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  1. Yoyo casually walked around the apartment with an calm air of serenity about her, taking in her surroundings. It was certainly much different than most homes in Gondolin. Life might generally be more comfortable in the Coalition, or at least it appeared to be, but they lacked the true freedom of the Apostates due to things like the ubiquitous Mesh. A cage was still a cage, no matter how gilded it may be, but it was shiny enough to blind most citizens to the reality of their situation. "You have a lovely apartment, Detective O'Quinn-Kurosagi. I thank you for opening your door to us." she said to the dective, giving her a slow, deep nod with her eyes closed, apparently gesture of respect or thanks, just moments before Yoyo's sparring drone arrived at the apartment with a small case. Still, the fact its unexpected arrival drew some attention, if not actual suspicion, from O.K. "I sent for my things. Though I appreciate the loan of the robe from the first responders, I would feel more comfortable in my own attire." Yoyo explained. O.K. relented and let the Drone inside. Immediately it walked over to Yoyo. and held out the case, which Yoyo opened. With a sensual shrug of her shoulders the robe fell from her body, leaving her standing completely nude, thought with her back to the apartments occupants for the most part, as she reached into the case and withdrew some garments. She seemed totally comfortable (and with a body that looked as divinely sculpted as her's, who wouldn't be?) as she retrieved several garments from the case. She slipped on a black, skintight suit with a dancer's graces, stepping into it and pulling the garment up her long, shapely legs before undulating as she slipped her arms in and arched her back causing her skin to faintly shimmer metallic as the motion pulled the suit up and to her body. The seam gradually closed and disappeared over the next several seconds and the nano-machines did their work, sealing her in for the time being as she pulled a flowing, hooded robe from the case and slipped it on. The robe appeared to be a simple linen with accents of black. The monk spoke as she dressed, organizing her thoughts at a bit as she tasked her agent to find out whatever it could about her new companions, "If you wish to continue looking into the matter at hand, then might I suggest that I have access to resources and information that you many not. If they would be of assistance, then I offer them fully and freely." Yoyo offered as she withdrew the last two items from the case; a set of gravitic batons. She casually spun them around each hand a time or two and then collapsed the pair, allowing her to easily conceal them beneath her robe along with a few other odds and ends from the case. "And I think some of my memory may be returning." she said, though it was clearly just a facade of feigned memory lapse, judging by the faint smile on her lips. "When I met Tilda today, about hand hour before we were assaulted, we were talking about the explosion. She told me that her... friends... were not responsible, and I believe her. But she also told me that a 'good' friend on Mars sent word that a Marine contingent left Mars about three hours prior on an unscheduled training exercise. She and her friend seemed to think they were coming here...”
  2. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo's face imperceptibly hardened a bit, her eyes faintly narrowing at how the detective spoke of her friend. She took in a breath, centered herself and relaxed once more before speaking. "Tilda? A criminal?" she said in a bit of surprise, her beautiful, expressive aquamarine eyes going wide. "I am absolutely certain that if she were a criminal, then the fine Centurions would have certainly brought her to justice by now. To call her a 'criminal' is a serious allegation for a detective to be making, one which I am sure somebody of your standing would not make without proof to support it." she said with a nod. Her expression turned thoughtful for a moment, glancing up at the dome above her. "Hmm.. But as I recall, it seems that for all of the highly skilled detective work of the Centurions, and the aid of the all-seeing mesh, no charge ever brought against her was ever able to stick." she thought aloud. "Tilda was associated with the Talons, as their representative in negotiations with the government. She helped the Coalition and Talons to avoid more violence. She saved lives. And she came to me to after the bombing to help save more lives with information she had. So please detective, do not slander the dead with your spurious allegations, especially to her friends." Yoyo politely asked as she rose from her seat on the back of the over-ambulance and walked over to one of the fire fighter vehicles with O'K walking along with her, O'K's lips tightened a bit as she listened. "Why come would she come to you, Ms. Mannerheim?" she asked when they had reached the fire fighting craft. Yoyo glanced over at O'K and leaned down, picking up a hose as she began to speak. "Because she was afraid that Centurions who were already unfairly biased against her would not believe her with the wound of the bombing so fresh. She also knew that in my work, I pass between all strata of society and do not judge, like some do." she began to explain as she leaned her head forward, bending just a bit at the waist. She lifted the hose quite easily over her head and turned it on partially, letting the water run through her faintly shimmering hair, washing out the ash, soot and other debris as she continued, "In so doing I have made many friends and acquaintances, some of whom are in positions, however lofty or lowly, irreproachable or unsavory, to be privy to privileged or sensitive information which they can be convinced to share, or be able to pass such information along the right channels if requested." she said as she dropped the hose and proceeded to wring out water from her hair. When she was satisfied, she shook her head, combing her fingers through her hear and then whipped her head back sharply, to lean her head back, causing her hair to arc through the air, sending off droplets or glistening water. Though she had been careful when rinsing her hair, some of the water still managed to trickle and cascade down her neck and shoulders, wetting the robe just a bit, so than when she leaned her head back it had the effect, whether unintentional or not, to pulled the thin, nearly transparent material when wet, taunt over her chest, the thin, wet material clinging to her perfectly sculpted breasts, the entire scene making her look like some sort of sea goddess freshly risen from the waves. "Unfortunately, I just can't recall all of the information she shared with me right now. After the explosion, things are a bit fuzzy." she said, shaking her head as she held up a hand across her forehead in an expression of wooziness that still causes a few of the male medics to tense and nearly jump to catch her. "Maybe if I were to tag along with your investigation, as an outside consultant perhaps, something might help me remember." she added. It was a gesture that she was certain the detective could see though, but that was also a bit of the point. She had dealth with all manner of law enforcement over her life, and knew how to handle them and give them what they needed to get what she wanted, such as providing the detective with a possible excuse, however flimsy, to her superiors to explain why she was permitted to tag along. Yoyo gestured toward the remains of the gardens with a sweep of her elegant hand, and then gestured up and down her body with a sling, fluid motion. "You obviously need not worry about my safety, and I am currently having further discrete protection brought to me from my quarters. That aside, I am sure you can see the benefit of having my assistance. There are many who would talk to me that would never be willing to talk to a detective." she explained as she wet her towel with the hose, wringing it somewhat clean, before continuing to use it to wipe what little bit remained of the charred crust from her body. "And no, Tlda never underwent the apotheosis. She had a bioware prosthetic here or there, due to injuries during her military service, but lacked any cyberware. I had hoped that she would, over time, decide to direct her own evolution and choose immortality, but now that choice was denied her. So now, detective, there is no core for you to recover from her. My account is close as you will get."
  3. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo's gaze drifted past the Detective to the soldering remains of the garden. "Terrible" does not even begin to describe it." she she said, almost to herself, looking at the remains of the garden once again for a brief moment before looking back to the ground. "I.." Yoyo voice caught in her throat momentarily as she tried to speak about what happened. "I don't think they were after me. You see, I am something of a proponent of transhumanism. I speak about transhumanism, answer questions of the curios, help guide those who wish it along the path to their own self-directed evolution, to immortality, share my own story and try to set an example. I am not some transhumanist snob who looks down on those who do not wish to walk this path. I simply educate others on it and help them if they so desire. I am not like so many of the transhumanist supremacists out there. There is the occasional HPA fanatic, but I am perfectly capable of protecting myself. I am not one much for making enemies though. And please, call me Yoyo." she said, forcing a faint smile, that on her faced hardly even looked so. The faux smile faded quickly as her thoughts moved on to what had happened. "I believe they were after my friend, Tilda Baily," she said with a sigh as she pointed at one of the bodies, closing her eyes and shaking her head. "I think I was unexpected and just got in the way, and I doubt this happening shortly after the train bombing is a coincidence." Yoyo took in a deep breath, closing her eyes and centering herself as she let the detective pull up the information on Tilda. "You see, I come to the gardens often, and it was here I met Tilda by chance and we struck up a friendship. She may be associated with the Talons of Freedom, but our friendship had nothing to do with that. She came to me today, as I was praying for those poor souls on the train. She assured me that the Talons were not involved, and I must say, I believe her detective." she explained with the ache of loss lingering on her voice as she lifted her head to bring her luminous, aquamarine eyes to meet O'K's for a moment, her gaze full of sincerity and hurt. "I had just finished an hour or so of instructing Tilda in Maharia Meditation stances in the garden when I heard something outside the gate. It began to slowly open and I could see the barrel of a weapon, and so I acted to protect my friend, restraining the first one to question him, though I did not know there were others at the time. There were three of them, in fact, the apparent assassins I mean, but I don't know who they were. They had tactical gear, needle rifles and, apparently, incendiary grenades, and no compunction about taking lives." she explained, glancing over at the bodies being processed. "Another unloaded on the one I had restrained... to get to me. They just emptied a needler magazine into him, like... like... he was nothing" she recounted, shaking her head. "I have the benefit of certain augs, as I knew I may encounter violence in speaking on Transhumanism. Those augs made their needlers... ineffective... against me. The one I had restrained though, was not so lucky. I had only wished to question him, but he died in my grasp, bathing me in..." Yoyo's gaze shifted down to the towel in her hands, blackened by the crust of burnt blood she had wiped from her body. She closed her eyes tightly, though a few tears with a faint, metallic hue, escaped to run down her cheeks. With her eyes still closed tight, she continued, doing her best to steady her voice. "My friend, she was danger, for as that one reloaded, the other began to fire at her, not me. She was unarmed and still in the garden, clearly not the threat that I would have appeared to be, but still they fired at her as she took cover as best she could." "I did not have time to think about what what happening. Tilda was still in danger, so I had to act. I tossed Tilda the needler of the one I had restrained, and since one was reloading, I confronted the one shooting at my friend. I had hoped to remove him from the fight swiftly, either through unconsciousness or severe injury, so I could do the same to the third." "I am not entirely sure what happened next. It is a bit fuzzy. I think the one stopped reloading, and I remember hearing gunfire and then an explosion. When I awoke, trauma personnel were tending to me in the remains of the garden, and the assassins...and my friend... were dead." "Think what you may about her from what you've heard, but I can tell you that Tilda I knew was a good person and a better friend." she said as she locked eyes with the detective once more, he luminous eyes seemingly pleading and full of aching loss. Yoyo wiped away the steaks of tears on her cheeks with a clean back of her hand as her gaze slowly hardened with resolve. "Those responsible for all of these deaths will face justice."
  4. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo sitting on the back of the hover ambulance was something of a surreal sight with all of the blackened destruction, smoldering embers and charred bodies in the area. It was not difficult to tell that she was nude beneath the thin robe, her clothing taken by the flames, but what she lacked in clothing was compensated for with a crust of burnt blood covering the front of her body, with seared flesh everywhere else. Even though she was encrusted mostly with burnt gore, her curves were plainly obvious. Her heavenly face and hands were wiped more or less clean, and her long braid was now undone, her once incredibly long, auburn hair now hanging loosely, singed and somewhat shortened by the flames, but not totally burned off as one would expect, with the slight metallic sheen of her hair and skin hinting as to why she was not further injured. Still, despite her current state, it was obvious that Yoyo was unearthly beauty, easily rivaling O'K in that department, though where OK oozed a raw sex appeal, Yoyo was more of a classic, seemingly unattainable, beauty. Her face was sad though, loss and mourning painted plainly on it. Her aquamarine eyes (that one could swear was faintly glowing) were staring at the ground as she wiped and scrubbed the charred blood from her ears and neck with a towel, her robe opened slightly exposing more or her decolletage as she worked down her neck, lost in thought and apparently totally unaware of any onlookers. Each pass of the towl eradicated more of the charred gore to reveal pristine, tanned supple flesh, almost like she were emerging from some chrysalis To those able to perceive such things, her seared skin could be seen to shimmer on occasion as nanite 'medichines' swarmed over her, repairing flesh at such a rate that the black blotch of seared flesh could be visibly seen to be contracting if one managed to pay attention to it. As she was approached, Yoyo's CID information hovered above her in AR as she sat on the back of the ambulance: - Citizen ID: KF93JD42M - Name: Yolanda Singh Mannerheim - House: Silva - Rep Rating: 6 Though O'K' and Anselmo's AR displays, being Centurions, had an additional piece of information: - >>> Licensed <<< Yoyo shook her head, trying to make sense of it all, her aquamarine eyes still looking at the ground, though focused on nothing, The medical personnel, especially the men, tended to hover around her, she was the only survivor after all, or at least that is the excuse they would give. When one would hand her something Yoyo would momentarily come out of her reverie, turning those beautiful aquamarine eyes on them with a smile and politely thank them, before drifting back deep into thought. The killing of her friend, of each other, the destruction of the Gardens... it was all madness.
  5. The corpse of the man Yoyo had restrained fell to the ground, or at least most of it did, the few bits of skin, muscle and sinew unable to keep the man's shredded torso together, tearing and snapping to fall at Yoyo's feed in a wet heap. Yoyo was left standing in place,bathed in blood and gore, her robe and tunic shredded. he clothes shredded and being doused in crimson gore left her looking like some overly sexual piece of vampire art, as the now exposed curves of her body and luscious, bared breast would seem to only exist in deepest the fantasies of erotic artists. In her hands she still held the man's arm in her joint lock, the severed limb still attached to most of the shoulder. The fact that they would kill one of their own told Yoyo plenty about the type of people they were dealing with, while their armament told her that they were certainly not expecting to encounter resistance such as her. The flechettes were easily able to shred an unarmored target, but they had no chance against her sleeve's skin reinforced with genetically bolstered spider silk and graphene. Still though, several flechettes, maybe a dozen or so, did manage to barely stick in her augmented flesh, each slowly dripping blood or with bits of sinew dangling from them. Yoyo's resolve hardened. She had hoped to simply restrain and question the man, but his accomplices had killed him to get her without a second thought. Another life denied eternity. nd now they were firing on her friend, Tilda. She had to end this quickly. Yoyo' still held the wrist of the severed arm in her left hand and with her right she brushed most of the flechettes from her skin effortlessly in one, smooth motion without even looking, her eyes intense and faintly glowing, focus on the assailants before her assessing the changing situation. One was shooting at her friend, while the other was reloading, and therefore not a threat for a few seconds. That made the decision simple. She had to put down the one shooting at Tilda fast, then deal with the other. She was like a machine, ripped right out of one of those old Earth movies with the assassin robots sheathed in skin, sent back in time to kill somebody. She was focused, cold, unconcerned with her near total nudity, the blood coating the front of her body or the mess at her feet. Her movements where deliberate, almost robotic at times, yanked the needler from the dead hand, tossing it toward Tilda as she charged the man shooting at her friend by diving over the mangled mess at her feet, tucking and rolling to com up before her target. With near perfect form she delivered a kick to his ribs with her left leg, followed immediately by right cross, putting every bit of power her synthetic body could muster in an attempt to put him down hard and fast.
  6. Yoyo charged down the gravel pathway at the gate, her hood catching the air and falling about her shoulders while her long braid danced and bounced behind her. Once close enough, she leapt at the gate with a flying knee, swinging it back at the armed assailant on the other side, catching them by surprise when the gate swung back to hit them with such force, stunning them for just a moment. Without hesitation Yoyo grasped the barrel of the gun, yanking it forward to pull the wielder forward and off balance. She Then traded a grip on the barrel for a vice-like grip on the assailant's wrist, slipping her other arm across is elbow and yanking the wrist back in a painful 'kimura' arm lock, neutralizing the weapon as she scanned the area for more threats.
  7. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "Marines? I doubt anything good'll come of that." Yoyo commented, turning her head to the window as she contemplated. "That was quite the explosion..." she mused. She then turned back to her friend, with a soft smile playing across her lips. "You know, In my time thus far I have met many people from all strata of society and made many friends. Perhaps some might remember a recent acquisition of explosives, be it legal or illicit, by an, as of yet, unnamed party..." she thought aloud.
  8. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo rose from the mat with such precision and grace that it bordered on mechanical. It did not show up too often, but when it did, it could be a just a little off-putting, reminding those viewing Yoyo that she was far from natural. Tilda, though, had grown somewhat used to it since they had met. Everybody had quirks, after all, some were just a little more obvious than others. Yoyo turned to face her friend, pulling back her hood and revealing her hair in a bit of a poof at the front, gradually turning into single brain going down the back of her neck. Her hair, just like her skin, had the slightest metallic sheen in the candle light. She looked to her Tilda, her blue eyes glowing faintly in the dim light, and offered a small, reassuring smile. Even in a world with custom sculpted biosleeves, Yoyo's features were beyond exquisite, her smile almost seeming to be that of some ancient goddess showing her favor. "Of course not, my friend.", she said as she took Tilda's hand and place her other hand atop it in reassurance. "I makes me wonder as to who would do such a thing though. All of those lives, each with a chance at immortality and untold potential, just snuffed out." She looked back to Tilda and shook her head. "I thought the inaugural run was not for at least some days from now. If a statement were to be made, it would have been bust done with eyes on the rail opening day. This... was no accident, nor a political statement. This must have been something else." she said as she looked back over her shoulder briefly at the lit candles with a wistful sigh. "Have you hear anything about it? Who would even know the rail would be running today?"
  9. May - A kind and serene woman, May is Yoyo's dear friend, something of a surrogate mother or big sister, and her mentor as a transhumanist monk. Yoyo and May's friendship developed over years of lively debating about philosophy long before before Yoyo's first steps down the path of transhumanism. May was even the person to give Yolanda the nickname of Yoyo.
  10. Character Name: Yolanda "Yoyo" Singh Mannerheim State: Sleeved Allegiance: Apostate Gender: Female Height: 5'10" Weight: 155 lbs Hair: Brown, with a slight metallic sheen Eyes: Aquamarine, faintly glowing Skin: Tanned, with a slight metallic sheen Appearance: Yoyo is tall and stunningly beautiful. Her curves are sensual and slightly athletic, though they are often only hinted at by her choice of somewhat loose fitting, slightly flowy attire which permits rare, teasing glimpses of of her tanned flesh here and there, with her skin possessing a metallic hue at times, indicating her full Synthesis. Her hair is long and brown, with the same hint of metallic as her skin, and is usually kept back i(often braided) n a tight bun, or pony tail. Her eyes are a captivating aquamarine blue that seem to glow with a dim inner light. She generally has a calm, pleasant demeanor, but sometimes moves in a somewhat unnatural way, or hold her head a slightly odd angle. Background Yoyo is a bit unusual. She considers herself a Transhumanist Monk, spreading transhumanist ideals not by preaching, but by example, often sharing her own story of being small and sickly and then through transhumanism (Apotheosis, Resleeving and Synthesis in her case) being reborn into a new body, rising above her former self and situation. She encourages other to direct their own evolution, and offers her assistance to those who have questions or see a guide through the process. By all accounts she is kind, helpful and serene and easily moves between the various strata of society easily, speaking with reputable citizens and criminal apostates alike, without judgement. She seems to accept people for who they are now, but has faith that they can grow beyond it, should they so chose, and feels that they all should have a chance to do so. Unlike many proponents of transhumanim, Yo-yo does not espouse her beliefs to be superior, merely one of many possible beliefs and paths that each must choose for themselves. She respects others and their beliefs, even Purists, as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on others, as such, she is an outspoken opponent of the HPA, but still acknowledges it as the law of the land, for now at least, for she is patient and enduring, and seemingly has eternity for things to change.
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