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  1. Paulina Medicine Crow Personal Information Real Name: Paulina Medicine Crow (Peelatchiwaaxpáash) Nicknames: None yet Codename: None yet Nature: Caregiver Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Vincent Medicine Crow (Uncle), Michelle Medicine Crow (Mother) Date of Birth: January 1, 2000 Nationality: American / Crow Tribe of Montana Occupation: High School Senior Allegiance(s): Her uncle, tribe and humanity in general Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Native American (Crow Tribe of Montana) Age: 17 Height: 5'6" Weight:130 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown/Black Handedness: Right Appearance: Marissa is a fairly attractive, young native american woman with long, very dark brown (nearly black) hair that she generally wears down. She has brown eyes and and mischievous smile. She is roughly average height and a little heavier than she would like (a trait her uncle says she must have got from her father). She is friendly and easygoing, though a bit quiet at times. Abilities/Special Skills: Paulina's Quantum Expression is rather unique, and one she is still trying to fully understand. She can perceive the past, present and the possible, or even likely, future. When focusing on an event taking place, she further possesses the ability to seemingly select which of the possible outcomes of that event she would prefer. Viewers have noticed a faint send image or ghost of the event she has manipulated, possibly an echo of another possible outcome bleeding through into our reality or timeline, otherwise the events taking place around seem to simply be lock, chance of freak occurrence. With her abilities she can get a forewarning of danger, see the past and future, express extreme luck and even affect things on such a broad scope as to manipulate weather patterns. Personality: Paulina is intelligent, sharp eyed and quick witted. She does well in all of her classes, including several CP and AP courses, and is a self-motivator, studying, doing her homework and chores without need for reminder from her uncle Vincent, who she affectionately calls "Nunkie", a term she has used since childhood. To her friends she is warm and even motherly at times, and is always quick to laugh. When given time, she likes to bead, weave and sew for enjoyment and to help maintain her cultural heritage. Background: Paulina never knew her father (his name was not even on her birth certificate), and has only vague memories of her mother. She cannot really even remember the day her mother showed up at her brother's home on the Crow Indian Reservation, and left little Paulina with him. For virtually all of her life, her uncle Vincent has been there, raising and protecting her, she is like a father to her, and in turn, she has been like a daughter to him. Caring for little Paulina was not a responsibility Vincent ever desired, but it resulted in him finally getting his life in order so as to properly raise and provide for her. Now when he looked back, he sees it as the best thing that ever happened to him. Though she would ask, Vincent never talked much about her mother. As Paulina grew, she turned out to be quint a bright child, a trait which Vincent said she got from her mother. Aside from that, she had only ever heard bits and pieces about her mother on the rare occasion her uncle had a little too much to drink. Now in her senior year of high school, Paulina had been preparing for college, seeking out scholarships and financial aid, when her abilities manifested. She thought she was freaking out, and showed her uncle, who calmed her down and kept her secret, knowing what others might do if they discovered her abilities. All he head ever wanted was to protect her and make sure she had a happy and productive life, and her newfound abilities did not change that. A few weeks later, to her surprise, Paulina caught the President's speech in the rose garden, where he revealed the Irregulars to the world, along with many other revaluations in the coming days and weeks. Where Paulina once thought she was alone, she now saw others like her, with abilities that were just has fantastic. So when a 'freak chance' came to meet one of them presented itself, she leapt at the chance, and ended up meeting Lilly Pryor, or Vanguard to the press, an that meeting set her down a new path without her even realizing it.
  2. It's Your Life Paulina watched Lilly shoulder the cooler effortlessly and then with a single leap she was gone, arcing into the air and disappearing into the night sky. Pauling watched Lilly for as long as she could, just a few seconds really, and then looked at the, for lack of a better word, crater that she left in the dirt where she once stood. Even though Paulina had abilities, they were not nearly as obvious or flashy as so many of the other KEYs. At best she looked very lucky, and even though she could change the weather, it was exactly clear that she was doing it. Outward expressions of power, like those Lilly had, somewhat enraptured the young woman. Carefully she tucked the receipt Lilly had given her into her pocket and then looked around. She had a vision earlier and saw the possibility of meeting Lilly, so she had begun walking. She had never met another KEY before, and even the rose garden press conference had surprised her. Pauline had thought she was alone, but then on the tv were others like her. So when the chance to meet another came up, she took it, even if it meant a long walk into the Pryor Mountains... alone... in the cold. Okay, so that part sucked, but it turned out to be worth it. Meeting another KEY was worth it, and in a way a bit refreshing, to see that other KEYs were still just people with the same problems that everybody else had, despite their amazing abilities. Now though, she was out in the middle of nowhere and it would be a good walk back home. Zipping her jacket up and tucking her hands into the pockets, Paulina set out for home, winding her way amid the brush, rocks and small meadows with her wisps of her breath trailing in the air in a evanescent trail behind her. After a time the lights of houses came into view, drawing ever closer as she continued to plod along. She spotted her own house and noted the fire in the pit out back. In the small island of light cast by the flames Paulina could make out the form of her uncle, Vincent, lounging in a simple chair and nursing a beer. Stepping out of the darkness, Paulina waved to him. "Hey nunkie." she said casually and walked over to one of simple wooden benches near her uncle where she took a seat. Vincent glanced at her, looking her over to make sure his niece was okay, and then nodded to her. "Where have you been?" he asked casually, though with a hint of concern. "You know, just out for a walk." she replied. "I made a friend though. Or at least I think so." "Out for a walk, alone, in the cold and dark? Yeah, I remember the 'friends' I would meet up with in those circumstances. I was a teen too, you know, and snuck out that window my fair share of times." "Not like that. She was.. you know... like me." Paulina clarified as she fished out the 'road beer' Lilly had left her, and twisted off the cap. "Hey. You're too young. You know that." her uncle chastised as he took the bottle from her hand, causing Paulina to let out a mirthful laugh. "It's just root beer." she chuckled, prompting her uncle to take a sniff at the opened bottle. "Oh." he said, somewhat embarrassed. "Alone out in there and she gave you root beer? Heh. I like her already." he mused and handed the bottle back to niece. "So.. like you, eh?" "Yeah. She was actually one of them the President introduced in the rose garden. She was cool though. Just wanted to think and enjoy the sunset. Oh, and the mountains are named after a ancestor of her's too." Paulina explained and then took a swig off of her bottle. "A Pryor, eh?" "Yeah. She was cool though. We talked and little and watched the sunset. Did you know that they are all actual friends? Kinda odd how a group of friends got... abilities... and yet here I am, the only on the reservation with them, apparently." "Well, it might be a good idea for you to keep them a secret. You can imagine how they must be hounded." "I know. It's just... she said something. Mentioned it, really. She said that I could help feed people and save lives, by shifting rain from flood areas to crop fields that need rain. If I practiced, and got better at it, I could maybe warn of disasters ahead of time, or even help people in the moment." Vincent looked at his niece silently. She was all he really had, and he had always done his best to protect her, but on another level, he was also a bit proud to hear her talking like she was, thinking about using her gifts to help people. The thought still scared him though. He had already lost his parents and more or less his sister. He could not bear to lose her too. "Huh." was all he responded with, not really revealing anything. "She said she and her friends could help me, even if I did not want to join their team. They could still help me learn to use my abilities and help me used them to help people." "How.. you know... how do you do what you do anyways?" "It's like... as best as I can explain it is to think of time as a path we all go down. The past is behind us, the present is the step you are taking, and the future is before you. But when I use my abilities, I can see the path. I can look behind, and see the past, but I can also look further down the path to see the future, but things up ahead can be hard to see. If I focus on a moment, then I can see the path fork, like infinitely, with each route being a possible outcome of the next moment or event. At that moment, time seems to slow down for me, I guess, and I can look down the different paths of the possible outcomes, but I cannot see them all. Then I can pick which path at the fork in the road I want to go down. I am not always able to pick to the path myself, though, so sometimes I am forced down a path I did not pick, or I just make a mistake. It's like making a decision in a split second, without tie to really think about it. The more I practice, the more I can see though, and the better I get at picking. Like, even right now, I am always kind of looking ahead, but with just part of my attention, so mainly I just notice danger." "You have 'Spider Sense'?" Vincent asked, his face a mixture of surprise and confusion. "Yeah, more or less. No wall crawling or anything though." she said with a small shrug and a smile. "Huh. Well, I am your uncle, but I am not going to tell you what Ben said to Peter. You do not need to be pushed or guilted into anything. I would be perfectly happy with you graduating and going off to college." he said matter-of-factly before adding, "...and maybe taking a trip with your uncle to Las Vegas from time to time." with an amused grin, which caused Pauline to laugh, almost snorting out her root beer through her nose. "I am not going to stop you, either. You are not the little girl I took in anymore, even as much as I wish you were sometimes. You're an intelligent, beautiful young woman now, and need to make your own decisions. Nobody can live your life but you. Either way I would be just as proud to see you helping and saving people as I would be to see you getting your college degree." Vincent said with a hint of pride in his voice and eyes. "Maybe I could do both?" Pauline responded with a smile. Vincent rose up out of his chair and leaned over, planting a kiss atop Paulina's head. "I'm sure you could." he said and then straightened up. "Either way, I am heading in. It's too damned cold for me out here. And don't you stay out here too long yourself. You still have school tomorrow." he reminded as he turned to face the house. He then paused and recited, "The past is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But each day is a gift. That is why it is called 'The Present'." "Is that a tribal saying or something?" she asked, curiously. "Nah. It's from Kung-Fu Panda or some shit." he answered with a grin, which caused Paulina to laugh again, a sound he would never get tired of. He then turned and began to walk toward the backdoor of the house. "More." he said over his shoulder to his niece who responded, "More!" in kind. Paulina watch her nunkie walk inside and then sat on the bench for some time, looking at the flame, seeing all the possible ways it could dance as she thought about future, instead of looking into it.
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