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  1. Casually Warren sat down like he wasn't shocked, nor surprised that something went wrong, not that he knew, nor cared, what. Everything on his tray was twice it's normal size, including the bean and cheese burrito that would force Alex to complain all night and possibly crack a window for health reasons. In reality, it's the only reason he super sized the damn thing. ,, He picked up his burrito and took a bite, trying to keep all the filling in as he wrestled with it. "Way to go shit dick." He said to Marco. "Don't cry about it, dude. It's Morri, the little hound whimpers and runs from her own shadow on the daily. She's messed up, even by messed up standards." ,, "Eat, water works. We got shit to do."
  2. Warren was undaunted by Alex's outburst. Not because the mutant couldn't be intimidating, quite the contrary, but because to show such a reaction would be a moment of weakness in his conviction. He knew Alex was pissed at him and he honestly cared, but Alex would get over it. He folded his arms as Alex walked off. "Good, glad we're clear on that." He said in a tone that came straight from the ancient dialect of 'Asshole Bully-nese'. ,, He wasn't budging. Warren could be a bona fide jerk-off sometimes, but this was going way beyond the level of being a dick some of these guys were used to. IT was like he'd suddenly branded these guys the worst sort of evil imaginable and was defending Morri from them like they were a circus of perverts salivating over the horrors they could subject Morri to once they told her to a Taiwanese pleasure house for four cartons of cigarettes and a keg of cheap beer. He wasn't happy, he wasn't screwing around, and he was impeding any of them from getting any closer to Morri... like he didn't trust them with her all of a sudden. ,, Once again the King of Hypocrisy reared his ugly head. "Morri, you need to be asking Eileen those questions, not these guys."
  3. Warren seemed irritated, the way he was rubbing the bridge of his nose certainly gave it away. "I can not believe this. Are you guys serious? You do realize she is retarded, right?" ,, "Warren, that's not fu-" Sonja tried to reprimand him for calling her the "R" word again but Warren swiftly cut her off. ,, "No, don't Sonja, I'm not even playing around." He pointed a finger at her and held it up to silence her. "Look, I know of give her shit all the time, a lot of it, but Morri is, by definition, retarded. Sure, she might have the body of a sixteen year old, guys, but seriously you are talking to a first grader, no, worse than that because she can't even keep up in that class either. For once, I'm not trying to be cruel to her, I'm being honest, with her, and with you. This is not a conversation you guys should be having with her, this is her keeper's territory. She has the mind of child and the habits of an animal." ,, He rubbed his temples. "You guys constantly correct me for treating her bad, but look at what you're doing. What's next on your agenda, Sonja? Go give a sermon on sexing up to the first graders? Hell, they might understand it better than she does. Better yet, Alex... go for it dude... hook up and slap uglies with the retarded girl, there's a notch for the ol' belt." He motioned to Morri who simply squinted her eyes at him. She barely understood any of this... hell, she couldn't even grasp finger painting. "I know you guys mean well, I do... but this? This is just plain sick, it's twisted. She is mentally challenged, people... does that not sink in?" ,, Apparently this touched a nerve with Warren because he was speaking passionately and for once was siding with Morri, hell, damn near protecting her. Not even Oneca seemed safe from his current ire and those two damn near would let the world burn side by side and bring s'mores to the event. "She's not right in the head, and we all know it's not her fault, but the facts are there. This is something that's none of our business, this is Eileen's department to handle, not yours, or yours, and certainly not yours." He pointed to Sonja then Oneca and finally Alex respectively. "For once, I'm not trying to be an asshole guys. This is something that's serious and you are not qualified to explain this sort of stuff." He looked to Sonja and condescendingly added, "and you certainly aren't qualified. Look, I'd hate to see Morri take something the wrong way and you guys have to live with that on your conscience." He turned to his girlfriend with an honest and respectful look in his eyes. She hadn't ever seen that look before, it was almost like he was pleading for these three to just leave Morri alone about this sort of stuff. "Baby, some things aren't a game. I know you mean well, but this isn't something we should be joking about, it's not even remotely funny. I respect you Alex, and that doesn't come easy for me to say to people... but if you lay one interested hand on this girl while she's still mental, and I swear on all that is holy..."
  4. ,, Warren's brow raised slightly as his cheeks smushed together. He turned back to Neca and kissed her once more before breaking away and walking to Alex's bed. "Uh uh. I just have that one sports bra you let me keep for power practice." His explanation was strangely serious, for Warren anyway. "Someone left this out for Alex to find, not us. Who would raid your closet and give your clothes to Alex? The door is locked, it's always locked. Alex and I are paranoid about people sneaking in and messing with our guitars, those are things are our babies." ,, "Boys, and their toys." Oneca smirked. She knelt down and opened the door, the one that took them so much work to get through not moments before. Her hours with Warren were paying off, she was learning how to pick locks, trick alarms and generally all the sorts of fun things that look terrible on a resume. "Door wasn't picked." She said casually, inspecting the lock. "Teleporter, maybe? You think Jaunt or Aradia are up to shenanigans again?" ,, "Doubtful." He replied. Neither was paying much attention to the other as they looked around the room. Warren wasn't mad someone had broken in, as a fellow thief himself he was suddenly obsessed with not knowing so much as who but how they got in. "Jaunt is still avoiding you like the plague. He has been since you nearly kicked the crap out of him for calling you a 'trite bitch', remember?" ,, Oneca smiled and held in a laugh. She closed the door and stood up, gazing around the room for her next spot to investigate. It wasn't as much fun as making out, but it was an interesting change of pace, besides, she knew Warren was an expert thief, and watching him ply his skills was sort of cool. "Seriously? Wow, I'd forgotten about that. That kid needs to learn to let go, I have. Although the way he pleaded 'not in the face' in that whiny voice of his does sometimes lullaby me to sleep at night." ,, "The window." His voice was low and Oneca met him by the sill. "The glass is smeared, and the branches in the tree across the way are broken. Someone leapt from the tree to our window, or to the roof and let themselves in. Who the hell climbs in trees?" Warren could have connected the dots had he spent more time with Morri, but he tended to keep his contact with her to a minimum, or rather was forced to by threat of death from Sonja after he'd told her that the word "bukake" was a polite way of greeting someone you considered a friend. It took Sonja nearly a week to get her to stop saying 'bukake' every couple of minutes. Oneca was always down for good prank, but there were certain targets that were off limits, Morri was of them. Even she was a little irritated at him for that one (she still choked back a chuckle every time Morri said it though... seriously, who wouldn't?). ,, "Okay," Oneca smiled and kissed her lover gently on his lips. Dating a bad boy was sort of cool sometimes. Warren had actually done everything he claimed to, from breaking and entering to street fighting to gang violence in Manhattan. He was everything a mother feared their daughter would meet and fall for. "Color me impressed. Where'd you learn to be all 'Detective Verona'?" ,, Enjoying her touch and especially her lips on his, Warren smiled back and suavely shrugged. "Well, you fracture an occasional law here and there and eventually you learn what to look for." ,, Oneca took his hand and led him towards the door. "My turn." She said, not letting on to where she was taking him. "I think I know who we're looking for."
  5. Warren grinned, adding a silent scoff as he did. Marco really didn't seem to get what his peer was trying to tell him, nor grasp the fact that Marco, as new a he was, barely registered on Warren's radar. His snarkiness was cute, the way he got attitude was kinda cute too. It was so nice to see people think he was just another 'tough guy' up until he actually did knock out a couple of their teeth. "No Marco, I don't think you care. i don't think you care at all, which is why Drumm asked me to be the guy to show you around. Because I don't care either." ,, He hunched down and scooped up a paving stone. He tossed it about in his hand until the two passed one of the younger classes, collectively all around the age of five to seven or so. The pebble in his hand started to glow a purplish with a hazy aura about it as the molecules within it were excited to an unstable state. With an arc of his arm he threw the stone high into the air and it soared up and over the heads of the class at least a couple hundred feet. Then it exploded with like an industrial firework on the Fourth of July branching out into swirls of purple motes as the excess energy bled off. The kids all looked up and laughed and cheered on Warren screaming at him to throw up another one. The scowl from heir instructor told him it would not be appreciated. "But, I have to admit Marco... I'm starting to." ,, They stood in the bustling cafeteria, which honestly was more like a food court with how busy it was at all hours of the day. "Welcome to food land." He said as he gave Marko a push to get him out of the way as other mutants were trying to get in to to eat. It was like dodge ball all over again and he was surrounded by genetic marvels all doing any number of strange things. They held their utensils with tails, the sped through like speed demons, they walked through tables like they didn't exist, some even reshaped what their food looked like, burritos and hamburgers three times their actual size with a simple touch. It was amazing and frightful all at once. "Yeah," Warren aptted him on the shoulder and point at the mutant making things huge. "If you want it Super Sized, Hector'll do it for fifty cents more. The kid makes a fucking killing. Oh, and if you need quarters or anything, he's the guy to go to too. Burrito's are this way Mr. I Don't Care. While we walk, why don't you fill me in, and I'm breaking one of the cardinal laws of mutantdom, but fuck it, right? What exactly is it that you do?"
  6. "He's tryin'." Warren smirked. He never let her go, keeping his arm tucked under hers and wrapped about her waist. "Sorry baby, I didn't know he'd be out here, but Tchaikovsky here learned he could generate electrical current, so we're fuckin' around with it. Besides, with a punch like that, you'll break your damn fist before you ever light up anything." ,, Laughing to himself, he let his arm slide off of Oneca, something that took effort when he was close to her. "Where'd you learn to throw a punch, Squint?" Warren approached him and looked to the barn. "Seriously, you hit like a girl." ,, Oneca cleared her throat, leaned all her weight on one leg and crossed her arms, hefting up that cleavage of hers in a way that took Warren's mind to bad places. ,, "I said girl," He smiled and looked a her. "Not woman." ,, "Nice save." She mused still giving him grief with a well grin and raise of her brow. ,, "Come here, Squint, if you're going to throw a punch do it right." He took his own brawling stance and displayed for Curtis how he should throw an appropriate punch taking note to explain shoulders, extension of the arm, and how to protect exposed areas. "It's no wonder you got your ass shot, ain't you ever been in a fight before?"
  7. "You trust in anything you like," Revenant started. "I don't borrow, I take. If you want it back, come take it back, but relax, you're new so I didn't take anyhing from you, just your bottle of stink so I could find you." He took Marco's hand and helped him up, giving him a smack on the back (gently), before leading him off towards the main campus. "We're going to do the grand tour. I'll show you the basic stuff, plus the stuff the faculty doesn't know about, or, rather, pretends they don't know about." The two boys walked around and Warren didn't say much else for a moment just a few quips about the campus that Marco had already read about in the brochure when suddenly he came out of left field with an explanation. "Cupcake on the other hand? Because you're soft. I saw your room, a private little suite all to yourself? Must be nice. What? You too good to room with someone? Because you come from luxury you have to blessed with your own private suite everywhere you go?" Finally Warren stopped and spun about facing Marco eye to eye. "First rule of Mutant High, Cupcake. Your problems don't mean shit. No matter how bad you think you have it, there's always someone around here who has it worse. I've seen a lot of kids mope in the shade, Cupcake, and the first thing you need to do is get over yourself. There's people at this school with real problems, and trust me, you and I... any personal drama we could cook up doesn't even compare." Nonchalantly he shrugged. "Second rule is: don't play chess with Curtis Shane." He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "I'll explain later. C'mon we'll grab a burrito then head to the science labs."
  8. Marco found himself drowning in the shadow of someone standing near him, two persons actually. He looked up to see a young man his age, denim jeans held up by a belt with a buckle that read 'Cocky', and a faded old Megadeth t-shirt that declared 'Peace Sells, But Who's Buying". He was handsome, despite his grunge look and shoulder length hair that screamed either 'rebel' or 'eurotrash model'. His companion was only abotu maybe eight, or nine, but as cute as could be. He had a shaggy bed head and was covered almost head to toe in dried mud in various small patches everywhere on him. He offered Marco a toothy grin that was adorable enough to make him smile back. "Told ya I could find him Revenant." The kid looked up the older one and held out his hand. "Fie dollahs. Fork it over, bish." The older one, 'Revenant', produced the cash and the kid snatched at it greedily only to find a stiff slap land upside his head. "Thanks, deals a deal, and watch your mouth or I'm not sneakin' you beers anymore." The kid scurried off, happy as one could be. 'Revenant' crouched down, resting himself on the fronts of his feet like a mutant gargoyle. "You must be Marco." He tossed a small bottle of cologne in Marco's lap, one Marco hadn't unpacked yet, but he knew it was his... he was wearing it. "Stopped by your room, you weren't there." He left out the part where he picked the lock and helped himself to Marco's unpacked possessions. He thumbed in the kid's direction. "Had the kid find you." Still seeing the perplexed look in Marco's expression, he decided to explain. "See, he's blind as a bat. Couldn't tell huh? His olfactory senses and his vision are combined into a single portion in his brain. The kid literally sees the way the world smells. Makes pretty boys like you easy to find, you left a trail all over the school. Pretty cool huh?" "Whelp, let's go." He said standing up with a grunt that made him sound old. "Name's Warren, peeps around here call me Revenant, and Drumm has asked me to show you around. So, hop to it Cupcake, let's go."
  9. "See?" Warren rolled the flat rock through his fingers, a daring move considering that if he dropped it, both he and Curtis could be in traction for months. "For our kind, knowledge is power. I admit, I have a bit of an advantage since knowledge of a power is granted when I steal it, and I think that's why I have these sort of insights. We just sorta have to understand ourselves, I've learned to understand myself, by stealing the understanding of others." The rumors of Warren power thieving becoming a bit of a horror story around the campus. Others doubted he could do it, while others still thought that once he had them... he didn't have to give them back. Truth be told, only Oneca had witnessed his ability to copy mutant abilities, but he didn't seem shy about talking about it. "C-could, you not do that please?" The genius motioned to how Warren kept tossing the stone end end on his knuckles. Warren laughed slightly, pretending to almost drop it which made Curtis flinch a bit. "Relax, I barely charged it. Sometimes the amount of energy is related to the size of the object, sometimes not. Stone is one of the weird ones though, these puppies can hold a lot of energy." "How much?" Curtis asked, his natural curiosity piqued. "On average." "That's just it, there's no average. A pebble can be a satchel charge but another pebble, equal size, might just go off like a cherry bomb." He tossed the flat stone over the water's surface and it skipped once, twice, thrice, and then detonated with enough kinetic force to punch a basketball sized hole ten feet downward, once the water filled the gap it thundered upward into a geyser several feet into the air. The whole time the water sparkled and shimmered with trace energy signatures, purple motes danced about the water's surface then dissipated. "That never gets old. You're up, c'mon, get those electric hands of your going, let's see what you got."
  10. "No," Warren corrected him. This was usually the part where the two of them got into a fight and the he punched Curtis in the stomach or something out of frustration. Admittedly, he considered it as an option, hell, violence was always an option with Warren. "I implied that if you're patient, your power will develop. Jesus Curtis, you're the most impatient fucking person I've ever met." Truth be told it was a valid question though, so Warren reached down and scooped up a stone. "Alright, you understand the basic theories behind elctrostatic, right?" Curtis crossed his arms, slouched his shoulders and cocked an eyebrow, adopting an 'are you being serious' posture. "Right, sorry I asked." With a roll of his eyes the teen mutant focused on the rock and before long the stone shimmered and sparked to life with a tell tale purplish anima. "Glad you do, because I know shit about the topic. I do know about kinetics though. I read abotu it once I developed this ability to here. I know how it works, I know that I need to hold an object, not just touch it, so I can't activate it through, say, a punch. It's too fast, there's not enough time to establish a resonance with the matter. So? How does electricity work? Flicking your hand back and forth is something I'm sure you're doomed to for the rest of your life," Since he was trying to help him, Curits waved off the masturbation joke with a dissmissive 'up yours' smirk. "Have you considerd maybe that since you have a high 'charge' in your body that you might have to conduct it through something?" Warren shrugged. "Shit dude, I dunno, try stuff out. Stick your hand in the water, see what happens."
  11. "New powers are tricky." Warren said casually. As always he didn't seem to impressed with any new news nor did he seem like he didn't care. "When did you figure out you could do that?" Curtis was still carefully trying to create any sort of effect. "See, I created a neural stim-" Warren gave him 'that glare'. "I really don't care." "Right." Curtis cleared his throat and continued on. "Point being, that ever since this morning I've been releasing an above average number electrostatic discharges. Discharges, might I add, that I've exerted some control over. Currently I'm merely trying extrapolate the logic that if I can exert some minor control over the discharge that it must be some new form electrokinetic control." This is why Warren liked being out of the Facility and in the Academy. At the Facility, when a mutant displayed any sort of new ability, he'd be called in to imprint them and learn what there new power was and what it could do. It was his niche': learning what others could do and exploiting their weaknesses. A few images of those cold, white rooms flooded his thoughts as conjured memories of the faces and names of the innocent mutants that trembled at his touch as he robbed them of their identity and became a twisted, mocking reflection of who they were. With a dee breath he banished the thoughts and remembrance of the times he honestly enjoyed it. Power could be one hell of a drug. "Look, uh," He stumbled on the words as his thoughts were divided. Socializing for Warren was not that different than it was for Curtis, unless the subject matter interested him greatly, or he was comfortable around the person, being friendly wasn't easy for him. "Don't rush it. New powers develop over time, it's like learning to walk again all over. Soon enough it;ll go from applied skill to instinct. It always does." Easy for him to say. His 'instict' was stealing powers and 'applying' them. The rest of the world had to do it the hard way: learn.
  12. "Baby, I'm down by the barn." Warren casually strolled along the shoreline, the cell phone Oneca bought for him was against his ear. He scooped up a stone and with a jerk of the wrist it was skipping across the icy waters edge. It was still winter, but the weather had been just above freezing enough that most the snow had melted into the ground and mud was everywhere. The iced over lake had melted with just enough remaining along the shore line and if one looked there was still random heaps of snow all over the place still clinging for their freedom to exist in a climate no longer suited for it. Spring would be here soon. "It's cool, really." He smiled as he spoke to her and counted the rings in the water. "We can meet up when your done. Do what you gotta do, I'm not going anywhere." He taped the screen and continued to walk, scooping up another stone and tossing it along the waters' surface. It had a deep purple tail of energy that followed it before it skipped once, twice, three times and exploded with enough force to send water up in a ten foot geyser. Warren made it look so easy. most kids had been here since the Academy was founded and had no better grasp on their powers then they day they arrived, others still were getting the hang of their abilities but still lacked the control. Not Warren. He seemed to take to his abilities like they were natural, or practiced long before he arrived at the school, a trait that had been earning him some notoriety as a mystery among his peers. "The hell you doin' here, Shane?" He asked the lone nerdy mutant. "I thought you dorks dissolve in sunlight and get all short of breath when you get nature in your lungs."
  13. Most people would assume that al Warren and Oneca did was make out twenty four seven, three sixty five. While they would not be entirely inaccurate, as there was making out aplenty, what most didn't know was the the couple talked a lot, even when apart they'd be texting like mad and always smirking out of the corner of their lips. You name it, they probably talked about it: pop culture, politics, other people, school politics, caste systems, sex, drugs, music, music worth listening to while on drugs and having sex, even just each others general bullshit opinions on the goings of each day. Although only together a short time they found a comfort in that each could tell the other, honestly, and truthfully, how full of hit the other was, or how much of a jerk they were acting like. Honesty was brutal when it came to these two, and sometimes they'd go a few hours without speaking to the other, mad at something they said, until common sense lured them back into the fold of their honesty and accountability. It was borderline eerie how well these two got along and some ventured their first child could very well be the Anti-Christ. This conversation was completely blowing his mind, in part because he was actually conversing with Curtis and throttling him, and in part because Oneca never ceased to amaze. He by no means considered her dumb, quite the contrary, but he had his passions and she had hers and rarely did they intersect. Yet, here she was, confessed that she wasn't much a literature buff, but still completely offering up an angle Warren had never considered from one of his personally favourite authors. A perplexed expression washed over his features and he honestly gave it some thought. "Wow. Damn Neca, that's pretty deep. I honestly hadn't ever considered that angle before. Milton a pole smoker... huh. I feel enlightened, that's honestly one hell of a point of view, I think you should include that in the conclusion of your report, it's powerful stuff." He glanced past Curtis and over his shoulder then began gatheing his things in a bit of a rush. "And on that note, I gotta go I have Professor Keating's class in fifteen and still have to run back to my dorm room and borrow Alex's copy of the notes from last week, that damn Kia chick still has mine and I can't find her anywhere." With that, he leaned in and gave his lover a kiss on the cheek which awarded him a smirk of her affection in exchange. "See ya in a bit. Text me. Oh, and if you see Kia, get my damn notes..." He stood up and was about to leave when he paused and turned back. "Shane, it was uh... a nice talk." Curtis could tell that Warren was actually making an effort to remain polite, a rare event that Curtis was not often on the receiving end of. "Look, don't sweat me saying anything, I know what you mean. We got problems here, be them mental, physical, or emotional, fuck some of have the trifecta, like that Mark kid out in the woods. My point is, we're all we got here, so I won't fault you for a few problems." He glanced back at the both of them and turned about. "And no, this doesn't make us cool with each other, piss me off and I'll drop you, Squint." He had to add after about three steps, but Curtis knew Warren was the 'Heart of Gold Dark Hero' type, and it was just way of not appearing 'soft' to those who might be listening.
  14. "Ugh, Warren smash." He rolled his eyes, reached for, and successfully stole an apple slice from his girlfriends plate, winning himself a playful slap on his wrist. "Hey!" She smirked, pursing her lips and scowl at him in a way that warned everyone that he was in no trouble at all. "Chill Grognak the Dumbass. Loot and pillage your own plate. And if you make one booty plundering remark, I swear to whatever Gods are listening I will throat you." She lowered her head and looked up him. Man, she was so beautiful... "Try me, Verona." The threat of a raised plastic knife drove the very real threat home. She shooed him away from her plate. "Play with your new boyfriend, I'm trying to eat." With a laugh Warren turned his attention back to Curtis. If the school found out that classical literature and poetry was one of his deepest passions his shared reputation with Kazuo as the school bad ass would officially be over and Kazuo would be awarded full rights along with all the privileges that entailed... like all the detention you could ever want. “Consider this, steering it away from the metaphysical for a moment. Milton got a lot of static for his religious views, especially since he was an admitted monist, which was like “oh… very bad, scary…” back in those days.” Warren shook his hands like he was trying to scare everyone at the table with his comment. “After reading it several times a simple thought occurred to me: Milton was a closet devil-worshiper.” Even Oneca cocked a brow in Warren’s direction at this startling revelation, not because she was surprised she said it, but because once again Warren had the balls to say something that might bunch someone’s panties into a knot. People were way to uptight most of the time (Curtis being one of them), and stating that an icon on literature like Milton was a Satanist was about on par, in the intellectual community, as saying ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’. To Curtis’s credit though, he leaned in, his arms resting on the table, in a posture that stated simply: ‘oh, this I have to hear’. “Okay,” Warren began without missing a beat. “Try not to lose me, but, to me, Satan is presented so sympathetically that it was always hard for me to think otherwise. Lets face it, he has the best lines and aside from starting a war in Heaven, his actions would be laudable by most Christian standards.” Warren starting counting off on his digits to emphasis his point. “The dude never gives up, he fights for what he believes in, he's really clever, and he even pities humans for having to be his tools to get back at God. The Archangels are presented as sissies and are always so full of arrogance their dialogue may as well of been: ‘Yeah Satan, I know you're way cooler than me at everything, but remember my dad is God and if you touch me I’m running home and telling on you.’ Michael and Gabriel are prime examples.” He folded his arms and rested them on the table, taking a moment to sip his chocolate milk. “Seriously, the whole message is a simple one: sometimes the bad guys aren’t all that bad. They’re just harder, rougher, and play by a different set of rules. Satan really wasn’t the bad guy, he was just a victim of an arrogant and petty absentee father figure.” Realizing how he'd just phrased that, Warren gave Curtis an icy stare. "If you want to eat your next meal through a tube, psychoanalize me, I dare you..."
  15. "Mmm." Warren nodded as he folded his pizza up like a taco and took a massive bite. It was common knowledge that he'd been on the streets for most of his life, with rumors abounding that he was also part of some laboratory experiments. Whatever was true, the fact was he always ate like it was his last meal, shoveling in as much as he could in a very short amount of time, pushing the envelope of barbarism. The others simply looked on remaining non-judgmental as he chewed vigorously with very little table manners. Everyone here had a story to tell, from Warren, to Curtis, to the Bahaar sisters... all of them had either a very nice life or a miserable one with very little room for middle ground thanks to their mutations. Silently everyone, despite their personal issues with each other, seemed to put aside their differences when it came to certain behaviors. Warren carried with him the fear that he would end up alone on the streets again, so he ate like all this would be gone tomorrow and he'd be back to scrounging for a meal... so they gave him a reprieve on his bizarre eating methods. Wiping his mouth on his bare wrist (leaving a smudge of sauce on his skin) he slurped his chocolate milk (a small vice of his was chocolate milk, and to fuck with his milk spelled death for anyone). "Pretty good book, one of my favorites." "You've, read Paradise Lost?" Sonja asked, a bit surprised that Warren could read at all. In all fairness she was still a bit miffed that Oneca was dating him, and as her overprotective, older sister felt obligated to give Warren a hard time from time to time. "What? The homeless kid obviously must be an idiot too?" Warren snapped, glaring at Sonja letting the tension at the table rise a bit. "Don't start on me Warren, you know I didn't mean it like that, so go pick a fight elsewhere, I'm not biting." Sonja was quick to diffuse the angry mutants to constantly pick a fight with anyone and everyone who tried to some sign of being a bit surprised with him. "I'm just a bit surprised, that's all I was implying. Let's face it, Verona, you don't seem like a poetry kind of guy." She glared back, smirking her challenge. "Tell me I'm wrong... go ahead." He paused to consider her words, then smirked back at her. "Okay, you made your point. But if you must know Paradise Lost was one of the first books I read as a kid. The way it was a poetic exegesis of the first three chapters of the book of Genesis amazed me and sucked me right in." Dear God, it actually looked like Warren was excited about talking about something that didn't involve bulling other mutants or making out with Oneca. Sonja remained skeptical and quirked a brow, sipping her drink while she waited for this to start. "Oh, this I have to hear." "You see, in it, Milton recounts the story of the two falls that marred the beauty of God's creation. First, the fall of Satan and his demons. Second the fall of Adam and Eve from sinless perfection. Woven into the story are a number of threads that enhance both the beauty of the story and our understanding of it: the war in heaven and subsequent expulsion of Satan and his demons, the creation of the heavens and earth, the creation of Adam and Eve, their temptation and fall, and the promise of redemption." He could have been a public speaker at this point, using his hands to gesture particular points he wanted those listening to focus upon. Tapping his finger on the table to express the spot on descriptors of the ideals and legends the poet used for inspiration. "The major elements of the story come directly from Scripture. He fleshes them out with details that are imagined, but certainly not inconsistent with the Bible. Milton's was a redeemed imagination on the order of Dante, and somehow he was able to reflect some of the glory that might have been when our first parents walked naked and unashamed through the garden. His descriptions of Heaven, Eden, and the sinless state of Adam and Eve have inspired countless authors who have imitated and borrowed from him over the centuries." By now a few people were simply sharing awkward stares as the barbaric mutants now seemed to be spewing a borderline genius critique of one of the most epic poems ever written. What captivated me the most was, like all great works of literature, Paradise Lost is brilliant in its scope and execution. It was executed by a poet of the highest order, who was also an accomplished theologian, which, in my opinion, gives the work far more credibility. Milton chose as his models the great epic poems of antiquity with the intent of creating the first epic poem in the English language." He took a sip of his chocolate milk and didn't even bother setting it down, like a drunkard with a tankard giving a speech, the carton of milk was now a prop to be swayed and moved about to help accentuate his points. "Now, for a lesser poet to aspire to such a lofty goal might be hubris. Milton not only aspired to it, he succeeded and in so doing established himself as one of the greatest poets of all time. The aesthetic excellence of this work is beyond question. Critics have praised it since its first publication. That he accomplished this feat while blind is hardly to be believed. To conceive of a poem on the scale of Paradise Lost, to organize one's thoughts, to recite, listen, edit, and complete this masterpiece required a strength and stamina that only comes with genius that has been cultivated over a lifetime. Milton is one of the giants of literature on whose shoulders many have since stood in my opinion. The guy was a genius." An awkward silence washed over the table, in part because the way Warren acted made most assume his favorite color was 'potato' and he could count to 'blue'. A few sat slack jawed, unsure how to follow that up, while others were just plain lost (having never read the books). He looked to Sonja and Curtis, who still were a bit shocked but his it amazingly well, and sipped his chocolate milk again. "What?" He asked with a shrug, suddenly a bit defensive that everyone was going to burst out in laughter at him revealing that was actually a pretty smart guy.
  16. Mouse stormed past Warren, nearly knocking his try off balance, were it not for his subtle super-human agility it may very well had been all over the floor. He didn't pay the scene much mind, it was high school and a mutant one at that so all this drama was simply par for the course. The fact that powers were not tossed about the room meant that it was at least a peaceful debate... sorta. "You can have mine." Warren said with that charming smile of his quickly in tow, right as she turned to stand up. "I'm not big on them, so please, help yourself." He handed her his cup cake and glared at the 'extras' at the table, before the others knew it they were moving on away from him to make room so he could sit with Daniel, Oneca and the others. "Sweets, for the sweetest woman I know." "S'up." He gave a cordial nod to the others present, but didn't really greet them per'se, they all knew Oneca was the only that pulled him towards this particular table. He thumbed back in the direction of Mouse's swift egress. "What was that all about, someone remind her to feed her tamagotchi?"
  17. If you can finish the title without thinking about it, then the rest of this might interest you a great deal. A long time ago (about four years ago) I ran an Alternity sci-fi game here on the boards. Personally I thought it was pretty awesome, but I had little experience in running PBP games and my time was growing shorter and shorter with RL issues. I have more time now, more experience and I have adopted a mellow pace for posting in games that keeps me sane. That said, I have a concept for a sci-fi game based loosely off of the series Firefly. It will be run with Alternity rules, which I know a lot you don't know so I'll take this opportunity to introduce you to something new. Alternity is insanely easy to learn, so don't sweat it. For now I'll explain to you the premise of the game and what you can expect and we'll see if there is any interest. Synopsis The Verge is a star system that lies several hundred light years from the Stellar Ring (where the core systems are, like the Sol System where Earth is). Discovered long ago it was a new opportunity for the Stellar Nations to expand and colonize new worlds. So began the act of colonizing and terraforming the new worlds of the Verge until the Second Galactic War started in 2472. Then something happened that changed life in the Verge forever... ...they were forgotten. Something during the war severed FTL communications relays everyone who had come to colonize the Verge was simply left to their own devices. They were left with no way to call for new supplies, no way to contact family or loved ones back home, no way to find out what was happening. What was worse, was that all the colony ships had automated FTL drives to prevent tampering so the trip was one way, until thier contracts were done and they were sent on a transport back home. With no way home and no way to resupply, the colonists did the only thing the could... ...they survived. That was three hundred years ago. In that three hundred years they've done the best they could with all they were given and the Verge became it's own frontier star system with few laws, a ton of struggles and all kinds of problems of it's own. The Stellar Nations themselves were all but forgotten and the Vergers were doing the best they could with all they had. In 2770 though the unthinkable occurred: Stellar Nation ships, now calling themselves The Galactic Concord, arrived in the Verge. The first contact after three centuries didn't go well as the Concord Military declared the Verge under their jurisdiction and all were now subject to Concord Law. They offered no explanation for why they had abandoned the Vergers for so long and the Vergers, at this point, didn't care. War soon ravaged the Verge as the Free People of the Verge refused to roll over and hand over everything they'd build from nothing over to a military that abandoned them so long ago. The Concord Military was a force to be reckoned with however, and the Vergers didn't stand a chance. After five years of heavy fighting, Most of the Verge fell under Concord control and they continue to expand their power taking the people's lands, freedoms, and generations of hard work away from them and 'civilizing' them. Now, in 2775, the expansion is slower but there are still those who remember a life without the Galactic Concord. It wasn't perfect, but it was a free life where as long as you respected others, they respected you and those who had no respect usually didn't last long. Where honest men and women made a life for themselves anyway they could, and the evil men of the galaxy soon got their comeuppance eventually. For the most part, they Vergers just want the Concord gone... Factions Vergers - Natives of the Verge. Concords - The bad guys. Cykoteks - Mad men who have fallen to a form of insanity brought on by too much cyberware. They are like the Reavers, but less man and more machine. Just has crazy and disfigured though. Content This I'll leave to all of you to decide, or at least offer up your opinions on the matter... Aliens? Yes, no? Psionics? Yes, no? Robotics? Yes, no? Technology The Vergers- The Vergers have low tech. It's very much like a spaghetti western meets Sci-Fi (sci-fi revolvers, dusters, cowboy hats). Sure, they have FTL ships that take them between systems, but they tend to be of the 'none to fancy' variety. They use slug throwers, and melee weapons. Gravity Induction technology is a 'standard', so almost all Verger know what it is but tend to use horses or what passes for a horse on the various planets. It makes it easier to get around on the ranches. Most space farer types tend to employ hover vehicles for ease of cargo transport. They've had three hundred years to create a new civilization using only what they came with, the result is a culture that's hit a high-tech western plateau, complete with mindset. Lots of dust, rust, and dirt under the fingernails. "Ain't gotta be pretty, long as it works." The Galactic Concord- High-tech and up to date. These guys have the cool ships, energy weapons, personal shield generators, you name it, they have it... and thanks to the war some of the Vergers are getting it too! Bright lights, glossy paint jobs, and lots of shine. "We have the finest technology and the most advanced fleet in all the systems. The hicks don't stand a chance." The Cykoteks- Scavengers and psychopaths these things are the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, they hate everyone equally so the Concord Military has their hands full with them a lot. They have use of everything, but it's usually in all kinds of disrepair or glitchy (works fine for them though... imagine that...). Blood and rust is a common theme for them. "Face gravy! I love face gravy! Now, to pound out the lumps!" I now open this up for discussion... have it it.
  18. Morri's comment about brought Warren to tears. He was trying not to laugh so hard that he had to hide his face for a moment burying it in his elbow. When he managed to come to grips all he could say to her was, "No, Morri, not now. Drumm would kill us both if he found we did it right here on the counter top..." "...again." Rumors around the school were that Warren and Oneca were scrumping like bunnies every chance they got, and neither did much to diffuse them. Truth was, they really hadn't had much free time for Oneca to officially pop Warren's cherry, and just a quickie to get it done and over with just wasn't Oneca's style, she was going to make sure he remembered it, utterly and completely. Until that time occurred though, the two had as much fun brewing trouble with the rumor as they could. He let the visual of the two of them going at it right there on the island he was leaning on sink into their collective minds, except Morri, who's mind (in Warren's opinion) was perpetually blank, and just offered up his trademark smirk. "Well, what do y'know, Geek here has a hard on for 'Neca. Hear that baby?" He rubed her thigh. "I think he likes ya." Warren was every bit the sort of guy to beat the daylights out of another man for looking at his girlfriend, or speaking about her, in a way he or she didn't approve and for a moment Curtis wasn't sure if his comment might've cost him an ass whooping. He just sat there however and didn't move, hell, he didn't even glare at Curtis in a manner that suggested he watch what he say. Perhaps, Warren was in a good mood... "There ain't nothing stupid about urges, Shane," The mocking tone of using Curtis's last name didn't escape the young genius. "Shit, dude, we all have em." "Some more than others..." Oneca quipped, leaning in to kiss Warren's neck a few times, teasing him and getting him riled up. Pushing his buttons was so easy, and she revelled in the playground that she had made of him for herself. "Do deny our urges is to deny the very thing that makes us human..." He pulled a card from the half deck and flipped it over on the counter revealing the seven of clubs. Un impressed with his draw he pushed it away with his finger. "Dude, for as much of a loser geek that you are, you can't give me some bullshit line about how you ignore that shit. As a man, I'll call you on that lie. I'll put money on the fact that, even with all your brains and self discipline bullshit, that you punch the munchkin. Hell, prolly more than I do. Except I don't watch all the lame ass Japanese shit with the monsters that you fuckin' Squints are into." ...and there it was: late night teenage dirty talk had begun.
  19. Warren's aim was perfect. A few knew that from watching him with snowballs, if he aimed, he hit you. He could have flicked one of the peas through a flea's ass at two hundred paces if he wanted to... until his weakness walked through the door wearing nothing but her underwear and was completely shameless bout it. Distracted by her... well, her, he over charged a pea and it flew off into the wall, leaving one hell of a blackened pock mark on the wall. He flushed to a red, something no one but Oneca had witnessed before now, and his eyes darted about looking from side to side with that embarrassing look of 'hope no one saw that', despite how blatantly obvious it was. "Hey, baby." He tried to sound as cool as he could after that atrocious aim. When she slid up to him he greeted her with his hand around her waist that took time to rub her black, lacy ass, before settling to a rest on her smooth, soft thigh, keeping her close, in case she got too chilly in all that nothing. Sure, he tried to play it off to the others like he wasn't impressed with how his girlfriend looked, like her showing up in Victoria's blackest secret was just another day in their relationship, but Oneca knew better. The look on his face said it all and she was blowing his mind right now... Warren was fun in that regard, he'd admitted that, before her, he'd never even kissed a girl, let alone had an actual girlfriend, so blowing his mind was some of the most fun she could have sometimes. "Just so happens..." Warren procuded a pack and a half of playing cards in separate boxes. "One's all there, the other I uh... lost em." "Playing Gambit in the woods again?" 'Neca asked with a smirk as she snagged the full deck and began checking it to make sure he didn't lose a couple. "For bit." He admitted and they both chuckled. "I don't know how the fuck he throws 'em like that. A charge adds density, sure, but they just don't fly... mutants in comic books are so fake. Kind of a let down." "Aww..." She mocked his revelation playfully. "Poor baby. And to think, all this time I thought they were real. Way to ruin for me..." They both laughed and nudged her playfully in her side as vengeance for mocking him. It was almost odd how 'normal' of a couple the school's biggest outcasts were at times. Get past the angst and the bullying and intimidation and they were kinda cool to hang around most of the time.
  20. "Does it matter? It all tastes like chicken anyway." Warren offered his two cents as another pea fizzled into the cutting board.
  21. "Well, she kept saying 'pie'," Warren chimed up sarcastically, giving Kia a roll of his eyes. "And you smell something cooking... wanna connect the dots or should Curtis do the math for ya? I hear he's good at math. You live in a school for Christ's sake." "Have Curtis tell you his epic tale of how they got their cherries popped tonight. Big bad techno dork is on his way to being the next Dahmer. Kinda makes a guy like me proud" Warren and Kia had never officially met, but she heard all about him and knew he was just intentionally being a dick at this point. He was trouble. The sort of mutant the revelled in what he was and was completely shameless about flaunting his powers, as he displayed when she swayed in time to dodge a kinetically charged pea. After he nightclub fiasco rumors (spread by the Astovik sisters) were all over the school not to let Warren touch you, because he had the power to steal what made you, you. He kept his head lowered and just kept looking at her in the eerie 'creepy guy at the end of the bar' way until he finally looked to Morri. "Whatcha got in there, Bright Eyes?" If Warren had ever shown anyone a measure of kindness, besides Oneca, with one of his greetings, this was the first one anyone present had witnessed. "PIE!" Morri reflexively exclaimed, proud of her culinary disaster-piece. "No, fuckin' shit, we got that part." And there was the Warren they all knew and loathed. Truth be told, he liked Morri, his bravado just prevented him from ever admitting it. She'd been through a lot, and like him, she'd survived. He respected her for that, but his low tolerance for ignorance kept a constant love/hate barrier between them. He could only take her antics in small doses. As per his promise to Alex, however, he did call her R-Tard anymore... to her face at least. "Well, get it out here and lets slice it. I'm hungry."
  22. What was better than having a hot, horny girlfriend? Having a rich, hot and horny girlfriend. Oneca was still showing him how to use half the features the phone she picked up for him, but he was getting this texting down to a fucking art form. Dismissively, Warren shrugged while he tapped the touch screen on his phone. Then he creeped Curtis out a little with his next phrase... "It gets easier." He said as casual as anything Curtis had ever heard him say. "Sure, there's nothing like your first, you remember the face and wonder if they had a family, or kids, or someone who'll miss them. Then as time goes on, they all just become faceless blurs with no business getting in your way. All of them..." He took a deep breath as his eyes betrayed his thoughts. Curtis could tell the mutant was somewhere else at the moment, perhaps reliving that 'first' with sorrowful accuracy. He swallowed hard, managing to pull himself back before the real emotions set in. "...except that first. It'll get easier, trust me." R3V3N: In the kitchen, R-Tard is making roadkill pot pie. Smells pretty good... don't tell her I said that.
  23. "That's a good point, who would have saved our hides? You? Trust me, Squint you're the last person I'd call to bail my ass out of the sling. But," He pointed a finger skyward and suddenly had everyone's attention. "Keep in mind, it's delinquents like me that often stand between Squints like you and an ass beating. I'm the immovable object to the unstoppable force that usually wants to beat up the nerdy types like you. Now, I can handle you hustling us all, in fact, well played squint, you played both sides tonight and we didn't even see it coming. I could almost shake your hand, because what you did took a spine, and I didn't think you had one." He actually approached her, and they all saw Drumm tense up and stand ready, obviously in case he might have to pull Warren off the student. Even Dutiful Daniel placed a hand on Warren's shoulder in a quiet attempt to calm him down, but the thug kid just jostled it off with a throw of the shoulder. "That was until you had to go and do some stupid shit like insult me. Yes, I'm a delinquent you uppity...," They could all tell he wanted to say 'bitch' but caught his temper just in time, swallowing the word before it crept out by clenching his fists and pursing his lips. Warren was everything Sakurako expected him to be: a muscle flexing, testosterone laden tough-guy who tossed out more machismo than all of the eighties B-action movie her mind could sprint to thought. His reaction was not a surprising one, but that didn't mean it was any less intimidating. Warren was a loose cannon and ther ewas no telling who he'd lash out on. "I don't need you looking out for me!" "Warren!" Drumm actually raised his voice, something not many students had ever heard him do. "That's enough." "I was out there on that street saving my ass for years while you sat somewhere nice swishing that silver spoon about your mouth. So don't you dare..." "Warren!" Drumm raised his voice louder than the raging delinquent. For a moment there was an eerie silence and his tone of authority seemed to instantly put all the students 'back in line'. Even Oneca swallowed hard and she didn't intimidate easily. "That's enough! I want you in your room now, we'll talk about this in my office tomorrow." And just like that, the beast was cowed. Warren glared for a long second at Drumm, almost challenging him silently. Oneca was almost certain he was going to lash out at the Director next, but instead he simply tensed up even more and stormed off like the angry teenager he was. "Fuck this place." They all herd him mumble as he thundered up the steps.
  24. He cocked an eyebrow at Curtis, giving him a look that told him he hardly believed him. "Soldiers? Right. 'Neca and I saw you guys leave, was hoping it was a beer run." He he sort of half snorted and half chuckled. "Considering we're sorta 'grounded', at the moment. So," He finally managed to pick the final portion of the mess and brushed his palms together and moved to the sink to wash them. "How'd it go? How's this..." "Gold." Curtis helped him when it was obvious Warren had already forgotten the name. "...Gold, right. He alive and in one piece?" His phone vibrated again and walked over drying his hands. Despite the tough-guy demeanor he put on, he seemed a rather tidy and responsible sort of fellow and considering he hadn't tried kicking Curtis's ass for some imagined reasoned, it showed he could sometimes be a reasonable guy as well. He smirked again as he read the message, once again taking a seat next to his peas and cutting board. With a grin he flicked one at Curtis and it popped just a few feet from his head. "You should this with golf balls. It's pretty kick-ass."
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