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  1. V'lar and Jensen stood at the back of the turbo lift as it made it's way down and aft to the engineering deck neither spoke. They were not alone. A Specialist from the science division was in the car with them, he was alien and neither of them could identify his species. He was short and very odd looking. he studied the two of them intently but also never spoke. The trip was proving uncomfortable at least for Jensen. The lift came to a halt about the thrid of the way to their destination the little alien nodded to them and left the lift again without a word. "Curious." said V'Lar Jensen glanced at her then swallowed "uh I was thinking that, you know if you don't have any requirements like super hot room temperatures or weird lighting or... you know, from Vulcan, you might want to room together?" he asked awkwardly V'Lar turned her head and regarded him with her pale gray eyes. "I come from a very inhospitable region of Vulcan, a world known for it's inhospitable regions. Why would I wish to recreate that here." She returned to looking at the closed door. Jensen did the same. A moment later the Lift halted again and announced their arrival, the door swished open and Jensen stepped out V'Lar followed. "However since we are going to be working together It would be convenient I suppose. I concur." She said as she passed him in the hall and walked toward engineering.
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