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  1. Cool, Nina. I'll take a look at my character again when I can, and see how she could be adapted to fit, even it's shuffling a few skills, and fluffing over why she left (or maybe hasn't actually left) the Centurions.
  2. Jordan glided into her apartment and slipped her long coat from her shoulders and hanging it without looking from a coat rack in a habitual motion. Her Centurion Armored Bodysuit molded itself to a figure designed by fantasies rather than nature, on ample display as she sat down on the couch, crossing her legs as she reached up plugged the chip into the jack on the back of her neck. She held herself with her inherently enforced sultriness, but there was a tightness to her set of her shoulders and the line of her back. Jordan didn't often bring company to her apartment, so she found it vaguely uncomfortable having so many here. Even when she had to fulfill the needs of her overly sexualized sleeve, she preferred doing so at the other's domicile or a paid room. "Thank-you," Jordan murmurred, responding to Ryan and Yoyo, privately pleased and annoyed that she was pleased at the comments. "The Centurions of Rho are well compensated, and if you're discerning and spend the time, you can find nice templates under your rep limit." She nodded towards the digital frames of Martian scenes on the walls. "Some are gifts from family and I've tried my own modest hand at knitting." She began reviewing the data chip, the files superimposed in her vision via her mindnet. Jordan frowned when she noticed Anselmo immediately helping himself at the wetbar, but relented with a sharp nod of thanks when he offered her a drink. She down half it in a single pull. Jordan's lambent indigo eyes smoldered as Yoyo disrobed and reclothed herself, but rather in affront or intrigue, it was hard to tell. Despite trying to focus on the files, her gaze lingered on the lines of the woman's sleek curves. Her expression went flat however when Yoyo continued with the conceit of regaining her 'lost' memory. "Would you happen to 'remember' why Tilda and her friend believed the Marine contingent would be coming to Luna? I'll see if I can contact anyone in Martian Centurions, circumspectly of course, to see if they have heard anything." Jordan's full lips turned down into a frown once more as the tried to fit the puzzle pieces together. "I can see why the investigation might be closed under lock and key." She paused for a long moment. Her own department had closed the investigation. She might not entirely trust Church and Yoyo, and their own motives were suspect at best, but there were who she had to work with at the moment. "All the bodies in the first car were clones. All of them, including the child. Which shouldn't be possible. A developing brain can't handle and adapt to a neural net, which is why adolescent and younger clones aren't manufactured. They would be mindless husks, not capable of properly being animated by a memory core." Jordan took a deep breath, her buxom torso straining the confines of her armor, her eyes flicking from side to side as she scrolled through the files. "Furthermore, all the clones were less then twenty-four hours old, and all were forked from the same memory core. Kwon's. Now, I can accept he could have managed to get access to an unregistered, unrestricted compiler capable of making flawless clones. But to make so many would require a full fledged Clone Factory. And a facility of that size shouldn't be able to be hidden. The DNA markers of the clones aren't from any known manufacturer. Only a House would have the resources to manage something like this. So the questions are, where did the clones come from? And where is Kwon now?"
  3. "You didn't give me a thing," Jordan replied laconically, lips twisting wryly as the RO walked away, tucking the data chip surreptitiously into her long coat. The curvaceous detective sashayed back to her partner and pair of impromptu deputies. She gave them a bland look, debating what to reveal, then sighed. Keeping things secret with them involved would just be counter productive. "The twists just keep on coming. The investigation has been shuttered and whitewashed here, which likely means the same thing is going to happen to ours. So, Anselmo, I think we're going to make ourselves scarce at the station for while. Let's go, guys. Luckily, we still have something to pursue, which we'll have to do without using official Centurion resources." She gave them a dry smirk. "We might be able to get some unofficial help if it becomes absolutely necessary." If they did that, their own investigations would be derailed all the sooner. She took in her squad in a glance and nodded towards door. "Back to the skiff. We'll... head to my apartment for now, unless any of you have a better suggestion."
  4. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Jordan followed Anselmo's glance, well aware of just what he was glancing at, and couldn't help but wonder if his suggestion of Protective Custody was for a valid reason or just to have another good looking woman around to ogle. Okay, that wasn't fair, Ken wasn't that bad, and if what Church surmised held water... The sensuous Centurion glared at the bodies as though personally affronted, then tossed her head, long white hair shimmering, as she turned to look up at Church. "If they are needlecasting assassins and disposing of the sleeves and the cores, nothing says it's more than one assassin and they are just forking the asshole." Her luscious lips curved in a grimace showing pearly teeth. "Terrorists or not, the resources it seems dedicated to this certainly suggests at least House backing, leaning towards direct House involvement. Keep looking around while we go speak with Ms. Mannerheim, then we'll get out of the way of the CSIs." Jordan arched an unintentionally enticing brow at her partner. "Don't blame me if my new chassis makes us all kind of popular with the higher-ups. And really, do you want to be riding a desk or issuing citations?" She nodded towards YoYo. "Let's go inform Ms. Mannerheim that she'll be staying with us for the time being under protective custody." She grunted. "She should be happy, she'll be getting what she wants, if not in quite the official capacity she desires." The Centurion detectives made their way back to the elegant woman. "Ms. Mannerheim - Yoyo - we believe the danger, to you and others, is still a concern. As such, we would... like your acquiescence to place you in our care under protective custody." The ravishing detective truly seemed discomfited having to ask instead of demand, but as yet, Jordan didn't believe she had enough to bring to her captain to impose protective custody, not and make it stick, anyway. "You'll stay with us," she smirked wryly, "and perhaps overhear enough of the investigation to make an occasional comment or suggestion. For the moment, we'll head back to the station and wait on the reports from the CSIs and medical examiner. Right now, we're just making their jobs more difficult."
  5. "Unless we manage to recover an intact core from the assailants, of course," Jordan countered, voice and expression flat. Or as flat as she could manage to make them. Where Yolanda's sensual movements seemed affected to Jordan, her own were inherent and instinctual. Which wasn't to say she wasn't affected by Yolanda's sensual grace or the wet shirt clinging to her exquisite curves. The woman's intent was clear, but would it be better to have her on hand where they could keep an eye on her, or leave her out of the investigation, so Yolanda couldn't exploit what they learned? Jordan let drop the issue of Tilda Bailey's status as a criminal or terrorist. She had been a friend of Ms. Mannerheim it seemed, Yolanda wouldn't be willing to her aspersions to her character. She was quick enough to defend her, though Jordan hadn't called her criminal, simply stated that by Yolanda's own words, Tilda had been a member of a recognized terrorist organization. "As for allowing you to be involved in the investigation, Ms. Mannerheim, my partner and I will have to discuss it," Jordan said, her voice a cool purr, seemingly unaware that her indigo eyes were giving the Transhumanist Advocate a casual once over. "Whether you can defend yourself or no, you are still a civilian - your safety is still our concern, especially if you accompany us on this investigation." Speaking of safety, Yolanda's mention of discrete protection reminded Jordan of her own. As a detective, she didn't always wear her light Centurion bodysuit unless she was expecting trouble, but she always had it on hand, in the trunk of her Centurion Skiff. With the Train, and now the Garden, if she and Ken managed to catch up to the perpetrators, having their armor on already would be advisable. <I think we should suit up, Ken. Too many things exploding and getting shredded for my liking. And if Tilda Bailey wasn't the only target, they might try again for Ms. Mannerheim. By the way, what do you think of her offer to help? If you can stop thinking of her tits long enough, nice as they are.> Then the cyberman approached. "If you'll excuse us, Ms. Mannerheim," Jordan said, catching Ken's eye with a glance, then nodding at Church towards the doorway out of the Gardens. She wouldn't underestimate the senses of someone with as many augments as Yolanda seemed to possess. "We'll return shortly, hopefully with an answer to your offer." Putting distance between her, Ken, and Church, and everyone else, Jordan planted a hand on her hip and looked up at the towering cybersleeve with an arched brow. "Now, what is this report you say you have?"
  6. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "They will," Jordan agreed, her sensual voice holding a hard bite, full lips and indigo eyes tightening, unmoved by Yoyo's tears. "But remember Ms Mann - Yoyo - it is the duty of the Centurions to apprehend them, and the Coalition of Free States to sentence them." Yolanda Mannerheim might claim Tilda Bailey as a friend, but to Jordan, she was a criminal. The Talons of Freedom seek nothing less than the fall of the Coalition under the pretext of old and obsolete nationalistic ideals. They were one of the largest suppliers of the black market, particularly in the area of weapons and armaments. And the Talons infested Rho, her city. It was never far from Jordan's thoughts that it was between the destructive machinations of the Talons of Freedom and the Purifiers that she ended up in her inappropriate sleeve. "Various augs and modifications or not, Yoyo, you shouldn't discount the danger offered by the Purifiers," Jordan said, then frowned faintly. "Nor that of the Talons. Though you are clearly a victim and have lost someone of importance to you, please remain available for questioning. By your own admission, you have interacted with someone you knew as a member of the Talons of Freedom, a recognized terrorist organization. Considering the events of today, that cannot be overlooked. If you will give me a few moments? I still need to take a look at the scene." It was phrased as a question, but it was a statement, as Jordan turned her attention back to the crime scene. More dead bodies burned beyond recognition. She tasked the Centurion Drone and a couple of the paramedics to keep a tab on Mannerheim while she looked over the footage the Drone has recorded of the event. In another personal window of her Mindset, Jordan began scouring public and Centurion databases on Tilda Bailey, to see if anything would clear or indict her, or hint at who may have attacked her. "Ken, would give the scene a once over, see if there's anything that might give a hint of who the attackers were or who they worked for?" Ken scowled, but Jordan gave him a pointed glance, aimed just below his belt. "If nothing else, it might help with your 'little' problem. And try not to disturb anything. Too much. You know how the CSIs hate that." Checking on the progress of the CSIs - they've been busy today - she sent them and the ME a note to take special care in trying to recover any mnemonic cores and to look for any indications that the charred attackers were cloned sleeves. It was a faint thread to follow, but it wasn't too far fetched to consider a link between the Mag-Lev attack and this one. Jordan turned back to Yoyo, her glistening white hair flaring. "Yoyo, are you aware if Tilda Bailey possessed a Mnemonic Core and Mindset?"
  7. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "Cry me a river, Anselmo," Jordan growled with more sexual frustration than she intended. With the Venus-model sleeve she wore, it wasn't a matter of being horny, but rather how horny she was. She shot her partner a smirk. "Though I'd think working decadent Rho, you'd be used to it by now." To be fair, even by the standards of an entertainment bastion such as Rho, the woman stood out. It was clearly not a 'naturally' made body, designed by someone with class and taste, instead of purely prurient interests like her own. And Ms. Mannerhiem must've taken more than a few hits to her rep or called in some special favours to get Synthesized with a rep rating only a 6. Even in a Silva dominated enclave like Rho, Synthesized Sleeves weren't exactly common. And aesthetic appeal wasn't the only thing the woman - or rather her sleeve - was designed for, Jordan thought with frown, reviewing the footage from the Centurion Drone and glancing around the destroyed garden with a frown. Her eyes fell on a dish by one of the medtechs holding several plastic flechettes from a needler. Some were broken, none had blood on them, not on the tips at least. And she's Licensed. Jordan wasn't even Licensed, except in course of her duties as a Centurion. The woman also didn't seem too shook up from the assault. Quiet and introverted - or was that introspective - but she didn't seem in shock or particularly distressed. Most people in the Protectorate didn't encounter violence, especially on this scale. "See if the MESH will give us anything this time, Anselmo, if you would? Since you're so hard done by, I'll see if Ms. Mannerheim is up to answering some questions." Jordan glided up to the gorgeous woman, waving aside the medtechs, asking for some distance with a glance. When the woman looked up at the curvaceous detective with those luminous aquamarine eyes, Jordan felt her hold on her enhanced pheromones go slack, even as she tried to decipher the subtle unconscious pheromones of the woman to determine her emotional state. Lucky me, not only did I get a libido jacked to eleven, but one not discerning in its proclivities. Jordan might still have a definite preference for men, but her sleeve was not so limited. She was still getting used to that. "Ms. Mannerheim, I know you've been subjected to a terrible situation," Jordan said, her sensual voice perhaps a touch too warm to be purely professional. "But while it is still fresh, would be willing to speak with me in our attempt to determine who did this and bring them to justice? I am Detective O'Quinn-Kurosagi, and the gentleman over there is Ken Anselmo." Jordan's eyes roved over the charred foliage of the gardens for a moment before turning them back on the woman who's modesty was barely held by a thin robe. "Standard I know, but I must ask, did you know the attacks or know why anyone would mean you harm?"
  8. THE MORGUE The glare Jordan shot the RO should have made his spontaneously ejaculate or die on the spot. He took a cautious step back and tried not to stare - too much - at her chest as she took several deep breathes to calm herself. If there was a God, Jordan thought he had a very sick sense of humour. "Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be?" Jordan's tone was dry, so dry. She glanced over her shoulder at Church and pursed her lips, figuring he was able to hear. She turned back to the RO and nodded at the doorway he had entered by, then walked that way, giving him the option to follow or be left behind. He followed - having an ass like a heart-shaped dream had its advantages - but then his took several swift steps and stood in front of her, blocking access to the rooms beyond. Arms folded, she looked up at the RO with an arched brow, considering pushing past him, but decided not to make an issue of it. Besides, if she managed to get him alone, the case, as frustratingly convoluted as it was getting, wouldn't be the only thing on her mind, she suspected. "So, more clones." They could try to backtrack them through the MESH networks, but with the failure with Kwon, she suspected it wouldn't be illuminating. Still, they would have to try. "Is there anything more you can tell me? Which company, preferably, which specific lab, manufactured the clones? Or even if they were made in the same lab? Have any more intact mnemonic cores been recovered, or identities confirmed? We might get something with direct questioning, not being impeded by House Kimura." She cocked her head slightly to the side, in thought. She really needed to get laid. It hadn't even been a day yet, but still... "Forget about that!" Her eyes widened and she tried not to grimace. "I mean, don't forget about my earlier questions, but add - can you determine how long the clone-sleeves were manufactured, gestated, or whatever technical term they're using now? Also, the recovered bodies, have they all been from the front car, or from throughout the mag-train?"
  9. THE MORGUE "And why might I want to do that, hmm?" Jordan had meant her tone to be warning and menacing, but it had come out sounding coy and coquettish. Her frown was more of an enticing smirk as she sauntered over to the RO, hips swaying enticing. She tossed her head, making her glistening white hair flashing under the lights to disguise undoing another button on her blouse to reveal more inner curve of spectacularly designed breasts. The overly sexualized characteristics of her sleeve might have been an irritant, but she wasn't above using them for her own ends. Breathing deep and drawing the RO's - and not only the RO's - eyes downward, her smirk widened faintly as she brushed his arm with a hand, her own eyes going to his PPC. Plain sight and all that... "What other fantastic news do you have for me today?" She couldn't make her voice anything but sultry, but she managed to inject a heap of sarcasm into it.
  10. The Morgue "Fuck." With Jordan's sultry, velvety voice, it sounded more like an invitation than a curse, but her indigo eyes were hot and her full lips were twisted in a scowl for everyone. "This shit just keeps going sideways." She gave the RO an accusatory look, who tried to keep his eyes on her face rather than her heaving, prominent chest. She folded her arms - which didn't help the RO on keeping his eyes up - and pinched the bridge of her nose. Her gaze slanted toward Church. "You go call management, I have a court order to get." She should probably call her Captain for, but she wanted to get on top of the court order before the Kimura boy blocked her. Jordan sent her agent to do the prelim work on the court order - find out the specific requirements and such, while Jordan began skimming her contacts. She knew a lot of people in the Centurions and Protectorate court system, one of the must be able to help her put a rush on the order and see it in a favourable light. And if they wanted some trade in kind, that would solve two issues at once. "Hey, Anselmo?" Jordan said quietly, sidling up to her partner. "You wanna update the Captain while I get on top of this court order?" She snorted delicately. "From me, he might just think I didn't want to take no for an answer."
  11. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Jordan slipped into her Centurion Skiff, well aware of Anselmo's - among others - eyes on her legs, and closed the door with more force than necessary. She leaned back against the headrest, closing her eyes for a moment as she stretched, tasking her agent, Cathbad, to plot a route to the ME's office then send it to Anselmo and Church. It wasn't so much having to deal with and accede to another House that bothered her. It was knowing there was more to it and not getting the support from her superiors. Whether a terrorist attack or the machinations of one or more Houses, the case had been foisted onto her and Anselmo, yet they were going to be hobbled in the investigation, she just knew it, and then the case will go cold, and stuffed into archives, unsolved. She loved her job, but it could be so frustrating when House Politics got involved. She grunted as Cathbad chirped, indicating the route had been calculated and sent. Work wasn't the only thing frustrating at the moment, feeling the yearning ache of her over-sexed sleeve beginning to rise. She took several deep breathes to collect herself, checked her reflection in the windshield monitor. She brushed the luminous white hair from her face, then shifted her skiff into drive and peeled away from the crash site with perhaps a touch more speed then warranted, the anti-grav propulsion skirling up debris and detritus from the road. "I'll take lead," Jordan commed Anselmo. "You follow behind them, Ken, in case Church loses the way, or some other bullshit shows up. It's been that kinda day."
  12. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Jordan scowled at the image of her Centurion Commander. With her new, younger-looking face, the Centurion Commander thought, not for the first time, that it made her look sulky rather than stubborn or angry. Nice rack though. Jordan caught the VR construct's eyes shift downward for a moment and her lips tightened. "There's something there, Commander, I just need--" Jordan began to protest. "Any actual proof of that, Detective?" Her Commander's tone was tight. He was being pressured too, either by his own superiors, or House Kimura, directly or through subsidiaries. "Circumstantial," Jordan was forced to admit with a grimace. "I logged it in the report." "It's not enough, O'K. Cut him loose and turn over the case and the core." "Fine!" She almost snarled. "We're almost done here, just to got bag and tag the bodies in the front car. The CSI boys and girls got their pics and samples. Less than an hour." The VR image broke apart into dispersing motes and Jordan refocused on the big cybersleeve in front of her. "Seems like someone has some pull," Jordan said with a sigh that made the neck of her blouse gape wider. "Let me run your Harekaze Security credentials, and if everything checks out, Mr. Church, I'll have the case turned over to you. And then, if you'll follow me to the ME's office once the site has been cleared, when Kwon's core is extracted, that will be turned over as well." The members of House Kimura might be surprised that the detective relented after her stubborn obstinacy, but she was clearly not happy with the situation, her lovely eyes narrowed with suspicion. She moved off, hollering at Centurion techs, getting the last things done to clear the site. She wasn't done looking into Kwon, however. While clearing the site, she began a search, trying to backtrack Kwon's movements using the MESH Grids, using her connections in the Centurions to gain access to records and the monitoring AIs outsider her regular jurisdiction, if her search led her afar. Like Hell I'm gonna let Kimura claim you just because they want you...
  13. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Jordan gave Anselmo a narrow-eyed, sidelong glance that he couldn't decide was suppose to be a glare or an invitation to any suitable surface. They should have known or already found out that today wasn't the official, public test run for the new grav-train. The ravishing detective crossed her arms, another inch or two of cleavage swelling into view, and shook her head in feigned apology. <Something is hinky, here,> Jordan sent to her partner Anselmo, via her flowing agent Cathbad. <Kwon's records have been tampered with. Ken, How 'bout you give Church's credentials a run through, just in case.> "Under normal circumstances, I would love nothing more than to accede to your request, Mr. Church." The Centurion's natural sultry tones almost made it seem like she was referring to something else. "Unfortunately, the situation is... complicated." Her grin was challenging. "You may not be aware, but there seems to have been... an error in Sigamund Kwon's records. It seems he is not in fact, a House Kimura citizen - he apparently renounced it two years ago. Just a glitch in an automated system, I'm sure." Jordan knew she had been lucky to have found that out, her search accidentally leading her into an unsecured database. She had logged the details of her search, of course, and put in a ticket with a forensic analyst for corroboration. She gave the big cyberman an incisive look, trying to determine if the revelation was a surprise to him, though it would be hard to tell with his mechanical and electrical composition. She didn't quite understand people who preferred metal to meat, even if the meat wasn't original recipe. "That being the case, the issue of the house-locked case becomes more... prickly. I don't question that the case is the property of House Kimura. However, with it being in the possession of Kwon, who is not a member of House Kimura, it becomes an issue of theft. If not connected to the bombing, it now becomes evidence in another case, I'm afraid." She shrugged apologetically. "I can't turn it over yet until this is resolved or we receive a court order. But I want this resolved as much as you do. Kwon is being taken to the medical examiner for autopsy and to recover his core. What I can do, is if we can recover Kwon's Ego, I can give you the opportunity to speak with him - supervised of course - to determine how he came into possession of the case." She arched a brow, her tone becoming slightly imploring. "Work with me here. A lot of people in my city have been killed. I want to know why. And if Kwon doesn't have anything do to with it, I don't need the distraction."
  14. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Jordan craned her neck up to meet what passed for eyes on the figure. She wasn't a short woman, if taller than she'd been in her birth sleeve, but Church's cybersleeve towered over her by more than a foot. She took a pair of steps back so he wasn't looming and she didn't have to tilt her head back so much. Her cool smile stood on the precipice between professional and suggestive. That someone was already asking about Kwon and the case so soon after the attack was interesting to say the least. "I'm Detective O'Quinn-Kurosagi," the ravishing Centurion replied, her sultry voice holding a faint old Irish brogue. "I'm afraid you will be delayed in your business Mr. Church. This is an active scene of domestic terror and we are pursuing all avenues to determine the motives for the act and the act's perpetrators. In our preliminary research, Sigamund Kwon has become a person of interest." She arched a brow and eyed Church once more. "Further, we have not determined any current connection between Kwon and Harekaze Security, or your company's parent House, nor that you possess any actual authority over him. As such, Sigamund Kwon and his memory Core will remain in Centurion custody, his Ego recovered as soon as feasible for a little... conversation." The gorgeous detective planted a hand on a provocative him, her other hand making a graceful gesture as she sent Church an AR evidence recovery form. "House Kimura may have a claim on the case, but unfortunately, it has been logged into evidence." She heaved a sympathetic sigh that made her blouse gape wider at the neck, but her indigo eyes didn't look sympathetic at all. "We may live in a post-scarcity society, but even the highest Rep can't avoid all the paperwork, for all that it's digital. The case was in Kwon's possession at the time and we have no log or report that it has been stolen. If you can provide anything info regarding the providence of the case and that it has been stolen, that will go a long way in allowing Harekaze Security in recovering the case." Jordan smirked. "Of course, if you can provide the Rho Centurion Department with the key to the Kimura House-lock so we can look inside and determine whether the contents had anything to do with the attack, you may be able retrieve the case and its contents all the soon." Or not, depending on what we find...
  15. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Jordan was getting frustrated, which wasn't uncommon for her these days. Canvassing for witnesses turned up nothing, no one was claiming responsibility, and in trying to contact her Captain to get an explanation as to why she and Anselmo had been assigned the case, she kept running into his Agent, Porky - an animated, anthropomorphic pig - running interference. And to top off, as the hours ticked by on the scene, Jordan was already beginning to feel antsy and some of the CSIs and firefighters were starting to look... appealing. She needed something to occupy her mind so she didn't dwell on other... things. He has a nice ass - dammit! "Trawl through Mesh feeds?" Anselmo protested, giving Jordan a look that wasn't quite a leer and not quite affronted. "Why does it seem like every pretty woman wants to busts my balls and to give me the boring, repetitive jobs?" "We had a meeting," Jordan countered with a smirk. "Training a man takes consistency and repetition." She waved a dismissive hand, pulling her eyes from a pretty - if hulking - emergency responder, straightening her shoulders and inadvertently thrusting out her impressive chest. "I'm just giving you a hard time. If you'll look into the pyoxycylene, I'll send out Cathbad to scroll through the local Mesh." She nodded towards where the case was secured and logged into evidence and the vehicle where Kwon's body was being prepared to be taken away for autopsy. "I smell something off with Kwon and gonna do a bit of fishing. Probably has nothing to do with the attack, but doing something is better than doing nothing." Perched on the edge of her skiff, sipping coffee, Jordan gave her Agent its search parameters and send it off. Go, Cathbad, don't get lost. The long, dark reptilian-feline creature, its fur edged in glowing blue, visible in AR, nodded then scurried across her shoulders and dived into her cleavage, disappearing, as it went off on its task. Jordan rolled her eyes in exasperation. I wish you wouldn't do that. Then keeping half an eye on the scene around her, Jordan pulled up her own augmented reality artifacts, searching through various databases and media feeds, both public and private, as she looked up one Sigamund Kwon. She frowned as she dug pass the initial indication that Kwon was a Kimura Citizen in good standing. Exclusive contract with Kimura subsidiary Lotus Cyberworks. Original upload from before the Fall, and a first wave colonist to Chengden. Never married, no living relatives known. It was too bland, too clean. Anyone alive before the Fall should have had a bigger digital footprint than this. Jordan dug deeper, and found some inconsistencies and incongruities. Her frown turned into a victorious, vulpine grin. "That's not an 'O' face, but it looks like you've found something you like, O'K," Anselmo commented dryly. "I did," Jordan said not even trying to scowl at her partner. Her hand gestured deftly as she tapped out a request for a priority rush on the Ego Recovery for Sigamund Kwon on a display only she could see. "Kwon was the Head Mnemonic Researcher at Lotus Cyberworks, Kimura." "Smart guy, then." "Mmm. Two years ago, he resigned from his position and went into default." Ken actually met his partner's gaze directly in surprise without strain. "That's... unexpected." "Mmm-hmm. Soon after that, he renounced Kimura Citizenship and sough membership into House Tsarya." "Ouch. His Daimyo probably didn't like that. Might've wanted to talk to him 'bout it, the choppy-choppy way, figuratively or literally." "Maybe. There's no record of him actually be granted membership status with House Tsarya." Jordan finished her coffee and tossed the crushed cup into the receptacle in her skiff. "Thing is, he left Chengden on a registered flight to Proch... and that is the last Coalition record we have of Sigamund Kwon... Until now." The two Centurion detectives shared a look, then both glanced back towards where Kwon's body was being held. Anselmo turned back to his partner, who arched a fine brow at him. "So where has Kwon been for the last two years?" "Good quest-" "What fresh bloody hell is this?" Jordan growled, standing up from her skiff and closing her AR displays with a clenched fist. Cathbad reappeared from the digital ether, giving a negative chirp, indicating he hadn't found anything of note on the Mesh. Savant-work or other hacking? Anselmo loved it when O'K swore. With her new voice and new looks, it came off as particularly dirty. "From the look at that monster, at a guess, I'd say Kimura is moving fast. Want a certain case or a certain Kwon, you think?" "Maybe they are being responsible Coalition citizens and are coming to the Protectorate with valuable information about the domestic terror attack Rho suffered today?" Jordan feigned seriousness for a moment before snorting delicately. "Yeah, I doubt it too. Let's see how easy he'll be put off." "How do you know it's a 'he'?" Anselmo mused idly, though he didn't doubt it himself. "Please! Only a man would overcompensate with that much hardware." Jordan strode - undulated might have been a better word with the way her hips and the hem of her fitted, black longcoat swayed - towards the luxury skimmer and the Centurion barricade, and the towering cybersleeve approaching from the other side. "Excuse me, Citizen," Jordan purred. Onlookers would be forgiven for believing the ivory-haired woman was one of the high-class escorts or sensual sensie stars that frequent the glamorous city of Rho, save for the Centurion Detective badge clipped to her lapel, matching the one her apparent partner had. Jordan carefully didn't glance back toward where Kwon's body and the House-locked case were being held. "This is an active scene. I have to request strongly that you remind on the other side of the Centurion barricade." She flashed him a brief, tight smile. "For your safety and the integrity of the scene."
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