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  1. Senior Member 4 2 posts Report post Posted Thursday at 10:49 AM Kensie grinned a wide grin as the others piled into the red vehicle the weird girl seemed to have some sort of affection for, she giggled and pointed when she saw the little animal. "Awww how cute!" Then she looked at the two boys and the shopkeeper as well as the rest of those who had stopped to watch. "Sorry boys y'all might want to step back." Nodding to her foster dad "Ready." Kensie stretched raising her arms upward toward the sky. there was a strange cracking sound and both arms stretched. The boys and Simon went wide eyed as the little girl seemed to elongate and twist, arms grew longer and folded back on themselves. Her hair thickened and flowed down her back sticking up like an extra long Mohawk while clothes took on a scaly texture. Horror began to show on the onlookers faces as the girls size doubled then triple and a tail grew behind, the arms unfold and became vast wings, the Mohawk stood as ridges and spikes and the girls neck stretched her head becoming reptilian the red from her hair spreading to color the whole now decidedly non human form. In seconds the girl Kensie had transform and now stood in the center of the dusty street, a dragon.
  2. "Well since you obviously are as dim witted as you are goofy looking, I will repeat what Mr. Simon said Quote "I'll repeat myself,I turn my back for a second and those two are gone. What did you have to do with it, skullfucker?" Out Quote. The two he is referring to is Adam and myself, from which anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence could fathom that we, the disappeared, have only been gone from this time frame for a few seconds." Kensie tosses over her shoulder in the direction of the pink haired chick never taking her eye off Simon and his gun. "Now Simon please put down the gun." She repeats to the shopkeeper.
  3. "Put that gun away Mr Simon," Kensie didn't even blink at the sudden transition she just went with it, and seeing her two friends being threatened riled her a great deal. Actually this whole trying to be human thing riled her all to hell plush she could tell that she was pushing it, she wanted to stretch, to fly , to burn something. Time was not on her side. "Those boys didn't do nothing and there is no good going to come from name calling." She moved faster than Adam expected but still he reached out just missing her arm as she dashed forward and slid in front of Sy, between him and Simon "Kensie..." Adam warned with a growl which sounded very very scary with the modulation Kensie glared at Simon a little flash of fire showing in her eyes.
  4. Kensie kicks the ground and watches the pebbles fly away. "What if we don't want to go back?"
  5. Kensie nods and leans into the arm of her foster father allowing him to lead her outside. As they go out the door she looks back at those still in the tavern giving them a toothy smile full of enticement and menace
  6. Kensie took a practiced step to the side and a step back giving Adam room. She looked at those gathered measuring them as he hands clenched and she placed her feet in a defensive stance which would go unnoticed by any but the most train in the arts of fighting. Even so she was almost certain that those present were well trained and so she marked the most dangerous, prepared to assume her true form and kill them all. "What he said, doubled." she said with a glance at her foster father.
  7. Kensie had followed Adam as he instructed, into the drinking establishment, she made quick note of each of those in the place and listened to the words they spoke. She didn't really understand what was going on are what had happened to the nice man she had been talking to but most of those in the bar seemed to think the being on the stage was responsible. As Kensie was about to speak the mechanical man catcalled her. Both her and Adam looked at BB, her look was somewhat confused as she dissected what he had said. Adams baleful red eye was much easier for BB to read. "Manners, tin-man," Adam spoke his modulated voice low and menacing, his hand tightening on the hilt of his sword, "she is just a kid and not your cutie." Kesie smirked and turned back to the stage. "You on the stage, what did you do to the boys outside? I was talking to them. They were nice."
  8. Kensie tucked her pick to read first into the back pocket of her cutoff shorts then slipped the rest in the the carry bag she had hanging from her shoulder. All while smiling at the two friendly humans. "Yes I am. Just passing through actually. Just stopped for provisions." she pointed back into the store. "Are you both from here?"
  9. While Adam settled up with the storekeep, Kensie took her books and her Twizzlers and stepped outside onto the covered walkway. Sy and his friend, Trep, slowed after the doors closed Sy looking back at the door they had just exited, a black scowl shading his countenance. Trep, on the other hand was watching something that in his opinion was whole lot more interesting. Kensie stood on the edge of the walkway her attention on the books she shuffled in her hands trying to decide which she should read first, the red candy dangling from her lips occasionally twirling as she nibbled a bite without touching it. Trep elbowed Sy and silently nodded toward the store next to the bar. Sy looked up and over and took in the beauty standing there in short shorts and a tunic. He gave a low whistle of appreciation. Not only good looking but he didn't recognize her which meant she wasn't from around here. Kensie heard the whistle and of course had no idea of it's connotation. She looked over at the boys and took the Twizzler from her mouth, "Hi, I'm Kensie." she said cheerfully.
  10. Kenise looked around the store when they entered. It fascinated her the various ways these humans built things and furnished them. She looked at all the goods and items not knowing what half of them were for when her eyes fell upon the stacks of books and she smiled widely. "Can I help you miss?" Simon was talking at the little girl who looked, maybe seventeen, maybe fifteen, but his eye was on the armored figure who had followed her in. "We need provisions. I don't know what but he does," She pointed back at Adam without looking as she went straight to the books and began going through the stacks wide eyed with wonder.
  11. They walked up the path they had found after coming out of the woods, a few workers in the fields stopped and stared. Kensie waved at them and smiled but didn't stop Adam hated it when she stopped to meet new people. If He noticed (and surely he did) he gave no sign other than to growl under his breath as he put one heavy boot after another walking beside the girl. They were certainly a sight, Kensie slender with a flowing mane of scarlet hair, barefoot, wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a sleeveless tunic which in another life had been a sack of potatoes. And Adam, The Black Knight in full panoply including his terror inspiring helm, his breath echoing through the helmets modulator making even his breathing sound menacing. The guards at the gate were flabbergasted at the sight when these two came round the bend. A shout and quickly they were joined by two more regular guards and a man who appeared to have some autority who raised his arm palm out ward and called to them. "Halt there, come no closer. State your business." He was addressing Adam and was a bit surprised when Kensie stepped up and in front of Adam. "Hi, I'm Kensie and this is Adam, we are here for supplies... and no novels" She gave the guard a very obvious wink.
  12. The soft clouds drifted by, pillowy and serene, it was so easy to image that the whole world was just fluffy and white. The wind ripples along wings as she drifted... The spurs dug into her neck and brought Kensie back to reality. <Your going to High getting hard to breath and I can't see anything from in the damn clouds> she picked up Adam's thought and craned her head around back over her shoulder to glare at him. <What did I tell you about the spurs...> “Well tapping your shoulder and shouting didn't seem to get your attention.” the armored Knight riding her back shouted into the wind as he brought his fist down hard on her scaly shoulder. She barely felt the blow. “Hmmph” she snorted and curved her wings to bleed some of the lift dropping them, maybe a little too fast for Adam's comfort, out of the clouds. Blow them in the darkness they could make out lights and not the scattered campfires they usually saw when the flew, which they mostly did at night, but rather electric lights like in a settlement or town. Kensie banked and dropped lower circling So Adam could get a better look. <What do you think> she asked her partner with her mind. “Cant make out much detail. But if nothing else we can get supplies and maybe some news. Land in those hills there,” Adam pointed off to their left, “We'll go in in the morning.” After Kensi had landed and Adam had unloaded their meager belongings from her back, they both stood on the crest of a hill overlooking the Fields where the town farmed. In the distance no more than a few miles they could make out the town proper. “When we go down into town just remember I can only hold Human form for a few hours. You better get some sleep we'll have to walk from here in the morning. I'll watch. As Adam settled into his bedroll, Kensie found some rocks to sit among and watched over her human the only person she had known since her birth. The only being on this cursed world she could trust.
  13. Name: Kensie Iconic Framework:Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling Rank: XP: Agility d8| Smarts d6 | Spirit d4 | Strength d12+4 | Vigor d8 ISP: 20 Psionic Powers: Fear, Speak Languages, Telepathy PPE: 10 Derived Stats (Base/Mod): Pace 6 | Parry 7| Toughness 7/11 in Dragon Form | Charisma -2 Skills: Fighting (Ag): d10 Notice (Sm): d6 Psionic ( ) - d6 Stealth (Ag): - d4 Tracking (Sm): - d6 HEROES JOURNEY Psionic (roll = 4) More ISP means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains +10 ISP to his base. Training (roll = 4) Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge (or Improved Martial Artist, if he already had the former), as well as the Brawler Edge. Edges: Arcane Background (Psionics) - Psionicists have discovered how to tap into their own psychic powers. They can manipulate matter, create fire, or control their own bodies with but a thought. Brainburn: When a psionic character rolls a 1 on his Psionics die (regardless of his Wild Die), he is automatically Shaken. On a critical failure, the psi lets out a psychic scream that causes him to be Shaken along with all allies in a Large Burst Template who fail a Spirit roll. This can cause a wound.(IF), Martial Artist - This character is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting. He is never considered unarmed in combat and so is never subject to the Unarmed Defender rule (page 87). With a successful unarmed attack, he adds +d4 to his Strength roll (as if he were using a small weapon).(HJ). Brawler - Frequent fights with his bare hands have given this thug a powerful punch. When he hits a foe with a successful bare-handed Fighting roll, he adds +2 to his damage.(HJ), Hindrances: Outsider - In a society made up of only a few types of people, your hero isn’t one of them. An Indian in a Western town, an alien in a sci-fi game of human marines, or a half-orc in a party of elves, dwarves, and humans are all examples of outsiders. Locals are likely to raise prices on the Outsider, ignore pleas for help, and generally treat him as if he’s of a lower class than the rest of their society. In addition to the roleplaying effects above, your hero’s Charisma suffers a –2 modifier among all but his own people. (IF) ABILITIES Arcane Background (Psionics): As a Minor Psionic, a Dragon Hatchling begins with three powers (from the Mind Melter list) and 10 ISP. He also has a beginning Psionic skill of d6. Impervious to Fire: Fire and heat (including plasma weapons) do not affect a Flame Wind Dragon at all. Infravision: Dragons halve the penalties for dark lighting against living targets (round down). Inherently Magical: Hatchlings know no magic spells, but they have a natural pool of 10 PPE and can use any Techno- Wizard devices. A dragon who takes an Arcane Background adds his starting PPE to any gained from the Edge. Additionally, whenever he takes the Power Points Edge, he gains +10 PPE instead of +5. Limited Metamorphosis: A dragon begins life able to adopt a single human or humanoid form for a limited amount of time each day. He can maintain this humanoid form for a number of hours equal to his Spirit die before needing at least six hours of rest. The dragon gains no special properties of what he mimics, only the size and appearance, but he retains all of his own abilities except those only usable in dragon form (marked with an *). Weapons and other personal effects (up to body armor) are assumed into the dragon’s form and reappear when returning to humanoid form. Any other objects are dropped. The process does not work in reverse, all gear carried by the dragon is dropped when transforming into humanoid form. Mighty: Even Dragon Hatchlings are incredibly strong, beginning with a Strength of d12+4. They are also very resilient, starting with a d8 Vigor. Neither attribute has a maximum limit. Nigh-Immortality: Unless killed through violence or other means, dragons can live anywhere from 6,000 to 12,000 years. They require only magical energy to sustain themselves, eating and drinking simply for pleasure. They are immune to normal poisons and diseases. Slow Regeneration: These creatures can even regenerate lost limbs over time,making a natural healing roll once per day. Only usable in Dragon Form Armored Hide*: The Hatchling has +16 M.D.C. Armor and +6 Toughness in dragon form. Claws/Bite*: Dragons can naturally attack with massive teeth and talons (Str+3d6 AP 4, Mega Damage). Fear*: In her natural form, a Dragon Hatchling is a terrifying creature to most folks, who must make a Fear check when first seeing him. Fire Breath*: Flame Wind Hatchlings can fire a bolt of flame at Range 12/24/48 and Damage 4d6 (Mega Damage), using their Shooting skill. Alternately, they can do 2d10, Mega Damage in a Cone Template starting from their mouths. Every target within the cone makes an Agility roll −2 to avoid the attack. Those who fail suffer 2d10 damage. Flight*: The Hatchling has a F lying Pace of 12" and Climb 0. Flight is usable in another form if it has wings. Size +6*: In their natural forms, Dragon Hatchlings are usually 15 –20 feet from snout to tail-tip, and weigh up to 7 tons. This means, when not using their Metamorphosis abilities, Hatchlings gain +6 Toughness. Tail Lash*: The dragon can sweep all opponents in his rear facing in a 2" long by 4" wide rectangle. This is a Fighting attack which ignores size penalties, doing Str+d8 (Mega Damage). COMPLICATIONS Cybernetics: Dragons cannot take cybernetics at any point. Their bodies reject such foreign implants. Enemies: Dragons are illegal and reviled by the Coalition. Any known dragon is immediately hunted with extreme prejudice. Form Limits: If a dragon transforms into a humanoid race with a restriction based on its body type (such as Non- Standard Physiology, see page 51), it suffers the same penalties as that race. The GM makes t he final call on what counts as a body type restriction. In their natural form, dragons cannot wear any armor and can only use vehicular weapons specially adapted for their use at four times the normal cost. Most other gear can only be used in humanoid form (again, GM’s call). Hatched: Dragons are born not made. They do not choose a race. Large: When not shape shifted into a humanoid form, dragons make for very big targets. Normal-sized opponents gain +2 on all attacks against them. Outsider : Dragon Hatchlings understand so little of the world, they inevitably cause socially awkward situations wherever they go, even in humanoid form. All Dragon Hatchlings have the Outsider Hindrance. Territorial: Dragons tend to dislike their own, and other dragons generally treat a newcomer as invading their territory unless great care is taken in interactions. Untested: Being so young and without any life experiences, Dragon Hatchlings have not had time to develop moral codes, physical limitations, or foibles. When creating a Dragon Hatchling character, the player selects no Hindrances to start (and, thus, doesn’t get the extra points to spend on character creation). Instead, he selects one Hindrance at the end of the first session. He may then select another Hindrance at the end of the second session, and a last one at the end of the third session. Only when all Hindrances are selected (one Major and two Minor, per normal rules), may the player spend the points on his character, working out what is appropriate with the Game Master. This represents imprinting and a “growth spurt” for the Dragon Hatchling. Very Young: Very Young: Dragon Hatchlings start out very young. They begin with only 3 points to adjust their attributes and only 10 skill points. Unlike the Young Hindrance (which they cannot take), this complication does not grant an extra Benny each session. POINT LOG Attributes: Agility 2 points d4 to d8, Smarts 1 point d4 to d6 Skills: Fighting 5, Notice 2, Stealth 1, Tracking 2 Weapon: Armor: Hindrance Points Advances: BACKSTORY - HOOK - rolled a 1 The Siege of Tolkeen. One of the most tragic and destructive events of recent times, the invasion and subsequent destruction of the magical state of Tolkeen by Coalition forces in 109 PA reverberates throughout North America and the world. Your character may have fought in that war, perhaps as a part of either side’s military forces, or as a mercenary hired by one faction or another. She may have been caught in the crossfire, trying to survive and help as many folks as possible. Many refugees from that war are now in or around Castle Refuge. Since she is only a few weeks old my thought is her egg was hidden in this location and since dragons are inherently psionic the psychic emanations of the battle probably left some imprint. To give a connection one of the PC's (dave's most likely since he has this incredible desire to ride a dragon) could have fought there as well and found her egg. They could have knowing or not knowing what it was took it as loot or what have you and got a big surprise when it eventually hatched a few weeks ago.
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