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  1. Looks like the links expired. They are greatly updated anyway. If you still want the updated file let me know. Cheers!
  2. I am not sure this will be well received, so I appolgize if i clutter up things with this post. But I use this, have been using it for years, I like it, and so I wanted to share it for anyone else who might want it... With that said....... I have been running Aberrant since the day it came out, usually a 6 month long game once every other year or so. Anyway... since it came out the New World of Darkness (now Chronicles of Darkness) came out and we liked that lots, so we merged the two together - sort of. We use our own version of WoD rules that we think works far better than original. Anyway, long story short, I have massaged and worked the Aberrant rules into a working set that has successfully been used by us for years. I wanted to share this work i have done AND get feedback on it. With so many powers, not all of them have been vetted, and some of peoples great new ideas have not been added (or i don't even know about them). Additionally I have redone some of the rules, removed any ability to handle Aberration or hide them, and many other things to make the game much more of a World of Darkness, rather harsher/darker Aberrant... So here are the links... tell me what you think. They are a work in progress, as I am still adding content as best I can.... Cheers! My Base WoD Rules that Aberrant expands upon My Aberrant Rules My Aberrant Setting (very much work in progress) My Storyteller's List of Aberrant NPCs My Aberrant Character Sheets
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