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  1. Kipping up to his feet Warren snapped up and hit the ground running. Then Sumnyr slammed into the earth and swallowed up everything in a wave of concussive hell. The blast picked him up but he whirled his own body around like a cat desperately trying to land on his feet. He rode the wave of force, leaping from an airborne vehicle and running across the hood of a tossed about squad car before finishing off his floor show with a triple moonsault back to the ground below. The blast kept him dizzy but the idea of being smashed into pulp by these guys was keeping him going. Swiftly his foot falls took him to the gigantic mutant called Ox, who was still struggling to get his feet after the blast. "Ox," Warren asked, concerned about the mutant as he gently touched his hand to the man's shoulder. "Dude, woah... you alright man? That had to hurt." "Yeah... I'll be aight..." He replied, still a bit too groggy to realize he was speaking to the enemy. Revenant's flesh darkened and his veins swelled up like a steroid junkie blackening with dark power. His muscles popped and his ligaments snapped and reknit in a grizzly display to his body addapting to accept more muscle mass and support his now gigantic frame. "Well damn," Dark Ox replied in a creepy otherworldly voice. Ox himself looked up slowly and saw his dark reflection gazing back at him with a pearly white smile. "We're gon' have to fix that..." A thunderous collision of Dark Ox's fist into the back of Ox's head sent the mutants face swiftly into the cement causing a crater to match the size of the impact. Click to reveal.. Two Actions. Mega-Dice (Popped 10s) Activating Accuracy for +3 Dice Action #1: Activating Imprint Action #2, Attack on Ox: (Revenant) rolls 10d10 and gets 8,8,8,9,5,1,10(3),1,2,8. 8 Sux Total Damage Pool = 10 Dice (not factoring enemys' soak)
  2. Quote:"Yeah, hey, I don't think 'talking them down' is working, dude", said Kazuo with dripping sarcasm. Then, very matter-of-factly, he added, "I think I'm gonna try punchin' the big guy's face in. See if that does the trick. Ok?" "Ugh, yeah," Warren grunted slightly while he recovered his breath from the impact retorting to Kazuo with some sarcasm of his own. "Y'think? Nice assessment there Captain Obvious. Sounds great, Kazoo you do that!" Some crumbled pavement and a discarded keychain became his weapons of choice. The energy that pulsed in his hands was transferred to those objects. He moved forward swiftly, his body possessing inhuman grace and balance as he soared, fliped, and no-handed cartwheeled from one place to the next hurtling debris and spiraling over wreckage in his way. From one such flying twist a screaming bolt of purple streamed out and soared towards Ox. It slammed into his side and exploded, loudly, sending him staggering forward (to which Kazuo simply sidestepped and assessed the big guys currently lowered defenses). Just like the attacks Kazuo had laid on the guy a moment before, Ox simply grumbled and made a disgusted face. Warren landed rather gracefully, for a guy trying to do a floor show in the middle of demilitarized zone. He slid a bit in a slick part where the ruptured fire hydrant had blanketed the area in a rain. A second purple streak soared through the air, up towards where Sumnyr had made his current home. It flew upwards it a straight and accurate line and exploded against an invisible field that shown green for a moment at the impact zone. "Huh..." Warren mumbled under his breath. "That's never happened before." Click to reveal.. Two Actions. Mega-Dice (Popped 10s) Activating Accuracy for +3 Dice Action #1, Attack on Ox:(Revenant) rolls 13d10 and gets 3,5,10(8),5,7,2,8,5,7,1,5,2,10(3). 6 Sux Total Damage Pool =[b/] 11 Dice (not factoring enemys' soak) Action #2, Attack on Sumnyr: Negated. Damage pool not high enough to breach Force Field.
  3. The ghoulish teen looked to Frank and smirked. "Course I got a plan. Those guys are Ragnorok, I recognize the big guy. They're street mutants, like me. I can probably talk em' down. This'll be easy." With a bit of a strain Warren closed his eyes and focused on their destination. Jamie, although still learning her power, was vastly superior in her skill with it over the soul thief vagrant. She could have already had the portal open where Warren had to call on a bit more focus. There was a purple crackle of energy a few steps from him and then the space in front of him suddenly yawned open with a deathly shriek that sounded as if he'd opened the gates of Avernus. The opposite side of the portal was blank, no one could see, upon stepping through, where it would take them. On the television screen, under the massive big screen in Times Square a portal yawned open and the three remaining mutant trouble makers turned to see what was going on. Warren stepped through the portal and appeared on the other side, his form wavered and shifted and he returned to his normal self...
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the delay on stuff. I just finished my long week at work only to wind up sick as hell, so I'm feeling like poo. I'm trying to get some posting done, so I apologize if the quality is on par with the crappiness that is how I feel. Anyway, I appreciate the patience.
  5. "Well, I mean you have a lot of power within you." She looked at her hands and back to the floating Oneca. The dark mockery of Oneca walked around her, looking her over. "I've absorbed a lot of different powers in my rather short career, but never anything like this. You're pretty amazing." In an almost studious gesture she wagged her index finger at Oneca a few times. "But you're using them on reflex, well except flying, that's the first problem. Thankfully it's the easiest hurtle to jump though." D. 'Neca reached up and gently clasped the hand of her 'girlfriend' and tugged her along, since she was floating she sort of just kept pace as she gentler tugged her along. "We'll need a few things to break so I started a small pile of junk we can trash while we practice. Learning control is easy, but it takes time. But you're right about one thing, I've no idea how we do this stuff either, so I don't try figuring it out. Although I have to admit, having a girlfriend who can fly is pretty cool, it's going to save a ton on gas money when we go out on dates. Well, that and me having to steal one of the school's cars, they probably wouldn't appreciate that."
  6. "I love how she leaves so no one can get a word in edgewise." Warren commented, enjoying Oneca's closeness to him. "I guess it's easy to live in a world where you're always right when you never take the time to listen to what anyone else has to say." He shrugged and looked to Kia. "Hey," he gave he a nod. "I'm Revenant and that," He pointed to where Sonja was standing a moment before. "Was a psycho."
  7. Warren rolled his eyes. It was cute the way Ren was trying to play bad ass, but his mind was on other matters. "I don't have time for this." He muttered softly. Jamie felt the slightest shock between her and him as Warren removed his hand. His flesh cracked and popped and tendons and ligaments reshaped themselves. His hair became matted and oily and dark rings appeared below his eyes like he hadn't slept in days. His body collapsed inward as his skin was pulled tight over his bones and within seconds, to Jamie's horror and all those present, Revenant was a bleak ,dark, vile looking reflection of Jamie herself. "Thank you." He said with a grin, his voice sounded like her but there was a shrill echo underneath it. "So it's Morri and me? Anyone else want in on this?"
  8. Warren held up a finger. "First, you call me Columbine one more time, I break your nose." He held up a second finger. "Second, then stay here. I'll open one for us." He looked to Jamie. "Look, I'm not asking you to fight with us or even take responsibility for me walking through, you ain't a fighter and hey, that's cool. I'm not asking for heroism from you, just a one way door. We'll do the rest." He motioned between himself and Morri. Gently he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Jamie, people are getting hurt, and we have a means of stopping that. We'll level the playing field, they can't defend themselves, we can."
  9. "Far better it is to dare mighty things," Warren's journal shut with the 'thump' as he stood up. Morri's words, broken as they may have been reminded him of something he'd read while in the Facility. "To win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat. Theodore Roosevelt" "Morri is right." He approached Jamie and noticed how Ren tensed up a bit, wondering if the though guy was going to cause problems for the couple. "They're hurting innocent people, Jamie. You can just turn your back on that? Look guys, I'm all for a fight every now and then, but I'm not going to go start rolling over first graders just because I have a wild hair up my ass one day. That's what those guys are doing there right now, those people are powerless to stop them and they're hurting them just because they can." "So, Jamie, save Morri and me the trip, open us a portal and we'll get back on our own." His gaze was calm but determined. "Sure, we might get our asses kicked, or worse, but at least we can say we saw a means of fixing a problem and we took it," he looked to the couch. "Not sat on our asses and watched TV because we were to chicken shit to get into a little scrap and save a lot of kids from waking up tomorrow with no mothers or fathers." He looked to Morri and half grinned. "Good call, Red."
  10. Groggily Warren manage dto barely open his eyes, his nose caught the scent of Oneca's hair and it reminded him where he was. "'Hell's goin' on?" he asked sleepily but loud enough for everyone to hear.
  11. "No," her words were a dark sensual whisper overlapped by a tone of corruption and despair as her blackened lips twisted into a sexy grin. "Definitely not." "I'm now capable of anything you are," She held up her hands palms up as strange waves of invisible energy rippled off his hands like summer heat on blacktop. "Except looking as good as you do in a dress. I'll help you as much as I can, just tell me what part of your powers is the biggest mystery to you and we'll start there. I'm not an expert though, but this is better than needles and genetic tests, I'm still learning to control my own abilities, but we mutants can learn more from each other than the humans could ever teach us." Her body pulsed with a sudden surge of energy the seemed to take 'Warren' by surprise. "Wow... you're really packin'." Her eyes met her 'girlfriends' and he grinned again. "And that's not a corset joke.
  12. He unzipped his thick leather jacket and the black hoodie beneath it, all while keeping his eyes locked on hers. They fell the dirt beside him and he walked over to her pulling his shirt up and over his head as he approached. Warren's long black hair brushed against his shoulders as it fell just a little ways past his neck. His body was toned to a measure of superior fitness, and although she knew he owed it to his mutant health and physique, she could hardly bring her self to care, his health and fitness would far surpass any Olympic athlete. He wasn't perfect, scars decorated his body in seemingly random patterns. She counted at least seven with a casual glance and they appeared well healed, unlike Kazuo who had suffered severe trauma and left mangled, Revenant's were stitched up allowed to heal with care. Like dozens of operations. A broad chest chiseled muscles honed perfectly in sync with his graceful and lithe frame. His breath danced away on a wispy cloud as he approached her and leaned in to kiss her softly, romantically. His lips pressed upon hers with an unspoken passionate desire she honestly wasn't aware her possessed. He parted from her, their lips clinging gently as if to say they didn't want to be apart despite what their owners desired until finally they gave and the kiss was over and left them with eyes still closed and hunger in their hearts. "Just that," he whispered in a manner that poured through her ears with a sensual seduction. "For now." He twitched as she opened her eyes and it startled her slightly. It seemed out of character given the moment they were sharing. His fists clenched as his body rippled as muscles expanded and contracted. His skin darkened into a deathly shade of grey, all his arteries becoming visible as dark purple while veins seemed to tattoo his flesh from beneath as black. He shrunk slightly to match his date's height as fingernails blackened and his now sexy, petite lips darkened into a black. 'Her' tattoo was unlike Oneca's. It was jagged and twisted like bent wire and slithered about with a mock grace that was nearly blasphemous to the original. What stood before her was a nightmare. A horrid abomination of her own visage, warped and corrupted by his power. This 'Dark Oneca' seemed to radiate a palpable aura as a warning of what lived deep inside her somewhere. As she took in the sight, 'he' popped 'his' neck both ways letting a loud cracking echo in the air for a moment. Not interfering with her investigation at all, 'he' slipped over 'his' head the sports bra he claimed 'he' brought with 'him', and took a moment to properly 'adjust' 'his' new baggage. Finishing, he slipped his arms out to the sides and looked at her. His eyes... his eyes hadn't changed, they were hers, but they were left uncorrupted and still beautiful to gaze upon. "Well?" His voice was hers, echoed slightly by something netherworldly. "What do you think?"
  13. He laughed a bit and gave her an affectionate, caring smile. "Yep, I'll become you. Even have a sports bra in my jacket pocket." He winked and slid his arms around her slipping his thumbs through her belt loops so his finger tips rested gently on her posterior. A little brave for him she had to admit, but his focus seemed more on her than what he was doing with his hands. "You'll see soon enough," he leaned in a kissed her softly on her lips. "But, in all seriousness, it can be strange. You'll see. It's not a good disguise, that's for sure. C'mon. sooner we get there Miss Narcissist the sooner you can see it." His hand knotted with hers as he broke the embrace and lead her up to the old barn... It wasn't fancy. Half a roof and a series of rotting wood joists and metal siding. 'Barn' was probably being kind to it, it was more akin to an over sized tool shed that had seen better days. There was a blackened patch of earth under the roofed side, so it was obvious some of the students had found this place before and made use of it. "Well, here we go. It's not much but the foreman says I'm due for a promotion soon sweetie and things'll get better." He grinned and hoped she got his humor. "Can't beat the rent."
  14. "Simple enough." He said while unlacing his stolen skates. His mind was a bit at ease once she explained things to him about Ren. He had a slight complex about keeping her interested in him, given his little experience with the opposite sex. With his faith restored (and it showed a bit), he was back to normal. "We're going to go up there, I'm going to steal your powers and assess them, then help you understand what exactly you got going on in there." Already sliding his boots on he continued. "If there's one thing I know, it's mutant powers. That's what I did at the Facility, I was their power guinea pig. I could survive some of the tests that the weaker mutants couldn't." He paused and his eye seemed distant for a moment, memories were kindled by that unpleasant place. "Not scare you Oneca, but I'll become you. I won't have your memories or anything like that. Mentally I'm still me aside from borrowing a few of you personality quirks. But physically, I'll be you. Hair, blood, ovaries. Whole nine. Including your X-Gene." "So, them's the facts. If it creeps you out and you don't want to, I'm cool with it. We don't have to do anything you don't want to." He stood up took a few steps in place, letting his feet acclimate to the snow and ground again. "Man, that feels weird."
  15. Fact. Warren had superior dexterity and hyper enhanced agility. Fact. Warren could make Olympic-class gymnasts look like amateurs. Fact. None of that meant squat when the damn fool had never ice skated before. To his credit he did not fall, but 'Neca was more than amused on a few occasions where his 'near' misses caused him to introduce a few new faces and arm gestures to his repertoire that would be causing her to giggle at random for the next few days, a the least. "Not hard to get to, in fact it'll be faster on the ice," he half-laughed as he floundered a bit to find his 'legs'. He was a quick study, but still was being caught of guard on occasion as he couldn't quite get his mind off the fact that he wasn't in boots and on solid soil. "Across the lake on the north side, you see those hills and the small copse of trees?" He pointed across the way, gliding slowly along the ice. "It's actually right there, just hard to see from here. I was putzing around, exploring a couple days ago and found it. Looked like a great spot to get away from the school for a bit. Cold as hell though." They skated along a bit, well, she did, he slowly pushed himself along but seemed to begin to understand that it wasn't as hard as he thought once he started applying what she was telling him all along. Like any man though he had to do it his way until he found a way to make it look like was doing it all by himself but was really just doing what the woman suggested from the start. "You and Ren were out here?." He said softly. Castles were so much better than ice skating, but it was all he could think up with there being a lake... and ice... and skates, oh, and his complete lack of being able make castles from Æther, yeah, there was that too. His lack of confidence reared its ugly head as pang of jealousy crept up to steal away his mirth. He didn't know she could already ice skate, or was, like, way better at it than he was. He felt like it was like taking a person to their job for a date; they did it all day long, why take them there and cal it 'new and fun'? Castles! The dude makes castles appear from nothing... way cooler than skating, dumbass. Real swift. Maybe I'll get her a Garth Brooks CD next... oh yeah... she'll really be impressed with that! He was sort of silent and distant for a moment. "You guys, uhh, hang out here a lot?" He would have been better off just saying: 'Hi, I'm jealous and I want to pry and be nosy because, well, I'm jealous.' It would have been far more subtle.
  16. Following her routine he laced up hi own skates. Her transition from goth to practical certainly didn't leaver her any less attractive. He sometimes felt a bit bad for always considering her so pretty, she had an exotic attractiveness that could lure a man from a block away just to answer the age old 'who is that girl?' question. He couldn't help it though, he was a young man infatuated with a gorgeous young woman, were it not for all the good times they had he would have beaten himself up more for being so enamored by her beauty. "Sounds like a pretty cool place." He offered he a slight smile, more of acknowledgment that he was listening while distracted with his skates than anything else. He was paying attention, but was quickly realizing that lacing up skates and listening were two things he'd never tried before and the skates were winning his war for his concentration. He looked up at her when she mentioned taking him along. His skates were laced up, it was hastily done and wouldn't win any Olympic medals, but they were laced up. To be invited along on a family vacation was a pretty big step in a committed teenage relationship, she must have really liked him. Had her 'boyfriend' not been locked up in a government lab for six years and not in the loop of reality for the past two he might have known that or at least heard it from classmates or the internet. "Now that," she pointed and enthusuastically smiled. "Is an ass-kicking idea. I'd love to go to someplace like that..." Sometimes he was a sweet guy and other times 'charm' was something he tripped over on accident. This moment was one was on those tripping moments, "...and to be there with you, that'd make a trip like even more breath taking." He stood up to compose and attempt balance himself. "Wow... feels weird having these on... heh." He grinned and wobbled a bit.
  17. His expression remained amused the entire time she tore through the room. How could one girl own so much and keep it in such a small area? "I don't own a pair of skates," He grinned at her mischievously. "Well, at least I didn't until that Hotstreak dude left his where he couldn't see em' for a moment. Hopefully he'll learn next time." "I nabbed a pair for you too," He shrugged nonchalantly as he opened the door for her. "Being from L.A. n' all. But I was curious where your accent came from, it certainly sound 'South Central'." She leaned into him offering up a playful nudge as she smiled and rolled her lovely amber eyes. As faint as her accent was, a gift from her mother who had a thicker accent, he heard it. "It must be nice up there. The Facility was in Finland for awhile, but they never let us out to see it." Snow blindness caught them both for a moment as they hit the back door of the Dorm and started off for the lake. The fields that made up the campus were expansive and several hundreds of mutants were out in the snow making fools of themselves with elaborate snowball fights, snow sculptures and every manner of snow playing game the couple could imagine. One and all seemed to be placing their genetic heretic aside for a little while and were just acting like teenagers should act. They shared a laugh or two at the antics of their classmen, it was hard not to given the amount of pure silliness going on for the next several hundred yards. Through it all a few couples, students who were already together before break or those new arrivals who had just found someone recently, waded through the war zone mutant caliber snowballs and walking autonomous snow men. Warren glanced at the couples and took a few mental notes. They ended the clearing of what was quite possibly a snowball fight young Tyler the Feral would have dubbed 'the bestest ever!' and continued to make their way towards the lake. "So tell me about Iceland," He asked suddenly while reaching down to collect a pair of skates he had stashed behind some out of season storage on the side of the now infamous boathouse.
  18. "Well, not sure how long it'll take." The door silently closed with a 'click' as he let himself in behind her. "Kinda up to you, y'know? When you get tired or bored we can call it a day." How she managed to drop her books, grab her cloak, carry a conversation and text one handed was completely lost on Warren. He had a super enhanced agility and like an idiot still managed to slip and fall on ice on a near regular basis. Inwardly he laughed at himself and his observation and suddenly something dawned on him. "Oh, might wanna dress warm. We'll be inside, but there's no heat. I found an old abandoned barn opposite the lake, perfect for finding old junk and stuff to test accuracy. Y'know, boards or bottles n' stuff." "Step outside the box Revenant." Elieen Gomez's instructions came back to the forefront of his mind. "Step outside your comfort zone, for her sake. Suggest thing you wouldn't normally consider. See if she's interested." The idea of getting love advice from his therapist was kinda embarrassing, he had to admit, but he had no on else to talk to about her, except Alex but he could hardly understand him through the British accent and Warren's complete lack of caring about anything Alex said. Alex was on thin ice over a hair band argument that didn't end well. "Glacia keeps the lake frozen pretty solid, I heard. For the kids to skate on. I thought, uhh..." He tried to find the words, and she was slowly catching on that 'uhh' meant he was unsure of either himself, or the reaction his next phrase might get. "You'd maybe like to try ice skating over there." "Together, I mean." As if she thought perhaps he'd meet her there and cheer on from the opposite shore...
  19. Between classes, counseling and detention Warren hadn't had nearly as much time to spend with Oneca as he'd of liked. Was slightly infatuated? Oh, hell yes, but it seemed a bit more than that as the two of them sat in the commons rooms and talked or watched T.V. at night. They walked the campus and sneaked around trying to learn the 'lay of the land' as he put it, and getting into a few places they probably shouldn't have been. She was fun. She was brave. She was always down for a little bit of excitement, and his kissing skills had improved ten fold (although despite his request she refused to put that in writing). Despite all that he still hadn't built up the courage to actually ask her if the rumors floating about the school were true, about them 'dating'. Not that he cared if they were or not... of course. After classes that afternoon he was waiting for her her outside her dorm room, leaning against the wall with his arms folded. "Hey," he said, trying to conceal the ardor laden smile and failing miserably. "Got plans? Mostly because I thought I might turn out good o my promise and we'd do some practice with those powers of yours today. I found a great place where we won't have to worry about collateral damage." "If you like this girl Revenant," Eileen Gomez's voice echoed in his thoughts as he remembered back to his counseling sessions earlier in the week. "Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel. There's no harm in complimenting her, and every woman loves to be complimented. Try it the next time you see her." "Oh, uhh," He added as almost an afterthought. "You look nice today too."
  20. The more they talked the easier it became to loosen up around her. It was amazing how time seemed to fly past as she shared little secrets and likes and dislikes in typical teenage fashion, even boiling down at one point point to a 'who has better tase in music' contest that Oneca won because she started a make out session before he could submit his reply. It was amazing how well he accepted defeat in that case. Neither could last much longer though and as Oneca yawned Warren lay behind her and gently glided his thumb back and forth across her stomach. She tried to talk more but eventually accepted her own defeat and drifted off as he lightly kissed the back of her neck and shoulders (it seemed like a good idea, he saw some guy on H.B.O. do it one night on some vampire show...). He followed shortly after with Oneca cradled comfortably in his arms and once in awhile, as if by reflex, his thumb would slowly glide across her soft skin.
  21. "Probably?" He smiled, the kiss she pecked him with sent a shiver through his body. "I like how you left that open." "No means no," He repeated, "And more than friendly is cool, but keep the brakes pumping until we get a better grasp things? That sounds totally fair to me, I honestly don't think I'd know what to do if you handed me a guide book walked me through it, so slow is cool with me." He took a step and placed his hands on her hips, a bit lower than what parents would have appreciated, but too low. "Thanks for the bed, I'll probably take you up on it. Not tonight, I don't think. I left my jammies in our room." He winked and smiled as he looked own at her, wanting to kiss her again. At the pace his hormones were racing he was still fairly nervous. He had never been this riled up before and knew he'd have to keep his wits about him until he came to understand exactly what it was he was going through emotionally and mentally. Still, in the meantime there was no reason for either of them to waste the warmth of the other's company. "I've an idea. How bout we collapse in the bed, lay there, chill, and if we talk the night away, cool, and if we make out till dawn, cool too."
  22. December XX. 20XX Played some game they call 'Snow Wars' here and I admit it kicked all kinds of ass. The have some girl here who controls ice, 'Glaicer' I think they call her or something. I was paying more attention to her body than her name. I had fun. Genuine fun for the first time since my mom died I killed my mom. It feels weird reading that on paper. You guys keep saying that it's not my fault, but how can that be true? It was my power. Controlled or not, it was my power that withered her away until there was nothing left. I did it. I don't feel like writing anymore.
  23. December XX. 20XX What the hell is it with the girls in this place?! It's like there's not an ugly one in the bunch. Not that I'm complaining, but Christ does it make it hard to concentrate on anything but ass. I just got back from meeting one of them and I swear all I could do was stare slack jawed while thinking bad shit in the back of my mind. I hope I didn't look like too much of a dip shit. Probably did though. Her name was Violet. Oh god is she gorgeous! But, considering the arrangement we came to, she's off limits. Ah well. Hold up... no, screw all that, I'm not here for the education, the girls, the learning to use powers responsibly shit. Screw that, I have to get the hell out of this place. So... why haven't I yet? Door's open, we can walk out any time. Doors aren't locked, security is pretty low, no armed guards. I don't know, honestly I don't. I guess it;s nice to be around people again, people like me.
  24. December XX. 20XX So I met my room mate. Talk a complete douche. Okay I take that back, Alex isn't all bad, I guess. I guess I'm still pissed off from lunch. We talked for a bit and it was strange. At the Facility we didn't talk much. We got used to being quiet and on the streets, well, hell, there's no one too talk to. He seems okay though, but he's got some messed up views. He thinks if it comes down to us and them he's going to fight for our rights. I almost laughed in his face. He can't even use his powers let alone fight, all the guys gonna do is get himself killed. Ah well, it'll cull the herd I guess, saves the real fighters time if we don't have to worry about looking after the weaker types. This whole journal thing is stupid.
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