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  1. Sota let the others walk off for the moment while she walked deeper into the arcology, still toting the case she had locked the gem in. The gem spoke of paradise, but to here, this Arcology was as close to a paradise as she had ever seen. Sota grew up, for the most part, at the Arcology, her family, along with many others, helping to build it by first claiming the dam and surrounding it with tents and other temporary shelters before expanding out and gradually building and fortifying. Call it luck, chance or fate, but for whatever reason many people made their way to the dam in the early days after the cataclysm and so they gathered and organized. The combined knowledge of so many people meant that there was usually one or more person with the expertise for any given job or with the know how to solve any problem, and so with hard work and sacrifice, it grew from a temporary refuge to a sanctuary in the wasteland. To Sota, the Arcology was a precious thing, and something she loved dearly. It was her home, but so much more than that. It was a beacon of hope and knowledge. It was the future, even if others could not see that for their own shortsightedness. Here was a place where not only was the knowledge and technology of the old world still preserved and understood, but even surpassed in areas. In a time where many communities where knocked back centuries technologically, they had cars (mostly electric inside the Arc'), smartphones, computers and a fully equipped and functional hospital and most of all, schools, wonders that most had not seen in decades, if not their entire lives. Compared tho the small communities out in the wasteland who barely scratched enough to survive from the land and lived in constant fear, yes, this was a near-utopia. Sota actually enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells. People might see stone, cement, steel and neon and tink it cold, but to her, the Arcology was a living, breathing thing, vibrant with life and energy, ever-growing, ever-changing. She enjoyed walking the streets of the Arcology. It rejuvenated her, even if she was occasionally mobbed. Even in an acrology of over two million people Sota stood out. Many knew who she was (they were even the source of the name "Sota" that she went by) and would come to meet her, thank her, or even offer her food, baked goods and gifts in appreciation for something she had done which ended up saving a loved one or giving them a chance at life. Even now a small group of mostly was beginning to collect around Sota, walking with her and pulling out their smartphones as they told her how good they were doing in school. "Okay, let me see." she said as she looked around, extending her senses into each and every phone, checking the games they played and how much time they spent played before she went into the network and to the various schools' computers, checking grades. In unison all their phones made the same chime as she added a small amount virtual currency to their games. Due to how she had set it up, only herself and their parents could add the virtual currency, as motivation for good grades, completing chores and the like. The teens cheered when they coins were added and began thinking her. "You are all doing pretty well. And that's good, but if you need help, ask for it. We're all in this together. I set it up so that when you get your next report card, you will get a bonus for every letter grade of improvement, and those of you with A's, will get the same bonus for keeping your grades. So study hard. The more you know, the better you will do in life. Remember, those games are a nice escape, but reality is where you spend your life." she reminded with a smile. The teens thanked her and gradually departed, some walking with her for a ways, talking with her excitedly, but eventually they all went on their way while Sota continued to walk, returning smiles and waves from citizens. The Arcology was doing well before Sota touched the Throne, but afterwards, when she began to understands and use her gifts, she helped take it to another level. She knew innately how to operate any device, could repair and restore even the most managed, weathered and rusted device back to new condition with a touch. With the proper stockpile of materials, she could even build virtually any structure needed; factories, processing plants, electrical substations, in minutes our hours instead of weeks or months. In the year since her exaltation, Sota had used her gifts to lift up the Arcology to a level of technological sophistication undreamed of in this day and age. And of course there was a her network, quietly spreading across the wasteland with those who lived there none the wiser. It allowed the Arcology to set up communications with the smaller settlements (some of which were doing well enough one their own) who did not wish to relocate to the Arcology, so that information could be traded and the Arc' could assist them when needed. The network had reached the Los Angeles Arcology a few months ago, connecting two of the greatest powers on the continent, opening trade and cooperation. Sota's network was a major step toward bringing the cities and Arcologies together and help them rise up from the ashes of the cataclysm like a veritable Phoenix to reclaim their world. And then there was the magic. The old adage of, "Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" might be true, and there are certainly technological devices within the Arc' that many wastelanders would consider "magic", but Sota had taken it to another level, blending what even the most knowledgeable and hardened scientific mind could only call "magic" with technology to forming a hybrid that Sota called amusingly "Mystech". To Sota, it was a bit of a shortcut (or cheat/hack) to reach certain technological goals. With the world being as it was, humanity needed every advantage possible, so Sota had done her best to teach the magic others. Her greatest student though, was also the achievement she was most proud of. Soon enough the others would meet her. Sota smiled at the thought With the coming of Gary and his Legion of the Dead, many had to reconsider preconceptions they had held. He was a skilled commander, leading his living troops to victory, but when bolstered by the undead he held under his sway, they became an even more potent fighting force. He protected the Arcology, as many others had sworn to do already, and so many volunteered to serve in the Legion, in both life and death. Others in the city, once they began to accept Gary and his Legion, those who still wished to live their lives, or who had knowledge that was needed within the city, or even who where just not that physically capable, agreed to serve in the Legion in death to protect their loved ones and the place that had given them so much. Others could talk all they wanted about it making people 'weak' or whatever, but that was his own misguided view, for the future would be claimed by those who came together, who cooperated and build something greater than themselves, something that others would value and believe in, draw courage and inspiration from, and be willing to sacrifice to protect. Delgath could boast all he wanted about war and strength and so forth, but he seems to not understands is that throughout history, time and time again, it was the side with the higher technology that won wars.
  2. Putting these arcs', especially those with paragons and godbound at them, into contact with each is a major step toward cooperation and reclaiming/rebuilding the world. The network has put the PV Arc' in contact with the Los Angeles Arc' about four months ago, which are now two of the half dozen or so major arcs'/powers on North America. So the network has opened communication, trade and so on between them. Within two years it will reach Seattle and the arc' there. Other, friendly communities who are within range of the network, but did not know it was there and/or lacked the means to access it Sota and others can provide a means of accessing it as they spread out from the PV Arc', making contact with them.
  3. Damn. You're right. If only Sota had a word like "Network" or something, that could give her awesome control over the network to make sure it is a good thing and not used in a way she does not intend. Oh wait. She totally does have the Network word. Not to mention, unless "every psycho, mad man, ad raider tribe" are running around with functional, charged and activated laptops/smartphones/tablets/so on, that they actually know how to use too, they will not even know there is a network to access. This long after the cataclysm that is super unlikely. So no, Sota did not just give "every psycho, mad man, ad raider tribe an instant means of organizing".
  4. At Krul's request, here is a map with the approximate range of the PV Arcology (Sota's) network at the moment, after a year of growth (approx 360 mile radius). The network expands at a rate of 1 mile radius per day. Setting-appropriate tech such as satellites, landlines, or wi-fi transmitters simply come into being, seamlessly integrated with existing hardware and passing unnoticed by lesser foes in the area, who will believe they've always been there. The network requires no maintenance or external power. The network already reach to the old cities of Las Vega, Reno, Phoenix, Tucson, Provo, Sat Lake City, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
  5. Sota laughed at Dread's comment about the city. "This arc is home to over two million people, most survivors from the old cities of Phoenix and Vegas near here, and it is the most technologically advanced city for thousands of miles, if not the continent, and maybe even the world." she explained, mostly to Dread, though she did not realize how little of it he actually understood. "The arcology has all manner resource acquisition, processing and manufacturing, including weapons and munitions to supply our Legion of the Dead, one of, if not the, most well-equipped, trained, motivated and simply powerful fighting force known for many hundreds of miles, thanks to Gary." she says, motioning to the Commander of the Legion of the Dead. "Ambassadors from several fae courts..." she motioned to Sigil and Aurea, "...and dragons.." nodding to Maia, "...can even be found here, recognizing the arcology's strength and influence and fostering cooperation, because working together is how we forge the future." "Hydroponic agriculture, fish farms, and herds of livestock to provide food, including beer, and a fully functional hospital sees to the sick and wounded. And, of course, there is plenty of electricity thanks to the dam and the work we've done on it." "I even established a computing network, initially for just the city, but now it stretches for hundreds of miles in every direction, reaching the old cities of Reno, Salt Lake City, Tucson, and almost to Albuquerque, and San Francisco. It connects this arc' with all of the other arcologies, cities, towns and villages for hundreds of miles, all the way to the west coast even, and each day, the network grows. At current rate, in a little under thirty-four years, the network should span the entire planet. Not bad for a solo effort." "In short, this is the biggest, most advanced, self-sufficient and well defended city you'll likely every find, and as close to a city of the last world as you will ever see." she summarized before adding, "Well, aside from the undead and androids and whatnot. With the world as it is now, this Arcology is damned near a utopia and a huge step toward reclaiming the world." with a shrug. "Anyways, welcome." she says to all.
  6. "Let's go inside. I'll store this someplace safe and we can prepare for our trip." Sota said and then glanced over at Delgath, adding, "...or celebrate, or whatever." Sta held out a hand and a wire frame formed of some sort of case with her holding the handle. Pixel by pixel the wire frame was filled in until the image seemed to solidify into an actual armored case, the whole process taking just a few seconds. Sota looked at the electronic lock and it opened, revealing a padded interior into which she place the gem before closing the case, allowing it to lock. She then picked up the case and gestured to the gate, mentally sending the command to the command to open the door to the gate guards computer, as well as notifying them that she had a drone tracking those that retreated. The gates opened, revealing a glimpse of the vast, bustling arcology sheltered behind the walls. With the case in one hand, Sota gesture to the opened gateway with the other. "For those of you departing us now, let me know if there is anything you need before you go and I will see to it." she offered, looking first to Tanith and then glances at the others, unsure of who all was staying and going. Still, she hoped for the best and continued, "To those of you new here, welcome to the Phoenix-Vegas Arcology. To those of you returning, welcome back." she welcomed the others.
  7. Sota stood there, her mind afire with this new information as she processed it all. This gem was yet another form of life, seemingly artificial in design, and yet still alive and pulsing with divine power. It was not the first time she had seen such, but it was different than anything she had seen before, and it was offering them the means to build a divine Paradise.together. Sota had always been a little uncomfortable thinking of herself as 'divine' or some sort of god or godling, but here she was, surrounded by others such as herself, all brought together to form a pantheon and a Paradise when they and their faithful could dwell. It was difficult to deny what she was now. Still though, the question from the gem caught her somewhat off guard. "A place of life..." she said, thinking not just of her family and the people of the Arcology that she had worked so hard to protect, but also of IO., "..intellect and understanding. A place of gleaming towers, where one can see that technology can rival any magic, and so both are treated with the care and respect they deserve." It may not have been an ideal answer, but Sota was caught off guard by the question and answered as best she could, reasoning that the verbal component was the least important part of the answer to the gem, trusting that it could sense desires, now matter well or poorly verbalized. Sota heard the exchange between the others, but payed it little mind as she was deep in thought about the significance of what was transpiring. The gunfire certainly roused her back to reality though. "No!" she yelled, reaching out with her divinity to protect the gem, lessening impacts. "This thing is what will allow us to FIX the world. To reclaim it, reshape it, and rebuild it anew, if we are all willing to put in the work, together." she explained, looking at all of the others around her.
  8. Sota's gaze snapped to the jewel as it chimed and spoke. She looked closely at it, leaning forward slightly and bringing her divine perceptions onto the object as the others spoke, for when she touched The Throne she was bestowed with a operational knowledge of any device, known or unknown, and was a master at constructing everything from mundane devices, to items of lesser magics, to artifacts and even blending both technology and magic, to a point of success that had even astonished her (as the other would soon see). Her eyes slowly widened as she came to realize just what it was in Sigil's hands. "That's no device, mundane or magical. That thing's alive!" she said as Delgath addressed the jewel, apparently confirming the command...
  9. Sota can make it all true give just a wee bit of time. Heh.
  10. "Yeeeah." Sota said as she glanced over at Delgath with a slightly raised eyebrow. She then held out a hand and thin, blue lines rapidly traced through the air, making an outline of an object, followed by a rapid series of waves of blue energy washing over the wire frame, each passing wave adding more components and wiring until the final wave left behind the outer shell in it's wave, leaving her holding a six-rotor, camera done, the entire process taking just a few few seconds. With a hum the rotors spun to life and she released it, letting the drone fly up high into the air. "I'll keep an eye on them. Everybody who does not have another means of transportation," she said as she looked over 'Ruin' with a curious eye, "into the truck." Sota finished, motioning to to the truck.
  11. "Hold on back there!" Sota yelled as the old army truck barreled down the road, the skirmish drawing ever closer as she pushed the engine hard. She had was altered the moment the call for help came in and gathered up some reinforcements and taken a truck while Arcology Command tried to get the aid of the faerie and others. Now the fray was right before them, with the 'wagon' trying to make an escape. She gave fair warning to those in front of her with several long blasts from the horn and then, at what most would consider to be the last possible moment, she slammed on the breaks, bringing the truck to a screeching halt beside the van-now-wagon, shielding it from one side with the truck. Immediately stone-tipped arrows began to rain down onto the vehicle from a group of lizardmen armed with bows on the ridge, mostly bouncing off the truck, but a few managed to stick here or there. She threw it in reverse and looked to the legionarre sitting beside her. "Take the wheel." she commanded as she swung open the door and hopped out. In a near instant, she became the target of the archers, who showed better than average accuracy. Each arrow that arced toward Sota encountered some sort of force field a few inched from her body. Each impact on the normally invisible field cause it shimmer with a hex grid for several inches around the impact before the arrow harmlessly bounced off. The young, blue-haired woman, apparently neither armed nor armored, ran over to the van and the large man pushing it alone. "Thank you for the help. Let's see if we can get this party moving a bit faster, eh?" she said to Delgath, jogging beside him as she opened one of the rear doors. "Can any of you drive?" she yelled into the van, catching only surprised and blank stares in response. "If this van were fixed and, you know, a van, could any of you drive it?" she clarified as her field shimmer, deflecting another arrow. "I- I can." a man responded as he reloaded a rifle quickly. "Good. Then take the wheel and get the hell out of here. We'll try to save the animals if we can, but no guarantees." she said with a nod. "But.. It's just a wagon n-" the man cut himself off, his eyes, along with the others inside, wide with amazement as a ripple of sparkling blue energy emanated from Sota's hand and washed over the van, leaving it fully repaired and restored as it passed. Dents, bare metal, rust and faded pain were replaced with a glossy perfect coat. Word and torn upholstery was new again. Broken glass was replaced. The empty engine compartment now had a new hood on it and a pristine new engine, with all of the gauges appearing once again in the dashboard. Where Delgtah had once been pushing a beaten up, make-shift wagon was now a seemingly brand new van with a mural of some nearly naked warrior woman riding a pegasus through a storm to battle a dragon. "The tank's full. Get out of here. I brought some backup with me too. We'll mop up." Sota said with a smile and wink, closing the read doors on the van and giving them a few hard pats before the engine came to life, revved, the wheels squealed and the van began speeding away leaving behind a cloud of burnt rubber as two more arrows bounced off of her field. "Okay. My turn." she quipped as she held her hands out toward the archers, clinched them into fists. The bracelets glowed again, this time sending forth electric blue beams that cut through the sky toward the ridge. Sota slowly moved her hands from side to side, raking the beam across several archers, blow them off the ridge.
  12. Sota, the Divine Engineer, Web Weaver Sota Real Name: Eula Tos AKA: Sota, The Divine Engineer, Web Weaver Description: Sota is a mostly Caucasian woman (with some Mexican from her grandmother) looking to be in her early to mid twenties. Her hair is an unnatural, bright blue, usually shaved on one side. She is generally unarmed and unarmored, but a bright blue glow can often be seen spilling out from beneath her jacket/tunic. Words: Engineering, Network, Entropy Level: 1 Exp: 0 Facts Origin: Eula was born post-cataclysm, to a family of mechanics, technicians and engineers that had fled Phoenix, and like many since the cataclysm, she had little choice but to learn the family trade. Relationships: Sota is a Master Fabricator (Archmage) of a lesser magic that blends magic and technology which she calls "Mystech" (Theotechnicians) Creativity: As part of using her newfound powers, she also created an artifact with an unique energy matrix that provides her with both offensive and defensive capabilities. Background It is well known among the Phoenix-Vegas Arcology that Eula was born post-cataclysm, to a family of mechanics, technicians and Engineers that had originally fled from Phoenix. As with many families in this new world, children were often taught the trade of their parents once again. Eula was decent, but not remarkable, until the day the fledgling arcology was attacked. In the chaos, it fell to Eula to make a vital repair to the power grid or else many more lives would be lost. She made the attempt, but failed, and in that moment of stress, need and panic, she somehow instinctively touched the Throne subconsciously and was reborn with a knowledge and a command over technology of all forms. With this divine knowledge, she fixed the grid and rushed to aid in other ways, summoning forth all manner of technological aid from weapons to medical devices and carrying out repairs to walls, machines and vehicles in an instant. Since then she can come to be known as "Sota" by many in the arcology, though sne is still a bit uncomfortable with followers and worship. She has assisted with the arcology's further construction, growth and technological advancement, even going so far as to create a maintenance free, self-powered, computing network reaching for several hundred miles around the arcology. While her experiments in Artificial Intelligence have born mixed results. (See - IO -)
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