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  1. This target selection was all off, Triessa thought as she glimpsed some of Psypher and Mega-Girl's plight. "Hey, you!" she shouted, waving at Doc Psypher. "Mind powers, right? Can you mind-whammy the big dumb BULL? I bet he'd be an easy target! Maybe have him fight for the good guys or something?" The sorceress then turned back to her own Herculean (Sissyphean?) task...the hydra itself. Would it grow new heads if she started trying to blast them off? The body shot had hurt it, but Triessa suspected that this whole asshole exercise wasn't really about killing monsters. It felt more like an utterly demented, psychotic team-building retreat. Which meant... "Starsign! Is your power a fire-blast by any chance?" Even Hercules had needed help to defeat his hydra. Triessa thought she might know just the spell for this... (As a Daughter of the Elrich Line, Triessa can recall a variation of her Blast spell that will be especially useful here; either a cutting spell, or a fire spell, depending on Starsign's powers. Intellect maneuver to activate this quality: Intellect: 1d6+5 9 )
  2. Triessa had a bad feeling about that minotaur...with Elastica and Psypher both on the Naughty Tentacle Beast, Mega Girl looked awfully lonely out there with the bull. There were plenty of things she could do to try to stop it of course, but preparing the spells would take precious seconds. Maybe it was best just to join in on the hydra and hope to take it down so everyone else could get on the minotaur ASAP. She moved around sideways, trying to keep the hydra between herself and the spot where the minotaur and Mega Girl sparred, and reached deep into the well of power that seethed under her skin. Then with outstretched hand she incanted strange syllables, and a rotating circle appeared over her palm, complete with a shifting geometric pattern, all outlined in lines of blue and violet light. A blast of brilliant light lanced out from the center of the circle at where she estimated the hydra's heart to be!
  3. "Yeah," said Triessa. "Express elevator to the top, please. One that won't count as cheating and set off the doomsday thing." She looked at Columbian and Elastica and nodded. "This hero thing is easier than I thought."
  4. "Well, this has been absurd," Triessa sighs, brushing her hair back behind her ears as the echos of attacks and the last residual flashes of sorcery faded. Then she frowns. "Wait, were...those there before?" Triessa goes over to the exit on the left, then looks at the opposite one, bemused. "Well, I don't see much to recommend one of these over the others. Want to just go left?"
  5. Triessa winced at the sight of the 'zombies,' and slid the scrying crystal she'd charged up outside the building back around in her fingers to point at them. "This is embarrassing to see. Zombie workers in an office shaped like a maze? This guy has all the power of a godling or demon lord and he's using it to make LARP Dilbert cartoons? Lets see what we're dealing with here before we get too rough..." The crystal lit up from within as she cast her spell and waved it around between herself and the zombies, counting on her teammates to give her the space she needed to do the spell.
  6. The door from the lobby opened into a massive that was lined with the cubicle wall material that was so common in most office buildings. After they were inside, before their eyes, the Door vanished, becoming one with the wall behind them, and the walls rose to the ceiling. The entire area was lit, but they were now at the entrance of a cubicle labyrinth, with untold horrors likely lurking within. "Cute," Triessa said, glancing around as the cubicle farm transformed into a maze. "If there's not a minotaur accountant, I'm getting my deposit back. Alright." She looked at Elastica and the Columbian. "Just to elaborate a little on myself. I'm Hex, hello, and I can cast spells. Literal spells, as in magic. What that means is that there's not a lot I can't potentially do, if I know a spell to do it. It also means I usually need time to pull it off. You two can fight over who goes first, but I should definitely be second."
  7. "Yeah, you guys work out who should send who in first and everything," Hex said. "Sounds super important. Imma go in next." With her left hand facing north she made the mudra for exclusion and spoke 'Defendarius.' The shielding spell flickered around her as it stabilized then became invisible. Hex strolled on up to the entrance then, watching carefully for signs of foul play...and ready to intervene in a hurry if Mega-Girl ran afoul of anything.
  8. "Jesus," Hex murmured to herself as the magical probes she sent into the shimmering 'arclight' field returned information to her. Her hands went to her temples. "Jesus shitting on the cross." Abruptly she turned to look at the others, eyes wide. "You guys, this arclight is serious shit. It's got magic IN it, but it's all woven into other things too, and the total amount of power in it is off the charts. I've never seen anything like this. And it's not like the field of magic is a thriving and modern field of study, but there are rules and this breaks almost all of them. Whoever's doing this has access to power that...is basically godlike." Then, belatedly, she noted the newest member of the team. "Oh. Hey. Fashionably late, eh? Nice."
  9. "I..." Hex pointed at Elastica and wagged her finger for a moment, then shook her head. "Nope. I'm noping on this. You." She shifted the point to Starsign. "You're saying it looks like what I do? I'd assumed it was tech, but I can follow up on that. You guys entertain Malibu Dream Car here, and I'll see what I can find out." Hex lifted her hands and fashioned her fingers into a complex series of shifting, interlocking patterns as she murmured in Latin under her breath. Violet light twisted up away from her hands, curling into circles with geometric shapes rotating within them.
  10. "Yeah, but what about someone who just invents cool gadgets?" Hex asked. "Or me...if I'd never picked up a book of magic, I'd have lived my whole life just like anyone else. We're not all mutants." She shrugs. "But you're right, we don't know enough to make assumptions. Just feels off to me."
  11. "Ooo. Sobriquet. Fancy." She shook her head and made a little gesture with her right hand. "It means magic. I'm a wizard, Harry." "The reason I was asking about your doctorness, was because I was curious about how this 'field' might work? Is it even...remotely plausible? Because it feels kind of like a bluff to me. Obviously we can't take the risk, which is why we're here, but still. Just for my own back-patting, what's your take on this?"
  12. "In this case less of a 'job' than a 'show,'" Hex opined. Then she belatedly added, "I'm Hex. By the way. Anyway, the nutbag behind it seemed pretty intent that we play by the rules on this...march in the front door, no cheaties and so on. As for what we're waiting for...well, we need everyone to be here. Since none of us know how many there are, I assume our gracious host will let us know when it's all ready to go." She regarded Psypher narrowly. "Real doctor or just name decoration?"
  13. “Hello, ladies, I’m Jessica and I’m guessing we are all here for the same thing?” Hex looked over at Jessica and gave her a thumbs-up. "Free drinks for ladies in the lounge? Hell yes we are." As Dr. Psypher came jogging over in his glowy tech-armor Hex added, "Hey look, a penis. That's new."
  14. In the shaded recesses of her hood, Hex lifted an eyebrow quizzically at Summer. "Get him laid, huh? Not it." Hex nodded at Mega-Girl then. "You're right that he knew too much, but that doesn't change the fact that this whole situation is deeply absurd. In my line of work, when you see something that looks impossible, it's usually because you're looking at the wrong thing. There's too much theater in this, you know? All eyes are going to be here." "Makes me wonder where our eyes aren't supposed to be."
  15. Triessa saw the address on the television of the coffee store she'd fallen into to combat her jetlag. It felt pretty surreal watching that though...the kind of thing you'd laugh at in a movie because it was so contrived. Blue light that only hurt normal people? Like, how did that even work? What about her? She wasn't a mutant or something...did just knowing magic make you immune, or was she going to get hosed by this? How the hell did you make a weapon that spared 'metahumans' when that term covered such a huge number of different kinds of things? And then this whole deal with turning a building into a 'gauntlet.' Again, she had lots of questions. Like, how did that happen quietly? Just floor by floor, workers were told to stay home? Without the company knowing? Or was the company behind this? But why would a company slaughter most of their local customers? None of this added up. What the fuck though, right? She'd come to New York. Might as well sign up for the whole tourist package. See the Big Apple, have a hyper-caffienated beverage, save the world or something. Buy a goddamn postcard and then forget where you put it. She made her way out of the coffee place and ducked around to the side, where a narrow space that seemed too small to be an 'alley' separated it from the adjacent building, with juuuuuust enough room for trashcans and for a person to squeak past them if they turned sideways. With a quick glance up and down the alleyway to verify she wasn't being watched, Triessa cast the spell she'd worked on all the way over. Words in Latin...she figured Latin was popular for magic the same reason it was popular for science; a dead language, the meaning of the words wasn't changing anymore...movements of her hands and fingers into mudras. On some level she realized it was just a kind of conditioning...associating specific mental and emotional states with specific behaviors so she could, for brief moments, exert nearly total control over her mind. Just long enough to let only the thing she wanted bubble up after she punched the universe hard enough to split its lip. Shadows from the dim, narrow passage bent towards her, like iron filings towards a magnet. The twined and coiled around her, and then slipped back into their normal positions. In their wake though, Triessa was transformed. Taller, more buxom and yet slimmer in her midsection, with pale skin and dark violet hair and a leotardy thing that showed off her curves, and a cool flowing cloak with a hood (not a cape, damnit). Set in her forehead was a slim crystal or jewel that she thought gave her a sort of otherworldly look. A dark sort of haze streamed from her, kind of like smoke, kind of like shadows. It all made Triessa want to go back in time to her 13 year old self and show her how 'goth' and 'angst' she'd be in another decade or two. Not that it would have helped much. Even back then, she'd known a poser when she'd seen one. Right then. She looked at her map and took a second to work out where the building was, and where her coffee shop was. Good enough. Another spell cast and she melted away into a thick blue-black cloud that dissipated just as fast. ------------------------------- Alphatech Building ------------------------------- "Did you see anyone else coming?" Autumn asked. Someone other than Mega-Girl answered though. "No, but that doesn't mean no one else is." Emerging from a shaded spot behind a tree was a rather striking young woman of most peculiar appearance. She nodded at each of the others there. "I'm Hex. Lucky holder of a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Psycho Factory. Also, ten bucks says this is a massive publicity stunt. Calling it now."
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