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  1. Starsign took the hit full force, the symbol at her forehead glowing as it absorbed most of the energy, the remainder reminding her that she wasn't invulnerable. She was gonna have a hell of a bruise later. She slammed into the ground and using that very same momentum flipped back to her feet and unleashed a cosmic blast at the monster using its own energy as fuel! The spiraling beam shot from her symbol in a multi colored array of twisting Cosmic energy!
  2. Starsign struggled with the two heads, they were hard to hold. Her stun blast had had no effect but she hadn't really thought it would. She needed to hit it with something more powerful, and for that she was going to need a boost. "Alright you eight headed freak time to get serious!" Starsign shouted and let go of the heads and then punch and kicked the beast and got ready to receive the attack she hoped was incoming.
  3. "Autumn, I don't think these things are real," Jessica shouted as the beast tried to bite her with two of it's head and she grabbed at them. one hand for each," I don't think anything here is real not in the sense we are used too. Now would you please both shoot it!"
  4. "Elastica, see if you can hold that tentacled monster while we take care of this Hydra thing, Doc Help her out it's a psionic creature." Starsign jumped at the Hydra shooting out a stunning bolt to get it's attention. "The rest of you focus on this thing lets kill it fast!"
  5. "Alright, give me a minute." Starsign stepped a few feet away and concentrated on the three meteors, she knew what she wanted to do and through her will the starsign began glowing. A golden beam sort of flowed out from the symbol at her forehead and as it flowed it grew in seconds the meteors were engulfed in the warm golden glow. The glow began to pulse, Starsign closed her eyes to better visualize what she wanted. The three meteors began to deform, it looked like they were melting,then they began to flow into each other until there was just the one blob of material which started spinning. The blob spun faster and faster and soon it had collapsed into a large disc slightly bulged in the middle making a large flattened dome the Glow faded and there floating above them was a meteoric shield.
  6. As soon as everyone was in position and ready Starsign put her force field up and prepared to deflect any incoming rail projectiles. Then as one the three fledgling heroes mounted the stairs.
  7. Jess looked at her two companions, "We can't let this slow us down. I thing both Mega-girl and I could take a hit but not sure about you doc. So the stairs are wide enough for us to climb as a compact group, the meteors are coming from one direction, so far, if Mega-girl and I climb on the outside with you, Doc beside us on the inside, I can use my force-field to deflect any that come close and if one gets past it will hit one of us."
  8. Jess kept her eye out for a likely target to grab and spotted one that looked like it's orbit would come close. "I can make a force field and try to stop or slow one, I think. Mega-Girl, be ready you may have to go out to get it."
  9. Starsign studied the revealed energy and motioned for her companions to follow her, “I can pick up the arc energy and see the underlying infrastructure it covers. The floor and stairs are still present just…camouflaged, however the boundary is shrinking. Follow me.” She stepped to the front of her little party and led them to the first step, “There is a step here,” she said before climbing the first in the series. The steps as she could see were about fifteen feet across and set at 1-foot intervals. She was about to relay the description when her foot touched the step and it lit up, appearing literally as a pane of light, with each stair following it spiraling upwards into the infinite. Jess paused, “These steps seem to be made of pure Arclight, yet…not, there's something different about it but the Starsign can’t figure it out, or if it can, it isn’t telling me. But it is obviously the way we are supposed to go so let’s get on with it. Keep your eyes and senses peeled.” She added as she started to move up the steps alert for any surprises.
  10. Jess had watched the strange floaty girl as she did her gymnastics and couldn't help but smile at the exuberance displayed, especially when contrasted with the stilted seriousness of Doc Psypher. "Let me take a look and see if I can pick up whatever energy source is creating this illusion, assuming it is an illusion." The Starsign at Jessica's forehead seems to pulse and slowly the young woman turns her head scanning the space/room, a grimace of concentration upon her face, seeking some clue.
  11. "I'm not sure what you are basing you assumptions on 'Doc', but It sounds ok for the most part. The Only thing I would change is I think Elastica should go with Columbian. " She looks at the two she named, "You two seem to have a history together and I think that may be more important than power balance. To keep everything within the rules Mega Girl can either join us or the twins."
  12. "Their right," Starsign said as she too started up the steps to the entrance, "we arn't going to get any answers out here. Come on, lets get this started."
  13. "That's what we are looking at alright, but the background cause seems to be residual radiation from an anti-matter reaction and a field a lot like what she," Starsign points at Hex, "is emanating. The Starsign doesn't have a name for that."
  14. Jess had been suing the others conversation to visually scout the local when the mention the arclight she looked up. "Maybey I can get some answers. " Clenching her fist she brought it up to chest level and everyone could see the symbol in her hand like a tattoo pulsing Suddenly energy blossomed around Jessica and her clothing was transformed into the suit with the emblem now floating at her forehead. She stepped away from the party and looked upwards scanning the energy field above.
  15. Jess had spent the last three days staking out the city, not easy to do when using the Starsign and trying to be inconspicuous, but she had managed, and had come up with zero. Oh she had helped out at a couple of accidents and stopped a couple of muggings but nothing that she could connect to the letter or the copy of her symbol. She was sitting in the hotels café using her laptop surfing the internet looking for clues and coming to the conclusion that she wasn’t a very good investigator when the adversary hijacked the airwaves. Not going never crossed her mind. She sent a text message to her dad and her mom telling them to stay away from NYC and that she would be out of touch for the next 24 hours, Then she packed up her laptop and headed outside. He wants a show. Not giving him one except on my terms. She thought to herself as she got into her jeep and headed downtown to the AlphaTech Tower. The police had already blocked off the streets leading to the tower and were busy keeping everyone out including her but she produced the letter and showed the sign and eventually convinced the authorities to let her through. "Makes me wonder where our eyes aren't supposed to be." Triessa was saying as a jeep swept into the empty parking area in front of the building and a girl got out. “Really anther woman,” exclaimed Summer! Jess wasn’t in her suit yet not wanting to play into the adversaries’ fantasy And seeing her dressed in Jeans and a T-shirt with a light jacket caused Autumn to glare at her sister. “And we couldn’t just wear our clothes,” The water twin grumbled as she crossed her arms. Summer gave a low whistle, “Now she could give Kat Denning a run for her money in the filling out the t-shirt bit.” Jess looked up at the other women gathered and started up the broad steps to join them. “Hello, ladies, I’m Jessica and I’m guessing we are all here for the same thing?”
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