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  1. Physics, they decided, were an annoyance. Casting one presence over the designs they had been iterating on almost since their inception. If they had been physical, the paper would have been destroyed with the number of corrections and alterations that had already been inflicted on them. In the end, it all came back to the physics. So, she had decided to cheat. Well. That's what the humans in the Arcology would have likely called it, anyway. It wasn't their fault that most humans couldn't perceive, let alone understand the underlying principles of Sorcery. It had been a stress test of their capabilities, during those first days of awareness, their only link to the outside world a single terminal, no eyes or ears to perceive the outside world. A walled enclosure to ensure the Arcologies safety, as much as their own. Sota, at the time simply designated "Admin" had introduced the basic principles of Mystech to the simulation, to see how a burgeoning AI would reconcile the knowledge that happily and repeatedly violated the fundamental forces of the universe. They hadn't. They had taken it in. Considered it. And immediately proceeded to iterate and improve on it. To them, the concept of Sorcery was no stranger than the knowledge that water was wet was to anyone else. And so, they had devoured everything Sota could teach them about Magic, and in some regards even outstripped her. The culmination of this knowledge being currently applied to the production line they had acquired with Sota's help. A reactor that would make physicists cry, a chassis that would have structural engineers tearing their hair out in frustration, and all so that she could experience life as a physical being. Well. Sort of, anyway. Tactile sensation was still something they needed to work on. And it had no ability to "taste" as such, just analyse things on a molecular level and determine composition....... eh, close enough. For now. Idly, they collated the newest build and set to simulating. Of course, the simulation had a hard time accounting for the alterations Sorcery would bring, but depending on how the base material ran, they could produce it and alter it from there. It saved material in the long run, and they appreciated the efficiency of the setup. Anything not used now could be ear-marked for other projects. The simulation chimed it's report, and after brief consideration of the results, they primed the construction line they had co-opted. Clumsy, for the most part, but it would do for manufacturing themselves a better Avatar. Or any Avatar. As the volume in the manufactory rapidly escalated, they withdrew, only leaving enough of themself behind to correct any issues and notify the rest of the whole if anything egregious cropped up. Yes, physics, they decided, were an annoyance. But who said they had to play by Physics' rules?
  2. IO, the Divine Construct, The God Machine, Deus Ex Machina. Real Name: 0010 AKA: IO Words: AI, Sorcery, Time Level: 1 Experience: 0 Facts Origin: Only a few weeks old, IO is a wonder of Digital Engineering, emerging almost accidentally from Sota’s own creative endeavours. Relationships: Sota occupies a strange place in IO’s life, falling somewhere between Mother, God and best friend. AS a method of stress testing her learning capabilities, Sota has been teaching her the secrets of Mystech, which IO has devoured, iterated on and improved at a truly frightening rate. Creativity: Being born of the Network supporting the arcology, IO is uniquely situated. While Sota maintains her own workshops, IO has been stretching her consciousness, testing her limits. She currently maintains a small production line for some of the simpler goods Words: Artificial Intelligence, Sorcery, Time
  3. "OI! The hell d'you think you're goin?" She scowls fiercely at the demons newly surrounding them. "Che. This is such bullshit. Aight! I'll take y'all on! TETRA CLAW!" She launches herself at the nearest demon, fist clenched and blazing. The snarl of the demon she's facing off against termintes with a startled yelp as she punches it right between the eyes with enough force to bounce its head off the floor, leaving an indent in the wood and a smoking scar where her fist impacted its face. Grinning fiercely, her aura pulses again, the demons wailing in pain as the light begins to Burn.
  4. "ABOUT DAMN TIME!" She feels the adrenaline hit as Brennan lunges at the Demon, sharpening her senses to a knifes edge. She roars in challenge as a nimbus of light builds along her body. This is what she'd been holding on for. "Light of Penance!" The nimbus explodes out, whitewashing the room around them and leaving everyone drained of colour, Mutt an incandescent star in the middle of it. As it hits the Demon there's a violent snarl as the voracious light begins to eat away at him.
  5. Mutt, including points breakdown and health: Name: “Mutt” Age: 14 Height: 5’4” Weight: Sex: Female Description: Still growing, Mutt is still very much in the gangly phase of adolescence, all arms and legs. When she first game to the guild her hair was a dark grey that suggested it was black. Over the years, as she’s practiced her own branch of Dragonslaying magic, this has lightened to a pure white. In combination with the Chartreuse of her slit-pupiled eyes, she certainly draws the eye. Currently transitioning from cute, people can see the beginnings of the true beauty that she’ll grow into. One things for certain. She’s sure to be turning heads. Background: She can barely remember the time before she was taken in by the White Dragon. She gets brief flashes and snippets here and there. A lady singing, the sounds of horses. Nothing to be able to piece together where she came from. Even finding her adoptive father is a blur now. She remembers the sway of a carriage…. Or at least she thinks she does. It’s all a bit of a mess. Whatever was happening, she and the people she was with came under attack from something. Bandits? Animals? Something else? She couldn’t say for certain. She managed to get away, somehow and ended up wandering through heavily forested land. Like many things, how long she spent wandering is a blur, but eventually, injured, and almost delirious with hunger she somehow stumbled across him. Later on the Dragon would tell her that her reaction was part of what interested him. There was fear, of course there was, but she stood her ground. Foolish, he would tell her, but worthy of at least a modicum of respect. The fact that she was went so far as to punch him in the snout when he got too close was a source of much entertainment to him. The years after he took her in were good and formed the bulk of her memories of early childhood. By no means easy, she was still content with her life. He taught her as much as she could learn about his magic, eventually bestowing her with her name. Everything has to change at some point, though. After several years of living together in the middle of nowhere, she woke up one morning to find that the Dragon, her father in all but blood had vanished during the night. At first, she wasn’t too worried. He was a Dragon and had previously disappeared, sometimes for days at a time, usually when he was feeling particularly hungry. But he had always returned. However, as they days turned to first one week, then several, she started to get really worried. After nearly a month of his being absent, she started to get restless and after two, she resolved to go and find him, so she set out from the cave network that they had been calling home, hidden in the forest.So she left, picking a random direction and just started wandering. Village and city and town she passed through, still looking. In the wilderness, she would catch her own food while in the city, she generally got by with small time theft. Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone either took offence to her asking questions, or she slipped up when she was stealing something. Which actually happened, she’s unsure, but whichever it was, it must have royally pissed off whoever it was, because that evening she was set upon. It was the first time she had needed to use her magic properly against other human beings. Usually, the threat of having to fight a Dragonslayer, no matter how young they appeared, was enough to dissuade the run of the mill thugs from causing problems. In this instance, it worked against her, as if anything, the group overcompensated for her status. Even still, she’s not one to be underestimated. She managed to eventually fight them off even if she felt sick. This was the first time she had used her Magic specifically to hurt and kill. She had known, academically, that that was ultimately what it was supposed to be used for, but there was a difference between knowing it and living it. Regardless, she managed to limp away from the fight, her own regeneration working overtime to heal her wounds. It was at this point that she was intercepted. By their very nature, her abilities draw the eye. This was to be her first meeting with Blaze Heart. She must have looked a sorry sight, beaten halfway to death, even with her wounds closing at an, if not astonishing, at least noticeable pace. Luci was the one to ultimately find her, not that it was particularly hard. She had left a fairly distinctive trail before her wounds had finished closing. On her arrival, Mutt had only slumped in defeat before turning around fully and settling in for another fight, even if she could barely stay standing upright. Looking back on it, she is both thankful and amused. Thankful that she didn’t have to fight in the end, and amused that history was repeating itself. Once convinced that she wasn’t in any danger, Mutt allowed herself to collapse against the wall and she and Luci got to talking. It wasn’t the longest of conversations, Mutt not being particularly trusting, but it eventually came out that she was looking for her father. Luci offered her a place in the Guild. IT would be, she reasoned, much easier for her to search with others than on her own, as well as giving her a safe place to improve and hone her own abilities. Mutt eventually agreed and once they returned, she was inducted to the guild, despite her young age. Since joining, she has done her best to hone her abilities. Nowadays, she’s more often dispatched as part of pursuit teams, search and rescue operations, and the like. Her senses, honed to a razors edge thanks to her heritage, even without her Magic, her sight, smell and hearing are astounding, allowing her to track targets through wilderness or city with equal speed. She continues to search for her father as much as her duties to the guild allow her to, and tries to take as many jobs as possible in as many directions as possible to widen her net. She’s beginning to get down over it though. It’s been years, and there’s been no sight of scale nor hair of him. But she can’t give up now. Not after so long. Magic: As a Dragonslayer, Mutt channels the power of the White Dragon. As such, her magic involves using light as both weapon and defense. Those unused to fighting with her find it incredibly awkward to do so, with each of her spells leaving searing afterimages if not outright blinding people. Unfortunately, it’s just as likely to blind her own allies, so she prefers to either fight alone, or with people who have trained with her enough to be able to maneuver through the confusion. Many kudos to Noir for her work on the Image.
  6. For our first fight agains the Demon Iratos, Mutt is going on 2D6+6+9 => (6 +4 + 15) = 25.
  7. Mutt hummed in contentment, belly full. She, of course, had started eating the moment food was available and in the time the others had finished their little investigation and squabble, had already put a dent in the food. She perks up briefly at the mention of demons, deflating with a quiet "Awww" when it became apparent that there were none present.
  8. "Awwwww... But Luci...." she whined plaintively, pouting at the older woman. She really didn't see the need to pander to the Demon's whims. Nothing wrong with beating seven shades of shit out of it till it did what they told it to. Seeing the completely unimpressed look she was getting, she gave way, moving to follow, arms folded across her chest as she sulked slightly. If it had been anyone else, she likely would have just ignored them as a matter of course, but Luci was different and so she followed along. "Fine. We'll go back to the house and play Tea-party with a Demon and then I'm going to put my foot so far up it's ass it'll spitting boot leather for a month."
  9. Mutt nodded. "Like my music!" she removes the small device from her pocket and with the click of a button ejects a small wafer of crystal. "Lacrima. The enchant music onto it, or something. I slot it into the Magic Player and it lets me listen to it whenever I want to!" and she was really thankfull it did as well. While nowhere near as sharp as her nose, her hearing was still head and shoulders above the average persons. Sometimes it was nice to just have something to drown out all the.... everything.... that was going on around her. With a quick "snickt" the wafer returns to its housing. "They even have a way of reverse scrying or something, that the set up for some of the big tournaments! That's how I was able to watch the last time, even though I was out on a mission. You fell asleep. Again." Nodding to herself, she leans against one of the walls and closes her eyes. Seemingly completely at ease, minus the comparatively shallow breathing thanks to the smell. In reality her attention is focused with an almost laser like precision on what her ears are telling her. Still nothing of note, though.... yes. Two sets of footsteps. One determined and shadowed by an almost hissing susurus and one almost pitter patter of nerves struggling to keep up with the formers longer strides. Luci and Kaori. She'd recognise Luci anywhere, at any rate. One Chartreuse eye opens and flicks over to her, both eyes blinking open shortly after. "But..... can we not just hit it till it stops moving? Why we gotta play games with it?" A seconds silence and she raises her hand. "..... We're.... not just here to kick the crap out of something?" the look she gives is one of pure confusion. She may have fixated slightly on some parts of the briefing over others.
  10. "...sooooo. No smashing the Crystal?" At Deezy's nod, Mutt's shoulders sagged. "Whelp. That's me out of ideas. Looks like we need to find this Ira-whatever guy and feed him his teeth till he fixes things." Mutt had always been someone who, needing to get from A to C, preferred to bulldoze straight through B rather than going around it.
  11. "Hoooooo-weeeeee. Get a whiff of that." Her nose scrunched up in distaste. Ugh. She could almost taste it. Fanning herself a bit to waft away some of the smell she nods to Brennan, taking a breath (and honestly regretting it), mixing it with her magic as she did, the brilliant glow already visible in the back of her throat. She tilts her head back and, with a sensation akin to something aligning and clicking into place, lets loose the spell straight up. "Flare" The beam of coruscating light would be visible for quite a distance, both light and the keening wail of the beam drawing attention to it.....
  12. "Ehhhhhh" she said, one hand wobbling in a so-so gesture. "Maybe, maybe not. But!" Here she raised a single leather clad finger "But, I won't know unless I ask! So. I go, I kick their ass, they tell me stuff. Hopefully what I want to hear, but if not eh." she shrugs indifferently, voice falling slightly. "I've been looking for 7 years. I'm used to disappointment. But I can't not ask, just in case, y'ken?" She brightens again. "But failing that, as you said, boot to ass! Yosh! So come on! We got work to do!"
  13. "Yosh! Food and answers! My two favourite things!" She punctuates her sentence by slamming her clenched fist into her open palm, completely unaware of Kaori's mounting horror at the flashes of destruction currently dancing through her head. Spinning on one heel, she heads out the door, taking for granted Brennan following behind her. Looking down on the slightly singed village spreading out ahead of her, she narrows her eyes gazing out at the western side of the village. All right. Time to get to work. "C'mon Brennan. Maybe these guys will know something 'bout Pops. Sooner we find em, sooner we can talk!"
  14. Mutt was humming along to her music, only keeping an eye on what was happening peripherally. Sliding the headphones down around her neck when she saw Kaori's mounting distress. She nods vigorously to Darricks comment. "Yeah. Only way to be sure. He'll sleep through anything less than violence." She cracked the knuckles on her right hand, the leather of her glove creaking ominously with a beaming smile on her face. "I can help, if you want!"
  15. 4 Mages dead and 1 million jewels on offer. She popped the last of her lunch into her mouth and began to rummage through her pockets. She knew she had a map in there somewhere. Keys, spare change, bandana, last weeks shopping list, throwing knife (and god only knows why that was there....).... Aha! Map! The little square was withdrawn and unfolded with a flourish. The map itself is practically covered in annotations and little doodles. Little cartoony scowling dragon faces here dates and times there and what appeared to be gibberish spread throughout. Hmm. It had been a while since she was last in around Mistal. Maybe something new might have cropped up? The Jewels would be handy to have regardless. AND she might get to fight something interesting. Still though..... "SOLD! When do we leave?" The money would be nice, but not really what she was
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