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  1. Cara managed a smile...times like this, being technically dead was a blessing. Like any vampire she could turn away from her feelings when the need was there. This definitely qualified. "Kirsten, I can hardly welcome just one of you. You two are a package deal, after all." She glanced down at Colby's head and nodded. "I suppose thanks are in order, for saving me a bit of effort. I was going to use him a bit longer, but if you're here perhaps that won't be necessary anymore."
  2. Cara gathered herself, brutally suppressing the sudden ice cold terror that seized her heart. The Magnuson Twins were like wild animals; fear provoked them, triggered their predatory instincts. Approach them with confidence, and they would often...but not always...leave one alone. She opened her door and stepped out, bestowing a warm smile at the monster before her. "Kristen, darling...you only had to send word, or pick up the phone. I don't know about Marko, but I always have time for you, and your sister. I'd ask how you've been, but I think we both know the answer to that is always 'fabulous'." "So! Welcome back to New Orleans."
  3. "No," Cara decided. "Lets see how determined he is. Follow my directions." From there, she started telling Colby where to go, leading them through New Orleans to the outskirts, and then just outside the city to a little filling station that looked closed and abandoned, where she had the former pack-alpha pull over and park. All through this she kept an eye on the follower, to see if he was coming along for the ride. If he peeled off, that told her something. If not, well, this was the perfect out of the way place for a little chat.
  4. "We have a tail," Cara says pleasantly as Colby pulls out and enters traffic. "Blue Ferrari. Can't fault his taste. Driver was short, skinny, black. Do you know him?"
  5. Cara strolled out of the bar at Colby's side, and tucked her arm through his as they walked. "So one thing that I'm still not crystal clear on," she said, her somewhat vacant smile belied by the seriousness of her words. "is what Erica's connection to witches is. How did a creature like that get the cooperation of some powerful witches?" As he considered his answer, Cara focused on her senses, trying to tell how many of Colby's 'bodyguards' had followed them out of the bar. They'd have to be dealt with, of course, but there might be options other than killing them. Or at least other than killing ALL of them.
  6. "When we're done, the bones of course must be disposed of," Cara replies with a nod. She would have preferred that Dominique reveal less...particularly about their ability to track the bones...but done was done. It would at least provoke a response, if her fears were true. She also sincerely doubted Marko was 'in Erica's camp.' If there was anything he hated more than being manipulated, Cara had yet to encounter it. If he was cooperating with her...and that had yet to be demonstrated...then it was either out of ignorance, some kind of magic coercion, or because he meant to make her life hell. Marko wasn't stupid, so ignorance was unlikely. Magic coercion couldn't be ruled out, but a vampire of Marko's age was no easy target...and Cara believed she'd be able to tell if that was the case once she had a chance to speak to him. That left the last...and it would ultimately serve that purpose more if everyone believed he was helping Erica. Particularly when she was unsure of everyone's loyalties. Cara would just have to be ready to make sure no one got overzealous "To Karen's suggestion, I would add one as well. We should make every effort to ensure no one of us is alone outside of a public place. It's hard to anticipate how directly Erica will move against us, but moving in pairs or groups will make any attempt to assassinate one of us much more difficult." She looked at Colby. He hadn't mentioned the plan to 'free' her and her brother from the bloodline, so she wouldn't either...but it was absolutely something she needed to press him on as soon as possible. "Colby, perhaps you can walk me back to my house? Erica still believes you're an ally, and I'd like to have you handy in case we stumble over her and Marko."
  7. Cara listened, her lips pursed, as Dominique broke it all down. There was a particularly vital, in her opinion, piece of the puzzle that hadn't been discussed yet. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted to bring it up here and now, surrounded by people she wasn't entirely sure could be trusted...but who knew when another opportunity would come? In any event, she didn't want to bombard Colby, or give the impression she was trying to step on Dom's question, so she bided her time for now. Once the old werewolf had appeased Dominique, then Cara would see what Colby knew of the plan to 'separate' her and Marko from the Twins. Regardless of the fate of the Originals, she wanted that to happen, if it was a real thing. But the actions of this 'vampire-wolf' were deeply unsettling. They were...erratic. Veering wildly from threats to offers, from a wish to collaborate with both of them to a sudden effort to drive a wedge between them. Impulsive...perhaps not very confident? Maybe a bit of madness? Cara couldn't tell yet, and the idea that a creature of this strength was psychologically unstable was really scary. Even Marko, at his worst, typically had drives that could be understood even if he was hard to predict moment to moment. I wonder what bloodline you're from, Cara mused. Have you already managed to cut your ties, or do you need help with that?
  8. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Cara stood still, face in a disapproving mask. She wasn't okay at all with Dan and Karen being dragged into this, but done was done. The idea that the wolf was a werewolf/vampire hybrid was deeply unsettling to her though. A wolf/witch was bad enough, but at least still mortal. "Well then," she said, "I think we need to get our cards on the table. Before we start going into the meat of things, Colby, you said you'd been turned. Can we trust you? You don't want to be expendable, but are you able to work against your sire and this...Erica...if you have to?"
  9. Cara narrowed her eyes slightly as she regarded Colby. There was no reason for him to bring his 'friends' unless he expected trouble. From the sound of it, he wasn't meaning to start trouble. So why was he expecting it? "Do we need to clear the bar, Colby?" she asked quietly, her eyes flicking back to the doors. "Are we to expect more guests soon?"
  10. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Colby," said Cara warmly where she stood beside Dominique. Though her smile and body language seemed welcoming, Dom was close enough to see the hard glint in the vampire's eyes. "Did you bring lunch? You really shouldn't have." She pushed off the wall and walked at an unhurried pace towards the door, though stopped far enough shy that she hoped it wouldn't seem overly aggressive. "I expect you've come to pick your things up?"
  11. Cara looked at Dominique for a moment, her expression unreadable. The witch was in it now, as much as Cara or Marko were. There was no extricating her, not after what she'd seen. Given that, the only options were to make her an ally, or dispose of her...and the latter would have consequences that Cara simply didn't have the time or inclination to deal with. Besides, Dominique had proved intelligent and competent. If her loyalty could be won, she'd be just the sort of person Cara would want on her side. "The 'old grudge' between that witch and the original vampires," Cara explains softly. "I do not know a great deal about witchcraft, but even a casual reading suggests sacrifice...especially self-sacrifice...is a magically powerful act. The curse living in her bones carries that hate forward even now. I'm sure I don't have to impress on you the need for absolute secrecy on this. Anyone possessing even one of these bones is marked for death should almost any vampire find out." She glances at the door, listening for a moment to see if Marko is still chatting outside. She can't hear, but is that because of the spell, or because he's moved on? Ah well. "The girls...are personal." Cara smiled apologetically. "They're not relevant to this at all. I'd rather not involve them any more than I already...very unwisely, and accidentally...have." Cara then paced around behind the desk, hoping to get a better view of what Dom was doing. "As for the rest, it's all rather tied together. I knew nothing of a curse on my brother before coming here. You know almost as much about it as I do now. However...I have come to believe that the curse was laid on Marko not just as an act of vengeance, but as a means of compelling him to come to New Orleans, in defiance of the Originals' will. In short...to provoke a confrontation." "We're being conscripted, you see. These bones are weapons, but a weapon needs a wielder. We've been maneuvered into a situation where we'll have to fight the Twins for our lives...and someone wants us to win that fight. Someone who has access both to strong werewolves, and powerful witchcraft." She regards Dominique, then asks, "I wonder. Is it possible to be both?" Cara's voice fell off as Dominique seemed to not even register her presence anymore caught up in her working of her craft.
  12. "Yes." Cara's voice was soft, her face expressionless. "And the marked wolf, his 'boss,' was behind that howl last night, I'm sure." She could go. Marko was the bait for this, not her. The curse had been laid on him, knowing full well he'd go to New Orleans to fight it, and draw the twins there to extra their vengeance. It was a clever way to manipulate the normally unpredictable pair. She could go. Her brother had invited this upon himself, she hadn't. The Magnusson twins surely deserve destruction, but what about all those of their line? Do we? Cara held her breath for a long moment; a trick to keep herself from panicking. Marko was almost certainly doomed if she left. She herself also doomed. The fate of the twins might or might not be in question, but she could act to save what was hers. "I'll need to take them with me to return them. Trying to keep them would be a mistake."
  13. "Fair enough." She waved a hand at the bones on the table. "I was given these by an old werewolf named Colby who invited me to confirm that they had power. He got them in turn from someone he calls 'boss,' who seems to have plans for my brother and I." Cara looked back at Darrik. "I've asked your sister to give them a look and see if she can puzzle out what their power is, before I tell her what I was told about them." "And now it seems she recognizes the things."
  14. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (back office) Cara sighed and shook her head. "Welcome to my past five hundred years," she said. "Sorry about that. So...can we resume where we left off?"
  15. "I'm not here to help them," Cara sighed. "I'm asking them to help us. Though the reality is that everyone is most likely going to need to work together before this is all through." "There are some very old grudges at work here, and we're caught in the middle of them. All of us. Including the girls. Including you." She taps the desk near the bones, making sure not to let a finger cross Dom's little circle of powder. "These are related somehow. You know what witchcraft can do when you're not expecting it. Learning a little first will only work to our advantage."
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