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  1. The barbarian advance stalled as it reached the gangplank, both were covered in gore, that of those they had maimed and killed and their own from dozens of cuts and gashes that they were unable to avoid. It wasn't the sailors they had fought on the way to the ship that stopped them, but rather the sudden appearance of and arrow shot through Freya's thigh. They looked up to see lining the ships deck some half dozen archers as they took in the sight the bowmen let loose a volley but neither Eingar nor Freya where still where they had been. In a rush the two has lept like panthers to either side of the gangplank their backs against the curved hull of the ship, the arrows piercing the planks of the spaces they had occupied a second before. Freya shoved the arrow the rest of the way through the fleshy part of her leg and after breaking off the fletching pulled the cursed thing out with a fresh spray of blood. She made no sounds except a few grunts which drew Eingar's attention. If she noticed his gaze while she tended her wound she gave no indication of it. While this was taking place the archers kept trying to get shots at them to no avail, but it did keep the two of the under cover. They could hear the sounds of more sailors on the deck and the clank and clatter of arms, as the ships remaining men prepared themselves to exact vengeance against those who had reaped such carnage among their crew-mates. Frey tied off a bandage she had ripped from the shirt the sorcerer had made her wear and wrapped around her bleeding leg. “We need to kill the bowmen and get on the deck if we are to take the ship,” she said in her native tongue which Eingar could understand and those above could not,”this leg will slow me down, you will have to lead the charge I will follow.” She looks back at the docks, “Where the hell is Dacian and that thrice damned sorcerer?”
  2. Freya frowned then looked sideways at Dracian "So when you said you could get a boat, what you really meant that you could find a boat I would have to kill a bunch of people so we could use it?" She shakes her head as she steps away from the Massentian. Hand on the hilt of her broadsword red tresses flowing in the wind, Freya pushed past Dracian to stalk boldly out onto the quay leading to the ship, which she already considered hers, and the merchant, his slaves and his goons and now the yellow haired Aesir, one of her peoples most hated enemies. "Out of the way you tow-headed cur, I've business with this fat fop," she said coming to a stop aside the giant barbarian.
  3. Freya took a deep breath and savored the scent of the sea then let it out with a heavy sigh as she planted hands on her hips and shook her head saddle. "Ymir's stones Dracian, dammed good thing you don't want to take a crew, that thing will barley hold the three of us." The boats wasn't really all that bad much smaller that the dragon prowed ships of the Vanir but it did look sturdy and was rigged for the open water, it could sit only four oars though and they would have to do with just two and only half the rowers needed at that. Freya peered down at the markings on the ships aft, she recognized the letters these civilized men used to scribe words but had no knowledge of the reading. "What do those runes say?" Simeon glanced up from where he stood near there gear and stores where he had been taking account of the things delivered to them. "It is the boats name, it says Look-Far."
  4. Freya let him blubber for a few more moments then caught his wrist the next time he was going to hit her shoulder. Gently she stood him straight as she could so she could look him in the eye. "Your right we don't know, how could we. You lived through it. You are alive, here right now. But you left them, your crew, and you left part of yourself there too. Now it is time to go back and find what you lost there, to make yourself a whole man again. And to gain vengeance for those others who died so you could live. I saved your life, you owed me, Not anymore. You fulfilled our bargain you brought me here and showed me the what I needed. You owe me no more." She let go of him and he swayed but stood on his own. "But you do owe them, the ones you left. And we will help you pay this debt."
  5. Freya and Simeon sat in silence for a good while. Frey drinking the wine supplied by the Sorceror and Simeon avoiding making eye contact withthe savage northerner. Suddenly Freya drained her cup and slammed it down rattling the table. Simeon jumped. "Enough! Take me to Dracian we will waste no more time." She said as she stood pushing her stool back. Simeon had to marvel they had finished two full bottles and most of a third of his best wine, and almost all of it by her. Yet there she stood not even a hint of drunkeness about her. "As you wish." They walked through the shadowy streets there path not unnoticed but none of the thieves felt eager to attack the Simeon who was known here or the large woman bearing arms who was not. Soon they found themselves in a filthy tavern that reeked of stale ale and vomit and even worse. Eyes watched gauged and looked away. Simeon studied the crowd and then pointed "There." Freya crossed the room giving little or no thought to those she passed. They were scum, but even though she gave them the disdain most of them deserved she was not a fool, and she took note of those that could prove dangerous. Finally she stood behind Dracian and placed her hand on his shoulder. "It is time to go, friend."
  6. Freya towered over the old sorcerer, her mein full of menace and purpose. But as the words he spoke sank in her glare softened from threat to resolve. She sat again and drained her cup then held it out for Simeon to refill "We shall wait then you can lead me too him. He'll help or by Ymir's stones I'll split his skull and leave him for the crows."
  7. Freya tried not to touch anything the place stank and it was hot she sweated in the clothes Dracian had insisted she wear. In other words she was miserable. She frowned when Dracian asked her to tell her tale. She pushed past him and the old man and hooked a stool with her foot and planted her backside on it. She could have used a drink. “You Simeon, you have something that can wet a parched throat?” Yes, water or stronger?” “Water will do if it's fresh.” Nodding the man left the room and they could here him bumping around. Dracian found a seat and called after him, “If you have any ale you can bring that too and some bread. Maybe some cheese? Simeon do perchance have any meat?” Grumbling Simeon returned bearing a platter with a pitcher three pewter cups and some food. Drinks poured and food grabbed Fraya began her tale “ During the winter months the villages along our coasts are safe but with the spring we go a reaving and there is not many left to protect the villages. But this is seldom cause for worry for we have few enemies who raid along the coasts. Our enemies are the Vanir and the Cimmerian who live further inland and to the south the picts bu tit is too cold for them to strike north for raids. But there is one who does strike fear. A reaver who comes when the raiders are gone he wit sand seeks out the weakest least protected villages and he attacks. They are ruthless. Killing all bu the youngest and prettiest girls whom they take as slaves. For many years this pirate has stung our coasts and has eluded our dragon ships but this year his luck ran out.” She drains her cup and pours another. “ My ship raided early this season and laden with our spoils we headed home while the others drove south. We came upon a ship leaving a burning village it was the pirate. He avoided battle and we chased him but with the added weight of our treasure we could not catch him. My captain and the rest of the men decided to turn back. I refused I had heard the wails of the women, our women taken by this monster. And I vowed then and there to end his depredations. They let me a shore and I found a another village where I acquired a small boat and I set off after the Pirate. Four months chasing a phantom No one knows where this wolf lairs where he takes his slave to break them. But then In a small pirates haven I learned of the man we are going to break. The man who will lead me to Bithulimon the slaver.”
  8. Freya gave a deep belly laugh at that and shook her head. "No, we are going to find the man who is going to help me find the other man whom I will get revenge on. The one we are seeking, he is in Kordova. I hope you know your way around that cess pool. He is locked away in the gaol and set to be executed. We have four days to get there and find a way to get him away from the headsman." She started walking in the direction she thought Kordova lay. "Are you coming? " Freya glanced back over her shoulder. "There may be a..reward." with a laugh she continued on almost certain the man wouldn't pass up that possibility
  9. She walked over to where Dracian reclined while she finish strapping her weapons on. She gave a glance pointedly between his legs and smiled with what one could almost say was a smirk. "Yes you are a man," she said with the lilt of the north accenting her words, "but not the one I seek." She reached down offering her hand to raise him to his feet. "I will however accept your offer of help in finding him."
  10. Frey washed the gore from he body, she made no attempt to hide her nakedness from this Dracian, no she knew his eyes were hungrily devouring the sights she laid before him, making it easier she hoped to entice him to her needs. Flinging her long hair back with a flex of her shoulders and strong neck she strode boldly from the river to where her gear lay on the bank. "I am called Freya and I seek a man."
  11. Freya stayed silent except for a low growl only the Zingaran could hear. Her left hand shot out and wrapped around the wrist of the mans sword arm hold it out away from their bodies. Bearing her teeth like some feral creature she pressed in, her knife held low. From Dracian's view it looked like she was pulling the man into an embrace. The growl grew louder in the mans ear as she closed in pressing her body to his her cheek against his her hot breath on his neck. The pain as the point of her knife slid into his groin. “If whore I am, then blood is my price.” She whispered slowly with the passing of each syllable she pushed the blade deeper and ripped upwards. Dracian watched as the two seemed to dance, the Zingarans eyes wide his mouth an O of shock. The North woman's muscled back rippling with sure and strong heaving. Then Dracian noticed the blood. At first it was a few drops, then a steady drip and finally it pour to pool the ground between the two. Frey let go of the Zingaran who simple crumpled, disemboweled, eyes staring blankly at whatever hell awaited him and his companions. She turned to face Dracian, her chest and stomach covered in the blood of her victim, a gleam of excitement in her eye.
  12. Shooting a fiery glance at the mouthy Argosian, Freya growled and drew her knife from her belt. Closing on the Zingaran who was still on his feet, she easily deflected his blows with both Knife and shield. Then, with a quick lunge. her shield knocked the thin sword away and she drove the knife into the mans belly, up below the ribs. She pushed in closer, spit in the mans face, "Go to hell Zingaran pig," and slid the knife into his heart. With a joyous laugh she pulled the knife free, letting the body drop, and spun to face the last Zingaran, who was just regaining his feet. "Haha! Come dog, now it is your turn. I will even make it fairer for you." She said dropping her shield as she circled the man waiting for his attack.
  13. The banter covered what little noise Freya made as she crept closer crouching in the bushes weighing the scene before her.. The five Zingaran's were typical of their kind, swarthy, lanky and none to appealing despite the finery of their regalia. The Argossian, for that is what she judged him to be from look, accent, and the way he carried himself , was more pleasing to look upon. Also his movements were calculating and quick. Showing both skill and cunning, he didn't attack but waited using his twin blades to weave a wall keeping the other at a distance. But still it was only a mater of time before one of the five flanked him. That it was five against one was enough to raise her blood. That it was of no business of hers what happened here mattered not. The Argossian knew his way around Kordova, and she did not, saving him would put him in her debt and slaying the black hearted Zingarian's would be a pleasure she could savor. All this took but a second of time for Freya to observe. Then the swords clashed and the jungle reverberated once again with the joyous sound of battle. Her pack slid from her shoulder to lie on the ground, no time to don her mail or helm, Freya set her shield and rose drawing her broadsword. With a lusty cry she charged into the fray at the closest Zingaran “Stand firm friend! We shall send these Zingaran dogs to hell soon enough!” The Zingaran heard Frya's shout and half spun to meet her but he was too late. Her sword pierced his side and her momentum and strength drove the steel almost through him and out the opposite side. Transfixed the man died with blood gurgling from his lungs. Freys yanked on her sword but it was stuck fast in the mans body. No time to wrestle it free she continued her charge with shield alone.
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