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  1. Emily leans around Bastions shoulder pressing up against his back. "Emily, Bastion, Emily. Calling me Miss Thompson makes feel like I'm a spinster or something." Then she breaks into a grin, "You heard the man! Lets go swimming!"
  2. Emily shifted and squirmed out of the arms of those holding her drunk ass up and over to stand behind Bastion. She put her hands on his shoulders and began massaging the hard tight muscles. "Wow, so tense Suberboy you need to relax." Her fingers stronger than a normal humans kneaded his shoulders and upper back, "I have problems with how things are too, but we don't want to just go crazy, we'll solve the problems, right the wrongs. Let's let Deezy and Davy here work the problem from the inside and we'll do our part on the outside. But right now," she breaths in the steamy tropical air, "let just have a little fun, and forget about the problems for a night."
  3. Emily held the drink that Deezy had magicked, cautiously sniffed it before taking a small sip, then she looked at it again. "I don't taste any difference, or feel anything." She downed the rest of the drink in one long swallow, grabbed another from a passing waiter and held it out for Deezy again, then looking at Bastion said, "Hey Superboy, the world is screwed up place, and maybe thats why we are here now. It's shit that some ashholes took advantages of your folks with this..shtuff, " she took another swallow of laced alcohol and draped an arm across Bastion's shoulders, "but we are gonna get your folksh place back and we argonesa shtraighten out all the shtuff that ...is fucked up all over." Emily swayed a bit and both Bastion and Weatherman reached out and steadied her. "Holy fuck, Deezheey," she held up the empty glass she didn't realize she had drained, "whatchufuckputinthisanyway..."
  4. Emily grinned up at the armored Deezy, "Girl, you don't not have to ask twice!"
  5. Emily laughed and took another shot and filled glasses of those who were still drinking. "We're the new gods, we aren't celebrities on television, we are in the world, we are the world. Everyone is trying to figure out what to do with us, where we fit. But that's not really their problem is it? The problem is what do we do with what we have been given? Where do we want to be? Who do we want to be?" She paused and looked at the nearly empty bottle. "This sucks, before the storm, if I'd have drunk this much I'd be so lit, I'd probably be up on the bar stripping. Now I barely have a buzz and even that is fading. Deezy, you need to invent some thing to replace alcohol for us, that is your new priority."
  6. "Seawitch was what i was gonna go with originally but then I found out i could do a lot more than just the water tricks. I was limited by being in the middle of the desert." She said this while pouring Steve another drink then when she went to refill Bastion's glass she saw it was still full. "Don't like Tequila, no worries there plenty to choose from, this Davian guy keeps an awesome bar, " she took his glass and downed it and smiled at him. Then she looped her arms into the arms of both of the big men and started them all back toward the party. "Come on boys, let's go make all the other girls jealous."
  7. Emily hands Bastion the glasses and opens the bottle then gestures for him to hold them out so she can fill them which she does and taking one she hands it to Steve, then takes one for herself. "Glad to meet you Steve, I don't have one of those fancy nicknames yet," she giggles, " but I like the Weatherman," she makes the toast gesture then shoots the shot of taquila with a slight grimace afterwards, "and now it looks like it's raining men." She giggles some more.
  8. Emily had laughed a flirted with Ryan (even though he was probably old enough to be her dad) while he showed her to the bar. Ah the bar it was fucking enormously well stocked and she saw all her favorites and man did she have some favorites. She watch the supers coming and going and talked with a could exchanging names then she saw Superboy come stalking in from the beach where Ryan was still doing his thing. Sh watched him sort of slink off by himself and then say the Thor lookalike head after him. She leaned back against the bar for a few more minutes then turned to the bartender. "Hey can I have that unopened bottle of Patrone and three shot glasses?" The bartender smiled and set the bottle and glasses in front of her. "Anything else Ma'am?" She saw the tip jar and grimaced, she didn't have any cash, instead she gave him a big sexy smile, "Gimme a pen." He obliged and she grabbed a napkin, "What's your name?" "Albert, ma'am." She wrote in big letters I owe Albert a very big tip. Emily Thompson Then she folded it up slipped it in his vest pocket grabbed the bottle and glasses and went off after Superboy and Thor. She wasn't the stealthiest in the land and they herd her coming before she came out of the palm trees and up over the dune. Seeing Thor standiing and Bastion sitting she raised the bottle and called out "Hey Superboy, this a private party, or can a lonely sea witch join in?"
  9. After Superboy shattered the rock and all illusions that things were ever going to be the same again, Emily had gone back tot he same old do what your told and speak when spoken too like she had been at the Academy. Luckily that didn't last much longer. When it was time to go, she knew that home to her family was not where she wanted to go, she still couldn't bring herself to face the disappointment from her grandfather, the Admiral. But neither could she face returning to Hawaii, not yet, she needed to unwind and come to terms with … this, on her own first. So she took the 'Witsec' offer at least for the time being. Emily ended up in Santa Monica, she needed to be near the ocean, it had always been a part of her life and being in the desert, if it did anything at all, it drove that home. She spent a couple of weeks just wandering around and hanging out on the beaches up and down the California coast and it was there she discovered a new change that ht storm had wrought. She was swimming off of Catalina when a pair of dolphins started swimming around her. The frolicking twosome filled her with joy as they played with each other and her and she joined in. Suddenly without ever realizing it Emily became aware that she was deep underwater and had been for a very long time. She had lost track of, well everything except her new friends, and now she found herself underwater at a depth way beyond what a human should be able to dive unassisted, and on top of that she wasn't drowning. She wasn't exactly breathing either, it was as if the oxygen she needed was being absorbed directly from the water. And while she should have been almost blind at that depth she could see still as if her eyes had some how amplified the meager light available. It was all very strange and captivating and life changing. She belonged here in the ocean and she knew that with all her being. A few days later she returned to Pearl with the intention of picking up the pieces of her interrupted life. She had powers and abilities that she could put to use and NOAA was a good place to start. Soon after that the party was announced. At first Emily was going to skip that whole scene but it kept nagging at her that she had made a less than stellar impression and in the end that is what decided the matter. The Party Thank god for schedules. The surf was ever present as the background noise between songs and conversations. Ryan was the busiest Stormer there, having to open portals around the world and everything was scheduled rather tightly. He had been surprised when he had received a text from Emily a couple of days earlier asking for when the best time to arrive at the party would be. She had said she was looking at arriving some time in the middle of the arrivals you know not too early not too late. He gave her an idea of when that would be and she told him she would get back to him with a time for when she would need a lift. She hadn't though and Ryan, busy as he had been, simply forgot about it. Until now' The surf drew back from the beach as the water was pulled into a monstrous wave which rose and rose almost fifty feet up into the air And there at the waves pinnacle was a figure riding on the backs of two dolphins made of animated water Emily dressed as a gender-bent Aquaman complete with trident and tattoos made an entrance.
  10. Emily looked off into the desert and while she longed to be free, she knew Sabastion was right, all it would do was cause grief and woe. She smiled back at the Superboy, "Well I would never leave a friend to face that alone." The unlikely pair headed back to the base.
  11. Emily looked at that big hand for several seconds before grasping it and letting Superboy pull her up. Her ears were ringing and she was dusty. "My god, that was incredible" she shouted since she couldn't hear and figured he couldn't either. She stepped past him and gazed on what he had done. After a moment she held her hand out in front of her about eight inches apart palms facing each other and concentrated. A small bead of water appeared between them and grew into a sphere as the water was pulled, slowly from the desert air, until a six inch sphere was floating there. With a flick of her hand the sphere split in half and she placed one in front of Bastion, "Thirsty?"
  12. They walked on, with Superboy, turning back the right way, being silent for minute, maybe he was gathering more thoughts. Emily was in good enough shape that she didn't have to strain to keep up. "You know I agree with you, for the most part, they probably really did want to make sure we weren't going to turn others into,... whatever we are, but that was pretty obviously not going to happen. Almost all of our , transformations, took place in crowds. If it was something that could or would spread most, if not all of the people on, my ship would have changed. And even so it isn't right the way they have treated us. Keep treating us. It's like we stopped being people, like all of this is our fault. And yeah, it's so obvious that what they want is how to use us. "How else would you explain their fawning all over Miss 3D Printer, back there?"
  13. Emily had been slowly simmering, She had obligations to the government, she knew that. but for Christs sake she had saved the lives of the crew and the freaking ship and still they were being treated like refugees at the freaking border. The only one getting any leeway was the ditzy genius and if no one else could see it Emily could, they were treating her differently because her power was more useful to them. She watched as the superboy walked off into the desert. "He's right," she glanced at Ryan floating a few feet away and above, "You could have gotten all of us out where we could have had an advantage dealing with them for a place of our choosing. We saved their ship and my crew. I don't owe them anything else." She started off after Bastion at a jog, "Hey, superboy, wait up, "she called after Bastion, "its a desert your gonna needs some water."
  14. Emily puts her hands on her hips and gives Ryan her best 'I told you so' look.
  15. "And so far, we're the only ones doing the giving." She stands up and looks at the walls and ceilings, looking for the cameras. then stalks over to the food box and grabs another MRE.
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