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  1. Krusk moves his sword over his head, all the way so that the tip of the blade comes close to hitting the ground. He loses his focus for a moment, becoming angry and feeling hatred within him for the woman in front if him. "Stop moving and just die already!" he screams to the abomination. Attack with Greatsword = 7+7 = 14 Frustrated at himself and furious at the mockery of life that the evil being in front of him presents, he roars to the woman.
  2. With my lower Dexterity, it makes sense that I would probably go closer to 6-7 or even 9 so I'll go in whichever one is left open by the group. As the witch hisses at Krusk, he is taken slightly aback as he draws his weapon and points it toward her crouching form. "This will be the last time you fool someone. How vile and terrible of a creature are you to abuse the sanctity of a person's good nature? No more... and now..." he lunges toward the witch with the large sword... "time to end you". Attack Roll = (7+7) = 14
  3. Krusk is paralyzed for a few moments and then looks around in surprise. He is bewildered and unsure what to do in this situation. Nothing like this has every happened to him before and his training was lacking in anything similar. As the woman whips her head back and hisses, Krusk pushes his hand and the woman's away and takes a few steps back, slightly on his back heels. He draws his weapon. Constitution Save = 16 + 3 = 19
  4. "Ah yes..." He gathers himself before shaking his head and stating "My apologies. I guess I just... got caught up in the moment." He shivers a bit and shuffles toward the woman, still a bit shaken at the whole sight before him. "Excuse me madam, I hope that we can be of some help. Please do not be afraid of Delgath here. He means well, most of the time." He shakes once more, before taking a few large steps and plants himself to the side of both the woman and Delgath. He puts out his hand and reaches for the one not already holding his party member, attempting to help her rise to her feet. "There we go. Lets get you back to health here. Children, children. We are here to help and get you out of this terrible place! Soon you will be safe."
  5. Krusk begins running toward the woman and children in order to help them. As he reaches the end of the passageway, he remembers that they nearly died just a short time ago from a trap and that this entire area is unfamiliar to him. He stops to a halt right as he approaches the room, now waiting for his companions while simply standing in the entranceway.
  6. Krusk continues to look throughout the room. Though he moves things without knowing what they are, it is clear that he still cares to keep them in good shape and treat them as if they were still owned by an individual. He is looking for anything that may seem out of the ordinary. Perception Roll = 1d20+1 = 16+1 = 17
  7. Krusk moves next to Arturs so that if anything comes at them, he will be protected. "Not a bad place to do one's studies, especially if you have to do them alone." He moves toward the tapestries to see if there is anything of interest in them. He also uses his 'Divine Sense' to see if there is anything undead, celestial or fiendish in this room.
  8. "Well, I guess we should move on then. Take care of that weapon, Arturs. It is special for more than sentimental reasons. We best be on our way so that we can put an end to this quickly."
  9. Krusk shakes his head. "What a terrible end for a good man." He sighs and then heads over to the body, going through rites and putting it at rest. After he finishes, he stands up and moves to the sarcophagus. He moves his hand over the side that is open and then peers into it to view the corpse. He moves away from it and casts 'Detect Evil and Good' to see if there is anything in the room currently or beyond the room they are in, maintaining concentration until noted otherwise.
  10. "Good thinking. I think we should just check out this next chamber while we are here for. That's what we came for and it may be the reason why these things attacked." He heads toward the door but suddenly turns around to Shayuri. "But... you make an excellent point. I think it was wise to suggest it before. Now... well now it seems like the best possible idea."
  11. "Let's not bicker about who killed who..." Krusk exclaims as he puts his arms out to both the fighter and bard. "The important thing is that we survived being caught off guard, and it's clear that we are irritating some evil while we are here. We must be on the right path." He walks over to Arturs and bends down slightly, looking him over. "Yes, it looks like you made it out unscathed. Good thing too! We need your help and you are under our care until this is over." He straightens back up and looks directly at Eon. He puts his hand out and says "Eon, you said you... had some ideas about this? Who could have done this?"
  12. As his momentum from the swing of the fleeing zombie turns him slightly, Krusk sees Arturs cornered and Delgath starting to move to help him. The large Half-orc begins to run toward Zombie #3 and prepares for a great attack. Above all else, Arturs must not be harmed for he is both innocent and the charge of these adventurers. He brings down his heavy sword on the zombie, imbuing his holy gift from Bahamut onto the forsaken enemy.
  13. Krusk Reaction Attack on #1: 1d20+7 = 13+7 = 20 Krusk Damage: 2d6+5 = (2+1)+5 = 8
  14. Krusk is taken aback by the corpses rising, the same ones he prayed and cared for only moments ago. He is scared by the sudden danger of which he is not used to, but more importantly sees this as an affront to both life and his gestures and intentions only moments earlier. He begins channeling his power and raises his holy symbol high above his head. It lights up and glows in a bright yellow-white aura. He begins chanting the prayer again that only moments earlier was meant to help shepherd these poor souls into the afterlife. He channels his divinity with the intention of Turning the Unholy.
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