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  1. "STOP!" Deezy, still out of her armored costume, stomped up and pointed at Karrie, then Renata. "I may not be in my skin, but I am still opposed...in a broad categorical sense...to HERESY! And shorts and a nightshirt..." Here she paused and gave Karrie a look. "...wait, nightshirt? You brought a nightshirt? Huh." With a shrug she fixed her glare back on Renata. "...swimming in them, here and now...definitely heresy!" She cracked her knuckles. "I gotcha covered. I spent like an hour memorizing the chemical structure of lycra literally just for this. Whatcha want? Sexy? Two piece? One piece? Three tiny pieces? Full bodysuit with just like, holes for the eyes?" Renata looked down at herself. It wasn't like her costume left a lot to the imagination anyway. "You know, if I just had a place to put the cape and skirty thing, it's not like I don't have underwear on. That plus this top basically make a swimsuit." Deezy blinked, looking crestfallen. "Yeah but...but...you can have anything," she said plaintively. "Bikini made of diamond beads? I can DO that. It's actually easy because it's just CARBON." "That...sounds like it'd fall apart the second it hit water," Renata pointed out. "Yeah but..." the inventor sighed. "So what, just a box then? For your things?" Ren shook her head. "Look, this...I don't know, this isn't even my scene, you know? I probably shouldn't even have come. I've spent almost every day since we got out of quarantine just trying to be normal. To fit in? And now this and...I have no idea what to do or...anything." "Wait!" Deezy squawked in alarm. "Don't go! Nonononono! Okay. Okay." She took a deep breath and slowed her speech. "I've been told. By...reliable sources...that I can sometimes come on a bit strongly. When I am invested in the thing. I'm sorry about that. I don't want you to feel like you don't belong here. No one should feel that way. One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to get someone where we could all belong." Another deep breath, and she continued. "You can swim in whatever you want. Or you don't have to. It's all good, R...Ski-Mask. None of us have any idea what we're doing here, believe me." Deezy grinned. "I've been completely off script since the gates opened. This whole thing, and other things like it later one...this is where we figure out what we're doing. Who we are, compared to who we were and who we want to be. No one's judging you here. The world won't know. As long as you don't hurt anyone, go nuts." Remembering the events of the Storm, she quickly added, "I mean, figuratively."
  2. Deezy narrowed her eyes a little at Evo...not angrily, just concentrating. Breaking him down into a series of smaller, solvable problems. Momentarily distracted by Bastion, she gave him a thumb's up then returned her attention to Evo. "So...we need an analogue for alcohol maybe," she mused. "Something that has similar reactions with cells, but on a bigger scale. Phew, just don't get it mixed up with regular drinks!" She laughed then, breaking the brief moment of serious consideration. "That's a bigger project than I wanna get into tonight. Sorry 'Evo!' Looks like you're going sober tonight! You can drive everyone home." As Evo went off with Steve, Deezy looked around and planted her hands on her hips. "Well! I guess...I will just mingle. Or...do things that people do. At parties. Which I have attended many of." She gave a 'thumbs up' at the few who were left, and headed out to stroll along the tables and say hi to some of the other Stormers who had stormed the beaches.
  3. "Sure, pick a drink off the table," Deezy said, sparing Evo a glance. "Oh cool, you're the...shapechanger, yeah? Conscious control of body structure and function...I shall give you the same dose that Emily got." She brushed her fingers over the drink Evo picked out. "Bottoms up." Then the inventor peered up at Bastion. "I get it, so kind of a natural law thing, right? Thomas Aquinas would be proud! And also probably kind of horrified. But I get it! You and me, we're both kind of going the same way, just on different roads! You're concerned about unjust laws, and assert that such a law ought to be no law at all. Aquinas. Wheras my solution is to instead change the law so that it ceases to be unjust...or better yet, assert enough influence over the lawmaking process that they were never unjust to start with. And, not gonna lie, fully planning on employing some legal realism in pursuit of my goals. A little of column A, a little of column B. I think, especially early on, since there's no established legal precedents for the cases that'll be coming through, legal realism carries the day." Deezy tapped the side of her nose. "Ideally, by the time people get off their asses and start writing laws, I'll have advocates at the table. And by ideally I mean definitely and by advocates I mean lobbyists at first, and holy cow I think I actually must have drunk something because...sheesh." She fanned herself. "I was only going to have Pepsi, but I think someone musta snuck something in."
  4. Deezy watched Emily with rapt fascination, then burst into giggles. "Oh damn you really drank the whole thing all at once there, didn't ya?" When Emily started showing signs of inebriation she produced a little flashlight pen from her pocket and shined it into her eyes. "Dosage might still be a tich high," she concluded to herself. "No one wants to get crap-faced on one drink. Still, pretty good guess for a first try. Lets see how fast you can burn that off before we go to second trial. Still! That's a good result. I was concerned the beads wouldn't get into the bloodstream that fast, but it looks like they're small enough this time around." She turned to beam at the others. "Beads! Good for getting superpeople drunk, might also cure most forms of cancer someday. Also, archaic form of currency. Who knew, right?!"
  5. "Dude, if I wanted money, I'd just build a skyscraper made of gold," Deezy chuckled. "Money's just a means to an end. And the end isn't 'making more money.' At least not for me." She shrugs. "But whatever, it kinda sounds like you already made up your mind about this. We'll prove ya wrong." Deezy glanced at Davian and added, "And he's not entirely wrong. I mean, helping a billion people in ten years does kind of overlook the ten thousand you could have helped now. Could be worth looking at shorter term projects too." "Anyway! I believe the lady..." She reached out to touch the drink Emily had chosen. "...wanted a drink." "Oh! And as for the job, yeah! Of course! That's one reason we wanted to meet everyone here. Circulate the flyers, so to speak."
  6. "Nah, it's okay!" Deezy assured him. "It's because THIS is a party. And because solving all that other stuff isn't just about whipping stuff up out of nowhere, you know? People aren't homeless because there's no homes. There's a looooooooot of institutional and social stuff going on that factors into it! Pharma isn't quite the same set of obstacles, but it's a similar idea. Scarcity of resources, at least in the context of the United States, not the source of our ills. Which is not to say that I'm giving up on the situation, just saying it's a bit more complicated than you might think!" "I do have plans though. This party is part of them. So, in a roundabout sort of way, making a cool costume and serving super-drinks to super-people is actually helping solve those things." "In theory at least. And I know where you're going next!" Deezy pointed. "What about places that aren't the United States! Places where scarcity is TOTALLY a source of ills! On it too. The key is building an infrastructure though. My powers to whiff things up aren't unlimited. But the power of money and influence to distribute things to where they need to be?" She winked. "Much less so."
  7. "Why not just increase the percentage of alcohol by volume, if we burn it faster then a higher ABV will have a lesser effect, but we'd burn it slower, 'an according to the science people, we all have enhanced metabo-thingies." Everyone kind of looked at the 'dumb' country boy. "What? Buddy of mine's paw make moonshine. I never said I was an angel, I'm just better than average..." He shrugged, considering his personal appraisal. "Okay... I'm fair t'midland." "Unless it's made from like, pure jet fuel or something, I guess." Deezy shook a hand at Bastion and nodded happily. "That's actually REALLY close! Hang on, lemme ditch this thing." She clomped over to a spot a little farther down the beach, where a small concrete square was planted on the sand. She maneuvered onto the square, then powered the suit down. A moment later, with a pneumatic hiss, bolts popped out, and the torso of the suit opened like a clamshell. And out popped Deezy in a blue bikini. She hurried back over to where she'd left everyone. "So I thought about just upping the alcohol concentration, but it turns out that just makes the drink taste really bad! It totally overwhelms whatever else is in there and makes it taste like you're just drinking pure alcohol! Plus, even though most of us...not all of us!...have enhanced metabolisms, there's enhanced...and there's ENHANCED. You know? Like, there's folks who visibly heal injuries up. So to make alcohol hit, there has to be a LOT...and it has to spend as little time as possible in the body before it gets where you want it to go." She tapped her head. "The answer? Tiny bubbles!" Deezy laughed at that and actually sang a little bit, "...tiny bubbles...in the wine...I mean like literally. Tiny bubbles." She cleared her throat. "The, uh, bubbles are like those capsules you get drugs in sometimes. Time release. Only they're tiny. Microscopic actually. So you don't FEEL them as you drink, and the alcohol in them doesn't mess up the flavor, but there's ENOUGH of them that they can really up the amount of booze hitting the old noggin! The shell is composed so that it will react to the specific blood composition within the brain. So they get into your blood during digestion, circulate around, and then when they get to your brain they rupture...and suddenly the BAC right in that spot spikes." With another laugh, she smacked her hands together. "BAM! Super drunk. Or, you know, if you're a regular human...probably dead." Deezy then gestured at the refreshment table and nodded at Emily. "Pick whatever you want out, and I'll do my thing, and you can try it. If you're sure. I don't want to hurt you. We DO have trauma teams stationed...uh..." She looked around. "Here and there. Out of the way. Just in case. But still."
  8. "Hoo, okay!" Deezy said, laughing. "First things first!" She looked down at Bastion and said, "Of course I'm listening! I was just talking to someone else at that exact second. I'm actually sorry about the noise, I didn't realize it was that bad. I just thought it'd be a really cool costume! Anyway...won't be a problem much longer. I think pretty much everyone's here. Plus, I need my hands." Then she waved a hand vaguely in Emily's direction. "And as for THAT...I am way ahead of you. When I was taking breaks blueprinting out this bad boy, I did a little light reading in biochemistry and neurology and thought of a pretty good way to give drinks a bit of an extra KICK!" She poked the inside of her cheek out with her tongue for a second, then admitted, "Buuuuut Davian reminded me that everyone would have to sign waivers if we wanted to serve them, and that if a Stormer that didn't have super-enhanced metabolism tried one, even by mistake...it could be really bad. So we didn't put any out." Deezy waggled her eyebrows at Emily. "Wanna try one? Just a little one?"
  9. "Well I had plans for a set of articulated manipulator arms at about the hip level, BUT it's not lore-friendly and also I was running a little short on time," Deezy admitted. "So I'll hafta disembark." Then she brightened. "OR...I could get someone to lob food at me and try to catch it in my mouth! Like the beanbag-toss game, only with food! And mouth!" "So hey, I gotta ask..." Deezy quickly said to Steve right on the tails of her previous idea. "What are you going to do now? Stay a soldier? Join the civilian workforce?" She waggled her eyebrows. "Go rogue? Planning on using your powers for a living, or just looking for a 'normal plus' kinda life?"
  10. wrrrklomp...wrrklomp...wrrklomp.... "Hey guys!" enthused Deezy's comically undersized head from atop the amazonian suit of armor she'd made. "Sorry if I'm butting in over here, I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!" She laughed. "Never tried to host a party before! You guys having fun? Anything missing? Like...a pavilion or chairs or...little robot butlers or something?" "We're gonna have some live entertainment soon, and the catering's really good so help yourselves, and once we get a few more folks through the gates I'm gonna set off the Death Blossom." Deezy held out a hand that was permanently attached to a fake gun and squinched her face in concentration. "My thumb's up," she finally assured Bastion and everyone near him. "The glove's not really articulated, but my thumb's up. Woo! Death Blossom hype!"
  11. Deezy laughed at the charge of cosplay and waved at Ryan. "Says the guy in a costume! Hell YEAH it works! ...kinda." She struggled for a moment in the metal carapace, then got her foot back in the little lever armature that let it control the suit's leg, letting her adjust the suit's balance. "It's not really comfortable! And it's slow! I think hydraulics were not the way to go with it, but I kinda needed to see it work before I figured that out and by then it was too late to start over so I just WENT WITH IT." "Besides it doesn't have to be combat-spec, you know? It's all in fun here. Once we get more people I'll show off the Death Blossom!"
  12. whrrr-CLUNK....whrrr-CLUNK Heavy footsteps came from behind Davian as his fellow party-host stepped up. Deezy had been working on her costume for several days straight, and hadn't let Davian see it while it was under construction. During the Storm, her powers had apparently been heightened...building things like this now required several stages of work. Creating the 'solid pieces' separately, then assembling them via more conventional techniques. The results however, were still impressive. She was clad in a large suit of armor, one that added three or four feet of height to her, and another foot or two of broadness across the shoulders. It whirred hydraulically when she took steps, or moved the oversized arms around, so there had to be some kind of mechanical system in there. Operating the suit looked like it took some physical effort too, considering the sweat trickling down her brow. The entire thing was black steel plates formed into a full suit of armor, and some kind of complicated backpack that looked like it had rockets in it. It was bedecked in ornamentation; red cloth sashes and swathes, insignia and accessories. Then Deezy had bleached her hair white...or maybe it was a wig, Davian wasn't 100% clear on that... and cut it short into a bowl, given herself a bit of makeup to make a 'scar' over her left eye, and drawn a cross on her right cheek. The whole ensemble was rounded off by two comically oversized guns that were far too big for human hands, but fit quite well in the gauntlets of her suit. "Halloween?!" she boomed...the suit seemed to have a loudspeaker secreted away in it somewhere. "SOUNDS LIKE HERESY!" With that Deezy lifted her mecha-arms up and howled in delight as the guns bucked and kicked, spewing flames and...god, hopefully not projectiles...up into the air. "CELEBRATE FOR THE EMPEROR!!" Maybe, he couldn't help thinking, some ground rules would be good to establish for the next costume party.
  13. Davian returned the smile, and Deezy quickly waved a hand at him and said, "This is Davian Layton. And this is Ryan Hawke. Hi Davian, hi Ryan." She hadn't remained secret either, though she had vanished from public view for a week or so following their release from quarantine. This was in no small part due to Davian's influence, which hadn't gone entirely unnoticed by those who pay attention to the eccentricities of billionaires. A little digging revealed that at least some of that time had been passed with her dealing with the authorities in Cleveland over the relics of her plan to stop the Storm over the city. The rest was harder to discern. And now she was here. "So," the redhead said, clapping her hands together eagerly, "I want my company and your company to smack together and make little company-babies. Also, I have a company now. I make things." With a little twist of her hand, she held out a business card. Possibly out from her sleeve, possibly that she'd just whiffed into existence from air. It read KLATTATECH HEAVY INDUSTRIES It was adorned by a stylized image of her head with goggles over her eyes, a big grin, and giving a thumb's up. "But here's the thing about making things. The things you make are then there with you, in the room you made them in. NOT where they need to be." Deezy tapped the side of her nose. "Now, I COULD develop my own infrastructure to transport things. I sketched up like a dozen designs. I'm really partial to the drone lifters, BUT! That takes time, and more resources, and TIME...and lets face it time is the only REALLY scarce resource right now so it made more sense to me to kill two birds at the same TIME and see if you wanted to expand globally with me. Here's how it works!" "We get orders for stuff from people around the world. What stuff? Just about anything! Really exotic stuff we can require a sample of, just to make sure I get it right. For raw materials I can just...y'know, create it...otherwise Klattatech will have manufacturing capability and we can mass produce to order in just about any quantity. Then you fulfill the order by taking the stuff and getting it where it needs to go. HOW depends on the option the buyer has selected! You got your overland, oversea, overair rates...and of course the premium 'Zero-time turnaround' rate for your thingy there. Your company and mine are 'merged' through a third holding company, but with a clause stating we can decouple if either of us sees fit to, with a negotiated timeframe and notification window, of course. Being merged lets us use the same admin staff and coordinate freely...and we can still take gigs of our own, like if someone has their own cargo and just needs transport...all you. Uh, that's it, I think..." Deezy actually paused long enough for the first time in...a minute or so of solid talking, long enough to take a breath. Then she blurted, "I wrote a little song about..." Now Davian had to step in, putting a hand on her shoulder. "No song." "...right, no song, I know, I was just saying..." "Mr Hawke, I've had a chance to go over what Miss Klatta is proposing in a great deal of detail," he said. "I'm prepared to invest in this venture on very favorable terms. I know it's a lot to take in at once, and there's still plenty of things to discuss of course, but in general terms is this something that you and your executive staff be interested in pursuing?" "Californium sells for like twenty-seven million dollars per gram!" Deezy suddenly said. "It's radioactive so it's hard to transport, but I can give you containers specially built to handle it. And you'd get a cut of that! Per GRAM!" Davian gave Deezy a quick little shake of his head and looked back at Ryan, as unflappable as ever. "We're not negotiating just yet, but she has a point, Mr. Hawke. Don't you agree?"
  14. Monday, October 7th, 2019 Deezy landed in Seattle with a list in her hand. The helicopter wasn't hers, of course, it was Davian's. Having a loaded friend was handy, even if Deezy was well aware she was racking up a 'bill' to be assessed not in cash but in favorable terms later. That was fine. There would be pleeeeeeenty of money to go around. That was of secondary importance to her though. Useful as a means to an end, and also a good way to fill otherwise boring moments, but not the objective by itself. The first item on her list, a trip to the world-famous Starbucks HQ for a fresh cuppa joe. It was delicious. She treated Davian to one too, seeing his free chopper ride and raising him one. Checkmate. The second item...required Davian to get a company car. She was going to just rent one, but he insisted, and for this it actually did make a difference to roll up in a sleek, blingy roadster instead of a Honda Civic. Deezy had even gotten kinda dressed up, though her navy blue suit had already gotten rumpled. She seemed to have that effect on pretty much anything she put on. Instant rumple. It was fine though, she still looked about 1000% more professional than usual. The third item on her list: the horizon. Specifically, Horizon Delivery and Transportation. Davian had thought the move was rather odd until Deezy had let him in on something...at which point he was all in. And so it was that a black and silver Lexus prowled into the Horizon D&T parking lot and pulled into the Visitor Parking place nearest the main entrance. From within emerged two figures. A tallish man in a pressed black suit, and a young woman in a navy blue blazer and skirt, with red hair in a tight ponytail and librarian glasses propped on her nose. For Ryan, it might have taken a moment to recognize her as Deezy, from Quarantine. They headed into the lobby and went to the receptionist's desk. "Hi," Deezy said cheerfully. "Is Ryan busy?"
  15. At Ryan's warning, Deezy looked over to see the wall of dust and debris approaching at the speed of sound. With only a few seconds to act, she hunkered down and pressed her hands to the ground. Dust and sand drew together, were rewritten...energy exchanged with the seething vacuum energy to convert silicates and organic compounds into iron and carbon in precisely controlled concentrations and distributions. A wall of steel rose up from the ground, curved in a kind of half-dome and encircling Deezy and anyone standing close to her. To either side of the new shield was a kind of ditch, where the mass had been taken from existing matter in the ground. The bottom edge of it was formed into spikes that anchored it into the soil. The shockwave hit like a truck, causing the barrier to ring like a gong. This was followed by innumerable little pings and ptangs as sand and grit impacted and was shunted aside. All in all the blast shield was perhaps twenty feet in diameter, creating a sort of 'shadow' behind it where the damage was more limited. Though it did precious little to stop the noise. Deezy peeked around the edge as the deluge ended and rubbed her ears painfully, working her jaws to try to equalize pressure. "Sheesh. What a show off."
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