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  1. to quote the player's guide "You can choose not to apply one or more of the boosts provided in the mastery bundle - for instance, boosting each aspect of the power except scope. Each boost you forgoe counts as one level of weakness." the question was if forgoing several levels of the same boost provide several levels of weakness. And I think "too beautiful for you to comperhend" is a disappointing description to give to players, though I would agree that descriptions need to be vague and probably physics-defying
  2. 1) how many levels of strength raise power level? (Like an extra...) 2) when removing aspects from mastery, does it grant a level of weakness for each level of each aspect, or only one for each aspect? (For example, would mastery 2 without scope&duration provide 2 or 4 levels of weakness?) And 2 questions with non-definite answer for my upcoming high-quantom champaign... How would you describe someone with 10 mega-appearance/ugliness?(both male and female) Would you let someone with 10th level luck [mastery 3] compete against mega-attribute? (No chance I'm going to let any player have this, but the idea is amusing) (Sorry for the bad english, Its not my native language)
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