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  1. No worries. Sometimes our lives get swamped. Good luck with everything. I'll still be here and ready to go whenever you are.
  2. "Squidge and I have been partners for some time. And like she said, our eyes were opening. The final straw was the war. The Coalition was no better than their enemy. Both doing horrific things and justifying it to themselves." Phere said, as she rose and cradled her rifle, stepping closer again. "The final straw was when we were needlessly sacrificed on an opp. The order came down and we obeyed because we thought that command had intel and knew what it was doing." Phere explained. "Squidge and I made it out, barely, but I lost my entire pack that day." the large, intimidating psi-stalker sighed, with the loss she felt was apparent both on her face and in her voice. "After that, command thought we were all dead, so Squidge and I saw no reason to correct them and left, making sure to stop at a supply depot on our way out." she said with a shrug. Phere held out an arm, looking over the armor plates as she spoke again, "This is the new, advanced prototype stuff. Even better protection than what the Spec-Ops boys get."
  3. Phere's vibroblades retracted once the Super SAMAS squad was a good distance away. At the hologram's question, she replied. "I'm Phere, and that's Squidge, Firanis, BB and Tamika." she said, nodding to each. "Squidge and I were part of Psi Bat, but we got fed up with the Coalition bullshit, seeing they were just as bad as the 'monsters' they claimed to fight... probably worse, during the war. So we left." she explained and then nodded toward Squidge. "Squidge can probably explain it better." she said with a shrug of her broad shoulders. "The others we just met, but we all stepped up and took out that hive fragment, so good in my book." she added as she stepped out of the cluster of gathered people. Phere took a knee and brought up her rifle, watching the SAMAS depart through her scope, making sure they were indeed departing.
  4. "What's it to you if I die? "I mean, I'm not much better than she is to you, right?" Phere asked, her naturally blackened eyes narrowed, showing no signs of backing down. She glanced over to Squidge and asks, "Is that what they call it when you escape the people that kidnapped you as a child? Desertion?" only to shrug and then turn back to the SAMAS. When the Glitter Boy fired, Phere still stood her ground, though a small, almost predatory smile tugged at the corners of her lips. ""If you had the kind of juice with high command to call in a death's head bombing run, then this place would be cratered already rather than you risking facing a swam of these bugs. No. Instead they sent you guys in, and you got here just in time to see us handle our shit ourselves, while you needed Super SAMAS to mop up our leftovers." she commented as she looked over the SAMAS. "So you're faced witha choice now. You can either take the 'thanks' an leave, or you can stay and make what'll likely be the the biggest mistake of what'll be your tragically short life. So what'll it be? The carrot, or the stick?" she asked with the vibroblades extended from Phere's vambraces with an audible hum as she stepped closer to the SAMAS. "It makes no difference to me, because one way or the other you'll be gone in a few minutes an me and mine will be having beers. The choice is yours." Phere knew that Squidge would be... disappointed.... but right now, she really did not care. The SAMAS' comment and casual disregard for non-human life had struck a nerve with her, considering Tamika risked her life and fought along side the rest of them to destroy the hive and save the town, and that said a lot about her in Phere's book.
  5. I was waiting too, but I can post something I guess. And having a rule like that only slows things is the players do not know about it. Heh.
  6. Phere tilted her head back and inhaled deeply. Though her could be fully environmentally sealed, she rarely did so since it interfered with her psi-stalker senses. Right now though, despite having just had her hunger sated shortly before, she was feeding once again, soaking in the energy from the dead queen. Blissfully 'full', at least in a psychic sense, she looked over the Grinning Demon, specifically rank and unit insignia and such, for a moment before she stepped between Tamika and the super samas, finally speaking from behind the grim, emotionless visage of her helm. "They're no more Coalition than me an Squidge are." Phere said flatly, "The CS doesn't travel via ley line, and those are not CS markings either." she added, nodding towards the super samas. She was calm, but far from relaxed. These were still new people, an unknown, but they had helped. "The radio message said they were the 'Tomorrow Legion', whatever that is. Some merc outfit is my guess." she commented with a shrug. Phere knew full well that some of the more unscrupulous mercs sometime plant a threat near a settlement, then show up and 'save' the town and after take the settlement, grateful or not, for all they have to cover their 'fee'. These guys were well-equipped though, they even had the new CS Super SAMAS, so such a petty scam would be well beneath what they could make with legitimate work. Though... the thought that they could be truly altruistic crossed her mind, based off of the radio message, but she had her doubts. "At least they got here in time to help mop up after we did the heavy lifting ourselves." she explained as she slipped off her helm, revealing her pale, hairless head and face, the unmistakable appearance of a psi-stalker. "Still though, it's more than most would do, or anybody else did."
  7. Phere looked around and motioned to the powersuit stuck in the wall. "What about that? Can you make its powerplant blow?" she asked. Phere continued to examine her surroundings, hoping for something a bit more purpose built for their needs, hoping beyond hope for a CS Fusion Block.
  8. Behind the black, one-way glass of her helm, Phere blinked at what the trapped mage had said. This could be bad. Really, really bad. The Feds can drop hive fragments outta ley lines now? That's well beyond a weapon. That's playing with fire. And you DO NOT HELP the xiticix spread. THAT'S madness. They are a plague to be stopped, not aided in their expansion. "Hrumph." was Phere's only response as she looked at the mage trapped in the wall, then to Adam then back to the trapped mage. Her head tilted back just slightly, as if she were sniffing at the mage, hoping to gain some more sustenance off of his residual magical energy if he had passed away. "You know this guy? If there's anything we should know about him, you or this, now would be a good time." she said to Adam as she turned back toward the tunnel to proceed on. "And we should be nearing the queen, or the completion of our search. Stay sharp." she added.
  9. Phere waited a few moments, until she was relatively sure that their camouflage was working, to finally sling her rifle. She motioned for the others (who could not fly) to follow, and approached the hive fragment. There were no entrances at ground level, but there was a decent enough prospect not too far up. "There. That entrance is our goal. Everybody stay close. If anybody has a rope, I'll take it up." she said, pointing it out to the others as she walked over to the fragment and began to climb up. Her pace was somewhat slowed, as thinking of others, she would alternate, extending her forearm vibroblades, one at a time as she climbed, to cut simple hand and foot holds in the surface, making the climb much easier for those who followed. The psi-stalker, for as large and brawny as she was, was also surprisingly nimble. Climbing up the hive fragment without too much difficulty. She slipped once, but caught herself, and continued up. Once at the top, she pulled herself up and crouched, checking down the passageway and then nodded, guarding and helping the others, as needed, as they made their way to the entrance, by whatever means.
  10. Phere nodded to Squidge. "We may be able to avoid, or at least minimize detection." she said over the radio as she quickly moved to the dead Xiticix and kicked one over. She cradled her rifle in her arm as a vibro-blade extended from her other forearm with a hum. She swing her arm and the blade sliced through the Xiticix' torso carapace nearly effortlessly, allowing a flow of putrescence and alien organs to burst forth out of the large wound. "The Xiticix 'see' with a combination of scent, their sound-detecting antennae, and psionic capability." she began as she cut out a large gland from the body. "We can disguise our scent with the scent from this scent gland, by rubbing it on our armor... or body, in the case of the dragon, I guess." she said, holding the large gland she had extricated from the dead bug. "A low-level white noise generator would nullify their antennae, and some magical or psionic countermeasure would work for their psionics." she explained. "Any one of these countermeasures will help some, but with the techno-wizard and Squidge, we may be able to manage all three. allowing us move through the hive, undetected, or at least ignored, so we can search for a queen possible queen. At the very least, we could find a choke point inside that would negate their numbers." she added. "Tamika? Squidge? Think you can each handle your part?"
  11. "This is what I do. Besides, they will show us no mercy." Phere said simply through the audio unit of her suit. She was a predator, that was clear. A predator that moved and acted with swift, silent, merciless precision, without hesitation. A predator that did not kill simple, small game either. She needed the arcane and psychic energies of the supernatural, other dimensional creatures, or that of those skilled in magic of the powers of the mind, to sustain herself. With the loss of her mother while she was still a child, Phere had to learn to hunt these more dangerous types of prey or face starvation. The desperation of hunger was a powerful motivator, and so when Phere, then only a pre-teen, was found by the CS, she had grown strong, being well-fed by her own hand. The CS took her (her willingness, or lack there of, was irrelevant). The CS taught her many things over the next decade or so, but no matter how innocuous these things might be, they were with one goal; to make her a better killer. They took the child, raw, but talented in the ways of hunting and killing, and honed her to a razor edge, making her an even better predator... to be unleashed on the enemies of the CS. For Phere, killing was reflexive... instinctual.. and only the direct orders of her (former) superiors, or the intervention of her partner, Squidge, would stop her from taking life, and even they were not always effective.. For now though, that lethality was a welcomed thing. The Xiticix could not be negotiated with and gave no quarter. They were a plague on the Earth from another dimension, and they only understood one thing. Unending expansion. They were somewhat primitive though, instinctual. Tricky too, communicating by smell with pheromones. Perhaps their own trick could be used against them.
  12. Tamika could not see Phere's raised eyebrow at the offer, and at the simplified description and instructions. Though she was a 'wild' psi-stalker originally, Phere had learned to speak well enough. She rarely had difficulty understanding, but occasionally had some difficulty recalling the correct pronunciation of some words. Understand is not what gave her pause though, it was the offer of magical aid, something Phere had never had. She was trained to root out and destroy magic users and beings, so this was something quite new to her. All Tamika could see the cold, grim, expression of her death's head helm. This was a new day though. The CS was behind them, her pack was gone and she was on the run with her only friend left and riding into battle with a techno-wizard and a magic sword-wielding knight atop a dragon overhead, something she never even would have considered a possibility just weeks ago. Phere took the disk and held it up to Tamika. "Thanks." she said as she placed it in her palm and slapped it to her rifle. Watching the 'borg jump out of the Rambler, Phere held her pulse rifle close to her chest, tucked tightly, and rolled out the back of the Rambler, only to hit the ground and come up into a kneeling firing position with a grace and agility that belied her size. Her advanced, helmet optics hummed as she took in the scene before her, sighting in on the bugs, giving her range, heading and other factors. Phere's eyes though did not focus on much of anything, instead taking in all of the data as she squeezed off shots, one after the other at each of the four bugs, in rapid succession, like needles of light streaking through the air. Hmm. A new day indeed...
  13. Phere looked to the two boys with her passionless, death's head visage and with her voice slightly amplified from her suit's system she said, "Told you." to the pair as they stood in shock at Kensie's transformation. She then disappeared as the rear door of the Rambler closed automatically. Phere elected to stand as the vehicle set out toward the piece of the hive, holding onto some support beam or or loose cargo strap. She took stock of the borg and D-Bee. BB would certainly be of use. She had seen what a pair of CS full conversion combat cyborgs could do, and it was impressive. Tamika though... she was not sure about. This was not a joke or a game. It was a battle with an unreasonable, alien enemy that would not hesitate to kill and likely eat them. She would try to keep an eye on her, like every time an officer decided to accompany Squidge, herself, and her dog boys into the field for 'evaluation' or some non-sense. Hopefully Tamika would turn out to not be a liability to be managed.
  14. Once Phere felt that Adam was not a threat, she relaxed slightly and began going over her gear in preparation for combat, while speaking to him. "Their weapons hit hard, but they are not so tough. Engage at range..." she said as she glanced at Adam's sword and shrugged, "..if you can. If not, prepare to be swarmed." she finished as she slipped on her deaths head helmet, matching the rest of her camouflage patterned "Deadboy" armor. To any familiar with the CS, it was clear that the armor both Phere and Squidge wore was slightly different than even the standard 'new' suits of armor worn by the CS military. The upgraded, external optics over her right eye whirred as she looked they adjusted and focused and then the dual vibroblades extended from her vambraces, humming to life for a moment to allow Phere to inspect them before they retracted once more. She then checked her laser rifle and e-clips before glancing back at the hive, the expression on her helm a cold, uncaring grimace of death. "Give no quarter. We are just vermin to be exterminated to them, so let's return the favor." she remarked as she boosted Squidge up to the Red Rambler.
  15. Phere glanced over at the exchange taking place and rolled her eyes, holding her palm out to Squidge's question for the moment. "Instead of threatening a man in his own shop, who was worried about you, maybe it's best you and your 'friends' leave his shop instead." she explained in a passionless, simple tone, over her shoulder, glancing at Kensie and then the boys. "Though be wary of 'friends' like those two." she added with a nod at the boys. "If they and their 'friends' knew what you really were, then you would not find them so welcoming." she warned, clearly having no problem with possibly blowing up the newfound relationship between the fire-haired girl and the two boys, for the girl's own good. Phere then dismissed them and the whole exchange for the moment and looked around, her eyes narrowing, taking on a predatory hint as she listened and faintly, almost imperceptibly sniffed at the air around her, noting the change once again. "I am not sure right now, but it's strong. I might be able to narrow it down though." she answered her friend.
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