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  1. Tessereah regarded the young woman with wonder, marveling at whatever senses allowed her to connect so easily to the universe. Noting this down for future reference, she turned to Firanis. "We myay be ayble to combine the yuseful with the plyeasurable if we can find some shyelter as well as spare parts. You know this place better - mayhaps, there is some form of outpyost, or other out-building where we might find some iotum and a workbench?"
  2. Tesserah's eyebrows darted up and down as she turned her gaze around the party's caravan. Firanis' movement had been quick and quiet, but she had moved like a flash. Now she stood ready as if she expected an attack. Tessereah slid the arm-length focusing array for her iotum ray from its sheath underneath her robes, and its triangular muzzle extended from her sleeve. She was aware that the pink-haired woman was more experienced and had seen stranger things than she had. It'd pay to be attentive if there was trouble.
  3. Tessereah accepted Firanis' nod gladly. She had spent way too long away from the company of people, and it felt good - no, correct - to once again be part of something greater. Sigil's comment of not being a woman triggered a piqued rise of her left eyebrow. She kept silent, but behind her eyes her brain started running. Her actions did seem a little...reserved...before, perhaps a sign of a synthetically enhanced intelligence? Was Sigil's comment an indication of her being like a cross-dressing Shaman, whose magical powers relied on defying settled norms? Or was she even younger than she appeared and she corrected Firanis on being a girl, rather than a woman? In silence she pondered the meanings, while she kept close to the coalescing group of foolhardy adventures she was now associated with.
  4. "A shyadow, shyarply drawn," Tessereah repeated after Firanis, almost as if tasting the words. For a fraction of a second her eyes seemed distant, as if she was processing something internally. Then, as quick as it went, the gleam in her eyes returned. "Too many variabels, but still potentially orgyanic in nature." Her mind was racing at the opportunities. If it had no discernable thickness it might be an energy pattern radiating from a central source, or maybe a transdimensional shadow cast by a disaster in some coterminous existence. If it did, it might still be some form of living nonsapient entity, consuming all around it in order to expand its size. Did its blackening indicate heat, cold, or acid? Was its spread linear or exponential, focused on one location consecutively or simultaneous among its borders? Did it consume biological or also mineral material? Too many questions, too many exciting possibilities. She raised her hand enthusiastically. "I volyunteer as well to investigate. I can contribute." She lowered her arm, pointing down at Cheslet Street. "For the science of Numenera, but also becyause if that shyadow reaches Entropy Zero, the results would be inconceivable." Catching sight of Sigil she craned towards the pale young woman. She had noticed her when Firanis pointed her out as 'this one' before, but only now her mental checklist seemed to have caught up sufficiently to process her. "Ow, hyello. And you are?"
  5. As Firanis' story mounted, Tessereah's eyes seemed to stare into the horizon, where - according to the tall woman's gesturing - Rell was. Or, had been, to be more exact. In thought she bit on her thumb nail, etching every word into her brain. At the end of the story, she turned back to the women at the heart of this, and stepped forward. "Excyuse me," she said in Firanis' direction in what she was sure would be her best skilled-and-confident voice, "but when hyou said it moved, did hyou mean it spread along the ground, or did it reach outward, like a psyeudopod?" She leaned her five-foot nothing in towards Firanis a bit, her head cocked slightly to the right and up while awaiting a response.
  6. Tessereah was sure that when it came to figuring out the unusual, one must simply follow the unusual people that surrounded it. And this town seemed to have a gathering of the most unusual people yet. She tried to keep as close as possible without being overtly intruding. That would be rude. But she wasn't going to let any opportunity to waste to learn more of the events in this town and how that marvelous singularity was contained. All she needed to do was keep a close ear, and wait for an opportunity to open itself up...
  7. Name: Tessereah Race: Human Age: 24 Home Region: Nessakiya, the floating ruins Occupation: Wandering Tinker Physical Traits Tessereah is a pint-sized powerhouse dressed in robes made of multi-segmented turquoise cloth etched with brass angular circuitry, easily recognizable as very, very old-fashioned. When it comes into contact with sunlight a faint shimmer travels across it. Her hair is a waterfall of unruly brass locks beneath which stand two expressive eyebrows. Her eyes have a series of distinct limbal rings of brass and gold, which sometimes make people assume she has some sort of minor mutation. Her general expression is that of a scowl, although this is caused by her being slightly nearsighted, not because of any inherent crankiness. Her skin is the color of caramel, with an I/O symbol marked on her forehead in brass, as well as a number of etched lines of brass calligraphy angling their way across the flesh of her back, merging at a decorated hexagon on the back of each hand. Background (Mechanical Indoctrination) She's not forthcoming about where she came from, wandering on foot through the lands as she goes. Fact is that she has a communion with machines that borders on the heretical, and those who spy the back of her neck might spot a number of entry ports and chemical jacks in their retracted positions, connected to the brass angular calligraphy on her skin. She has had a long history dealing with machines, following commands and maneuvering through cramped corridors at Nessakiya, which made her more adept at ruin-diving than most people give her credit for. Personality Tessereah is typified by her confidence - nothing is impossible, anything can be done, if you want something - go and get it. She treats machines like people - granted, sometimes dangerous and unpredictable people. She's never failed before, which gives her the confidence to tackle any adventure ahead of her. But with great confidence comes a fragile ego, so a big failure will break through her veneer of swagger. For most of her life, she was needed. Things needed healing, fixing, building. Now there is a silence, and without a challenge or a problem to tackle, the walls close in on her. But she reckons others will want her around. After all, how many people will you find who can fix your device, patch up your wounds AND is a passable cook? Tier 2 Might Pool 14, Edge 1 Speed Pool 12, Edge 1 Intellect Pool 16, Edge 2 Effort: 2 Maximum Cyphers: 3 Skills: Understanding Numenera, Crafting Numenera (Specialized), Salvaging Numenera, Electrical Machinery, Cooking, Healing, Vehicles Attack skills: All armor, light weapons, Inability with Medium and Heavy Weapons Confident Confident Outlook: Sometimes confidence counts as much as or more than competence. When you set your mind to it, you are trained in one task for ten minutes, as long as that task is not an attack or a defense. You can do this once per rest (the ability is renewed each time you make a recovery roll). Failure has its Consequences: Sometimes confidence leads to overconfidence and a stark realization of failure. You trigger a GM intrusion on a d20 roll of 1 or 2. Wright Community Builder: While you are present within the community, and actively and personally working on behalf of that community, +3 is added to the community’s infrastructure. Enabler. Always Tinkering: If you have any tools and materials at all, and you are carrying fewer cyphers than your limit, you can create a cypher if you have an hour of time to spend. The new cypher is random and always 2 levels lower than normal (minimum 1). It’s also temperamental and fragile. These are called temperamental cyphers. If you give it to anyone else to use, it falls apart immediately, useless. Action to initiate, one hour to complete. Numenera Plans: Instant Servant (Level 2 Cypher), Antivenom (Level 1 Cypher), Slug Spitter (Level 2 Artifact), Chain Pod (Level 4 Vehicle) Salvage: 4x Io, 4x Responsive Synth, 6x Spare Parts Enlightened Techniques Right Tool for the Job (1 Intellect point +iotum): If you have at least 1 unit of iotum, you can fashion a temporary device that provides an asset to one physical, noncombat task, identified ahead of time. For example, if you need to climb a wall, you could create some sort of climbing assistance device; if you need to break out of a cell, you can tune iotum in your possession to serve as a lockpick; if you need to create a small distraction, you could trigger an iotum to make a loud bang and flash; and so on. Once fashioned, the adapted iotum lasts for about a minute or until used for the intended purpose. This use destroys the iotum. Action to prepare the iotum; action to initiate. Trigger Iotum Ray (1 Intellect point or iotum): If you have at least 1 unit of iotum, you can trigger it to release a short range ray of force that inflicts 3 points of damage. This does not destroy the iotum. Alternatively, you can choose to have this destroy the iotum, in which case there is no Intellect cost. Scramble Machine (2 Intellect points): You render one machine within short range unable to function for one round. Alternatively, you can hinder any action by the machine (or by someone attempting to use the machine) for one minute. Action. Trained in Armor: You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Speed Effort cost for wearing armor by 1. If you choose this as one of your starting inspired techniques, you start the game with armor of your choice (Micromesh, 2 armor, Special). Enabler Additional Training: (Crafting Numenera, Engineering, Tier 2, already included)  Extra Edge (Explorer Tier 1): +1 Speed and Might edge Talks with Machines Machine Affinity: You are trained in tasks involving electrical machines. Enabler. Distant Activation (1 Intellect): You can activate or deactivate any machine you can see within short range, even if normally you would have to touch or manually operate the device. To use this ability, you must understand the function of the machine, it must be your size or smaller, and it can’t be connected to another intelligence (or be intelligent itself). Action. Coaxing Power (Tier 2, 2 Intellect): You boost the power or function of a machine so that it operates at 1 level higher than normal for one hour. Action to initiate. Charm Machine (Tier 2, 2 Intellect): You convince an unintelligent machine to “like” you. A machine that likes you is 50 percent less likely to function if said function would cause you harm. Thus, if a foe attempts to detonate a bomb near you controlled by a detonator that likes you, there is a 50 percent chance that it won’t explode. Action to initiate. Equipment: Very Old-fashioned Clothing, Sturdy electrician's knife, explorer's pack repurposed as a tinker's pack, heavily thumbed book on crafting, box of outlandish crafting tools, bag of small tools with fine script on it, Micromesh Armor (armor 2, special) with hidden pockets and a carry-all harness, 5 shins. She used to have a first aid kit, but its contents have been used up since she started traveling. Languages: Shin-talk and The Truth, which she speaks with a heavy accent. She also speaks machine language, expressed as operand commands or binary. Cyphers Gravity Changer (Level: 4), Usable: Metal plates Effect: Once placed, the plates change the direction of gravity within an area up to a short distance in diameter. The gravitic warp could be continuous across the affected area, or it could bend and curve, changing directions within the area up to a number of times equal to the level of the cypher. Once gravity is warped, it cannot be changed and persists for 28 hours. Instant Shelter (Level: 5), Usable: Handheld device Effect: With the addition of water and air, the small device expands into a simple one-room structure with a door and a transparent window. The structure is 10 feet by 10 feet by 20 feet (3 m by 3 m by 6.1 m). It is made from a form of shapestone and is permanent and immobile once created. Instant Item (Level 4), Wearable: Bulky amulet Effect: This cypher has a two-stage activation. The first stage occurs when the wearer keys an object that they can hold in one hand to the cypher. The object falls into a subspace pocket and remains indefinitely or until a user activates the cypher a second (and final) time, immediately retrieving the stored item. Oddity Piece of extremely strong and thin cable 8 feet (2.5 m) long.
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