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  1. Derek frowns behind his face-plate. He knew that a straightforward mental blast wouldn't cut it. A creature whose entire biology was geared towards psionics would have natural mental defenses. Well, what other options existed? How could he help the shape-shifting Elastica defeat this creature? Looking around at the manufactured stage set created by their overly dramatic host, he notices some large tapestries hanging from the arena walls. They had a somewhat medieval look about them -- perhaps a little anachronistic for a classical Roman-style arena, but he was a scientist, not an art critic. Perhaps -- Using his telekinesis, he tries to remove a tapestry and aim it through the air to wrap itself around the Kraken, hopefully to immobilize it as well as to blind and disorient it. Unless the abomination could read his mind.
  2. "Wait... I, uh, don't think I'm the best one to... Oh, what the bloody hell!" Looking briefly at Mega Girl, Derek realizes that no matter what, decisions had to be made. Good, bad, or indifferent -- there was no time to second-guess. This was a battlefield situation. Starsign had the most experience amongst the lot of them dealing with superhuman menaces. If she said to do it, then you do it, whether or not the, um, "Juvenile Stellar Kraken" had any natural mental defenses. Hmm... perhaps as a youngling of its kind, that ability had yet to mature, the scientist mused. Maybe. In any event, with great power comes great responsibility! Doc Psypher lets loose with a psychic blast against... the Kraken!
  3. As Doc Psypher has grown attached to both Mega Girl and Starsign, he will follow their lead readying a mental blast at the appropriate menace. If the two heroines attack separate targets, he will choose to help Mega Girl instead of Starsign, since he assumes that Starsign would stand a better chance of surviving without his help. If either of the heroines tell him to help someone else, he will heed the advice.
  4. "Unless Starsign has the power to manipulate the shape of a meteor into a larger, flatter heat shield, I would say that simply carrying a large enough meteor above us should do the job. Splendid! And, Mega Girl? Perhaps you could lose the excess meteors -- unless you're planning to use them... against our... adversary? Ah, excellent! Very clever, Mega Girl. I wish I had thought of that." Derek positively beamed beneath his face mask. He was very pleased at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of his two allies, but wondered how the others were faring against their adversary's other challenges.
  5. The Man of Tomorrow cooly considers their current dilemma... and any possible assets. "Starsign! There was something that you said earlier when analyzing the composition of the meteors. '... 40% iron, 40% nickel, and a tungsten core', I believe you said. If memory serves me correctly -- and as a scientific prodigy I'm rarely incorrect -- I believe that that would be the components of a workable thermal barrier. Perhaps if one of you can interpose a large enough meteor between ourselves and the G-Type star above us as we continue our ascent, we may benefit from its protective properties."
  6. Still hoping to catch a glimpse of the launch platform, Doc Psypher turns to Mega Girl and nods his head in agreement. "Then let us away! 'When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.'”
  7. The psionic scientist looks carefully at the the captured meteor, then at Starsign and Mega Girl. "I think we're dealing with a railgun, don't you? That would suggest that there is a base of some sort or launch platform from which it would originate. Possibly an asteroid, moon or planet for the raw materials. By extension, we are talking about a more traditional, scientific methodology rather than magic-based. Well, at least I can work with that." He then looks upward to the top of the stairs. "Starsign? Mega Girl? Can either of you determine the point of origin from here?"
  8. Doc Psypher's mind raced over all the possible negative permutations of acceding to Mega Girl's request, but... the scientist in him simply could not ignore the seductive allure of data acquisition. "To be completely honest, Mega Girl, I don't think I have the power necessary to do as you suggest. I've never even tried to use my telekinesis to do two things at the same time." "However, unless Starsign has any other ideas, I am willing to try to assist you in trying to capture one of these meteors."
  9. Behind his helmet's visor, the Nobel laureate frowned. "Mega Girl, while it may be another part of our 'host's' plan, I think it may be more prudent if we both follow Starsign up this energy stairwell on foot. And following your example, I shall create a telekinetic tether of my own to attach to Starsign so that we don't get separated."
  10. Doc Psypher expands his psionic senses outward as far as he possibly could, trying to detect any sort of technology that might explain what was going on in their assigned death-trap. The only thing he finds out… is that Mega Girl is possibly bionic. *sigh* He was afraid of that. It's possible that the puppet-master behind all of this was a master of both scientific and mystical disciplines. Or... maybe this is actually not "space", but merely a parallel universe of sorts. Well, at least that’s actually rather interesting! "Mega Girl? Starsign? I'm afraid that I am unable to detect any rational explanation for our present situation. I am uncertain as to our next step. I could try to develop a rough estimate of our current location based on any visible star constellations, but if we are, indeed, somehow teleported to another part of the universe, I won't be able to get us any sort of a useful heading."
  11. Interesting. Mega Girl can speak... in "space", and I can hear her. Ergo, there is air to breathe and enough air pressure to keep my organs from exploding. Well, that makes things a little easier. The ambient temperature also seems to be conducive to human beings and gravity also seems to work in this location. However, this invisible flooring that Starsign and I are standing upon is finite. That could be a problem. "Very good, Mega Girl. Thank you for the telekinetic tether. Unfortunately, unlike you and Starsign, I do not have the ability to fly. Starsign, do you detect anything?"
  12. Derek couldn’t quite believe his eyes. Is it possible that they’ve been teleported into space? Wait one minute – SPACE? Maybe Starsign and Mega Girl could survive without oxygen, air pressure or warmth, but him? With no space suit? Unless this was an illusion of some sort…. Well, he might as well open his mouth, anyway. Death wouldn’t take long for him out in uncharted space even if either Starsign or Mega Girl could transport him to the nearest hospitable planet. “Ladies, please don’t go zooming around here right away. You might get lost. In any event, this all might be an illusion – perhaps a sophisticated hologram or a telepathic projection of some sort. Of course, we could be drugged in some way, too, but let’s use Occam’s razor and go for a simpler explanation for now. If either of you have any supra-sensory abilities, I would suggest that you employ them now to get a better sense of where we are and what’s going on. I will try my ESP to see if I can locate a technological explanation for our current situation.”
  13. Doc Psypher thinks about Starsign's decision for a minute or two as he, too, stares at Elastica and the Columbian. Then he turns to the Chosen One. "Quite so, Starsign. Unless anyone else has any other ideas or opinions?"
  14. Doc Psypher just barely made it into the AlphaTech Tower before the armored gateway slammed ominously shut behind him. He still couldn’t believe this group. No plan, no organization. Of course, the firepower existed among this motley assortment of stubborn individualists, but they didn’t – wouldn’t – work together as a team. And teamwork was necessary if they were to stop the death knell for humanity. Teaching undergrads certainly seemed a much more attractive proposition to Derek at this point. The novice hero looked around the expansive chamber as did the others. Big. Big and “tech-y”… in a cinematic, summer blockbuster, CGI-ish sort of way. He sincerely doubted that any of the equipment on view down here was important to the scientist/wizard in charge. Damaging anything here would be a waste of energy. Evidently the keypads worked. *sigh* “Very well. Mega Girl, Starsign and the twins should spearhead one team apiece as they seem to be the most powerful. May I suggest that each team contain at least one expert on science or magic, too, just in case. With that in mind, Summer and Autumn take the low road, Mega Girl with Hex and Columbian take the high road, and Starsign with Elastica and me take the road ahead.” “Hex, no offense meant. You are extremely powerful, but I do believe that your occult knowledge is equally important.” “Please remember that our goal is to find and retrieve the antidote for the Arclight radiation poisoning. Destroying the Arclight alone won’t do the job. While some of us are expendable, enough of us have to survive to complete our mission. Therefore, protecting yourselves and each other is a necessity. Any questions?”
  15. Doc Psypher just shook his head in disbelief. He then turned to Elastica and the Columbian, gestured towards the portal as if he were saying, "Shall we?" then proceeded to follow the others into the carefully laid trap.
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