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  1. "I'm going to have to start taking notes," she said as she stepped back and crossed her arms under her ample breasts drawing Horatio's gaze to them. "I have no Idea what a jaggling is," she holds up her hand to stop the forthcoming explanation before it starts, "you can fill me in later if I really need to know. I'll call D'Sombra tomorrow and accept her invitation. But for now it's late, been a very long day, and I need to get to bed" Casey walks to the door places her hand on the knob, and looks back at Horatio, "Or are you staying?"
  2. "I'll make the call in the morning," she said nodding. "That other woman, Maya, is she like me, a chosen?" There may have been a hint of jealousy in her question after all Casey had seen the way the other woman had been looking at Horatio.
  3. She rolls her eyes at the question, "Is the ocean made of water?" She drinks some water as she ponders, "Okay, this isn't going away so we go in and meet it head-on. What do you need me to do and where do we need to do it?"
  4. Casey's cheeks redden at the puberty crack and she looks away but smiles too. She listened intently to what he was saying well aware of their physical closeness and he obvious attraction. OMG, she thought, he has animal magnatisim. She couldn't hold the giggle in. "...they're not picking up the phone." His brow furrowed at her giggle, "What is so funny?" "Nothing Horatio, " she steps close and put a hand on his chest but the laughter is still there in her eyes, "really just a stray thought." She giggled again, "I'm sorry," she says smiling up at him and losing herself in his eyes, " but if they aren't answering the phone maybe we need to ring the doorbell."
  5. As crazy as it sounded Casey knew he was telling the truth, and that was comforting. She began going through everything she had appeared to witness since meeting him in her mind, looking at it in a new light, like a logic puzzle where the puzzle was the lack of logic. But everything gives way to logic you just had to see it, find it. "She did something to me at the party, didn't she? D'Sombra, I mean. I was nervous about being at the party but I went full on Panic gurl when she showed up." She walks into he kitchen retrieves another water glass and a large wine glass. opens a new bottle of wine and fills the wine glass then fills the water glass with water from the filtered tap. Back in the living room she gives Horatio the wine and takes a sip of her water. Horatio observes her silently the whole time and takes the wine when she offers it. "So, you say she is a vampire, well as pretty as she was I'm still guessing not the sparkly twilight kind, so is she an Ann Rice vampire, a Stephen King vampire, or a Stoker?" She said this while turning away and taking a few steps then quickly turns back, "Doe she know your a werewolf?" Her eyes go wide, "Am I a werewolf?"
  6. Take a deep breath blow it out. "You are a werewolf? And your helping me? But aren't werewolves supposed to be mindless monsters who murder people on the full moon?" Realizing what she just asked, Casey in a burst of panic gets up and walks rapidly tot he window and peaks out the curtain up at the nighttime sky.
  7. Her sobs went back to laughter as her over-stressed brain really tried to process shit she didn't understand. Casey gently pushed Horatio away and wiped her eyes, looking for a tissue but the box wasn't where is should have been so she just sniffed. "Horatio, if that is even your real name," she sniffed again and then faced him eye to eye, "that has got to be the biggest crock of shit anyone has ever told to try and make up for being a douche. Because you were a douche, you know." She takes a deep breath, looks at the wine in the tall glass but doesn't reach for it, lets the breath out, "But, I'm good at knowing when I'm being lied too. And I don't believe your lying to me. So, why don't you start over and explain things without all the hyperbole."
  8. Casey sat there glass halfway to her mouth and just stared at Horatio. It started as a small giggle which made her breasts jiggle. She sat up, the giggle growing more pronounced and set the bottle and glass on the coffee table. By now the giggle was a laugh and she was bent over holding her sides as it became more and more desperate and maniacal. It seemed that she was finally cracking from the strain of everything. Which was a shame since she had really thought she had handled her mother and losing her job pretty well. Somewhere in there the laughing turned into sobs.
  9. "Has me?" The look Casey gave Horatio was one of incredulity. She opened her moth, closed it and shook her head, then walked right past him still shaking her head, into the kitchen where she pulled a glass (a drinking glass) from the cabinate and got a bottle of wine out of the fridge. She filled the glass and drank half of it off in one drought. She didn't offer Horatio a drink, not even a water. "Won't be happy until she has me." She drank the rest of the wine and filled the glass then went back into the living room and plopped onto the couch, glass in one hand bottle in the other. "What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?"
  10. Casey looked up at the tall man who had humiliated her and slammed the door in his face… reared back and kicked him in the genitals and gouged his eyes when he bent over in pain… jumped against him throwing her arms around his muscular neck and… Casey shook her head and glared at him then closed her mouth as all of that and a few more ‘scenes’ flashed through her mind. She was worrying her tightly drawn lips between her teeth, then stepped back opening the door wider letting Horatio come in. As he stepped into the apartment past her she closed the door hard but not quite a slam and said, “You have some fucking nerve coming here.”
  11. Casey bit her lip and turned several shades of red. Everyone was staring at her at least that's what it felt like. No what it felt like was just like the last party she had been too, and that one had ended a career too. Without another word Casye looked at the man and woman whom she had barged in upon to confront D'Sombra. "Sorry for interrupting, please excuse me." Without waiting for any answer she spun and retreated back to the kitchen she should never have left.
  12. Casey was pissed now as Horatio slapped her down and was about to make an even bigger scene when Maya spoke up and also turned her back on Casey. This caused a momentary flash of anxiaty and doubt. She went over it all in her mind standing there mouth open looking like an idiot. Her phone vibrated. There was a problem in the kitchen, she stared at the screen for several seconds and then that anger flashed up again. I'm losing it she thought as she typed rapidly. <Take care of it, I'll be there as soon as I can> Casey turned her phone off not really caring now about the coffee shop, the last year of her life had been a spiral down to this and now it seemed that she was at the bottom. Her actions had ruined so much future for herself. She looked around then started making her way back into the gala. She came across Horatio almost immediately, he was talking to a small group of wealthy patrons but he noticed her and gave her an expectant look that was part invitation part warning. Casey ignored him and walk right on by. Horatio Mourn was not the person she was looking for. Casey found her soon awing a few sycophants who gazed with vacant looks of worship and hung on every syllable that fell from Ravenna D'Sombra's perfect lips. Casey waited on the periphery but made sure she could be seen by the diva. D'Sombra gave no notice of her but Casey was sure she had been seen. She kept her patience with Ms. D'Sombra and waited and part of her wondered why she hadn't given Horatio the same courtesy. A few minutes went by and still she waited until finally decided to approach, just as Ms. D'Sombra was at a pause in her conversation with a handsome gentleman and his somewhat older, yet still beautiful date. Ms. D'Sombra turned her head to acknowledge Casey at her approach, giving her the opening she needed to say what she needed to say. "Only one question Ms. D'Sombra. I don't need to figure out what it is you and Mourn have going on, if it's a rivalry or whatever. He lied to me, for whatever reason, he wanted something and instead of asking and telling me what it was he lied. So I only have one question for you Ms. D'Sombra: what do you want me to do?"
  13. "Really no one here gives a shit about anyone but themselves, we could be dancing naked and getting ready to do the nasty as a threesom and most of them wouldn't even notice. And technically I didn't really touch your breast, I accidentally poked it with my phone. But if you insist you can call the cops and we can have loads of fun in court, but do that later. As for the other I do know you even if I didn't know your name before, because I do see you just about everyday when you come to my coffe shop and get your dark roast black with two sweeteners, and sometimes when you come in on a weekend you get a Mocha Latte with extra milk." Casey smiled wickedly at Maya, but didn't give either of them a chance to say anything before she continued, "Unlike Horatio here who either just lied to you about seeing you often at the same coffee shop as the security guy and me or he was lying when he didn't recognize you back where batface bitch bought you off." She looked at Horatio sadness showing in her eyes, " I do know he is lying about the coffee shop, but what I want to know is what else are you lying about Horatio?"
  14. Casey blinked. That made no sense whatsoever, and lent credence to what D'Sombra had been hinting at. She blinked again and couldn't understand why she felt irked that this Maya woman was with her date and how now all of the sudden her date admitted to knowing, ok maybe not knowing but recognizing her, when not ten minutes ago.... A flush of red suffused Casey's cheeks and she stormed from her hiding place with the intention of bracing the pony tailed charlatan and giving him a solid piece of her mind. But thats not what happened. Before stepping out Casey had taken her phone from her clutch and activated the recorder then blanked the screen. She transferred the phone to her left hand and her small purse to her right which put it against the large potted plant and when she stepped forcefully from hiding the clutch caught in the voluminous leaves of the plant which of course began to tip. Spinning back Casey tried to catch the tall plant but with both hands it became a trial which left her entangled and in plain view of the two she had been eavesdropping on. They in Turn had heard her first curse and the string of expletives which followed as she wrestled with the tree like plant. Neither said anything as Casey finally arrested the plants fall and disentangled herself, then smoothing her dress and brushing back stray strands of hair she marched right up to Horation and stood squarly in front of him ignoring Maya. She stared up at him but her words had been lost and he was so damn attractive and... "Are you alright Casey," he asked innocently? "Alright? Am I alright?" Casey shook her head, "No I am not alright but I am not the one answering questions here. How is it that not ten minutes ago you didn't know here from anyone else here," with out looking Casy stuck her left hand out to point at Maya with the phone in her hand, which added a few inches to Casey's reach and firmly poked Maya in the boob. "Yet here you are telling her that you have seen her at the Pot along with the security guy and you just assumed we knew each other. When starngly enough I, who am always there in the morning when these two get their coffees and lattees had never seen you before the day you came into my office. Not once and I have a dammnd good memory for the little details I will tell you." Her voice was rising as she spoke, " And for that matter how is it that Miss D'Sombra knows the 'story' you told me about your fathger and him bringing you to the Full Pot when you were a kid. That is so much Bull shit!"
  15. Casey pondered the text as she looked through the leaves of the large potted plant which stood between her and Horatio and that woman. Eighty years old? No way. This chick didn't look any older than me, maybe it was a grand daughter or grand niece. I'll have to check on that. And weird, why would she do a personal background check on the caterer that her hired guy had already cleared and then your going to make a person you have just seen and met for the very first time and don't even know a VIP on a whim and give them a column in your news magazine. And that same person just happens to be a woman who buys coffee form my shop everyday and there is another guy here who buys coffee every day as well and I can remember them but I had never seen Horatio until the day he offered me this job even though he said that he and his dad, she sighed cutting the thought short … no way something just doesn't click and that's not even throwing in the weird dream or getting stabbed in the back by a nail that couldn't have been where it was. This was just so surreal everything from the day Mourn had walked into the Full Pot to this moment. Her thumbs flew across the face of her phone [[I'll see what I can do. E-mail me anything you have on her to my gmail address, articles, bios, everything you can find. And be discreet.]] Casey texted her friend then slipped the phone back into her clutch and reached up and moved one of the big fronds out of the way so she could see better. So much was going through her mind that she decided a little eaves dropping was in order. Horatio stood slightly askew to her while the woman, Maya, was facing him. They were talking but the noise of the party made it difficult to hear them clearly, luckily Horatio's face was clearly in sight and while she was no expert lip reader she was a talented lawyer, or had been, and she was well skilled in observing. She had spoken to Horatio enough to know how he talked, coupled with being able to see his mouth move and hear some of what he was saying, her brain was more than capable of filling in the rest. At least for his side of the conversation.
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