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  1. Aurea's eyes glistened as she looked upon the Words that made up her soul, and it was as though she looked upon herself with more clarity than the finest mirror could provide. Yearning and joy and determination and trepidation beat at her breast as the achingly beautiful nymph stepped to the center of the temple and knelt before the silver words hanging in the air, bare knees on the cool marble floor, reaching out a beseeching hand to where the THRONE had stood. "Love and Desire as thou wilt be the heart of my vow," the neophyte Goddess breathed, and the pure music of her voice filled the temple and seemed to make it vibrate in symphony. "Seek ye the Song in all things and nurture Desire and Love and Music in thyself and in others." The creature of flawless sensuality sat back on her heels and gazed upon the silver words with luminous lavender eyes, the expression on her exquisite face transcendent. Her voice grew even richer, warmer, firmer, the heart-stirring melodious tones now accompanied by symphony of unseen instruments rising in a crescendo. "Let others clamor after gods of blood and thunder - Love and Desire are hard, harder than steel and thrice as cruel. They are inexorable as the tides, and life and death alike follow in their wake. And know that all who would walk this path with me, through me, who would sing this song, you will never be alone, for I will be there with you."
  2. Aurea arched her brows as Delgath honoured the old soldier, then cocked her head at him in consideration. After a moment, her red lips spread in a slow grin and she dipped her head to the newcome godling. "I believe I can manage something. Give me an hour or so. And the name is Aurea." The ageless nymph whirled on a heel and sashayed out of the newly dedicated shrine. In passing, she gave the old soldier a kiss on the cheek as he sat back down in the booth and flashed him a saucy wink. "Nice to see you again, Alvin. Later, I'd like to hear more of your memories of your wife. At the moment, I have a band to scrounge up." True to her word, Aurea returned less than an hour later with several others in tow. One was a very tall, slender, regal beauty, milky pale with long black hair and dark, glistening eyes wearing a a dress of sable leather and shadowy silk and silvery heels. The other two were brothers, no taller than Aurea herself, but broad shouldered, bearded, garbed in ripped jeans and ancient band shirts faded to illegibility. "This here is Obsidian Orchid, one of the Immaculate Dawn Courtesans, skilled with the guitar and keyboard... among other things," Aurea revealed, indicating the tall woman, who gave Delgath the barest of nods, her expression cool, but those dark eyes were hot. "And these two are the Osbourne brothers, Amon, on bass, and Sabbath on drums." Aurea pressed a pair of fingers between her breasts. "I, of course, will be on vocals." Aurea had found time to change as well. Still wearing her gleaming white leather pants, she had added a pair of combat boots and corset with enough leather straps and silver buckles to almost function as armor. Her hair was teased up in a trailing faux-hawk. Not above working with her hands, she helped the others set up in a corner of the breastaurant-come-shrine, talking quietly but animatedly about their set. As others who met Delgath's approval arrived and the food and booze began flowing, Aurea and her impromptu bandmates began playing. Sabbath started a driving beat on the drums matched by his brother Amon on bass. Then Orchid came in with a wailing guitar. Aurea parted her red lips, armed with no more than her voice, but it was an instrument like no other, adding a depth and richness to the playing of the others without overwhelming or dominating. Then Aurea began to sing, clear and strong, but with surprising, velvety gravel in her voice that added a textured intimacy to her melodious tones. My sixteen, lock and loaded All fear has been avoided You say the word and my weapon is drawn
  3. Aurea ran a finger lightly over the diadem of flowers resting on her brow as Sigil approached the temple and lectern first. Power. She had power, though it was not what she had sought. Not directly. It was union, communion. Every lover she had, everyone she lay with, she loved to some degree, in some manner, even when she only did so to seduce or influence. She could do no less, and would do no less for those seeking her blessing. The Fey... they were souls made manifest, pursued their desires with every fiber of their being. It was a rich and intoxicating wine to her. They Fey were immortal, but when their road ended, it was final, whereas mortal souls traveled anew. Twilight's desires had consumed her when she could not offer as much as she demanded, and now she was no more. There was only her, and it pained her still. She would offer the Fey, their souls, any who sought her, a new path to walk down, a way to a Paradise in the hereafter if they wish it so. The world had been wracked beyond recognition. Many were rebuilding, forging it anew, seeking to make it a better place. Some did so in grand fashion, building cities, healing the sick, killing the wicked, protecting the weak. But just as important were the little gestures, a smile freely offered, tears shared for a loss, a helping hand up with no expectation of reward or recompense. An embrace when it seemed all hope had fled, a kiss when love appeared unobtainable. Aurea glided up to the writing board after Sigil, a rhythmic, melodious beating of a heart following in her wake. The strains of soaring violins joined it, then the mournful, lonely howl of a wolf. The tinkling strings of a piano and a baby's cry. The gasps and whispers of lover's coupling and a wailing horn. More and more, until Aurea strode with the music of life. Rose-gold tears welled from her eyes. They throbbed and flowed in time with the music, and settled on the nib of the feather quill. She took up the quill in a lover's caress. I would be Desire, inflaming it in others. My Voice would be the Song of the Heart, giving them the audacity and determination to seek out their Desires. I would be Hope. *Mortals do not understand compassion. In each moment of their lives, they betray it. Aye, they know of its worth, yet in knowing they then attach to it a value, they guard the giving of it, believing it must be earned. Compassion is priceless in the truest sense of the word. It must be given freely. In abundance.* No sacrifice. A gift. I would share their pain and give them my compassion and love. Freely, and in abundance. Aurea stepped back from the writing board, head slightly bowed. Vibrant, multicoloured hair fell forward to shadow her face, a luminous tear tracing the exquisite lines of her cheek and jaw.
  4. "The details and... volume may change, but all these things can be found wherever two or more people set down roots, dear Dread," Aurea said with a sad smile. "The conflict of civilization is in overcoming greed and corruption to form something greater, that benefits the many without constraining the freedoms and liberties of the individual. You do the citizens of the arcology a disservice. Most fight in their own way against the chaos of the world, if not directly or in ways easily demonstrable. It is not for everyone and such is completely fine. We must all find our own way as we can, do we not?" She chuckled like chimes of silver and gold. "But you did not come here for debate, I am sure. Come, your... drinking hall lies this way." She gave Maia a pat - almost a caress - on the shoulder in passing. "The Seed can wait until the sun rises once more, I think. A night to reflect and prepare on what we have witnessed, and yes, celebrate in whatever matter best suits, will do us all well." The sensual faerie linked her slender arm with the God of Titties and Beer's extremely brawny one and led him to the Hooter's breastaurant that had unaccountably remained in operation since before the Cataclysm when so much else had fallen and been abandoned or was being rebuilt and that had now found itself consecrated to Dread Delgath. The absurdity amused her. She detailed any of the structures they passed that seemed to draw his interest, such as the not-quite-explicit frescoes adorning Liberties, the entertainment venue and base of the Immaculate Dawn Courtesans. She indicated the various embassies belonging to several factions, though she doubted Delgath cared overmuch - or at all - and where traders and markets could be found, along with giving suggestions on how best to navigate the sectors of the arcology. "And here we are, your temple, where I believe everyone at least knows your name," Aurea commented gaily as she strode into the breastaurant at Delgaths side, arching her brows in amusement at marble statue of Delgath towering over the bar in the center of the Hooters and the dedication written on the base. To be fair, with her time in the PV-Arcology and proclivities and with an ineffable figure that any Hooter's girl would envy, it was likely they all knew her name as well.
  5. Though of the High Fae now, Aurea had been born in the mortal realm, if with the seed of something more than mortal inside herself. She had never been to the lands of Faerie, though she had brushed their periphery in her travels, and she glided about the fantastic Eden, lavender eyes bright with delighted wonder. Bare breasts, full and firm, rose and fell as she inhaled deeply of the unearthly scents permeating the garden, unconcerned with her state of undress. Red lips parted as she silently read the flaming declaration, then shook her head. Why did one believe that one thing excluded another, when Heart and Soul had the capacity to encompass so much more, infinite potential, if one were only willing? The Rule of Three was so prevalent among the Fae. Daughter, Mother, Crone. That Was, That is, That will be. Day, Night, and the Time Between. Seelie, Unseelie, and the Wild... Faerie, Queen, and Goddess. She wandered about the garden, warm air caressing her bare flesh, lush, dew-laden grass tickling her feet, soft fingers brushing the wondrous and exotic foliage, those of fires not burning, those of ice not freezing, crystalline petals yet warm and living, searching for the one that spoke most to her. Aurea stepped lightly from one blossom to another, her glorious voice blending with the gentle breeze in a sublime paean, her gaze lingering on this fruit or that, until one caught her eye. It was a rose, but more than a rose, sharing traits of jasmine and orchid, more perfect than any earthly flower, its fragrance a heady, sensual perfume that suggested and promised. The flawless blossom was fashioned of pure, morning sunlight, bronze and gold, vivid orange, and soft pinks and purples. The stem and petals were of luminous, silver-white moonlight At her touch, a pair of the blossoms fell into her palm, and the flinched as a thorn of fading starlight hidden among moon-wrought petals pierced her flesh, drawing forth beads of crimson. Dawn, where the Sun began to manifest, and the Moon and Stars were fading until the day passed once more, yet another trio. She smiled ruefully. Do as thou wilt... While she found the pursuit of desires to be something almost holy, it did well to remember it could lead to danger and pain, and it was well, for they too were part of life. Aurea wove one of the Dawn Roses into her hair, then sashayed boldly towards the Altar of Heart, where she laid the other blossom, a faint, starlight thorn painted deep red with her blood.
  6. Aurea shivered in yearning as the melodious hum vibrated through her. She had felt something of its like once before, though at the time, she had not know what it was. It had been when she had first been embraced by Twilight and had freely accepted Desire being graven on her soul. Once more, she accepted what was freely offered without reservation and felt her soul expand to encompass it. In her mind, she followed the path revealed to them and filled it with her own voice, wordless music, alike to the chiming of the Amber Jewel, though more sensual than the note of artifice the gem had held. Wordless, yet still understood to those who could hear it. Let it be a place where the faithful can find their heart's desire and the beauty of their forms reflect the joy and fulfillment they have brought to others... The fae goddess looked around the circle of divinities she now shared an unassailable, integral bond with, lavender eyes alight with wonder and curiosity, a soft smile on her succulent lips. Her grin deepened with wistful regret as she watched and listened to the magnificent Dread as he greeted Gary of the Dead Legion and bellowed his desires for the celebration and evening. Pity that he seemed wary of her, by beautiful women in general, though he clearly didn't mind their company. He was one of the few she could sense that was unabashed by their desires, did not constrain them or fear them. They were so plain on his face and in his eyes, Aurea wondered that all could not read them as easily as she could. But she was one to rarely press her own wants and desires on those who were reticent, despite how glorious it would be. Besides, she was never lacking for lovers who were more willing or more than willing. "That sounds like more than a fine evening," Aurea agreed with bright, melodious laughter, then murmured, "especially the last," before raising her voice once more and spreading her arms wide to encompass the newly birthed Pantheon. "Let Liberties be open to all here and their guests until dawn." She caught Dread's dark-haired companion's eyes for just a moment and gave her wink. For the sheer joy Dread had in being himself, she gifted his companion with a portion of her nature, so she would be unflagging with the virile War God, until the sun rose anew.
  7. "Quite right, sir, quite right," Aurea agreed, dipping her head towards the huge warrior, giving his motorcycle an amused and intrigued smile. "That is a most fearsome steed. Will it allow another astride with yourself? I would like to ride... with you some day, I think. I am known at Aurea." She did not add her plethora of titles and monikers, but they seemed to whisper on the wind as she whistled, calling back her sunrise-hued mount. The unicorn snorted like a trumpet at the scent of flames and exhaust lingering about Ruin, then knelt to make is easier for his mistress to mount, a half dozen other unicorns doing likewise for those who didn't embark into the truck or restored van. She was bemused that Sigil had decided on taking the truck. Aurea swing herself onto the unicorn's back with thoughtless grace, her leather pants creaking, giving his shoulder a pat. Pastel-hued or not, if the fey mounts did not possess the straightforward danger of the demonic motorcycle, they did have an air of haughty menace, their spiraled alicorns glinting under the sunlight, their liquid eyes holding a hunter's gleam that promised they'd unfailingly catch their quarry.
  8. "But not too soon, I trust?" Aurea commented, her giggle lyrical with the sound of piano and flute, while the subtle music about her thrummed with the urgent beat of drums and the wild strains of an electric cello. She met the large warrior's eyes and shivered in delight at the carnal needs and desires she found in him. "I'm sure there are many who will wish to celebrate with you. Perhaps you will find something in P-V that will entice you to linger longer than is your want." The gorgeous nymph patted Dread's arm in passing, not at all put out by the aura of menace and violence he emanated, her touch lengthening into a caress at the impossible strength she felt in the firm muscle. Her white leather-clad hips swayed with inherent sensuality as she walked passed the man who towered over her by a foot and joined her fellow fae. Aurea gave the huge amber-hued gem a tap with a flawless, opalescent nail, making a ringing tink-tink sound, and giving Sigil an exasperated glance when she instinctively went to pull it away. Aurea turned to the middle-aged woman, giving her a welcoming smile that gave rise to warm feelings had never experienced before towards another woman. "And if I may add to my companion's inquiry, good woman, where did you come by such a wondrous gift?" The warm golden light of the jewel and the throb of power spilling from it beat on Aurea, a pleasurable caress that called to her. She began to hum, seeking a register and frequency that resonated with the pulse of power from the jewel, that resonated with the jewel itself.
  9. Krul, I almost had a post done, but went out to lunch before finishing and when I got back, I saw you had posted. Sent you a PM, to see about getting my post inserted without being invalidated.
  10. Aurea, Jewel of the Dawn  Name: Aurea, Lady of Heartsong, Symphony of Sunrise Sighs, Courtesan of Morning Glories, Jewel of the Dawn, Queen in Waiting of Dawn Description: A heart-achingly beautiful and sensual fae woman with delicate, long, pointed ears, who inspires desire in all who lay eyes upon her. She possesses a phenomenal hourglass figure, with flawless flesh the fair golden colour of the rising sun. Her eyes are a sultry, vibrant lavender and her hair is a flowing, glistening waterfall of blues, violets, and magentas finer than any silk. Subtle music seems to constantly flow around her like an enticing perfume and her melodious, sensuous voice speaks directly to the heart and loins. Dresses almost exclusively in clothing of natural materials, often layered diaphanous scarves or gowns, that flatter and draw the eye, or bits of living fibers and foliage that leaves much of her flesh bare. Words: Faerie Queen, Desire, Music Level: 1 XP: 0 Facts: Origin: I was orphaned as a young child during the Great Cataclysm and raised by Monks of the Empty Hand in an isolated mountain town in the northern part of the Canadian Rockies. Past Career: I was trained in the Way of the Empty Hand to be a protector of my village, and as a companion and sacrifice to a High Fae of the Dusk Court. Embracing my role as a sacrifice in whole, I was able to enforce an equal sacrifice, and bound by the eldritch bargain, took her place, reborn and renewed as the Queen in Waiting of Dawn. Relationships: In my travels South, I saved a band of Immaculate Dawn Courtesans who practice the Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure from puritanical religious zealots. In gratitude, they taught me their arts, and with the Word Desire graven on my soul and the Mantle of Dawn upon my shoulders, I soon mastered the Lesser Strife and have surpassed it, walking down the path of the True Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure.  Background It was mutually decided that my path now led from Howlsong, for the mountain village had suffered long enough under the presence of the fae. Howlsong would rest in the capable hands of the Monks of the Empty Hand, their students, and villagers, no longer having to sacrifice one of their own each year. I traveled South, to find out what else this new world held and what my place in it may be. And to seek new people upon which to gift the song and desire of my soul. I had many and many lovers. I traveled for a time with Cedric Varan, as I moved from what used to be Canada down into the former United States. I came across many people, hostile or helpful, and was able to protect myself through the power of my voice, the condemning regard of a Faerie Noble, my enticing beauty, and the Way of the Empty Hand. Several years ago, I found a group of glamorous women being accosted by puritanical, religious zealots, condemning them for their looks and manner of dress and the acts they pursued. The women, while gracefully defending themselves, were being overwhelmed by numbers and zealotry. Then I joined the fray, defending the women with the honey and thunder of my voice, a heart-aching gaze, and deceptively strong blows of fist and foot. I seemed to represent all the religious fanatics despised, but they were no match for the Words bound to me. The women were Immaculate Dawn Courtesans, traveling to a new arcology, who practiced the Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure. It spoke to me as not even the Way of the Empty Hand - but Full of Heart - had and with the Word Desire graven on my soul and the Mantle of Dawn upon my shoulders, I soon mastered the Lesser Strife and surpassed it, beginning my journey down the path of the True Strife of Desire's Exquisite Pleasure. I joined them on their way to the growing HPV arcology, and for the last several years, have used my arts to persuade and entice others - such as Tanya Smith - into helping its development, while trying to establish it as a place where it was free to express desire and love as you wished, as long as it was between consenting adults and it harmed none. The Immaculate Dawn Courtesans and I established a place for ourselves - Liberties - a brothel, burlesque and exotic dance venue, a music lounge, and restaurant, where pleasure and companionship, intimate, comradely, or platonic, could be found. It is my home, for now, but who can say where song and desire may lead me.
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