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  1. Originally Posted By: BombshellVoted. Just would like to say, for Powerhouse and Pinpoint Accuracy, I would have preferred a compromise, but I'm pretty they'll go through as is. Voted. No one is saying they can not be changed. If there is a problem once we make use of it, then we can always make a change.
  2. Quote:Theoretically, a nova with Mega-Dex 5 could take out a main battle tank with a 9mm pistol. Seeing as the Enhancement is supposed to represent supernatural accuracy and hitting vital spots, perhaps there could be a limitation on the types of targets it can be used against. Perhaps half-effect against non-living targets, for instance? This came up at the table once and it turned into an ST call sort of thing. In the past Pinpoint Accuracy has been used to shoot through the peep holes in tanks and ricochet bullets into the controls and computer systems. While the result was not a grand explosion, the destroyed internal systems caused he vehicle to come to a stop, disabled. Frankly I'm cool with halving it against objects if people think it's necessary. The people at the table were more agreeable and easier to talk to than the internet. Like I said, it was a ST Fiat call, if I felt the object had 'vitals' then I'd allow it. Our Abby equivalent of Bullseye, Jack, tossed a paperclip at a bank vault... and I laughed at him. When he flicked a BB through a key hole into a man's throat, that was different. Quote:They balance the stats by making them identical, save for abilities attached to them. If you're a combat Nova, you take Mega Dex to hit and Mega Strength to hurt what you hit. If these were ratified wouldn't they have drastic effects on how people generated their characters, and potentially wouldn't they have greatly changed how several long-time characters would have been built? Yeah, I hate for things to be balanced. Crap. I didn't think that it might make sense and even the playing field for novas everywhere. My bad. As far as the people who have already made their characters before the possible inclusion of these enhancements? Cry me a river. Look, every RP game I've ever played has included stuff AFTER I've made my character. Every time D&D 3.5 made a new book with Feats my DM didn't let me re-make my character because new stuff came out. When White Wolf released new material my ST didn't let me re-spend all my XP just because some new merit, flaw, gift, or rote was introduced. I worked around it because I'm a grown up. Quote:This one looks fine, though I am very leery of letting an aberration double the effect of Crush. Would people with the Vengeful flaw get the same bonus, or those with Rage aberration as a flaw? This Enhancement suddenly makes an Aberration look attractive (or vice versa). Hmm, good question. Let me read the Enhancement again. No mention of flaws, no mention of vengeful... I'd say nope unless the ST said it was okay. The Enhancement is specific on what permits the cost reduction. Does this make the aberration look attractive? Personally, I don't think so, but then again used this at a table where I, the ST, actually called people out on their aberrations. When someone had Rage I called them up on it and they could snap at any moment and cause problems. Here in 200X, much like spending quantum or other sorted little details, people don't get called out as often as they should on their Taint or aberrations. I've no doubt someone might think that Rage was a good aberration to have and were I the sole ST here I'd prove them wrong by watching them mow down their friends and family the next time they get pissed. Again, it's open for adjustment, providing people all agree to the mechanic. Quote:I like the idea, but he shouldn't be as good or better than an M-Dex guy at getting out of the way. Might I suggest Bring It On lets you use Stamina + M-Stamina + Endurance for Block and Parry maneuvers, and not dodge maneuvers? He can brace himself against attacks focused on him, but he's still getting fireballed if he just stands there. Um, that exactly what the Enhancement does do. You did read it right? Quote:The character may block any incoming attack using their Stamina + Mega-Stamina + Endurance. It specifically states block any incoming attack. Not dodge or parry (parry implies a weapon is in the defenders hand). This permits a Mega-Stamina nova to just sit there and block attacks. Dodge, Parry and Block are all separate words. Unless one is covered by that enhancement, it's not included in the wording of that enhancement. Quote:Or how about someone with Dispersed Organs, would he reduce the damage he takes? This I don't get. Why would anyone assume that Dispersed Organs is affected by this enhancement? Dispersed Organs has its own rules for how damage is applied to the character. ----- Basically, the enhancements are an attempt to balance all the Attributes out. No one Attribute should be better or worse than any other and over the years its been proven that Mega-Dexterity Martial Artists will hands down stomp a Mega-Strong Brawler. Ladies and germs, I'm not sure how many of you have ever actually been in a knock down, drag out, back alley brawl, but I have. I can not attest to how super people might do it, but with three forms of martial arts training and 15 years experience with fighting for practice and sport, I can tell you all, honestly: It is not about how fast or how strong you are. I know, that pretty much means that both Strength and Dexterity are useless, but it's true. It's honestly wits and intellect that win a fight, everything else is just the application of force and applied experience. Unfortunately we have a mechanic to work around and that mechanic is honestly centered around "fast people never lose". Argue that if you like, but statistically it's there, and I find those statistics to be bullshit. I've several Wits and Intelligence Enhancements that turn super smart characters into brawling and MA powerhouses too, but for now I'm trying balance the Strength/Dexterity issue.
  3. Enhancement time. Here's a few that have all been play tested for balance and they all work well in a gritty combat environment. These may help getting us on the road of balancing out the Mega-Strongs with the Mega-Quicks in combat. I used all of these in my Marvel Abby game, and none of them broke the benchmark for 'OP'. I have a rule: "For ever hit, a counter. For every counter, a hit." I'm not saying these are perfect, only that they suited my needs for a game that lasted well over two years and no one complained. That doesn't mean they'll work here, but it also doesn't mean they can't be adjusted. Powerhouse (Mega-Strength) Mega-Strong characters are usually attributed to slow, lumbering, muscle heads. Lacking the subtlety and grace associated with martial artists, powerhouse brawlers are good one thing: destroying anything they hit. Most quickly learn, however, that connecting with particularly swift opponents in combat is troublesome if not impossible at times. True powerhouses have learned how to anticipate their opponent’s actions, remove their maneuverability, or just plain fight dirty. Regardless of how they fight, the result is always the same: maximum damage potential behind every strike. System: With this enhancement the nova is permitted to roll their Mega-Strength dice during a brawl or any other strength based attack. As per the rules each 7,8, or 9 on the mega dice are considered two successes and all 10s are considered three successes. This enhancement does not confer the ability to break the five successes damage limit but it will permit the nova to rack enough combat successes to deal with Mega-Dexterous novas dodging and leaping about. This enhancement is always active once purchased and requires not quantum to use. Pinpoint Accuracy (Mega-Dexterity) Some novas are not built for strength but for speed. Mega-Dexterous novas are insanely accurate and precise with every attack in combat, making even a glancing blow a near fatal strike as nerve-clusters and muscle groups recoil from powerfully placed, accurate blows. True masters of accuracy however, are even deadlier, capable of inflicting fatal wounds to even the hardiest of targets. They simply hone in on their target’s weaknesses, apply the right amount of force, and watch them die slowly from the internal injuries. System: With this enhancement the nova’s Mega-Dexterity dice are considered to be Mega-Strength dice for the purposes of inflicting extra damage in combat whenever they are using dexterity based combat skills. So, a nova with a Mega-Dexterity score of 2 automatically inflicts [10] health levels of damage. If the nova already possesses a Mega-Strength score the damage is not cumulative, the higher score’s damage adds are applied only. It should be noted that this enhancement also applies to melee and ranged weaponry. In terms of melee weapons it only applies to light, one-handed weapons that are designed with finesse in mind that usually involve puncturing or razor thin cuts that bleed a lot (knives, daggers, fencing foils, whips, etc). Swords, axes and katanas do not count, sorry guys. For ranged weaponry this applies to most thrown weapons that are not strength based (throwing knives, shuriken, paperclips, and in one case: jacks). Pistols and sub-machine guns qualify, but rifles and heavier weapons (shot guns included) do not. Additionally, once a nova has Pinpoint Accuracy, they no longer need to spend a turn ‘charging’ the Accuracy enhancement; they may apply it instantaneously to any applicable attack. They do need to still spend 1 quantum point per attack, however. This enhancement is always active once purchased and requires no quantum to use. Bring It! (Mega-Stamina) Not the type to float like a butterfly? Do you have better shit to in a fight than put on a floorshow? Or maybe you’re just too damn fat, lazy, or large to move at any pace faster then ‘stationary’. Well brother, have I got the enhancement for you! With Bring It! you never have to worry about dodging blows ever again! Why dodge when you can stand there and let them give you everything they have and laugh in their face once you proceed to pummel them into goop! System: The nova’s muscles are so dense, or their flesh so flabby, that they need no longer worry about having enough room to dodge in a fight. The character may block any incoming attack using their Stamina + Mega-Stamina + Endurance. This enhancement allows the nova to block lethal damage. They may also ‘block’ attacks such as gunfire or certain quantum powers. Additionally, at the cost of 1 quantum point, the character may increase their bashing and lethal soak scores by their [quantum] for a single turn, sending juice to tense up muscle groups to better withstand attacks. Unbridled Rage (Mega-Strength) You are a force to reckon with on the battlefield, a God of War, a Lord of Pain. All who stand in your way will know what it means to feel the awesome might of your power as you strike them dead with a single blow. System: Your nova can break the 5 dice damage limit. With this enhancement active every undodged/unblocked success you acquire is applied to your damage pool, ignoring the usual cap of 5 dice. Additionally, once learned, the character need no longer spend a turn 'charging' Crush and may apply the additional damage immediately, providing they have the quantum to fuel it. If the nova has the Rage abberation, all costs for Crush are halved. This enhancement costs 3 quantum points to activate and stays active for the duration of the scene. Once active the character may no longer dodge, only block. They may not pull punches or make use of the Precision enhancement. Also, they may not willingly shut this enhancement off until the combat is over, once activated, the nova is committed to a warpath of destruction.
  4. An enemy should certainly have a background, yes. And if the enemy is a nova it should also have a power set.
  5. Why not give the guy some time to sort through his personal madness and get his footing back into posting here before we begin harassing about closed games. I know it might be difficult to think of something other than your own personal enjoyment, but give it a shot. Give the guy some time, geez.
  6. Enemies are handled in the same way Mentors and other player bought NPCs are: you control them for the most part, but are expected to handled the interactions in a manner the befits both the PC and the Enemy. A moderator may usurp control if necessary, but thus far it hasn't been. You can, if you like, ask a moderator to assume control for the duration of a fiction or scene, or even another player if you're so inclined. While they're under no obligation to accept the offer, it can certainly provide you with some creative ideas from someone else's perspective.
  7. Quote:Honestly I don't think that's necessary or fair. Crush: You spend the quantum points. If the attack misses the points are still spent. Shockwave: The nova spends the quantum and makes shockwave. No one, this time, is affected by it, but the quantum is still spent. Thunderclap: The nova spends the quantum points and does a thunderclap. No one is affected by it, this time, but the quantum is still spent. Immovable Object: The Nova spends the quantum points but another nova still manages to knock him down! Too bad, but the quantum points are still spent. Unstoppable Force: The nova spends the quantum points and slams into an immovable object only to find that it withstands his onslaught! Too bad, but the quantum points are still spent. Accuracy: The nova spends the quantum. Despite the three extra dice granted to him, he still missed his attack. The quantum is still spent, however. Rapid Strike: The nova spends the quantum point, but inflicts no damage at all. The point is still spent though. Durability: The character spends a quantum point, but fails the Stamina roll so he doesn't reduce the damage. The point is still spent, however. Hardbody: The nova spends the quantum point but fails to soak any of the damage at all, the point is still used up though. Artistic Genius: The nova spends the quantum point but still fails the appraisal roll. He doesn't get the point back. Lie Detector: The nova spends the quantum, but Einherjar still manages to bullshit his way past them! The point, however, is still spent. Need I really go on? It seems perfectly fair and as far as necessary, as an enhancement the core of the rules seems to be consistent: you spend the point, and regardless of success or failure, the point remains spent.
  8. Originally Posted By: Christian H. BluesCannibalism This Extra requires Biological Amalgam, and allows the nova to Incorporate Inspired targets with the following caveats: The victim must be succesfully targeted with a Hold maneuver, which must be maintained for a full round afterwards before Incorporation can be used.There has to be physical contact. Powers like Forcefield can prevent this, meaning they need to be neutralised first.If the targeted nova has the Hardbody Enhancement or the Impervious Extra on any defensive power, that nova must be subdued - either having been emptied of Quantum, be suffering the shutdown effect of Eclipsodol, knocked out/asleep, the Impervious power Disrupted, or Mox'd into submission.If the targeted nova has Bioenergy Buffer they are immune unless dormed, suffering Eclipsodol shutdown or under a similar effect that robs them of access to this ability, since Bioenergy Buffer specifically protects the individual integrity of the nova's quantum field from parasitic style attacks.Inspired targets get to add their Quantum/Psi/Inspiration to their Willpower roll to resist Incorporation as automatic successes. If they are rendered somehow helpless or knocked out, though they may not be able to roll Willpower, they still get those automatic successes.Unless the Incorporating nova has the Voracity Extra (above), Inspired targets are absorbed at a rate of 1 Health level a day, no faster. If the victim can successfully Resist Voracity, they are still absorbed at this slower rate until they break free or are released.If the Incorporation is successful, the absorbed nova loses 1 dot of powers like Psychic Shield, Mental Invulnerability or similar per Health level drained with regards to resisting the neural link only. If the victim is released, their powers are back in full effect. No other mental abilities, such as Dominate, can take advantage of this whilst the victim is absorbed, only the neural link effect of Incorporate. Example: C.H. absorbs Psyche (Psychic Shield 5) and manages to drain 3 health levels from her using Voracity. The Proteus agent's Psychic Shield is now reduced to 2 dots, making her more susceptible to C.H absorbing her memories. If he absorbs 2 more of her health levels, the Shield is gone altogether.Willpower rolls to gain control of the Incorporating nova's body can be made as normal, assuming the absorbed person is awake/aware to make the conscious attempt.An absorbed nova cannot activate or use any of their abilities or powers once absorbed. Their bodies are held in a form of stasis, and that includes their Nodes.In the case of two novas with Incorporate w/ Biological Amalgam and Cannibalism facing off, they may attempt to overpower one another. In this instance, there is no Resistance roll from either nova. They roll Stamina + Incorporation as normal, adding their Quantum rating as auto successes to their roll. The winner absorbs the loser: remember that 4 net successes must be scored to use the loser's health levels to heal your own with. That's an awful lot of things to remember for an extra. Should I have a legal team review all those bullet points before purchasing this? While I'm not opposed to it, it seems awfully wordy.
  9. Originally Posted By: KazuoAs far as how to tone down what it can do; just charge 1qp for every attempt to redirect an attack and state that it counts as a regular Defensive Action. That way, if a nova wants to use it, they need to have actually planned for and declared some number of defensive actions in their turn, which they can use with Soft Fist if they choose to do so, but which will also cost them 1qp per attempt to redirect an attack (the 1qp charge is a fair tradeoff for the ability to potentially inflict damage with your defense rather than merely not getting hit). If you have no defensive actions and/or no quantum points, then you can't use the enhancement. This looks like a reasonable way to handle it. However, even if the defender has no opportunity to defend an attack (i.e. they use two defensive action to use soft fist and the attacks never actually happen) then the QP should still be spent, respective of whether or not the enhancement did anything. It's like missing with a power, you spend the points, fail the roll, but you still use the juice regardless. Also, I don't think this enhancement should be usable on novas who possess a mega-strength higher than the defending nova without spending a point of willpower as well per the rules for beating out mega-strong novas. Without the WP, you are struck by a force that, even with all your training, knocks you off your feet. (This keeps some of the more cocky bastards in check. Ninja's don't use the force of Hulk's punches against him, they get squashed.) Quote:As far as the rest of it goes: I say that, when using Soft Fist, ties (equal numbers of successes from both parties) should go to the attacker; Successes rolled for using Soft Fist should negate attack successes in the same way that a normal Block or Dodge roll would; Using this enhancement against attacks with Melee weapons or an opponent who can otherwise deal Lethal close quarters damage should require the ability to Parry (meaning that they can't just defend against the attack bare-handed). These are good points. Soft Fist, if used, should be considered, and used, in place of a block. Meaning that if you go with this option and the results aren't quite you'd hopped for (i.e. failed to overcome your attacker) you still paid a QP and at least are able to reduce the power of the attack by XX amount. The defending nova should have some means of parrying lethal damage in order for this enhancement to be effective against weapons that inflict lethal damage (swords, knives, nova hands). Also, I don't think the damage added from the redirect or deflection cannot 1. Exceed 5 dice. or 2. Add more dice than the original attacker achieved. The nova has to still work with what they're given after all. This enhancement also should not work against opponents who are using Density Decrease 5. The attack simply passes through the defense and any attempt to grab or redirect results in grasping air. Also... The expanded source books are filled with OP garbage. They provide a ton of 'I own you' with no real defenses against any of it. What I'd like to see are a few Brawl Enhancements, since the way Aberrant is geared all you need is Mega-Dexterity and Martial Arts and no Brawling Nova will ever harm you. Frankly that's ass, since most of the XWF guys use a mixture of both and they seem to win and lose in equal portion. Anything Mega-Dexterity related when added into Aberrant combat pretty fudges the rules.
  10. I removed Smackdown from the TT game here at the house. It was replaced with each character inventing a 'Special Move' that permitted them an opportunity to attack by using their powers in a manner that was unique to them. Fianna would suddenly find her self mauling her opponents with a series of claw attacks and throws combined with incredibly agile quantum leaps and aerial throws to the ground. Revenant would Whisper into the shadow of his enemy with quantum imprint and proceed to use their greatest attacks with startling proficiency against them. The original Contessa was a master of Magnetic Master and would use the environment's metal to startling effect in a volley of metal based attacks. She collapsed a building on a foe once by simply ripping out all the metal plumbing with a single mighty heave. These attacks broke the laws of what the character was capable of in order to enhance the drama and action of the stories we were playing in. Each PC had one, and could spend XP to learn more, signature move that permitted them certain aces of up their sleeve when certain conditions in a conflict were met. I also attempted something like this for Mutant High, here at the boards, but the game was cut short by my lack of time to run it. It always worked far better than the 'Smackdown' technique and ironically, we still called it a 'Smackdown' when the PCs used their signature moves.
  11. Originally Posted By: AnatolyBut you not doing it does not preclude someone else from doing it. And if it can be done, it will be done at some point. No, it wouldn't. Myself, Ein, nor Shae would ever consider permitting someone to attempt such a thing, that's why we're here. Now, I'm going to take a moment to preach here for just a second, and I'm going to be honest with all of you. I'm not going to ask you to not be offended, but I will ask that you take what I say with a grain of salt, because it's not meant to be offensive, just blunt. Now, what I've seen both as a player and a moderator, is a whole lot of 'no, because my opinion is this and that's that'. Let me be honest, Bombshell's 'Performance Prodigy' I found to be nothing more than the players excuse to give himself an automatic 3 successes for one quantum point and nothing more. That was my personal opinion. Personally I feel the idea was a pretty lame one. Does that mean it's a bad enhancement? Does it mean it was a bad idea? Does it mean that because I didn't like it I should just toss it aside and say no? No, it doesn't. As both player and a moderator it's my responsibility to look at the proposal and tell myself: "I may not like this idea, but this player does. How can I help them to make this work so that they may have fun with this and it not affect my, or other players' fun?" It is not my place to say: "I really don't see a need for this. Nope." This is an open forum with the rare open mind of allowing people to submit custom content. It does not belong to any one of you but to all who frequent here. If you are going to deconstruct something don't take it apart without offering a means for helping that fellow with putting it back together in a way that might work (thank you Katya for actually providing useful feedback). Now I'll address an issue with sarcasm that Anatoly felt the need to point out, since I am Contessa's player I don't want anyone to feel that since I'm posting with my Mod account that I'm trying to abuse power or flex on anyone, I just don't feel like switching accounts just to address this. With comments like: 1. if you think this is overpowered then I'm calling you all addled You failed to repost the smiley I put at the end of that sentence. I'm sure this was just a slight oversight on your part, but in case it needs to be said, the smiley meant I was trying to joke with you guys. 2. if you think baselines are a threat then your nova is seriously weak and probably shouldn't leave the house Again, this was meant to be tongue in cheek, unless your nova really is weak, in which case I'd recommend they stay indoors. 3. Did you guys not actually read anything? This was honesty, some of what I was reading honestly made me feel like the post was skimmed more than it was actually read based on how the sum of the feedback didn't really seem to be helping me, just breaking it apart and leaving it in pieces on the floor for me to pick up. Nothing was actually helpful so I had to ask. It wasn't meant to be rude, but it certainly was sarcasm. In the future guys please keep in mind that we're here to help each other make this place successful and fun. Look at all ideas objectively and separate your personal feelings on the matter (frankly no one cares if you feel no one should ever have more one dot in clone, that's your opinion and has no bearing on assisting other players) in order to construct ideas that all of us may use to have a good time with. At this moment, the Clone idea is sidelined.
  12. *barges in and tears down all of his rock n' roll posters (except the Dio one on the back of the door) and proceeds to tell how much better his brother is than he ever will be before storming out and slamming the door*
  13. *gasps* Ein! You should know better! You are a moderator and should be setting the example, not being the example! You're grounded for one week, tell your little Jael friend that you can't come out and play and I'm taking your PS3 away too. You might be mad at me now, but you'll thank me for this tough love in 10 years or so.
  14. This is a general note for whomever posted the ((Work in Progress)) character in the characters section. If the character is not completed, fleshed out, and ready to be played, then they do not belong in that section. The characters section is not a dumping ground for possible ideas or works that may or may not see any use. Please remove the PC and post it when it's completed. If another moderator was spoken too and the posting of the character was cleared by them, then please disregard this message. Thanks.
  15. I'm alright with it to for the same reasons Shae mentioned. Providing Ein and the rest of 200X doesn't mind and it doesn't become a habitual thing for players, then it's alright by me.
  16. Aha. Yep that was it. Aside from that, I didn't notice anything else. She looks all set to me.
  17. Quote:XP LOG: 06/03/11 +81 (81) Starting XP 06/03/11 -14 (67) Nature Mastery ●●● 06/03/11 -12 (55) Strength ●●●● 06/03/11 -6 (49) Mega-Stamina ● (Enhancement: Resiliency) 06/03/11 -6 (43) Mega-Dexterity ● (Enhancement: Perfect Balance) 06/03/11 -6 (37) Mega-Strength ● (Enhancement: Quantum Leap) 06/03/11 -18 (19) Willpower ●●●● through ●●●●●●● 06/03/11 -14 (5) Healing ●●● Nature Mastery is a Level 2 Power. It's initial cost would be 6 then 5 then 10 (21 Total). I'm not sure how you got 14. Healing is Level 3 so it's initial cost is 9 then 7 then 14 (30 Total). I'm not sure how you got 14 again. Were these purchased tainted?
  18. Fahrenheit has an invulnerability to 'Disrupt'. Per the powers description you can not make a nova invulnerable to a specific power. 'Disrupt' would not be a valid choice.
  19. I certainly appreciate the vote of confidence guys, sincerely. Regardless of which direction any voting goes, I'm still around if you guys need an extra body to help out.
  20. I enjoyed moderating 200X. If there's a spot open I'll throw my hat in for it. I left because I didn't have time in my life available to give the forums any attention at all. If you guys need me, consider me available to help out.
  21. High above the battle the resonance of the page brought to existence seven arcane wards that shimmered with a dark power and a mystical radiance. At their center swirled a dark mass of energy, an entity filled with such hate and disgust for all things that it was sealed away long ago in a parallel world. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Was the magic's logic, and so, one by one the arcane glyphs that kept the monster in check were shattered in a blast of purplish/black energy. As each shattered the energy within he center grew larger and larger until it seemed as if nothing could hold it any longer. The seventh glyph shattered and in an explosion of power the smokey energy cast from it a dark meteor; A black 'bullet' that screamed towards the earth leaving an inky black trail behind it. "The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. Revelation 8:7." Blackjack looked up from his alcoholic haze, and quoted scripture. "That's one hell of a nose you got there..." The meteor spiraled towards the frost demon and it's minions until suddenly shifting it's course coming to a near halt as the meteor itself was revealed to be an angelic form, it's black wings wrapped tight around it's body. As they spread, his wing caught an updraft and he stopped almost immediately. Shrouded in black leather pants and long black leather duster his wings beat heavily in the air. The Red Reindeer had summoned the one being within a billion parallel dimensions that hated Christmas more than anything. Revenant, The Angel of Death. Guns glistened into being, seemingly from nowhere, and with lightning speed and accuracy their muzzles flashed with otherworldly fire. Bullets shrouded in the essence of pain, misery and death rained down upon the battlefield, shredding minions and infuriating Frah'sti with every puncture to the demon's snow covered hide. There he hovered, his yellow eyes gleaming with and burning with wrath so hot that it left yellowish wisps in the cold air that smoked up from the burning sockets. His teeth were clenched and the grimace upon his face spread panic in the weakest of the demons minions...
  22. "Kazoo has the right idea." Warren said stomping over, his form shirking and cracking in a grotesque display of sounds as his body shifted back to it's normal size and appearance. Inside he was wrestling with some guilt, he didn't plan on this happening. People were hurt or dying and inside he felt responsible. "Cirque, I've no idea what the hell you're doing, but we'll discuss it later. For now, high tail it, would 'ja?. Kazoo, grab Morri and get gone. I know the Manhattan streets, eluding the police won't be an issue for me, so I'll bolt on foot. Scatter, and don't stop moving." He paused briefly before looking like he was going to start running. "Uh, where's Frank?"
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