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  1. Zoe took a deep breath as she cut the connection with Grace and her mind sought out Patrick again. <Pat, Grace says to stay put and keep an eye out but don't move. She is hoping that they will come out of search mode. So just hang tight and I'll be back with you asap with further instructions> She then telepathically relayed Grace's instructions to the rest of the group.
  2. <Hang tight> Zoe shot back and then Reconnected to Grace and relayed everything Patrick had revealed, <What do you want me to tell the others>
  3. Zoe nodded and stared at Grace. It was easy since she wasn't resisting. Their minds touched a gentle kiss sensed rather than felt <I can relay your orders to everyone here one at a time. Patrick will be harder since I can't see him, give me a second and I'll try to contact him> Zoe closed her eyes and tilted her head toward the room Patrick had entered she tried to envision him in her minds eye and sought his mind. Her mind reached out as his mental pattern solidified <Patrick, This is Zoe the redhead,> she gave him a mental smile <we are connected telepathically so I need you to tell me whats going on so I can relay it to the others. Just talk to me without speaking, I'll understand.>
  4. Zoe nodded at Shaw and gave him a small Thank you smile, she acknowledged van Saanvelt as well, but it was to Vasquez who she made eye contact with and spoke to, in her best calming moderator voice. "Thank god your here. I'm Zoe and this is Grace. And your right, Vasquez is it? I don't know about Grace, but all of this is quite new to me. I've had some corporate training but I have never been in any kind of situation like this. But i did score high in training and I know how to follow instructions." She nodded to him hoping her words and her tone would have a calming effect and bolster his confidence. "And I'll follow you guy's lead." She made eye with Shaw next and gave him the slightest of nods.
  5. Zoe grasped the hand and felt the strength of the other woman as she pulled her up. "Zoe, Zoe Santos." She looked up and down the hall. "Do you have any Idea where we are?"
  6. "Yeah just give me a sec." Zoe collected herself with a couple of deep breaths. "It's Quantum Resonators, they hit hard. I forgot and tried to scan you. I'll remember now that's for sure." She picked up the staff and triggered the collapse key, shoved the staff into one of the slings on the belt. Then she held her arm out for help standing. "Sorry about that," she said,waiting for the alert woman to help her up. "This is not the kind of thing I'm used to."
  7. Her security Orientation and the firearms training Orgotek gave her paid off, she didn't shoot the person who came out the other door automatically when she scarred the shit out of her. "Thank god " She said out loud even though she was mostly talking to herself. "Is this shit for real?" She asked the woman down the hall as she reached out instinctively with her mind. WHITE NOISE! The metal static and jarring pain hit Zoe much worse this time. The staff clattered to the floor as she dropped it to grab her head. "FUCK!" she screamed.
  8. The grip of panic filled her heart, what kind of sick joke... no this isn't a joke, that resonator is real. Zoe jumped off the bed and walked away from the mirror toward the far door, behind her the bed slid back into the wall leaving no trace it had ever been there. As she reached the door a panel beside it slid up revealing a small closet or locker. inside a gun, 1 spare clip, a suit of body like she had never seen before and... a collapsible staff. Zoe slowly reached out toward the staff as if it were a dog she were afraid would bite her. She picked it up and twisted the activation segment and watched as it expanded to its full length. Zha Wang had shown her one just like this no more than a week ago, He had suggested that to further her training she needed to branch out and that weapons were a historical part of the style of fighting that they did. He had suggested a staff. She looked at the door. "Fuck" She leaned the staff up against the wall and started getting into the armor. A few minutes later she was checking the gun to make sure it was loaded and that a round was in the chamber. Slipping the pistol into the holster that came with the armor she grabbed the staff and keyed the door open. Zoe stuck her head out first and was pleased that it didn't get shot off. The hallway was long and white, go figure, but a flickering light made it look eerie and menacing. She saw all the doors and stepped out of her room and pressed her back against the wall. Her heart was thudding in her chest and suddenly her mouth was dry, she was thirsty as hell and wished they had put a water bottle in the locker. To her left behind the way she had been looking she heard a door slide open. she crouched clutching the staff with her left hand while she fumbled the gun out with her right and pointed it back toward the sound.
  9. Zoe closed her eyes from the glare of white. She took three deep slow breaths and mentally checked herself. Fingers and toes moved, she could feel no pain, she quickly counted backwards from the number twenty, she wasn't dizzy nor did she have muddied thinking, and there was no ringing in her ears. She wasn't drugged and if she had been the effects were completely gone now. Slowly she opened he eyes and focuses on the one area that didn't glare, the black glass. Isolation and the threat of being watched. Doors on either side far enough removed to make it impossible to watch both so you would have to divide your attention. Classic. Well, she thought, let's see if they have drugged my Psi.
  10. Personal Information Real Name: Zoe Santos Nicknames: Nature: Perfectionist Origin: Nobody Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Erin Santos (Mother), Nia Santos (older sister), Enrique Santos (Older Brother) Mateo Santos (Younger Brother) Aja Santos (little Brother) Ban Santos (Little Sister) Date of Birth: February 19th Nationality: American (Holds Chinese and Luna/Olympus Citizenship as well) Occupation: Freelance Translator Allegiance(s): Formerly Orgotek now Tacos Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Mixed Age: 27 Height: 5'8" Weight:130lbs. Eyes: Grey Hair: Dark Red Handedness: Right Her ethnicity like most in this 22nd Century world is hard to pin down, her features are somewhat homogeneous combining Caucasian, Asian, and Latina into an attractive package. Red Hair of a dark hue and smokey gray eyes with a slight Asian tilt combine with a with a light brown complexion which resembles heavily creamed coffee create a tantalizing exotic look. She tends to dress in dark colors, usually black which accents her coloring. She sometimes wears temporary facial tattoos to accent her look instead of jewelry, though she seldom wears the same marking twice and only when she is out for recreation. Background: Zoe hails from the slums of San Antonio. Born to an impoverished single mother the third of six children most with different fathers. Her mother worked two jobs and while not a card carrying prostitute she was not above using her charms to put food on the table and a roof over her and her children's heads. A lesson she unfortunately taught her children. Zoe doesn't know who her father is and really doesn't care. Her two older siblings share the same father, George Cadiz, who has been in and out of their lives in an on and off again relationship with their mother for years. Mateo's father was another man like Zoe's dad, here for a few months then gone long before his son was born. Aja and Ban Share the same father who while no longer involved with their mother does at least take an interest in their lives. Like most mega cities of this time San Antonio had its high end and it's low. It was in the low where the Santos family dwelt. Poverty, crime, drugs, all the things you would expect. Zoe lost her virginity at an early age and had learned the lessons well that sex was something a woman could use to get what she wanted or to stay safe. Her sister had stayed alive by attaching herself to various gang bangers and of course her mother was always trading her favors for this or that if not for cash. So Zoe was just doing what she had been taught by her mother and sister. Also Zoe learned that she liked sex. Liked it a lot. By the time she was sixteen she had resigned herself to following in her mothers footsteps. At least she had so far avoided the drugs and gangs that were devouring her sister, but even so she knew that that life was only a step over the line away. All of that changed one hot afternoon when she and several girlfriends hopped a bus to the other side of town to go to the mall. Between them they didn't have enough money to buy anything but they could window shop and stay in the cool air conditioning and who knows maybe shoplift something if they go the chance. While walking the mall the came upon and Orgotek Representative who asked them if they wanted to take a survey and a test. He told them afterward Orgotek would buy them lunch. Free lunch being free, the girls decided to take the survey. A couple balked when they found out that the test was a blood test, but Zoe agreed and gave the sample and took the survey as well. Her friends took it all as a joke since the questions being asked in a lot of cases were nonsensical but Zoe didn't. The questions made no sense but she felt the seriousness with which the questioners were projecting. Of course she knew who and what Orgotek was but she never dreamed they were testing for psi with her. After they drew blood they gave each a voucher for a meal at any restaurant in the mall. A windfall by any measure since they could be sold for cash easily. The girls did just that and used the money to buy some cheap win and cheaper food back in the bario. All in all it had been a good day and soon forgotten. But not by everyone. Tagged and bundled the blood samples and Test Survey were sent that day to the Corporate Offices for processing. Out of the 43,000 plus surveys and samples taken across the United States and twelve other nations only 4 were flagged for immediate action. The blood sample attached to those survey's were taken for advanced processing while the surveys were handed to upper level Noetic Specialists for review. One of those samples came from Zoe Santos. “Come in.” Alex Cassel didn't bother looking away from the multiple 3-d projections hovering around him but kept work. “Why are you bothering me?” Benihara Sanji took the tone of the question in stride. She knew her boss was 'in the zone' and meant nothing by it. “I have a candidate I need you to sign off on.” “Since when is signing off on candidates my job?” Prexy Casell said with a chuckle “Since this candidate scored 98% on the Myerhoff portion of the survey.” replied Benihara The Orgotek CEO and Proxy looked up “98% hmm, what did Vince score?” “He never took it. That particular test was created after he was dunked. But Zarina Jonson, in R&D, she scored a 76% before she went in the chamber.” Cassel sat up and looked thoughtful. “What about the rest of the tests?” Benihara looked at his DatFeed, swiped it back and forth. “Very strong latent, good reads in all the survey questionnaires. We are definitely going to bring her in but the Myerhoff begs the question.” Alex had perked a bit at the mention that the candidate was a girl. “Let me see.” Benihara swiped his DatFeed and a new window opened up in front of The Proxy. Who swiped the other windows off to the side. Then a couple of swipes on the new window enlarged he. While he quickly looked at the data a side door opened and his wife Ellyn entered the office to come stand beside her husbands seat and look at the data as it flowed. She reached out and swiped the feed and a bit of data flew off forming into a 3D image of the young woman from the survey. “She's pretty” “She's sixteen.” Alex chuckled as he and his wife smiled at each other. Benihara looked away but said nothing. “Your recommending what Beni?” he asked his chief procurement officer. “We don't often get an non EK that we can train at a young age. Sixteen gives us three to four years of indoctrination then we trade for a dunk and training with the ministry that gives us a potentially powerful Telepath with long standing loyalty to us.” while Benihara spoke Ellyn was continuing looking thru Zoe's history. “Big family, poor, single mother. Can we do anything for them?” Alex Smiled at his wife. “We'll do something Hun.” A month after taking the survey Zoe was offered a Internship at Orgotek and Training. Her family was moved out of the slums into affordable housing in a better district and the younger kids into a better school. Erin was given a job at an Orgotek owned company. Still a service job but with better pay and benefits. It was a huge step up for the family. Zoe moved to the Orgotek campus and began her indoctrination. It was a completely different world. All her needs were met without struggle and while school and the other training they put her through was hard she found she enjoyed it. She was going to be something not just another lost soul occupying space. It was here that she learned how to act less like a brat and more like a lady. Well as much as a lady who dropped her panties anytime she felt like a shag. Yet it was during her internship that Zoe realized that she might have a slight problem when it came to her very over active libido. Soon enough Zoe finished High School and had taken several collage level course and she was Nineteen. Then came the second great upheaval. She was sent to China to the ministry where she was put through the Prometheus chamber and her Psi was awakened. Then for the next three years she was trained and trained well. She also allowed her sex drive to get into trouble which still haunts her to this day. A fellow trainee , Anya Nimbawe, a young woman from the UAN, became Zoe's roommate the two got along very well Zoe was even attracted to Anya although, while Zoe was fluid, Anya was not. And that is where their enmity began. Anya had met an older trainee and the two had become more than friends. Of course it was Zoe's sex drive that got her into trouble. While attending a get together with other trainees and some civilians Zoe found herself being hit on by her roommate and friends 'boyfriend' Anya was not at the party, being away one a training mission and Zoe had a bit too much to drink and while she could use that excuse she would have probably fucked him anyway. Needless to say word of the deed got back to Anya and the African woman was livid. She felt humiliated by her 'boyfriend' and betrayed by Zoe. She vowed to ruin Zoe and did from that point on try to do everything to make Zoe look bad. During her time at the Ministry Zoe fell in love with China. It began with the Mandatory Martial Arts training every ministry trainee must partake in and led to what has become a passion for Kung Fu and the land that birthed it. When it was time to Return home to the United States and OrgoTek, she applied for and received citizenship for China and has returned there several times, not only to further her telepathic and martial arts training but to also learn more first hand of her adopted country. For the three years Zoe worked hard as a Member of Orgotek. But something, she feels, is lacking. During a trip to Luna while on her own time she was approached by a party who wished to hire her as a translator. They didn't know she was a telepath only that she had been recommend by someone who knew that she had done work for one of Orgotek's subsidiaries in the last year. She politely turned down the job citing a full scheduled, but the germ of an idea was planted. After several months of consideration and not wanting to burn her bridgees she requested an indefinate leave of absence from the Order to 'pursue outside opportunities and Interests'. The leave was granted and after a month long 'vacation' in china where she did some training at the Ministry and at the dojo where she studies her martial arts, she traveled to Luna and put herself on the market. For the last year she has worked as a freelance Telepathic Interpreter mostly on Luna but she does do work all over Earth as well. She has recently received her Luna/Olympus citizenship papers. She has a small office in San Francsco, with a secretary to handle the clerical work and make appointments and such, where she now resides. She also keeps a small apartment on Luna. SHEET
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