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  1. Jensen spun the shuttle and set his course while T'Set ran her scan. The shuttle lit up electronically like a small sun and Jensen engaged the impulse drive rocketing the tiny craft back out of the cloaked field and toward the Destiny. "Did you get it?" asked the XO of the ops officer. "I did not detect any mines Lieutenant. Furthermore, I am detecting no indication of a wide spread gravitational burst like that which a standard gravitic mine would produce." The Vulcan swiveled her seat to face the shuttles commander. "I do not believe a mine crippled the Crater."
  2. T'Set did some mental calculations, "I will narrow the focus of the scan to minimum safety tolerances for the shuttle's width. I will need 1.3 seconds for the scan." Jensen turns in his chair to look at Lt. Batim, "Is this a slow back up, or do you want me to take us out of the field entirely?"
  3. Jensen glanced at what the doctor was showing him on her tricolor. Jensen looked up at the doctor and was about to say something pithy when he remembered his earlier conversation with the chief from engineering. "It's about 175,000 Kilometers doctor." before he or the Doctor could say anything else, T'Set's voice called everyone's attention to the viewscreen "I have them XO," she said her fingers flying across her controls. On the screen the blackness of space shifted and a small speck appeared which grew in steps as the Vulcan brought the image to full magnification. "That is full magnification without active sensors. We are not getting much information. Energy output is sub optimal and the ship appears to be drifting. I can not make out any damage but that is not surprising at this distance. Also direct damage to the hull would not be likely unless the mine had detonated adjacent to the hull." The Crater floated silent and dark and no one was sure what awaited them.
  4. "Passive sensors are picking up the cloaking filed generator satellites and we are receiving a distress call form the Crater." Said T'Set as the shuttle plowed through the darkness. "Put it through but hold off on replying." ordered the XO "... this is the USS Crater we have struck what appears to be a Gravitic mine. We have sustained serious structural damage and both warp and impulse drives are inoperable.Our auxiliary power is draining fast due to the integrity fields holding the ship together. We have sustained casualties and need assistance immediately. I repeat To any starship within range that can hear this, this is the USS...." the message repeats
  5. The shuttle Tiburon slid from the bay and angled sharply away from the Destiny. "We're away LT." said Jensen his concentration on his controls and the view-port, "Two minutes to the boundary." "Destiny to Tiburon, Remember one hour, if we haven't heard from you by then we are coming in." On the bridge of the huge starship Reymer looked at the projection of the shuttle growing smaller with distance. "Ensign V'Lar, move us to a position five hundred kilometers from the nearest generation point." She spins her chair around to face the tactical station where Tiv and Cutter stood. "I know you wanted to go on the away mission Jack, but I need some experienced people here with me." she smiled at him then focused her attention on Tiv. "When we go in I want a full tactical scan on that generator if it is unmanned I want it erased from my sky. Hopefully if one link in the field goes down the whole cloak will go that way everything will be exposed. Let's do it." "Approaching the boundary, Lt. cutting impulse drive....now. We are gliding and under thrusters only for maneuvering." Announced Jensen as the shuttle flew like a dart through cloaking field. The stars vanished as the Tiburon crossed the boundary and the tiny shuttle sails into a void of utter darkness.
  6. Again Raymer nodded "Alright, T'Set, Jensen, your with the XO. Anjala if you can locate the Crater and determine what happened and make contact do so. I'll have J'Sira and the doctor meet you in the shuttle bay. I'll give you one hour after you cross boundary. If you haven't reported in by then, we are coming in."
  7. "I concur on Yellow alert, but not the probe. We would likely lose contact with the probe and run the risk o having it detected. I'm betting a field this size is a complete sensor blanket and that whoever put it up may not be able to see out of it. While I hate flying in blind I don't see a choice" Raymer said to her first officer "Captain," said Chief Cutter who was standing nearby "we could take a shuttle, cut our engines before we cross over the boundary and drift in. Take a look around then come back and report." Raymer considers the chiefs suggestion "What do you think XO?"
  8. "A cloaked area of space. A ships cloak doesn't overlap so this would be a new technology. Why didn't Asgard pick this up?" Garner spoke up. "Its a huge area for what's being cloaked but not all that huge on a galactic or even sector scale. Our enhanced sensors couple with the Science pod we are equipped with give us unparalleled sensor capabilities. Any other plateform would have to be directly searching for such a thing to be able to pick it up and even then they would have to be pretty close to it to do so." Raymer nodded, "Alright, Tactical, can we pinpoint the power sources that Chief Cutter identified?" asked the Captain Ensign Tiv stiffened slightly when tactical was called on but at the captains question she studied her readouts and made a few adjustments "Yes ma'am i have them. I should be able to get target locks when we are within range." "Good," Raymer said, "Jensen set course for the nearest Power generator, drop to impulse before we cross into the field." "Aye aye captain." the helmsman replied "XO, thoughts?" Ramer asked her first officer
  9. While J'Sira explained her plan, T'set was busy clearing the ship for departure with space dock control. She waited until Captain Raymer was finished with the Chief Engineer “Captain, We are cleared for departure.” She announced “Mr. Jensen...” “On it Captain,” the eager ensign interrupted as his hand flew across the controls. Space Dock Control had already released the mooring tractors and Jensen fired the thrusters nudging the large vessel backwards from her berth. Fingers playing a complex tune on the console thrusters fired and the ship danced, in less time than it should have taken the Destiny was thrusting toward the opening doors and as they passed through them a voice came over the intercom. “Engineering to bridge, J'sira here, We are ready when you are captain.” “Course plotted captain” Jensen said as the ship sailed majestically away from the station. “Punch it ensign” “Yes ma'am” Jensen hit the controls and the Destiny lept to warp speed, the deflector array burrowing a hole into subspace which seemed to suck the ship in. The forward view screen showed warp space streaking by as a flow of light falling around the ship very different from the normal star field which the crew were accustomed too. “T'Set?” the captain queried. The young vulcan read her console and made some adjustments. “The computer is having difficulty adjusting the view it should stabilize in a moment.” as she finished speaking the normal view of streaking stars returned although there were occasional flickers. “How fast are we going?” “Speed is fluctuating but we are in excess of warp 9.997” The operations officer replied. Raymer looked at her XO sitting beside her, Anjala just shrugged. “Bridge to engineering, J'sira how long cane we hold this velocity?” Raymer asked. “A few more minutes captain without risking damage to the main deflector or the engines.” The Destiny flew through space faster than any would have thought possible but soon the ship had to return to it's normal drive or risk damaging it's systems. As the ship slowed to its normal emergency speed the vessel shook as it settled back into 'normal' subspace. “At warp 9.6 and holding” announced Jensen “How much time? “We should get to the coordinates were contact was lost with the Crater in 32.7 minutes.” answered T'set “XO, remind me to buy J'sira a case of whatever it is she drinks next time we are at Asgard. T'Set notify the Maraval that we will be taking lead on this and that they should hang back until we suss out the situation.” “Captain?” Garner calls for Raymer's attention as he is staring intently at the readouts at the science station. “What is it Garner?” “I'm scanning the area where contact was ost and I'm getting readings that don't make any sense to me” Cutter who had been at the secondary ops console moved over to Garner's position where he was joined by the XO. The reading made very little sense. It was as if a very large area of space itself were missing!
  10. NPCs created by myself or anyone else that are assigned to the Destiny are usable by anyone who needs to use them. This includes V'Lar and Garner or any of the other named Ensigns the only exception would be the captain. Just be respectful of their portrayal in other appearances and don't kill them without checking with me first.
  11. Captain Raymer stepped off of the lift into the very impressive and bustling Command Center of the massive space station and dock. No one seemed to notice her or if they did they didn't say anything to her or even acknowledge her presence, they were starfleet professionals and they were busy at their tasks. She made her way around to the central section where all the command decisions would be made it was a semi circular area full of various stations much like a starships bridge. But unlike the bridge of a starship the center section here had no seat instead there was a revolving dais with a large console that whomever was commanding would stand in front of and could make the dais turn to face any section of the center. Currently Captain Zhao and his officers were standing there their attention on a panoramic stellar map that showed the various systems and ships in the locality. Raymer quickly found the station on the map and there was a red blinking ship icon with USS Crater labeled next to it a bit off another icon labeled Maraval, which was blinking blue and as she watched it blink and vanished only to reappear a few millimeters closer to the red icon. She looked around and spotted and empty console and went to it. Sure enough it was just like the consoles on ship completely configurable and with the right codes able to mirror any other console, and being the captain of a starship she had the right codes. In seconds she was seeing all the data that Zhao and his officers were seeing unfortunately this did not escape notice “Captain Raymer! What in the... what are you doing on my command deck?” Raymer looked up and saw that the dais had turned and was now facing her, it's chief occupant glaring at her. If eyes could shoot phasers... “I'm looking at the data about this emergency that, as the Captain of the flagship of this squadron, I should have been alerted to.” She said steeling herself for the rebuke she expected. Zhao fumed but retaining his composure he tugged at the bottom of his tunic and stepped down off the dais and walked over to Raymer. “Then Captain you now know what is going on and that I have dispatched the closest ship to the Crater should aid be necessary” “The Maraval is carrying 74 of my crew and are my responsibility and you are sending them into harms way when I...” “Captain, even if I had ordered you to leave as soon as I was notified, the Maraval is still closer and had I not notified them then how many starfleet regulations would I be in violation of. I had to send the Maraval. Besides it would take you too long...” This time it was her turn to interupt. She tapped her combadge “Raymer to Destiny, what is our status?” “This is Lt. Batim, all crew accounted for and all depts. report optimal status. We are ready to depart as soon as you give the order captain.” “Thank you Xo.” She tilted her head questioningly at Zhao. “Alright, “he sighed,” you can launch and assist the Maraval, it is the prudent thing to do. And when you get back captain we will have a little discussion about how you found out.” “Yes sir.” It was hard for her to not smile but she managed. “Permission to transport directly to my ship sir?” Zhao didn't say anything just waved her away.” “Destiny, one to beam up.” The captain strode onto the bridge and with a glance saw that everyone was right where they were supposed to be. “Ensign T'set, clear our departure with space dock.” She sat in her chair. “Mr Jensen as soon as we are cleared take us out of station on full thrusters. Once we are out of the station I want a course laid in, maximum warp, to the coordinates the command center should be sending right about now.” Jensen glanced down and sure enough he was receiving updated navigational coordinates . “Bridge to Engineering.” Raymer spoke into the air. “Engineering here, Lt J'Sira.” “J'sira,” Raymer addressed her new chief engineer casually. “in one hour the Maraval will be arriving at the location where contact was lost with the Crater. It will take us one hour and twenty minutes at maximum warp to reach the same coordinates. I need you to find me twenty minutes.”
  12. The dinner party led by Lt Batim made their way hurriedly through the station to the turbolifts which in turn carried them to the boarding tubes. During the short time the trip took everyone was silent lost in their own thoughts or had issued orders to crew already aboard ship, sensing that there was an urgency. As the officers approached the main Airlock they saw Chief Cutter waiting for them. He gave a perfunctory nod as a kind of salute as they came aboard. "We're In the process of shutting down the cargo transfers we only about got about 80% resupplied before we got your orders and we haven't even started the Anit-matter Transfers." Cutter reported. "Y'all are the last ones to board excepting the Captain. Mind telling me whats going on, XO," he asked?
  13. Raymers mind sorted the scant data rapidly as she glanced at Jensen who was muttering. "Mr. Jensen, your one of my crew at least for now and on my ship I always expect my crew to speak their minds." She pushes back from the table and stands "Anjala, get back to the ship and get Destiny ready to depart immediately. I am going to go have a few words with Capt. Zhao. Those are our people on the Maraval and I will be damned if he is going to put them in harms way." She looks at each of her officers "I have faith in all of you, even if he doesn't" Then she turns and follows after the Space Station's captain and officers. All eyes shift from the back of the retreating captain to Lt Batim.
  14. The Captains personal dining room aboard the Federation space station was tastefully decorated and well appointed. The officers of the Destiny were impressed. Aside from themselves and Captain Zhao, the stations second in command Commander Effron and the stations senior medical officer a Denobulan named Jiffer as well as the stations senior counselor Doctor Merket joined them. The customary traditions of a dinner with a ranking officer were adhered to and the talk was mostly about current events in the federation. Capt. Zhao was good enough to include everyone in the conversations in cluding the younger officers. But there was still a strained edge to the event mostly from their own captain who seemed unable to relax and enjoy herself. But dinner passe and desert and brandies where served and a more informal attitude set in. Zhao looked around at his dinner guests raised his glass “To the Captain and crew of the Destiny.” he toasted. The others echoed and drank to the toast. “I am sure you are all eager like your captain to get out there and continue your mission. But some of you might be a little apprehensive and overwhelmed as well. It isn't often that so many junior officers are placed in the positions many of you find yourselves suddenly thrust into.” He glances at Raymer who stiffens even more in her seat but does not look at him. “The responsibilities being giving you may weigh heavy and I want you to know that my staff and myself are here to give you what aid and advice we can should you need any. I know from your records that some of you were expecting different sorts of postings, Mr Garner for instance was on an engineering track and is now the science officer on your ship, and Lt Batim you were about to receive orders to the USS Laporte as that ships security chief, and now you find yourself the tempory first officer. Quite a step.” “I'm not sure what your point is Captain Zhao?” interrupted Raymer now looking at her superior. Zhao looks at Raymer then the rest of the officers. “No point really I just want to make sure that if the opportunity comes up to correct what some may see as a a mistake by Starfleet, that your officers are aware of the options which may become available to them. The Alaska will be in for resupply in two weeks and several of her officers are due promotion. I have discretionary powers here for deployment we can make corrections at that time.” Everyone is following the conversation but obviously feeling uncomfortable with the direction it has taken. “Am I one of those corrections, Capt. Zhao?” asks Raymer an icy edge to her voice. Before Zhao can answer a Lt enters the dining room and approaches the table but stays back several yards. Zhao looks over and then turn back to the table. “If you will Excuse me, a moment.” While Zhao and the lieutenant confer Raymer looks around at her crew, then Zhao returns. “Please excuse me something has come up that we have to attend to. Thank you all for coming Finish your desert and brandies and have a good night. Xo, Doctors” the Station commander, his Xo, and the two doctors depart leaving the rest of the party at the table in uncomfortable silence.
  15. The Destiny was a hive of activity as the new crew were taken aboard and they found their places and their stations. Supplies and fuel were being taken on as well but it all paused when the Maraval went under power and left the station. All eyes both old and new, for by now all of the new crew had heard what had happened, watched in silence as the Maraval majesticly sailed throught he huge station doors out into the void beyond, carrying the fallen. On the bridge Captain Raymer frowned as the doors closed cutting off the view of the Maraval. She should be bringing them home, Destiny should be carrying her fallen not someone else. “Captain?” Ensign Parks, one of the new arrivals spoke softly causing Raymer to look away from the screen at the young... officer. “Yes?” “I have Captain Zhao on comms he wishes to speak with you.” Raymer glances at the screen and the now fully closed Dock doors. “Send it to my ready room.” Destiny's captain sat down at her desk and straightened her uniform, then answered the comms. “Capt, Zhao, how can I be of service.” Zhao Gui was a handsome human male of Asian descent with a very nice smile and easy going manner. He was displaying that smile now. “Purely a social call captain. I wanted to extend my condolences again and invite you and your new officers to dinner this evening.” “I see, I was hoping you might have an assignment for us. I wish to get underway as soon as we finish resupply. We are eager to get back to work.” Said Raymer a little too stiffly. Zhao's smile fell a bit before returning. “About that. I was thinking Since Destiny is assigned here at DS3-9, I am cc'd on crew assignments. I know you got a very inexperienced set of replacement officers and well under the circumstances I was thinking that the Destiny could spend a little time locally while you work up the new crew. Alaska will be coming in in a couple of weeks perhaps we can exchange a few of your inexperienced officers for some of those on Alaska. Captain Hagen has a few that are up for promotion plus your new first officer, Commander Shann should be here by then as well.” Raymer had a lot of emotions running through her head and she was glad LT Batim was not present. “As you wish Captain, is there anything else?” “No captain, nothing else for now.” "Then we shall see you this evening, Raymer out."
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