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  1. Wow, you guys sure do like to talk. I'll admit that since I've been reading this thread that all of you have made very sound arguments (and very forthright attacks on each other). I'm not even really going to touch the argument to much; at this point it's pointless to debate it any further. Every thinks they're right. What I was going to add is that sitting around trying to figure out ways to breach the NPCs defenses is kind of pointless, they're NPCs and if any of you have been playing RPGs for any length of time you should all know... all uber NPCs are broken. In my games I never use NPC stats; the game is about the PCs, not the NPCs. If a fight breaks out though I keep in mind one simple rule for the sake of understanding: Every one can be defeated, there is always away. The Ironskin guy (I don't even know who he is, and frankly don't care) if he is Invulnerable to "Cutting Attacks" beat him with a lamp post, a rock, a bowling ball... these are blunt. Drown him... unless he has adaptability he still needs air. As for getting around this NPCs Invulnerability, why bother with cannon... the ST has the final say, and the STs decision should not be up for debate. We had a PC in our game with Inv (physical) 4, Inv (energy) 4, and Inv (mental) 3 and he had no dots in mega-stamina. So, an NPC treehugger used "Poison" and his 5 dots in bioengineering to concoct a virus that when inhaled would destroy him from the inside out. I was expecting quite the argument from him, but all he said was "Damn... didn't think of that." He never lived to spend his exp on Inv (viral)... =/ There is always a way, build a better mouse trap and some PC will try building a better mouse. ~Revenant
  2. Hey all, 1st time poster, long time player... <snicker> I was curious, Aberrant and Trinity books are scarce around here. I was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what the "Mastery" extra does for a power and how one goes about getting it. I have a copy of the core book, which was in the used books section of a local hobby shop. I bought it for 10 bucks on an impulse buy (okay, it was actually the blue glowing guy on the cover that got curious as to what the game was about)and since then I have been having a blast with it. Anyone know where I can order books for the game? It appears White Wolf has disco'd the the d10 line and all thats left is d20... which I'm not overly fond of. Oh... an where can I get the awesome lil chibi face icons... those are cool.
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