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  1. More angry than disappointed at her plan not working, Tori fired her ascent rockets and, grappling the clawing Wyvern and taking it along with her, clinbed higher and higher and faster and faster all the while stabbing the beast with her blade in close combat.
  2. Tori fired her maneuver jets and breaking thrusters as she watched the first wyvern plummet. She hadn't realized that they had riders and that gave her a queasy feeling. Not for killing the rider but that she might be killing a wyvern that had no choice but to fight, much like horses in her world. She spun the mech and opted to try some thing different to test a theory. She picked one of her foes and rocketed towards it as if she were going to ram only to alter course at the last second to overfly the beast and using her sword cut the rider from the wyvern's back!
  3. Tori click the key to summon the Banshee while Ryan asked his question, she didn't answer immediately, instead she watched the Mech unfold from is't interdemensional space. She hadn't really considered that aspect, the killing part, before. She was going to be a soldier, a pilot and that meant the possibility of killing, but that killing would have been in service to her country and she felt she could justify that. But what about this? Who was she serving here? "I don't know Ryan, I don't really understand any of this. But I'll do what I have to do to get us home," she said as she inspected the mech to make sure it was ready.
  4. "Wyverns? Is that like a dragon?" Tori asked thinking that fighting a dragon in the air might be cool. "Okay that sounds like a plan I guess you better get me caught up on how your military operates so I can fit in."
  5. Tori took the bottle back and put it in it's holder on her belt all the while eyeing Daizo, "I was joking, Daizo. It was a joke. I know this is real, I'm the one that drive the giant robot remember. But back home all of this would be enough to put me away at the funny farm. So with Vesper and Yuuki off playing Hogwarts, what exactly is there for me to do here?"
  6. "Yep I run ten miles a day as well as do weight training, martial arts classes and firearms practice. My dream is to be a pilot and a special forces soldier" She slows and stops to pull her water bottle from her belt and takes a long drink while staring out over the castle wall. She offers the plastic bottle to Daizo when she is done. "At least that was my dream. Now i drive a giant robot in weird multidimensional wars on planets that probably don't even exist anywhere but in my sick crazy head. I'm probably in a straight jacket on a funny farm some where out in the country and you my new friend are probably a delusion."
  7. Tori narrowed her eyes when the knight offered to go running with her. pfft men they are all alike even on different worlds. "The ramparts are fine. you can come along if you like but i'm sure I can handle and 'problems'," she mad air quotes when she said problems, " your people might try to give me." She followed Daizo up onto the wall and did some stretches before taking off at a good running pace. If the guy wants to play the hero he's gonna have to work for it.
  8. Tori finished her donut with a scowl, figures the only thing I'd find to like around here would be something from home, she thought as she went back to her room to change into something more suitable for running. After changing Tori went outside and looked for someplace where she could run and exercise.
  9. "Yeah, I'm not much into all this mumbo jumbo stuff and since Ryan got the info trade covered I think I'll pass." Tori said with a smirk "Plus there's still plenty to sample from the kitchens." Tori produced a maple covered donut (or what passed for them on this world) and devoured it in three un-lady like bites.
  10. Tori glances at Vesper and Nods. "yeah what she said."
  11. "So basically we are here to nation build." stated Tori, "And that worked so well back on our world." She frowned at the cup of...whatever it was in her hand.
  12. Tori was red faced from embarrassment as ryan tore into Vesper she immediately realized that it was her fault for losing her cool and that he should have been yelling at her as much as at Vesper. head hanging low she followed the goth chick into the hall and as she came up behind Vesper she mumbled "Sorry." then sat beside her.
  13. Like Vesper, Tori had forgone the local attire and remained in her mech suit, after all you never knew when she might have to mount up to blow stuff to smithereens. Then Vesper lit her cigerrette. It was as if time had stopped . you could hear a pin drop. "Ping!" all eyes were on Vesper as she took a puff then said "What?" She didnt know why after she wasnt particularly a sitckler for the rules but something snapped and Tori in a flash was in front of Vesper pionting off back behind where they ahd just comeing to the room at the entrance "OH MY GOD CAN"T YOU EVEN READ!" Tori screamed in a shrill maniacal voice Following the pointing finger everyone could see the sign over the door written in curly letters NO BURNING OF PIPEWEED ALLOWED
  14. "Okay then, lets look at this strategically. Theo needs to be the one to off Vorn and then we need to get a wedding going and we need to learn magic, or at least two of us do. Right. We go to this magic teacher first, we offer her what we have for trade and she or he, whatever, teaches two of us. While that is going on Ryan you train Theo, not that hes a slouch in the sword swinging department but just to teach him what you can so he has an edge against Vorn. Then when all the training is done. we confront Vorn finish that off and then maybe the magic we learn will help us figure the rest out." Tori spoke rapidly to get it all out.
  15. Tori looked up from where she was pouting and glanced around. "I might have some books..." Ryan glanced back through the open a questioning look on his face. "I told you I have finals I figured I would be able to get some study time in at the store..."
  16. Tori balls her fists and gets redfaced glaring at Yuuki "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" Steam coming from her ears would have completed the picture.
  17. "Wait...A year?" Tori stared up through the little opening the passengers had for giving orders to the driver at Ryan's back. "I cannot stay here for a year I have finals....I have a life!" She turns to Theo "So if we get rid of Vorn you can marry Lady Lyssos right? Thats where we need to concentrate then. Where is this place I'll go take care of his butt." she said.
  18. Tori was silent throughout the entire exchange her head swiveling back and forth as each person spoke. Finally as Vesper climbed up to join Ryan she fixed him with what could only be construed as a glare before climbing into the carriage to sit beside Yuuki. She never said a word.
  19. Tori Landed and dismounted then with a flick of her thumb on the key chain sucked the mech back into its extra dimensional space. "That would be us the three musketeers." Tori said flatly. The woman frowned, "But there are four of you?" "Read the book you'll understand."
  20. "Well i don't have any light magic,"Tori said mostly to herself "but I do have these Banshee fire pattern bravo 3 Starfires lets light this place up!" The computer gave a single terse affirmative and deep inside the bulk of the mech magazines change and special ammo slides into breaches. With a dull wump a trio of shells fired out of tubes located between the wings of the flying mech the flew upwards in three different directions to a good 300 feet above when the burst into bright phosphorus light and began a slow drift down toward the ground which would take several minutes
  21. "Unbeleivable..." Tori shook her head called up her mech and followed after the unprepared trio
  22. "Guys," Tori called out! "Reign it in. We don't know the situation, who the players are or what our abilities can and can't do here. So maybe we should use a little discretion." She makes a pointed look at Vesper then turns to face Ryan putting hands on hips. "You need to give us more guidance Ryan. This is only our second time and last time we showed up in the middle of a battle. So this is all new." She swung her arm out in a sweeping gesture to indicate everything. "So what do we do?"
  23. Tori was looking around at all the green, she wasn't really the woodsy type. "Elflord huh? Learn magic sheesh. This is like D&D isn't it? Ok well we don't know enough so we need to find this Theo guy that's the only name we have and unless there's a computer or an old fashioned phone book around one of you guys is gonna have to use you whammy stuff since you two already know magic."
  24. Tori sucked in her lips to keep from laughing at the little Japaneses girl with the super green thumb. Still trying to keep the humor out of her voice she spoke "Player Three buying in," she said casting a glance at Vesper.
  25. Tori nodded crossing her arms under her breasts. "Well okay then. So we don't have any idea what we are supposed to do until we get there? When do we go?"
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