I am going to be grounded forever when Adele finds out I skipped afternoon classes again. At least that’d take care of the Homecoming issue!
  8. Lona smiled and offered him a hand, which he took. She asked, “While I’m down there, would you like something? Food, painkillers?” “That sounds great, you being in the kitchen,” he told her with a smirk. “If you’re gonna make me a sandwich, make it fast. I’m hungry.” Even as he spoke his brash, irritating words, his fingers tightened on hers at the mention of being fast, and he couldn’t hide the spark of anxiety in his eyes. Lona mentally upgraded how long she was willing to stay here. “I’m going to spit in your food, you know that, right?” she told him, keeping her tone playful as she pulled her hand free and went to the door. “There are more enjoyable ways to give me your germs,” he replied. “Let’s discuss that when you’re better,” she said, pausing half-out the door to add, “I’ll be right back.” Wandering through the Jauntsen house was surreal, but it wasn’t completely dissimilar to the Wilcox’s home, and she found the kitchen easily. After checking the fridge and the pantry, Lona made two sandwiches from the deli meat in the fridge. She found a large plate for the sandwiches and grabbed a bag of Doritos, hoping Devin liked those. With a stop at the bathroom to raid the medicine cabinet for OTC painkillers, Lona went back to Devin’s room. “Hey,” she said, pushing the door closed with her knee once in the room. “I have ham or turkey, and Doritos, and Ibuprofen. And… I forgot to get something to drink for you. Do you want water from your bathroom?” She gestured at the ensuite room.
  9. Devin's Bedroom Lona took another long look at the picture before setting it down with the others. “I think I like you having it,” she said, trying to sound sure and confident and all too aware that she probably sounded like a shy dork. “I mean, I have mirrors.” “Do you always look like this when you look at yourself in the mirror?” Devin asked, reaching past her to hold up the drawing again, glancing between Lona and her drawn sexy-face. “It’s a little arrogant, ya think?” Scowling in mock irritation, she backhanded him lightly on the chest. “You’re one to talk,” she said, blushing. “Hey, ouch! You’re supposed to be nursing me,” he rejoined, dropping the drawing on the desk and putting a hand to his chest. “Remember?” “I remember a lot of things about you,” Lona said, losing the fight to not smile at him. Stepping closer, very aware they are alone, she took him by the arm. “So you need rest. If I tuck you into bed, will you stay there like a good boy, or do I need to sit here and make sure you do what you should do?”
  10. Lona turned red and shrugged. “Dunno,” she said in answer to Clara, her gaze flicking over to Devin and back to her sorta sister. “You are going home to rest, right, Devin?” she asked him, her tone going firm. “You and Cassie both need to take it easy for the next day or two to be back at base health.” “I am done for the day,” he confirmed, his grin going wicked. “But if I don’t have a personal nurse to make sure I get proper care. I’m sure I could find a nurse’s outfit in the house.” “Haha, I can’t miss all my afternoon classes,” Lona replied, “but I can see you to the office so your mom can take you home.” “Or, I can ‘port both of us to my house and let you tuck me in,” he said in that low, warm voice that left Lona nervous and very intrigued. “Maybe feed me some chicken soup.” Lona bit her lip ring, then said, “If you need advanced care, I can provide it.”
  11. Lona jumped a little in surprise when Cade hugged and called her amazing, her cheeks flushing brightly even from the innocent one-armed hug. Six weeks ago, this would have been the best thing to happen to her since the road trip to California last summer (though she would have been way less happy about the trip if she’d realized it was to let her father see the Pacific Ocean as a bucket-list item). However, Cade had a girlfriend and she had a whatever-Devin-was. A talker? Was that what he was? She always thought a relationship with Devin Jauntsen would involve more sex and self-loathing. Life was weird sometimes. Thankfully, Cade made it short enough that she didn’t get too uncomfortable, and then the cat-thing hugged her, confirming that it wasn’t really an animal. “I don’t know,” she said in response to his question. She turned her gaze to the cat. “I don’t know what you are,” she said with a smile. “We haven’t seen anything like you before. Can you talk to us?” Tilting her head to the side, she focused her Shine on the cat and asked, “Are you like us?”
  12. Cass’s psi was drained and she showed signs of suffering from suffocation, but Jase’s CPR had otherwise fixed her. With the immediate trauma dealt with, Lona turned her attention back to the conversation. It felt as if Cass and the bracelet had gotten into a Psi catfight -- and the bracelet had been kicking Cass-ass. Lona held up her hand. “Guys, wait a minute here, let’s think about it. If we’re going, we have to realize there are a few limitations we need to deal with. First, how many people can Devin carry? If it’s one, then someone like Clara or Cass or I isn’t the best first choice, someone like Lilly or Jase is. Second, are we sure that Devin can jaunt around safely right now, or is it always going to pull him over? Third, if he can choose to go over or not, then how does he get back? I get that we owe her for saving Devin’s life, but do we know that trying to help her won’t force her to expend more resources to rescue us? “If we do this, we need to have a team going over supplied and ready to deal with stuff.” Lona smiled slyly. “I mean, if she has to rescue Devin again and he’s all ‘We’re here to save you’ it leaves the wrong impression, right? “So,” Lona added as she resumed her position by Devin -- not at all territorially, not a bit -- “is probing Etienne tonight more important than staging a mission to find out if this woman needs rescuing?”
  13. Outside “I’ve been warned. Fucking great.” Lona muttered to herself as she stubbed out the remaining cigarette and headed back for the doors to go inside the building. She was almost there when she received Cade’s request. <Sure,> she thought as she changed course, heading around the side of the building. <I can play Dr. Doolittle.> <Childhood dream come true,> Clara teased and Lona blushed harder as she started across the field. <Hush, bitch,> Lona grumbled to her in faux protest, irritated at how true the statement was. Maybe this Mindlink shit wasn’t the best thing in the world after all. On the way to Cade, her phone buzzed. Lona opened Lilly’s text, read it, and quickly typed out the reply: // Lucky you. Is it a number or is it gibberish? We should compare at lunch. // She cleared the fence as she mentally told Clara, <I’m down with confronting Etienne whenever. I’ll clear any event on my calendar for that shit.> She stopped well back from Cade and the cat, studying it with her life source. “She’s dying,” Lona said sadly, locking eyes with the animal in her total ignorance of how to deal with wild animals. In her green gaze, Lona saw pain and intelligence. “It’s okay,” she murmured and moved forward to sit down next to her. “I’m going to take away the pain.” Lona lay a gentle hand on the gray fur, focusing on the easy things first: comfort and relief. The broken creature under her hand slumped a little at the easing of its suffering. Now for the harder part. Closing her eyes and focusing, Lona drew deeply into her power, pushing it beyond the limits of what came easily to her. The power pulled at her resources, and the strain showed in Lona’s face. “Lona?” Cade asked, but his sexy voice was distant to her, far away from the life under her fingers. Through pure will and desire, Lona dragged the cat away from the edge of death, healing the massive damage and straightening bones. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and leaned back, smiling weakly. “Hey, pretty kitty,” she murmured to the animal. “I think you’ll be alright now.”
  14. Cass froze, holding the bracelet, to all appearances focusing inward. But to Lona, who saw all the auras of life and health constantly, Cass’s body stilled completely -- right down to her heart. “Cass?” she said, releasing Devin’s hand and focusing on the blond girl. When she didn’t respond, and her body remained frozen, Lona said, “It’s stopped her, guys, she’s frozen--” Lona’s eyes widened in alarm as she saw the first signs of suffocation. “She’s dying, it’s killing her! Get it off!”
  15. At the mention of injections by mysterious women in armor, Lona turned her gaze back to Devin. Some girls would have been staring hard at the suggestion that he’d attracted the affections of yet another girl -- and this one an interdimensional badass -- but Lona’s expression was worried. She studied him, her eyes ranging from his head to his toes before taking his hand and examining the palm closely. The conversation drifted past her as Lona looked deeper into the other guy’s health, taking a second look at something she’d half-glimpsed earlier. Motes of light, just like the energy from the bracelet, coursed through Devin’s body. As Lona stared at them with horror, wondering how she was going to dig these out of him, she realized that they were fading away on their own. As the others watched her manhandle Devin’s hand, she pulled it closer, watching another moment just to be sure she was right. “She injected you with nanootes,” Lona said suddenly, looking up at him. “I think they’re fixing your body. I can see them disappearing too, so maybe they’re breaking down or your body is breaking them down.” There was a beat of silence. “Nanootes?” Sean asked, then his eyebrows rose. “Nanites?” Lona colored slightly at the correction but pressed on. “Yes, those little machine-things that heal people from the inside. I’d say they might give Devin super-powers but that would be redundant. I’d also say that’s silly and movie-stupid, but I can’t anymore.” “What?” Tawny asked again. “What the hell is going on?!” Lona sighed and glanced at her, taking pity on her after the clear interobang in her question. She made her tone nice rather than impatient, trying to be nice to Devin’s oldest friend even though there was the little voice in the back of her head insisting that Tawny was a rival. “We all have mysterious brain-powers and are fighting a monstrous Evil with a capital E that thrives off pain and misery, so think happy thoughts, kay? We’d be happy to have you help us, if you want. We are trying to make things better for everyone in Shelly.”
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