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  1. Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to play, Jer. Would’ve liked to have seen Columbian in action.
  2. Okay. Stupid question -- what is the proper protocol for posting a task resolution check on this site? I know we're to use Orokos.com for rolling dice, but do we post our action and results here on the OOC thread or in the IC thread? I'm looking to use the ESP power to scan for any nearby technological devices. Thanks for any advice that you can provide.
  3. Thank you, Nina and Dave ST, for the advice. However, if it doesn't bother anybody, I'll let the post stand so that the sequence of events doesn't unravel.
  4. Sorry. I goofed up. I answered in the IC thread as Artsmythe, not Doc Psypher. I wish there was an easy way to edit these mistakes and typos.
  5. “No! Don’t! Come back, Mega Girl! We should stay together!” Appalled, the erstwhile college professor tried to run after the rapidly departing heroine but couldn’t catch up. He stopped after a few paces, then turned angrily at the patriotically garbed avenger. “You should have stopped her, Columbian! We don’t know what’s in there, but it seems to straddle both the scientific and sorcerous realms of power. We should enter in pairs, at least. Send in Starsign after her. She’s fast enough and strong enough to watch her back. More importantly, she’s not as impetuous.”
  6. I was asking more in terms of our metahuman personae. In this world, superheroes are probably still news, but I wasn't sure if they would still be so interesting if there are too many of us. Yes, I would agree that LeSayge is well known in medical circles. Possibly even scientific circles, too. As for Doc Psypher, I feel that he's been operating in the public eye, mostly in New Jersey. I hadn't really thought about it, though. I'm guessing that he has revealed his metahuman nature to the local police. That would suggest that AEGIS knows about him, too. I definitely believe he would have told his girlfriend and his best friend. As for the general public? I'm guessing that his secret would still remain a secret. LeSayge has a lot to atone for in his life. He certainly wouldn't want to endanger helpless innocents if he can help it. However, if his metahuman status was known to the general public, that would also mean that his old bosses at Sangreal Pharmaceuticals would know, too.
  7. How well known are our PCs in this world? I'm guessing that Starsign has been on the news quite a bit. The Columbian is also probably well known.
  8. Name: Derek Alistair LeSayge Profession: Research Scientist/College Professor (Neuro-biology) Codename: Doc Psypher Origin: Transformation Gender: Male Ethnicity: Mixed (Canadian/Mexican) Age: 30 Hair: Brunette Eyes: Blue Green Height: 6’ Build: Athletic Weight: 172 lbs. Manner: Private, haughty, stolid, visionary Value Who: Family (His father Dominic; his brothers Daniel and Damien; his nephew David; and his girlfriend Dr. Justine Devereaux) Value What: Knowledge, order, justice Attitude: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Birthplace: Baltimore, MD Status: Upper middle-class Background: Derek Alistair LeSayge was born in 1989 in Baltimore, MD. His family was blue collar. His father, Dominic, was a mechanic, and his mother, Maria, was a school secretary. He has two older brothers, Daniel and Damien. At an early age, Derek discovered he was not like other children. He was a prodigy, a polymath. Derek graduated at the age of 23 with doctorates in medicine (neurology) and biochemistry from Princeton University. In 2017, he won a Nobel Prize in medicine. As a result, he always considered himself superior to most other people… including his family. And yet his family was always very proud and supportive of his many accomplishments, most especially his mother. Shortly after that, his mother contracted a more aggressive form of Alzheimer’s and quickly deteriorated. Derek, who was working at the time as a research scientist at Sangreal Pharmaceuticals, a major drug firm in NJ, desperately tried to develop a treatment that could reverse the ravages of the incurable disease. He tried various mutagenic compounds combined with certain types of experimental radiation treatments. Running out of time, he tested the procedure on himself. It immediately knocked him out. By the time he had awakened days later, his mother had passed away. His father and family never forgave him. Eventually Sangreal fired him and confiscated all his research papers, computer files, supplies, and lab equipment. Because of his reputation, though, he was still able to get a job at his alma mater (Princeton) as a professor and research scientist. One night, while working on another experiment, he witnessed a robbery being committed on the university campus. Several innocents were being threatened by some young thugs. One of the victims, a psychiatrist by the name of Justine Devereaux, was hurt. It was then and there he discovered that the experimental procedure that he had incautiously taken had accelerated the standard evolutionary process of his brain and had elevated his mind to that of a man of the 50th Century! Keeping to the shadows he was able to telekinetically rip the guns out of some the gangers’ hands and knock out some of the others with a mental blast. Although a few were able to shoot their pistols at him, he was able to protect himself with a telekinetic shield. Afterwards, he was able to use his medical expertise to help the wounded while waiting for the police to arrive. He took special care of Justine, whom he had previously met at Princeton. He made it a point to look in on her every day at the hospital, and when she was released, he helped bring her to her home. It was at that point that they started dating.
  9. Summer, that's a relief! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't come up with anything cohesive. The ICONS system reminds me a lot of VILLAINS & VIGILANTES (or even the original DUNGEONS & DRAGONS) regarding character creation. The best I could come up with was an occult specialist who was an accursed immortal. (I was thinking about basing him loosely on the character of Simon Magus from the Bible.) However, I will try to slap something together for a psionic neuro-biologist ASAP.
  10. Thank you, Autumn. I was on the chat room this morning with Sean and Nina about the matter. At this point, I'm kind of leaning towards a contemporary scientist -- possibly a biochemist or a neurologist. Now I'm trying to create the character sheet as per Justin's directives, but -- MAN! -- there's a lot of dice-rolling here. LOL!
  11. Well, from what I have seen so far, maybe I could create a psionic character. My original idea was to make him a private investigator, but it seems that SalmonMax has that covered. I could make him a scientist, but HorizonTheTransient seems to have that covered, too. Could I have him come from the future, maybe make him a chrononaut/historian? (BTW, in what time period is the campaign set?) As to engaging in a chat, is there a chat room link somewhere that I could access? And yes, I need help creating a character. I don't have any of the source books, although there seem to be several places on the Internet that could help.
  12. Is there still room in this campaign for another player?
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