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  1. Jexa listened to the message and nodded. "I'm going to go check on Captain Sunshine.": she said to as she moved to exit the bridge so that the other would be sure to hear and would catch on if they were not already thinking the same thing. She moved down the corridor to the hatch and cautiously peeked around the corner first, before stepping out from behind it. "Is everything okay, Captain?" she asked Sunshine while giving the Vesk a once over while looking as impressed and intimidated by them as she believably could. She knew Vesk liked to feel all big and badass, so playing into that a bit would help pad their egos and make them feel a bit more comfortable. < Though that Abadar ass gave us the ship docs, you ARE the only registered owner for the ship at the moment, if I recall correctly. > she reminded Sunshine telepathically as she awakened her nanites just in case.
  2. Jexa sat back, calmly listening to the back and forth. Almost right away a single word stood out to her. Her curiosity peaked, she made a small gesture and a translucent blue ribber of energy extended in front of her eyes. She casually looked around the room, letting the HUD of the visor highlight objects before slipping from her seat and out of the room. She began to walk the halls of the ship, passing through common areas, hallways and maintenance corridors alike, always looking around as she listened in to the conversation through her comms, finally returning to mess and taking her seat again.. "Joy." she muttered and reached into her pocket, pulling out a small stone which she held at about head level and let go, allowing it to float and slowly circle her head, just in case the ship decided to open the airlocks. It was bad enough that they knew so little about the ship, but now to discover it was sentient and apparently a bit sensitive? There were enough egos to deal with on the ship already, without the ship having its own. Jexa sighed and shook her head. "So how did you come to know so much about the ship?" she finally asked the felinoid as she rocked back in her chair.
  3. Helm Phase Action: Attempting "Lock On" Action. Result: 34 vs DC 27 (or higher if they have defensive countermeasures) = Probable success! Crunch Fluff Jexa cheerd as the fighter she had locked onto vanished from sensors in a brilliant flash. "That's how you do it! Okay. Who's next up?" she asked aloud, to nobody as she began to seek another targeting lock. "Damn it. These guys are getting getting slippery now." she muttered as she she kept trying to acquire a new target, but the evasive moves of the small, maneuverable fighters made it much more difficult now that the Solyena had lost the element of surprise. "I'm tryin', bug guy, but you're gonna be on your for a few.." she cursed.
  4. Helm Phase Action: Attempting "Lock On" Action. Result: 34 vs DC 27 (or higher if they have defensive countermeasures) = Probable success! NOTE: The ship grants +2 to any two combat rolls per round, so if Gorunta uses one of those, combined with the targeting lock (if successful), it would make Gorunta's shot of 12 into a 16 and therefore a successful hit! Crunch Fluff "Okay big guy, I'll pick'em out and you light'em up." she said over the comms to Gorunta in his gunner's chair. Swiftly her hands gliding across the console of her station, her fingertips tapping almost like she were playing some sorts of instrument as she accessed the sensors, specifically the targeting sub-routine and looked over the pursuing ships. "Okay. Who's gonna be our bitch?" she said, mostly to herself, as she looked them over and finally singled out a specific fighter, the leader of the flight for Abadarian fighters. On Gorunta's display one of the fighters was suddenly highlighted with all manner of speed and heading data displayed next to it, allowing the computer to assist in building in lead and other targeting functions. "Light'em up." she said said with a satisfied grin.
  5. Are we going in order? Because I believe that Jexa getting a lock in the Helm phase would help others in the gunnery phase.
  6. Jexa's eyes went big and her antennae stood straight up in surprise at the bolt of flame racing towards their table. Partially intentionally, but mostly not, Jexa avoided the flame by falling back in her chair ungracefully, hitting the ground with a thud. "I've had enough of the Abadar fucks!" she growled as she rolled to her side, making a fist which began to swirl with arcane energy and a cloud of nanites. Rising up to peek over the table, she pointed at the Abadarian drawing his weapon. "Sick'em, boys!" she commanded, unleashing the cloud of nanites at the Abadarian. In an instant the shimmering, metallic cloud was across the room, each nanite latching onto one molecule of water vapor after another, transmuting them until the Abadarian was surrounded in a shimmering, acidic cloud.
  7. "Let him walk." Jexa said, waving a hand toward the door dismissively. "Chasing after him is either playing into his hand or showing that you're not the type he wanted to hire in the first place." she shrugged. Jexa looked over the flemsies, double checking the wording as she continued to speak. "And for the record, he didn't resolve a damned thing with the ship. He had no claim, just like I showed him. All he really did was save himself some time and face. Oh, and Sunshine's contract is rectified. She's is out of it and free to do as she will. If he wanted to do it as a gesture of good faith because he felt bad about it and thought it was abusive, he would have done it on his own, without our prompting.." she said with a shrug. "The fact that he even thought us..." she said, gesturing to the collected crew at the table with a wave of her hand, "..all of us, would even sign a contract put forth by them is laughable. Like Evana said, our word is our bond. If we say we'll do the job, then we'll get it done. The only reason for that contract is to either screw us over, or screw us out of shit. Either way, we get screwed." "Besides," she added, "to hire us he wants us ALL to sign. Just one of us will not do. So your willingness to sign is moot." "Something will come along, maybe that's what he wants. He saw us kick the crap out of that avatar and a fuck-ton of mummies, and ruin that ritual, so he knows we can get shit done. Hell, he might have even used those Abadar douches as his intermediaries. So, as much as I want to empty my arc pistol in his face right now, maybe one of us should go see what he wants." Jexa suggested as she collected a seasoned nut of some sort from the dish and tossed it into her mouth. "Doesn't Evana and a relationship with him?"
  8. "Let'em go. This is probably a lame tactic to gain the dominant position in the 'negotiation' by making us chase after him. It sounds like he needs us more anyways. If so, he'll be back. And if not, we still got the clean title to the ship and Sunshine's freedom. Either way, we still came out ahead." Jexa commented. Though she was not overly loud, it was pretty clear that she didn't really care if he could hear her not. "And I agree with Evana here. I mean, seriously. Do we really look like 'sign on the dotted line' types? He came to us and claimed to have tested us and knows we can be discrete and get the job done. And besides, he had no reason to release Sunshine just to turn and walk away. So yeah, I'm betting this is another 'test' or some shit, now that I think about it." Jexa shrugged and picked up the new flimsies that had just been set down before Herschwin departed, looking them over.
  9. < Okay. Time to check this fool and level the playing field. > Jexa thought to her companions as she waved the flimsy, getting Herschwin's attention. "I have an idea. How about let's all enter this negotiation is good faith and a level playing field? I am sure you 'suit & contract' types like to enter into a negotiation with at least a figurative gun the other party's head, but nobody, especially us, likes to talk with a gun pointed at them. So I will do you a favor and make my compatriots more amendable to negotiating with you and save you the embarrassment and loss of face by having your ass kicked in court by our little rag-tag group." she said to Herschwin. Jexa glanced back at the flimsy she had been perusing while the other talked and then back to Herschwin once more. "You see, if you want to really get down to it, " Jexa said as she leads forward, raising up a hand and holding it beside her mouth to shield in a mock whispers, "...and I am sure you do, " she said before dropping her hand and relaxing back into her chair, "...then I'll point out that the prince didn't transfer shit. He's loaned us used of the ship, as you can see by it still being in possession of and piloted by the pilot of record, little miss Sunshine here." she pointed out, holding her drink toward the ysoki and nodding to her before downing her shot. She grimaced for a moment as it went down and slammed her shot glass back down on the table. " You see, there isn't anything about loaning the ship out, which could be construed to be covered under the fair use section of the contract, which in turn means that it could be argued that the lease wasn't violated by the prince at al,l and is, in fact, still in effect since according to the contract there are still two years left on the contract." Jexa said with an obviously face smile. < So suck it, you Abadar prick. > she thought to her companions. "Now,, that might be a 'technicality' or whatever, but it's that kind of shit that gets off lawyers and judges and stuff even better than a nude spread of Evana would." Jexa said, miming a masturbatory gesture with the curled up flemsy at first before pointing to Evana with the flimsy. "Not that you ever would do such." she added to Evana with a grin and a wink, before bringing her attention back to Herschwin. "So how about you approach us like the fine, upstanding professionals we are, level playing field and all, and have this negotiation in good faith? You can toss in the title of the ship as part of the payment, but you're not going to hold it, or anything, over our heads or try and force us to do shit." Jexa then nodded to Herschwin, adding, "And you're welcome."
  10. Jexa leans over, perusing the document over Echo's shoulder. She was no lawyer, but she knew her fair share about the law and contacts especially from her time on both sides of the law.
  11. Jexa winced and shot her hands up to cover her ears at the piercing sound of the creature's wail. She flinched as some of the gauges cracked and their faceplates shattered, pelting her with twinkling bits of glass. "Sonofabitch!" she snarled as she shook her head, seemingly trying to shake the sound out of it somehow. "Just shut up and die already!" she yelled back at it, pulling one hand from her head (though the other remained shielding one ear) and in a flash her arc pistol appeared in her hand. She squeezed a shot off at the creature without really even looking at it, her face still wincing from the piercing wail that had assaulted her eardrums. The ball of magically fortified lightning almost missed the creature, but it did strike true, sending electricity and magic arcing across its putrescent body from the sizzling wound.
  12. "What kind of blue, bloody, pus-spewing hell that that thing come from?" Jexa exclaimed. Jexa reached over toward Echo's rifle, never taking her eyes off of the gigantic creature, with glowing arcane symbols looking more like circuits appearing around her hand and a small cloud of nanites flowing from her sleeve, swarming around and into the weapon, each one attaching itself to the capacitor, preparing to add their own power to that drawn from the cell for the next shot, only to fall away and crumble into a fine, metallic dust when eventually discharged. "Light it up." she encouraged Echo.
  13. Jexa looked down the dark service tunnel and gestured with a hand, apparently summoning small bits of tech from the darkness as a thin wisp of a metallic cloud traced a line through the air from here sleeve to the bit and surrounded them, which was then surrounded by wisps of nanites as they worked on the tech, modifying and adapting them. S small spark arced from her fingertip to one of the bits and then then bounced between the rest, causing each one to reveal their purpose as they illuminated with the intensity of small flashlights hovering in the air. She then flung her hand out in an almost dismissive gesture, sending the lights zooming together down the service tunnel ahead of Evana and the others. "That should help." she said, more to herself than anybody else as she watched the lights illuminate their way. Jexa turned to the eyebot and smiled. "Thanks little guy. I hope the leg is feeling better." she said as she slipped into the proffered escaped route.
  14. Satisfied for the moment with Yseult's dog's herding of the 'eye-bot', Jexa assessed the situation. Best to completely remove an enemy from the fight. Besides, Gorunta could handle himself, she figured. With a swift motion, Jexa brought up her empty hand and then waved her other hand over, leaving her arc pistol in hand at it passed, and immediately pulled the trigger, sending a ball of barely tamed lightning streaking through the air to hit the beast, causing and electrical-magical discharge to arc all over its spheroid body.
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