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  1. "Well. That's something," Alison commented, one hand shielding her eyes, floating there soaked in the biomechanical gore of her kill. She reached down into her fanny pack and produced a Payday bar, more out of habit than any real hunger. For eleven supposed hours of exploration and fighting, it sure hadn't felt like eleven hours of exploration and fighting. She could see the crowd of New Yorkers surrounding them and imagined the chaos about to engulf them for however long, however official. Flying away into an alley didn't seem like a viable option at the moment. "Payday anyone? I always deal with weirdness and crowds better on full stomach," the blonde cyborg offered, blue eyes more openly wary of the cheering crowd than she'd ever shown inside the deathtrap. A quick wipe of her free hand on the inside of her cape, and Mega Girl was taking her own advice, chewing on the peanutty goodness.
  2. Mega Girl lay there for a second or three before levering herself back into the air with a soft groan and the patter of falling bits of rubble. She ignored the scrolling warnings in the corner of her eye, the list of damaged subsystems complaining and cueing up for a share of her long term repair systems. She was going to need to eat an entire cheesecake or two after this... Still she could move, she could see, and, oh yes, there was Autumn with an assist. The bleeding cyborg offered the other woman a smile of gratitude at the distraction. Looked like the hydra wasn't doing so hot, either. She snickered at her own stupid pun, blaming the twin impacts. Alison exploded into the fray once more. No shield this time, sadly enough, but she boomed flat along the ground before arching upward at the icy bulwark around the robot's feet, one fist extended like the tip of a javelin. She homed in the minotaur's chin, hoping to take it down with this hit. It'd just be *so good* to tank her target and take him down, to boot. That'd show Shen. Yeah.
  3. Head ringing from the impact of the monstrous axe and diagnostics tallying off light damage to just about every non-core system she had, Alison pulled to a halt in midair, telekinetic force murdering her momentum like it was easy. She wiped her lip, pausing to take in the smear of blood on the back of her hand. It'd been a few fights since she'd been hit that hard... And this thing was going to have to do it over her dead body before it was going to get the chance to try and hit anyone else that hard. "Nice back hand. Let me guess. Tennis bot on steroids?" she quipped more for the watching audience than anyone in the cavernous room, exploding straight back at her opponent full tilt from a football field out. Somehow she still had her shield, and so mecha cowzilla found itself on the receiving end of a second railgun shot.
  4. Noting that she still had her solar shield with an impish grin undiscouraged by the sudden shift in their surroundings, Mega Girl cracked her knuckles and rolled her neck once to work out any lingering kinks. Three monsters, eight heroes, millions of lives on the line, and one maniac to catch? Okay. The climb had been just the warm up she needed, shake lose those doubts after she first noted her flight being screwed with. "So, Starsign, Doc. Which of these three do we take out first since I assume aiming at our host is against the rules?" "Distract the kraken and the minotaur. Focus down the hydra," the curvy brunette answered first, obviously having thought this out, "Then the minotaur and the kraken. Watch the floor for traps and don't stand in the fire." "I like it. My cape's the wrong color, but I've got the cow covered," the blonde answered back with a final chuckle, hefting up her oversized shield like a ram. And then she was off like she was shot out of an oversized railgun herself, angling for a center mass hit to knock the bullish robot off it's feet. Blue cape fluttering behind her, she peeked just over the rim of her weapon, gaze focused on her target as she closed for terminal impact.
  5. "Columbian, eat your heart out," quipped the blonde cyborg with a grin that threatened to split her face in two. She floated up and gripped one edge, planting the other hand in the bulge as a pivot point. Blue eyes danced with silent laughter behind her domino mask. Sure it could all come crashing down in a heartbeat or a wrong move, but moments like these amid the peril..? Yeah, these were good moments. The thing that made being out here worth any number of sleepless nights and doubts since she'd fled her creator. And if this was her last hurrah? Well, she'd enjoy every single one of these good moments she earned, a heady cocktail of determination and pseudo adrenaline surging through her. "Let's fly, team. A city needs saving," she chuckled, positioning herself in the center of the group, wondering if this was what the front man in a phalanx felt like just before the first clash.
  6. "Well, the worst thing that'll happen to me from this is I lose *another* outfit in the line of duty," Alison reflected aloud, looking up at the 'star' sidelong before shaking her head, remembering previous fashion mishaps and the kindness of strangers, "But you two probably aren't heatproof. Make the barrier if you can and I'll lug it around. It's one of the four things I'm really good at, honestly." She laughed a little, and extended a second invisible hand from her head, adding Starsign to her cluster. Worse came to worse and they needed to hustle, hopefully she could drag all three of them up and through the doorway, however farther up it was. The more veteran heroine would feel a faint a tingle, but nothing more, link passive for now. "There. Safe. Well, safer," she concluded with a weak chuckle, actual hands full with her clutch of pseudo meteors.
  7. She had felt that catch deep in her, ironically, tungsten-laced bones. Railgun or not, whatever was tossing these at them had serious umph, and Alison was willing to bet that there might be more than one of them out there. Games like these tended to escalate as you moved forward and upward. Shifting the meteor to her other hand, she snorted and kept her attention half on the darkness, half listening to the Doc's suggestion. "If you can find it or them, more power to you. Now we have a heavy rock to chuck at it when it breaks cover," she grinned, raising one finger in objection, "But, I think we should pick up the pace using Starsign's formation. Don't know how high this goes, and don't want to leave the others in the lurch if they beat us to him first. I have questions for this maniac."
  8. Ascending Eternity Even with all the toughness and raw power she could deliver, Alison didn't want to try and tank one of those hits. Hmmm. At least not unaided... Hadn't he said..? "Hey, Doc. Think you could slow down the next one of those to come by enough for me to catch it? Want to know what our bad guy is shooting at us," the blonde cyborg chuckled, floating there inches above the steps in her amateur costume and literal mask of unshakeable confidence, "Might even be able to chuck it back at whatever is firing them when we find it. Help a girl out here?" She kept her head on a proverbial swivel, ready to try for a catch even if Doc said no. The trick to surviving any impact was to extend the moment of impact much as possible, so she'd just have to fall back before going for the grab. Deadly dodgeball was one of Shen's favorite 'games', after all.
  9. "Pretty," Mega Girl commented with a tilt of her head, uncrossing her arms, blue eyes tracing the spiral of light as it receded upwards into the seeming void, "I'll cover the flank." The blonde cyborg set off on a spiraling course paralleling the upward path on the outside, keeping just far enough ahead of the group to keep her tether on Doc. She let her attention roam, taking in the false stars, scanning for any signs of things moving against the darkness. She'd learned the hard way that the best way to spot an on-coming bit of space junk was the stars it occluded even if it had any working lights. Somehow she doubted that any obstacles would glow in the dark. Then again, it *would* be pretty, like the video games she'd seen, and this was a show, so maybe..? Hnaaaa. Figuring out which flavor of crazy this was was hard. Subtle though it was, for now, she could feel *something* leeching away her ability to maintain position in the air, and frowned, masked features darkening with a brief surge of anger. The outward sign of that displeasure was smoothed over by a less genuine smile, but deep down it rankled, old bad memories of helplessness stirring. Guess their host was playing his dirty knowledge. If she got her hands on him, he was soooo in for it. Mega Girl shifted course to fly over the steps in tighter curves in case he turned the effect higher. "Guys, I think our bad guy is messing with my flight. If I drop out of the air, don't be surprised if I'm heavier than I look. Sorry."
  10. "Oh, we're not in space. At least without some seriously impressive weirdness going on," Mega Girl answered cheerfully, none of her more exotic support systems having kicked in yet. She decided to test something, first reaching down to try and touch the invisible 'floor' Doc Psypher and Starsign were perched on. Her questing hand met nothing, and she followed up by pulling a full loop de loop over and under her team, pausing below them to give an impressed whistle and wave enroute back to floating in front of them, arms crossed. "Well. Forgive me, Doc, but just in case the 'floor' stops working..," Mega Girl added with a smile, an invisible telekinetic 'arm' reaching out from her head to gently grab the armored hero and wrap him in the same effect that bore her aloft. He could feel the faintest of vibration encompassing his body, but it didn't do anything else. Not yet anyway. "There. Gravity proof. Find me a heading, guys, and I'll take point," the masked heroine wrapped up, alert for anything and trying to ignore the fact this was being streamed live somehow if they took their 'host' at his word.
  11. "No objections here. I think I'll go with you two if you don't mind, Doc, Starsign. Unless Summer and Autumn are determined to solo their, unless I'm wrong, first lair, a good set of eyes is a better fit than another pair of fists," the blonde cyborg replied with a wave at the resident spooky spellcaster. She chuckled at her own expense, floating there, hoping someone would go with the twins who may or may not be able to be taken out with the press of a button. Too many bad memories...
  12. First into the lobby and circling the ceiling as first Hex and then Starsign entered, Mega Girl flashed them a thumbs up greeting before resuming her patrol of the chamber, attention shifting between the three doors just in case they were how this party was going to get started. Hmmm. She was technically inside the building. Maybe drilling straight up through the floors counted as not rulebreaking..? Colombian and the twins' arrival sealing the door triggered the announcement which put an end to that pleasant daydream. More tests and probable deathtraps it sounded like. "So much for the shortest path between two points," she quipped, patting the ceiling once before zipping down to the door next to the upward stairwell, fully aware that the camera's were probably rolling and now of all times was the time to put the best possible face forward, "I don't know about you all, but I like the feel of this door. Mine. Who is with me?" Mega Girl grinned and scratched the back of her head, laughing briefly as she realized she might have overdone the self confidence, "I mean, if three of you don't want it instead. I'm willing to share."
  13. Columbian's statement, verified by the opening of the barrier, made her narrow her eyes in suspicion. Yeah, Colombian was big time, Triumvirate level famous, but how did he know the exact number of..? Whatever. She'd worry about it if she survived today. "Mega Girl. I'm strong, can fly in space, and take others with me in a pinch. If something's safe to hit into submission, I've got it covered," she offered with a confident jerk of her thumb at herself, "Looks like you were right about that time thing, Columbian." With a snap and a flutter of her cape, the domino-masked young woman burst for the breach in the field, flipping over to pop a light-hearted salute the group's way even as she crossed over into the trap. If he was going to drop the ceiling on the group first thing, better her than the others. Alison's subdermal sensors might give her a heartbeat or two to react to anything wrong. That was the hope anyway...
  14. Laughter bubbled past Mega Girl's lips, the floating blonde doubling over at the absurdity of it all. She'd grown up around violent, nonhuman monsters, and to see... something... so like and yet unlike them in a sense of cheerfulness and well-meaning benevolence... Just... Woooow. So much cognitivie dissonance it actually helped with her nerves. She drifted upward at an angle in her mirth, breathing in through her nose, heels literally almost over head before she halted her drift and corrected her orientation. "Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry… It's just..," she broke down in laughter again, snickering as the line played over again in her mind's eye and wiping away tears of mirth despite the holy shit ton of radiation literally staining the air they, the entire island in fact, was breathing blue, "Hi. Welcome. Glad to see another helping hand. Our bad guy isn't lacking for confidence." She floated closer to the pink-clad refugee from the uncanny valley, still smiling from residual mirth, "Nice to meet you, Elastica. I'm Mega Girl, but... Probably want to save another round of introductions for when we have everyone, right?"
  15. "When we make it through this, I'll probably take you up on that offer, Summer," the blonde offered, half to keep the mood light, half out of genuine interest, settling into a butterfly position midair as she got comfortable. She nodded at the two newcomers, gaze shifting between the two. The woman she knew of. Okay. Wow. The man? Not so much. Still... Mega Girl buried her nerves again, firmly. "There goes ladies night," she joked, cape fluttering in the breeze as she bobbed up and down slightly in defiance of most people's physics, "Hi. Mega Girl. Anyone know any other local heroes so they can check to see if anything else is going on while we react to our... host's sick game?" Villains act. Heroes react. That was one of the rules Shen had taught her growing up, and it still seemed stupid to her, but again and again up to now, she could see how it came about with people and societies to protect. Evil was very liberating like that. Autumn certainly wasn't wrong in saying there was something off about the guy behind this.
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