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  1. "I will try one," Elastica said, reaching for the chocolate bar. For a moment, the confection seemed to start to sink into her hand, then Elastica recalled herself and popped the entire thing in her mouth in one bit. Mega Girl wasn't sure she was imagining or not Elastica's neck and throat expand to pass the chocoloate bar. She could taste it, but she wasn't sure if it was good, bad, or somewhere in between. She glanced at their unconscious comrades, affecting a frown, a concerned frown - or should it be a sad frown? A frown in any case. "If someone will direct me, I will take the fallen heros to the... the hospital! Yes, hospital, where humans go to be repaired." So saying, Elastica stretched forward into the street, onlookers moving back to give her space, then twisted and flowed into the form of an ambulance. A completely real and seemingly functional ambulance... if somewhat exaggerated in proportion, the wheels particularly big, as though the ambulance had been modded for off-road duty. The Elastica-Ambulance beeped enthusiastically, her rear doors swinging invitingly open.
  2. The Doctor Man had cover the alien creature in a wall carpet, yet he still reeled back as though struck. That was unfair. With a feral, feline growl and the powerful explosion of synthetic muscles, Elastica pounced on top of the entrapped Stellar and raked with immense might and terrible claws, sharp-tooth maw opening in a savage roar.
  3. Elastica frowned at the golden minotaur. She had defeated one called Minotaur but he had not been so big, nor gold. She didn't understand Starsign's references to traps and fire - there was no fire on the ground and any traps would affect their opponents as much as themselves - but she nodded at her exhortation to hold off the tentacled sea creature "Yes, I can do that," Elastica proclaimed with brash confidence. A plethora of long tentacles didn't unnerve her, possibly because she didn't have nerves as humans did or the fact she could form tentacles of her own at need. The creature was squid-ish. In Elastica's limited experience, all sea creatures were fish, and cats liked fish. As Elastica stalked up to the psionic squid, she swelled larger, limbs growing thicker and longer, shoulders hunching. She took on a definite feral cast, pupils turning into slits, ears growing long, pointed, and furred, face pressing out in a short muzzle full of sharp teeth, sharp, curved claws extending from her fingers, and her flesh and bodysuit transforming into striped, glossy furred hide of pink and black. A long, mobile tail stretched out from the base of what would be a spine in a human. What engaged the Stellar Kraken was a hulking yet graceful hybrid of humanoid and tiger.
  4. Elastica copied Triessa's motion in reverse, looking towards the right hand path, then the left hand one, her head twisting around just a little too far for someone with real bones and ligaments. She didn't find the situation as out of the ordinary as Triessa did, if only because her own existence was so unusual, but she didn't see how one exit differed from the other. Elastica emulated a human-like nonchalant shrug, and seemed pleased it that it looked pretty natural. "Going left looks good to me."
  5. Office Space "If you say so, The Columbian." "Columbian," Columbian sighed. "Just... Columbian, no 'the'" Elastica gave Columbian a doubtful look. She knew humans were mainly sacks full of various liquids and other bits. None of that had leaked out of the what Columbian called zombies that she and he had disabled. She didn't see what destroying their heads would impede them. Losing her own head would only be a minor inconvenience, until she could reform a new one - she was composed of a mostly undifferentiated substance that she could form at will. But Columbian seemed to believe it would work and Elastica presumed he had more experience with such things, so she would follow his lead. She glanced at her outstretched arm, blinked, then her face went inhumanly still as she concentrated. Her hand and forearm seemed to liquefy, then flow into a long, dark pink blade, looking hard and shiny as though it was made of dense plastic, or perhaps enamelled metal. Elastica twisted at the hips, just a tad too far to be humanly possible without serious injury, and swept her arm across the lounge, this time taking the effort to try for a decapitation.
  6. Office Space Elastica lead the way through the cubicle maze with vaguely curious aplomp, unconcerned or unknowing of being filmed for entertainment. She had impressions of having visited other villainous lairs, this one didn't seem so different. Surely there would be some secret way to bypass the level - a Villain wouldn't want to waste time crossing his own labyrinth. When they encountered the 'office workers', Elastica slowed to a stop, a faint frown crossing her sculpted features. They looked less real than she did - which wasn't something against them. She'd once spent twenty minutes talking to a mannequin in a department store before a clerk kindly corrected her. Elastica supposed that might have been embarrassing. Unlike being a good listener like she had assumed the mannequin had been, these people were shambling and growling in a way that seemed like it would be menacing to normal humans. Her companions were human, but hardly normal, but these were probably mere minions - they shouldn't pose any trouble for her. Elastica raised an arm towards the lead office minion, then stretched it out across the intervening space, and with strength able to crumple steel, she went to slam it against one of floor-to-ceiling cubicle wall.
  7. Elastica looked back at Hex, then blinked, once, a slow, deliberate blink. "Minotaur shouldn't be here. I stopped him seven months ago shortly after I first became self-aware. He was was strong, but not as strong as me, and like most humans, even if he was big and had horns and fur, he still needed to breathe." The pneumatically buxom young woman strode forward, her skintight bodysuit shifting with every stride, the muscle she had copied from Starsign melting back into her sleek, overly dramatic curves. Hex wasn't sure if she was imagining the faint sound of creaking on the edge of hearing, as of stretching rubber. By the time Elastica was several steps ahead of Hex, she was 'wearing' a dark taupe pencil skirt, a cream-coloured blouse, black heels, and strings of pearls at her neck and wrist. Her pink hair slithered up into an updo and she was wearing chic horn-rimmed glasses. She wouldn't have looked out of place as a '50s secretary working at an advertising firm. "This is what people wear in an office, yes?" Elastica queried, glancing back at Hex and Columbian over her shoulder. "If the villain is playing a game with us, even if with the city for stakes, we should look like we belong, should we not?" A practiced look of determination crossed her face as she straightened her shoulders. "And we don't need to fight - I will go first. I don't feel pain as humans do, and am very difficult to damage. And I can shape myself into nearly form." There was a pause and it seemed like Elastica was trying to evoke an expression of tentativeness, but only ending up looking like she was constipated. "I'm still practising this - sometimes there are... accidents. You should be okay, I usually don't turn into something too big, unless I mean to."
  8. The strange, plasticky young woman slithered over to Columbian with her too fluid way of moving, giving Starsign a nod and flashing a grin just a tad too wide to be normal. Her pale lavender eyes considered Starsign for a moment, then her remarkably curvaceous form developed a physique as athletic and muscular as Starsign's own. "Yes! I met Columbian yesterday. That means we have history now. I'll protect him and Hex as best I can." With that, Elactica began walking briskly for the stairs heading up. She presumed there would be a lot of stairs to get to the top, but she wouldn't get tired. Like she'd been for Shadowmind, she would be their - could she call them friends? She didn't haven any real friends yet, except for the boy at the grocery store, he'd called her friend, once - first line of defence. She didn't have a firm grasp of what Starsign meant about power balance, and even less of this 'magic' Hex talked about. Elastica had been made with science, electricity and psionic proximity. She did understand humans were very fragile compared to her, their meat and bone-sticks not as strong and versatile as the unstable molecules she was composed off. But they somehow still managed to do so much, even wasting all that time putting stuff in their mouth and being unconscious. Teamwork, she wasn't a nebulous about. She had worked hand in hand - or more accurately body in body (as it were) - with Shadowmind for years, though it hadn't been under her own volition, she hadn't had any at the time. Now she did, and she choosing to help Columbian and Hex and the others to stop the Arclight threatening to kill New York City and all the humans that composed it, like all the individual unstable molecules that composed her. Hmm. Maybe she could die. At least she had had time to experience being her own... being, even if she would prefer having more. And she didn't agree with with Doc Psypher - with sentience and self-awareness, she didn't have to. None of them were expendable - she would protect and help the others, regardless of necessity.
  9. Elastica felt a bit sad, shoulders slumping as she turned her attention from the twins to watch the others enter the building-now-villainous-lair. She had awareness, but was well aware that she was still ignorant of many things. She wasn't stupid even if she didn't have a brain like humans, but she also didn't really feel pain either. Did that mean she couldn't get smarter? She didn't need to be smart to know what to do now, though. When Doc Psypher turned to her and gestured, Elastica curtsied, her bodysuit shifting to layered skirts for a moment, before snapping back into little more than bodypaint - she thought that was the correct response - then gave Summer and Autumn a glance. "I might not know a lot, but I do know if villains aren't faced, they can't be stopped." Elastica paused, seeming to reconsider her words. "Well, unless they are very bad about being bad guys. Some manage to blow themselves up or get caught in their own traps." She peered up at the skyscraper and the spreading blue glow. "I don't think this one has done that. Her gaze went back to the Astoviks, lingering on what little constituted their suits. "I'll protect you if I can." Something like a smirk curved her plastic lips. "I was a very good supersuit." And with that, Elastica's arms stretched out and out until she was grasping either side of the doorway, then she flung herself inside as though launched from a slingshot. "Wheeee!"
  10. From around the block came the high, cheerful meep-meep of a car horn, followed shortly by a bright pink VW Beetle with a white roof coming into view. It was a classic '72 model, but it was in pristine condition and as shiny as though it had ten coats of car wax. It also didn't seem impeded by the lack of driver as it pulled up to the curb by the gaggle of Marvels. Maybe it was a trick of the eye, sunlight reflecting off the vehicle, but the headlights of the VW Beetle seemed to... blink. Then the car slumped and began to flow and shift, its pink deepening to magenta, then purple, then a dark blue. As the blob took on a humanoid shape, bits of it began to lighten again. In a moment, where the pink VW Beetle had been, there now stood a young woman curvaceous enough to give Jessica Rabbit or a life-sized Barbie Doll a run for their money and more plastic than all the Kardashians and Jenners put together. She hardly seemed more real than any of them as well, her pale white complexion, vivid pink, waist-long hair, and dark blue bodysuit with asymmetric red striping too smooth and almost as glossy as the VW Beetle had been. A slim arm stretched out too far and deposited several coins into the parking meter with a distinctive ching. Elastica smiled at the group as her arm snapped back to more normal dimensions. The Astoviks' faces twisted up in mirrored universal expressions of ick when Elastica's wide grin revealed multiple rows of inhumanly pointed teeth. Her other hand pulled out a folded letter from her thigh. "Hello," Elastica said, flourishing her letter proudly, her fainter, upper-class accent sounding more genuine than Doc Psypher's. "I'm Elastica, and I'm here for the entertainment and the stopping of the dying of New York City too. It is the only place I have ever known. The officers, they tried to stop me and wouldn't let me pass until I showed them my letter." Summer expression changed to one of enlightenment, nodding as she waved a finger in Elastica's direction. The woman's bodysuit appeared as thin and figure hugging as body paint - she didn't seem to have a belly button. "Ah, British. That explains the teeth." "No, I'm Elastica, not British," Elastica explained, sounding puzzled. "Teeth?" She ran a tongue around her mouth, then brightened, her light lavender eyes widening in understanding. "Ah! It's the week of the shark on the channel of Discovery. The villain, he interrupted the show I was watching. Sharks are fascinating." She closed her mouth and exaggeratedly masticated on... nothing? When she smiled again with the concerted effort of someone still new at smiling, she revealed teeth as white and perfect as anything seen in a Colgate commercial. "Better?" "Um, yes?" Summer agreed doubtfully. Elastica stepped onto the sidewalk with a fluidity that questioned her having any bones, and eyed the tower. She had a vague notion that she'd been to several villain lairs before, but had no first hand recollections. She supposed Shadowmind had visited - or infiltrated at least - several in the time she'd been worn by her. She turned around, glancing around the group. "There should be at least one more coming - Columbian. We met yesterday because we - it's a secret, I'm not supposed to say. I offered to give him a ride, but he said it wouldn't be appropriate. I don't understand why." Somebody snickered.
  11. Tika consciously blinked then affected a confused expression on her face. She might be able to feel most of the emotions humans felt, but conveying them visually didn't always come naturally or easily to her. Without the requirements for sleep and sustenance that humans required, Tika spent much of her time studying them, in real life and on the TV, learning the nuances of body language and mannerisms - along with the finer details of physical variation - and trying to emulate them, with mixed results... She couldn't seem to get their flesh quite right, nor the proportions exact. Tika had been more than once told their was something off about her. She wished she was on. Tika read the letter once more, a finger stretching out to thrice its regular length to trace the AEGIS logo. Her generation of unstable molecules had been developed in an AEGIS lab not all that far from the apartment they had provided her, though of course she had no memory of that. The... spark of awareness had come later, with Shadowmind. The letter had her considering something she had not thought of before. Mortality. She was self-aware, sentient, but was she really alive? Was a city alive? Could it die, and if it could, could she? New York City was a close to home as she had. There was an infinite, wondrous variety of people and things here, and she could be nearly any of them. She had been exposed to the selfishness of Shadowmind and her associates and she recoiled from it. Tika existed as her own being, and was learning was that meant. The people of New York deserved to exist to. And since she was already in New York, she'd be here in three days and try to stop it from dying. Tika wasn't sure why AEGIS would send her a letter though, unless is was just to give her something personal - the only mail she had gotten before were sales flyers and take-out menus. They kept her under observation and she had to check in with them at their office occasionally, and they regularly checked in with her at the apartment they had provided her. She would ask them! Questions were good, that was how you learned... though sometimes, humans got angry about questions you asked. She hadn't quite figured why or what kind of questions did that though. She pressed her hand between her breasts and kept pushing, the appendage merging into her torso to hold the letter inside her. With a wet sound slurp and then a small burp, her pulled her reformed hand free. Tika mused on how she should get to the AEGIS offices today. She could walk, or take the subway - there were many interesting people on the subway. Or she could drive. Tika got up from the couch, the movement somewhat more fluid than someone with bones would be capable of and walked over to her small, wrought-iron balcony and looked down the alley to the street. Traffic looked bad and AEGIS preferred she followed the street laws when she drove. She'd fly there! Without hesitation, Tika jumped off the balcony high into the air, flexing and contorting the unstable molecules she was composed of. Her feminine form pulled in on itself, reforming into a dark-blue-almost-black raven... mostly. She was too big for a raven, and had claws that belonged on a raptor, with feathers too glossy to be natural. She squawked. It was close enough. She flew to the AEGIS offices, flowing back into what she considered her human form inside the underground parking lot, 'wearing' a snug dress the same colour as her raven form and pointy, bright yellow heels. She made it to reception, the receptionist giving her an odd look as she always did before being cleared to see her handler, Travis Travers. Tika pulled her letter out of herself and handed it to him, her arm stretching halfway across his office. Travis winced, still not used to Tika Ump's peculiarities. "What's this, Tika?" Travis asked, curiously, glancing over the letter. "A letter. A letter sent to me," Tika stated directly, her high soprano voice sounding pleased, even if her large-eyed, sculpted features were expressionless, save for the natural curve of her lips. "Did you or AEGIS send it to me?" "Nooo..." Travis drawled, trying to hide his concern. He tapped the edge of the letter on his palm. "What are you going to do about this? "I will stay in New York for three days!" Tika said in brash assurance. Admittedly, she hadn't had plans to go anywhere else, she hadn't actually ever been anywhere else since becoming sentient, though she had vague not-quite-memories of being to other places when she'd been worn by Shadowmind. "I don't want it to die." "That's... that's good, Tika. I don't either. I'll see if I can find out anything about this letter or it's warning." "Okay!" Tika stared at him intently, or rather at what he held. "Can I have the letter back?" There was a hint of pleading in her tone. "It's my first one." "Oh, yes! Yes, of course, Tika." He'd barely gotten the words out before Tika snatched it back and apparently shoved it into a prominent left breast. "Thank you. I'm going now. Bye. And I'll try my bestest to stop New York from dying." "We appreciate it," Travis muttered, unable to prevent a lingering glance at the behind of the mass of unstable molecules shaped as an overly shapely young woman. When she closed the door to his office, Travis got on the phone to the observation team, demanding to know where the letter had come from and who had delivered it. Having decided to stop New York from dying, Tika no longer worried or dwelled on it and continued she lessons in learning how to be human, as much as she could be. She watched them in various guises and in various places at various times. Humans at night were very different than humans during the day. During the night, depending on where she went, people didn't seem to care she didn't look quite right. Though many male humans seemed to believe she was still just an object with no self-determination and could lay hands on her whenever they wished. She had to disabuse them of that, being careful not to break the sticks they had inside them. Bones, the sticks were called bones. From what she understood, they needed these 'bones' to wrap their meat around, since their meat couldn't keep its shape on its own. Weird. Tika spent the early hours of the next day among the animals of the Central Park zoo - she liked animals too, and didn't have to concentrate so much on what they were saying and how and why. Animals were much more direct and simple that way. Afterwards, she decided to try her hand at a very human endeavor - food. She only had an rudimentary sense of smell and taste, but she'd watched people eating and had watched several cooking shows and competitions. Making a meal didn't seem that hard. The boy at the grocery store was very helpful in showing her what food items she would need to make a breakfast, and even had the decency to point out what things she would need to prepare and cook the meals. Tika was bouncing from one foot to the other as she watched the pan with determined intensity, on her fourth attempt to make pancakes. She would get it right this time. She wasn't sure what she'd do after though. She could put the pancakes inside her like humans did, but then what? DId they just leave them inside there? That seemed messy. Then there was a knock at the door. Tika's neck stretched out and over the half wall separating her small kitchen from the living room so she could look at her apartment door without leaving the kitchen. She didn't get many people knocking at her door. Curious, her body reversed itself, changing directions without turning around, and then walked over to join her head in the living room before walking over to the door and opening it. She looked up at the tall man in the hallway. She didn't recognize him. "Hello," she said without the upward tilt to her inflection that would have turned it into a question, but one brow rose up, then higher still. At first glance, the pneumatically curvaceous young woman seemed human enough, but the longer Daniel looked, the less human Tika looked. Beyond her improbable figure, her flesh was too smooth, too glossy. She didn't blink, she didn't breathe, which he could notice because he was a trained agent and she was wearing a tight, white shirt only a little paler than her odd skin over a buxom torso that didn't rise and fall. The toes of her bare feet seemed carved rather than actual individual digits. "Miss Tika Ump?" Daniel asked, sure this was the right woman, but unable to stop from sounding doubtful. "Miss Tika Ump. Yes, that's me," she replied earnestly. "Can I help you?" Daniel looked either down the hallway, finding it empty, then pulled out a wallet with a badge and identification. "I'm Daniel Ramirez, with AEGIS. I'm here to check in with you." Tika frowned, though it looked like to Daniel it took her some effort. "You're not Travis Travers. He's the one who checks in with me. I saw him yesterday and he doesn't check in with me this day of the week." Daniel could smell something starting to burn inside the apartment. "This is a special case, Ms. Ump. Could we speak inside?" "Oh, right, we're not supposed to talk about AEGIS. Yes, you can come inside." He was just a man and Tika didn't have anything to fear from just man. "And you can call me Tika." She waved him into her small, tidy apartment like a game show hostess. The place looked like it had come directly from an IKEA catalogue. "Is this about my letter?" She noticed the smoke starting to come from the kitchen. "Oh! I think my pancakes are burning!" Fire was bad for humans, she knew that much. Her legs and torso and arms stretched long and thin as she pulled herself into the kitchen, turning off the stove and opening the window to get rid of the smoke. Her head stretched back into view, her smile too wide for a human face. "I've been practicing making food. Would you like some?"
  12. Name: Tika Ump (Unstable Molecular Polymer) Moniker: Elastica Origin: Artificial Gender: Female, sort of (Variable) Ethnicity: Caucasian with a hint of Asian Age (Apparent Age): 1 (late teens/Variable) Height: 5'7" Build: Curvaceous Weight: 185 lbs (Deceptively heavy/Variable) Hair: Pink Eyes: Lavender Manner: Fun-loving and Playful Value Who: Friend Value What: Friendship Attitude: People are endless sources of wonder. 'Birth'place: Manhattan (Flatiron District), New York Status: In flux Stats Appearance In its natural form, Elastica is a mass of slightly translucent, dark blue viscous goo, but it can take nearly any form. For everyday interactions, it takes a human form, preferring a female shape due to its previous incarnation as a villainess' supersuit. Indeed, its habitual human form is a facsimile of Shadowmind's curvaceous beauty, though somewhat exaggerated - longer legs, smaller waist, fuller breasts, larger eyes - along with unnaturally smooth, glossy skin and artificial pink hair, giving her an uncanny valley quality. Where Shadowmind was dark of hair and amber of complexion, Elastica is pale as alabaster and has pink, artificial hair to her waist. Shadowmind has a husky, contralto voice, but Elastica's is a high, sweet soprano, though it shares Shadowmind's faint, posh British accent. When distracted, Elastica tends to forget reining in her elastic nature, stretching her limbs extravagantly, twisting and turning to extreme degrees, her mannerisms and expressions becoming almost - or definitely - cartoonishly exaggerated. Background The 3rd generation of unstable molecules are able to be processed into a polymer responsive to thoughts and instincts. Not only did such molecules make protective suits that could adapt to the wearer's Marvel abilities, such suits could shift in colour and shape to the wearer's desires. The Psionic and Shadowy Marvel thief and grifter Shadowmind believed a suit of 3rd generation unstable molecules would be most beneficial for her. So she purloined a batch from an AEGIS laboratory. For three years, Shadowmind traipsed across the globe with her Swiss Army Dress, stealing and grifting. Constant exposure to Shadowmind's psychic might seemed to make her supersuit even more responsive and adaptable, almost to the point of developing a rudimentary, instinctive awareness, able to react on a basic level even without her direct input. Shadowmind was even more delighted with her acquisition, the power inside the unstable molecules not only able to provide her with an infinite wardrobe at will, but it was also immensely durable, able to protect her with the same durability, as well as functioning like an exoskeleton, granting her tremendous strength, strength that kept growing as the unstable molecules were exposed to her psychic emanations. Shadowmind was less pleased when she ended up clashing with The Reanimator when they both ended up trying to retrieve the contents of the same safety deposit box inside the First National Bank in NYC. Where she was alone, The Reanimator had several of his servitors by his side, this time corpses enlivened into zombies. They might be have been resistant to her mental control, but between her shadow powers and the physical might provided her by her supersuit, Shadowmind was winning. Until The Reanimator struck at her directly with one of his massive bolts of electricity, that he could use to harm or to animate his servitors. Her supersuit protected her from the bolt, even as it blasted it from her body and rendering it back into its constituent blue goo of unstructured unstable molecules, and splattering it against the walls. Astonishingly, impregnated by three years of psychic emanations and then struck by a bolt of animating electricity, the instinctive awareness of the supersuit was jumpstarted into full sentience. The former suit was new, inexperienced, but had the basis of identity and self, reflected from its long association with Shadowmind, and it wanted nothing to do with her. Where is once had only been a thing taken for granted by its wearing, the sentient conglomeration of unstable molecules was now its own. It cried out in joy and wonder... but it came out as a indecipherable burble, since it was only goo at the moment without mouth or vocal cords. But Shadowmind heard the cry and stared at the translucent, dark blue goo staining the walls in shock and surprise. Pseudopods extended from the goo, striking at everyone in the safety deposit box room, slamming them against the floor or crushing them in stretching tendrils with terrible strength. Then the goo slithered through the tight vents of the climate control system and fled with no idea where it was going, until it found itself in some other place and pulled itself together into a human form, instinctively copying the shape of Shadowmind, if exaggerated in proportion and different in colour. There was some trouble with one of the little humans point at it exclaiming something about a Barbie, and the bigger female human at its side shouting at a different human about a naked sex doll in the toy store. It understood then that humans wore clothes for some reason, and being in a human form, it now had to wear clothes too. That was simple - it rippled and wore a dress that Shadowmind had often made her form. Then it left, looking around in wonder and delight. What it had only been vaguely aware of in the abstract, it could now know and it was wonderful and exciting... and very confusing. Some humans reacted poorly to her, and some reacted will, it was hard for it to understand why. She wasn't sure how long she was wandering. One human, very big, hairy, and horned was rampaging down a street throwing cars. The humans were screaming and running - it didn't like that, she found them fascinating, they came in so many shapes that she could copy, that she could learn from. She flowed into copy of the Minotaur, then stretched herself out even further into a fleshly net, safely catching them and putting them down then engaged the Minotaur. It was strong, but composed of unstable molecules instead of blood and flesh, it was even stronger. It pulled the Minotaur into itself and smothered it, then resumed its human form and continued exploring this incredible world she was now fully aware of it. The people she had saved thanked her effusively And Elastica was pleased, given the opportunity to experience and explore as her own being - she likes zoos and joining the animals there - and to help others as a contrary reflection of the selfishness of her previous owner, Shadowmind.
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