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  1. Jordayn arched a brow at Evana's uncharacteristic - but not unwelcome - outburst. He glanced at the splash of cha on the bulkhead, then took a sip of his own cha and took a moment to appreciate the curve of Evana's backside and legs as she leaned over Clevus. "Think about it, Clevus, this is Evana when she likes you. Imagine what'll be like if she doesn't?" Jordayn added. He put down his cup with a soft click, then stood up and pulled out a chair at the mess table for Evana with a grin. "Have a seat, luv, and let's give Clevus a moment to reassess his options." The half-elf glanced back at Clevus. "We aren't a greedy lot, Clevus." He paused, then gave his head a slight shake. "Not an overly greedy lot. Be a little more forthcoming, work with us, instead of trying to force us to work for you, and we won't feel the need to work against you and try to cut you out of the action. Equal shares all around, especially if there's as much as you claim there is."
  2. "You know, I'm really starting to hate you," Jordayn commented without particularly animosity, taking a seat at the mess hall table across from Clevus. He eyed the cat-man with resigned suspicion, then after a long moment, poured himself a cup of cha. His took a contemplative sip. "Since you're being all coy, Clevus, provided Evana doesn't have Gorunta through you out of an airlock first, would you at least being willing to reveal how you learned all about our ship?"
  3. The priest's eyes widened in surprise as the ship slipped into Driftspace. Jordayn might not have been familiar with the intricacies of starship systems and maneuvering, but he had traveled fairly extensively and knew ships couldn't enter Driftspace so easily, so swiftly, not in his experience. And yet, the felinoid had spoken some command words and... poof! Driftspace. "It might come to that, big guy," Jordayn told the Vesk. "But let's see if the implied threat of your presence will suffice to start first." Jordayn stalked after Clevus into the mess lounge, hardly seeming dangerous with his trim good looks and vivid Arshean stole, the feline mercenary reclining lazily in a chair. The looming, broad shouldered Vesk made up for it. "What did you do to the Solenya, Clevus?" Jordayn demanded. "And how do you know how to do it?"
  4. No Phase/Any Phase (Jordayn has no skills applicable to ship combat, save for some uses of Diplomacy, but a ship can only have one Captain and Evana looks better in the Captain's chair) Fluff Avid traveler that he was, Jordayn was woefully inadequate at handling a starship. Still, with everything moving into action, he made his to the bridge for the simple expedient that was where most of the rest were. If he couldn't keep the ship running, he could keep the crew running through any bumps and scrapes and stray plasma fire. "Sunshine can pick anything they want, as long as it is something different. I can't handle watching 'Do Ysoki Dream of Electric Cheese' one more time."
  5. Jordayn shook his head in disbelief. "The Abadarans are many things, but rarely stupid. Herschwin couldn't possibly believe you and Sunshine could intercede as emissaries, just on basis of your respective species. If that was the case, he could have surely found a members in the vast Abadaran Church to fulfill the roles." The handsome half-elf cocked his head to the side, brows furrowing in question. "Unless either of you have station or come from families with such among the Veskarium and the rather nomadic Ysoki?" His pale blue eyes cut to the black-furred and black-hearted felinoid mercenary. "And while you are quick to speak of Abadar thievery, how is your proposal any different, beyond lacking the thin veneer of legality?"
  6. OUTSIDE THE CLUB "It's only too late if you don't even try," Jordayn replied with a wry twist of his lips. "As long as you try, endless possibilities are still open to you." He heard some incongruous sounds coming from the club, his brow furrowing as he turned from Hershwin to the entrance of the Club, where the Executor's associates had stepped through a moment before. He glanced back to the Abadar, taking a step away as his fingers twitched toward his stunning Static Arc Pistol, an Arshean prayer playing through his mind. Arshea's pleasurable grace could be incapacitating, even lethal, to others, especially ones as staid as the typical Abadaran. "What did you do, Hershwin?"
  7. "You do them a disservice, Abadaran," Jordayn countered with a half smile. "Many of the most successful criminals I have known never broke a law. Bent them mercilessly and exploited every loophole they could find, but didn't actually break one. They are far more dishonest and duplicitous than my companions inside - at least they don't lie about what they are and what they do." Jordayn snorted a laugh and shrugged a shoulder. "Well... most of the time, at any rate. You may have offered order, but what they were looking for was a job, Hershwin. Order is all well and good, but don't discount a little chaos in your life. What is lawful and orderly is not always just, especially when one focuses on the letter rather than the spirit. A good and orderly society is one where there is room for some disorder and chaos. Otherwise, all you end up with is a prison, however gilded, with a select few outside it acting as wardens and guards, the only ones with actual freedom." He gave the other priest a pointed glance. "And as often as not, not adhering fully for the laws they espouse for others. Give them, give us another chance. So far as I've seen, their words are good. Accept their word at face value, and they'll accept yours, rather than looking for the caveat or loophole in the contract that will screw them. If one side or the other break the agreement, well then... action on either party will be taken as they deem appropriate."
  8. Jordayn laughed lightly. "Arshea largely allows her priest-companions to find their own path. Passion and love find their way back to Arshea, no matter the path one takes. No, I'm not here to woo you back to make your offer once more, not yet at least." He shook his in wry amusement. "Though I do wonder at you thinking those who work, shall we say, in the grey areas of society, would be amendable to signing contracts and NDAs." He sighed, glancing about station. It was quiet at the moment, lights muted. Completely artificial, the station was designed to give areas of it the illusion of being planetside. "I'm here on my own. I'd like hear more on your proposal, see if I can sell it to my companions. Since at the moment, I'm more interested in what you might have to offer than what that sharp-toothed mercenary inside has." Jordayn shrugged his shoulders, stretched, then gave the Executor a scrutinizing glance. "I have to admit, I'm curious. Seeing how you Abadarans generally are more concerned with the letter of your laws and contracts, I'm a bit surprised that you released our pilot Sunshine so readily."
  9. Jordayn watched the Abadaran priest leave, then sighed. He took a contemplative sip of his drink, shook his head, then regarded his companions. "Though we typically have similar tenets to follow, all priests don't worship their god in the same exact manner. He might have found the terms of the original contract with Sunshine abusive and having the power to rectify it, did so as a sign of good faith when trying to hire us. And he did resolve any potential issue regarding the Solenya." The handsome half-elf tossed his head to shake pale blond hair from his face, finished his drink and gave a shrug. "While I've had some fun dalliances and assignations on the station, I'm more than ready to get back out there and see some part of the galaxy I haven't seen before. What Hershwin was offering sounded intriguing, as it did to several of you, it seems. And did doesn't look like anyone else has had any big prospects on the station. If no one else is going to bother or is willing, I'll follow after him and see what more he's willing to say. I'll even sign the contract if he insists and you all are still worried about it." He quirked a wry grin. "After giving it a thorough read, of course. Arshea might not be as uptight at Abadar, but scripture in any faith or philosophy can get as convoluted and tricksome any as legal document. Do try to let me keep my end of the contract, hmm? At least for a few days." Then the robot arrived with its tray of Montranian Ice Champagne. He arched a brow. "Wonderful. I might not be adverse to socializing with pirates and mercenaries, but I'd rather deal with the Church of Abadar than with that guy." Jordayn stood up, straightening his coat and stole, intending to go after Hershwin. "Anyone with me, or would you rather hear what the feline has to say?"
  10. Jordayn's return smile was that of a whore who knew the authority was trying to fuck him - not in a sexual way, or at least not only that - and was playing along to see just how bad. "I'm sure something can be arranged with such a generous offer as that," Jordayn said wryly. "With an amendment or two. A specified duration or definite end to the mission rather than one so... nebulous. I'm sure you wouldn't want to inadvertently consign us to indentured servitude for an indefinite amount of time. And two, at least some details of this specific Mission to be named later." The handsome priest shrugged with feigned apology. "After all, we might find that the ship and the additional compensation that may or may not accompany it isn't worth the danger we're contracted to throw ourselves in." Left unsaid was that Jordayn, for his part, wasn't sure about aiding AbadarCorp's expansion. It was as all encompassing and voracious as any of the Outer Gods' cults, if not as out and out destructive and evil.
  11. Jordayn's satisfied grin faded as the Abadari Executor made himself known and revealed the status of the Solenya. He gave the flimsy spread out on the table a casual glance, but left the ladies to huddle over it. Being a priest himself, if of a considerably less extensive faith, he was well acquainted with the Church of Abadar, even his clergy were more corporate executives than clerics. Jordayn was sure the legalese of the document stated just was Hershwin claimed, with enough florid pontification to shame the most blowhard of preachers, though there might be an clause they could exploit. The arch-executives dressed damned well, though, Jordayn had to admit, straightening his crimson stole. "I'm not so sure about our luck," Jordayn replied dryly, arching a brow at the executor. "Sunshine's previous association with AbadarCorp aside," he commented, cocking his head questioningly at the ysoki, "we had thought ourselves owners free and clear of the Solenya. If the document is as you claim - and if we don't decide to contest it on the basis that your contract was with the Prince and not us, we acquired the Solenya in good faith - perhaps you'd deign to tell us why you haven't initiated repossession proceedings already? You have another offer for us, I presume?"
  12. Updated Jordayn's sheet in the signature. I'll get around to editing the sheet in the profile thread later.
  13. "Then I'm not going to tell you!" Jordayn shouted back through gritted teeth, wincing at the penetrating, high-pitched sound. In retrospect, that particular mystic prayer in this particular situation may not have been a good idea, effective though it had been. The brutish Vesk would probably kill him if he tried it again and he wasn't done with this life yet. "Sorry! Results were... slightly unexpected." Through watering eyes, the half-elf glanced around at the crew of the Solenya, finding them hale enough. The creature was beginning to take a toll, but none of his companions were seriously wounded enough to require his other arts and skills as a doctor. Yet. His other prayers being completely none effective, he maintained his incandescent wisp of light to harass the writhing testicle and fire another shot with his trusty arc pistol. The bolt of electricity struck true, making the creature quiver and spasm yet more.
  14. Jordayn's pistol seemed rather inadequate for the task at hand. On the other hand, the testicular monstrosity seemed to possess at least some manner of intelligence, and could feel pain. And if it could feel pain, it could feel pleasure. He prayed to Arshea, the Spirit of Abandon, divining the correct portion of what passed for the brain in the creature. Then he stomped on it with a lance of intense orgiastic pleasure, making its tentacles writhe and twist with the overwhelming sensations.
  15. "That thing is as big as our damned ship!" Jordayn gulped, stretching down that he could stand upright and peering into the massive chamber from the middle of the pack. "Anyone able to make a guess if bringing down the momma testicle will bring down all the baby testicles?" The half-elf priest grimaced - the thing was truly intimidating and disgusting and he didn't think it was 'natural' to the station, as it were, but rather was some manner of parasite. That would do, especially if it/they started infesting/infecting their ship while it was under automated control. "I propose we find out, since I don't fancy leaving it behind, not after how helpful this little eye-bot has been, or what its... offspring might do to us or the ship." He glanced at his Arc Pistol, then holstered it for the moment. It wouldn't be the most effective against this creature. Instead, he murmured another prayer, and from his hand flew a ball of active, darting yellow-orange light to harass and harry the Brobdingnagian Space Testicle.
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